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Shenae Grimes has nothing but love in this new shoot with celebrity photographer Tyler Shields.

The 21-year-old actress is doing her part to help the people of Japan after last month’s tragic earthquake and tsunami with her new campaign, Spread The Heart.

“The other night I was lucky enough to have my dear friend and mega-talented LA-base photographer Tyler Shields all to myself for a late-night Spread the Heart photoshoot,” Shenae wrote. “As always Tyler more than delivered and we so appreciate him taking the time to spread his heart through his amazing art. We heart you Tyler!!”

Learn about how you can help Japan by visiting SpreadTheHeart.com!

(via Spread The Heart - Shenae Grimes videos, photos and blog: Official website - Part 3)

We draw hearts on our faces to represent our love for Japan.  Every day in Tokyo, Nikki and I drew them on for fun, and after our experience, we decided to bring them back to LA to spread the love.  Every time someone asks about it, which you can bet most do, we get a chance to share our love and concern for the devastated country and remind them to do the same.  The Japanese culture is unique and inspiring; no other country could handle their dire situation as calmly and unified as they have.  Right now, we must try to emulate these brave people and all consider ourselves Japanese.  Spread the love and wear your heart on your cheek! #SpreadTheHeart