An "End of 8th grade masterpost" post

Finals grades and stuff:

  • SS - 99
  • Math Regents - I got all of part 1 correct (to be edited)
  • Science Regents - 99

Some of the amazing things some amazing people wrote in my yearbook:

  • Chris - “BREATHE. love you platonically”
  • Gabe - “The past two years have been great. It’s always mentally stimulating to talk with you, and I really hope we have some classes together next year very sincerely”
  • Alec - “You are too smart. Watch a ton of cartoons then talk to me. jk.”
  • My math teacher - “You gave the best speech I’ve heard! You are one amazing girl.”
  • My parents - “Your future is unlimited. We know you could even defy gravity, if you set your mind to it. We’re so proud of you!”
  • Mr.Schwartz - “I am 100% certain that you will have a long and rewarding career as a writer. Honestly. You have the drive and talent to make your dream a reality. I’m nothing but excited for your career. Also, a million thank yous for your gift and letter. Your words in the letter are so special! From hating my project ideas to correcting my points about sensory detail, you have made 6E both a challenge and a treasure, to teach. As my college English professor said to me, "Onward!”

Other things/pictures:

  • Connor is going to a private high school and, while I’m happy for him being accepted, I’m so sad that I will honestly never see him again.
  • My science teacher gets balloons for anyone who gets a 97 or above and this is it yay:
  • I had brought my camera which was really good BUT THEN it wouldn’t let me take pictures because I didn’t have enough battery life.
  • My friend took this picture of me and Paige and I look really good in it?