From Sweet to Hot-and-Heavy Kiss

Uhhh…I’ll edit this later. But more happy fluff! And lots of kissing!

This was requested by LilyT, and the prompt would rather spoil the contents… It was fun to write. Now to bed…


Steve didn’t even know when it had started, only that one day it was absolutely normal and just another part of his routine like breathing or eating or blinking.

It wasn’t even anything embarrassing; it was just…private.

The first time Steve probably actually noticed what he had been doing was one early morning when Tony had come into the kitchen – all sleep-mussed and soft – and Steve imagined pressing a hand to the small of his back and leaning in for a gentle kiss above Tony’s ear.

That had been the point when Steve realized he was horribly over his head, because he did it all the time.

In the afternoon, when Tony was all dressed up for something SI-related and all Steve wanted was to run his hands over that slim figure, smooth out the creases, and press a soft a kiss to Tony’s forehead before seeing him off.

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i love everyone in this fandom.

i love the straight directioners, i love the gay directioners. i love the trans directioners, the gender fluid directioners. i love you no matter where you fall on the lgbt+ spectrum, and i love you if you’re completely off it. i love you if you’re white, and i love you if you aren’t. i love you if you’re mentally ill or have a learning disability. i love you if you have a chronic or terminal illness. i also love you if you have a common cold. i love you if you’re male, female, or somewhere in between. i love you if you’re neither.

i love you if you ship larry. i love you if you don’t. i love you if you ship narry, lilo, niam, ziam, xarry, elounor, haylor, haroline. i love you if you ship anything else, or nothing at all.

i love you. no matter what. because even if we’re completely different, we both love 1d. and that is absolutely enough for me.

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hiya !! i was wondering if you've ever made a follow forever / could list some of your favorite blogs for me ? i want to follow more simblrs like you !!!! :o

I actually don’t follow a lot of blogs. I look at the blogs of all the simblr’s who follow me of course, and I check them when possible, but with my agoraphobia having my dash be too chaotic with a lot of people updating really make me panicky, but here’s a list of some of my favorites~

berrypixelbobs, berrysweetboutique, geostigmata-sims, biffysims, simhow, prismaplanetsims, datapeach, xenoriarose, bonehelda, dirk-dreamer, lilithpleasant, euphoriasims, pixelswirl, lina-cherie, pixelated-sim, zeusar, polychromesims, lesyasun, furbyq, sadepaivas, simminginsilence, olivemuenda, ddeathflower, absaurussims, atomicvigilante, eir-sims, simquisitor, sundriedsims, eltaninz, budgie2budgie, thorarosebird, thepathofnevermore, sanneke94, uranium-z, huning, yandereplumsim, nooboo, necile, droolworthysims, twofee, shastakiss, pooklet, whattheskell, zombies-who-speak-simlish, resurrection-failed, selenaq13, kiinuu, alienpod, starlla, poppet-sims, lilith-sims, keoni-chan

There’s probably more, I just did a quick look through the people I follow. Also some of these haven’t updated in a while ^^;

I highly recommend following this magical cinnamon roll.

prxeliator, goldenflieriisms, avarixing, strongholdqueen, stacanovista, zhwangyao, unionisms, idoliicus, squintiisms, ninjaprincessofthieves, trxgicinnocence, soldierunderfire, littlemisssweetcakes, carbonclaws, lingaringy, pxtrida, rxthlxss, voughtly, oriturlux, orxginalsxn, thirdprinceofxing, fourthguardian, corrupted-knowledge, vicariousphotographer, betrayalisms, lifeofaninstigator, swift-wind-alchemist, morethanfree, fullmetalfemmefatale, ochxbisan, fullmettle, invidiaesin

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Hey everyone!

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!! Remember you are all important as much as the next person, have something to drink or eat and don’t forget to smile! (If you can or want to!)

(Also to my fellow Markiplites, just a reminder he’s doing a charity live stream today… I think. I don’t know I get confused because the hours are SO different between L.A and New Zealand! And tell me all about it tomorrow.)

Good night from me, and stay amazing everyone! PEACE! :) <3


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What do you think about Lana's recent tweets?

I don’t get myself involved in fandom drama so I honestly never read these stuff or just shut it out and pretend it never happened. The last one is mostly what I do with Lana’s comments. She’s always trying to please everyone so sometimes her comments tend to be a little bit weird and totally out of context and they’re never really relevant to the story. This kind of stuff never worries me, because honestly she’s not the one that writes the show. I don’t even know why people in this fandom still make drama over this? Captain Swan is still beautifully canon, timeless, true love, and nothing is gonna change that, especially an actress’s comment, so why the drama?

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hi! it's your oncers spread love anon again! hope you are having a great day. i noticed you are a huge outlaw queen shipper, so my question for today is what your favorite outlaw queen moment would be? :)

Originally posted by myreactiongifdump

I did have a great day and I hope you had one as well. 

Yes, I am absolutely outlaw queen trash and proud of it. But it also made it hard to pick my favorite moment. So I hope you don’t mind a top 5! 

5. This eye interaction between Bandit!Regina and Robin Hood in the alternate universe. It takes my breath away and shows that no matter what, these two will have amazing chemistry. (And fall in love, even if Robin is talking about Zelena here). 

4. Robin and Regina in front of the fire place where she tells him that they’re soul mates. She’s just so happy and he has an adorable reaction. 

3. Robin and Regina in the vault. It’s a quiet and intimate moment between two people who love each other. (I also like the fact that both Lana and Sean said those scenes were their favorite to film).

2. Their first kiss. I love how Regina just reaches out and takes control of her happiness. And Robin is not complaining. 

1. The meeting at the farmhouse. This is number one because I went into this scene interested in seeing where the show went with the Evil Queen/Robin Hood pairing but not yet shipping it. I came out going, “Yep, I ship it now. Let the obsession begin.” The chemistry between Lana and Sean was off the charts and I love to rewatch this scene just to get the same chills I got the first time. 

Thanks for the questions, anon! Do you ship anyone? 

You may have noticed that I never post, reblog or comment on current events and things that are going on in the news. The reason is because most of it is negative. Acknowledging it on social media, in my opinion only invites drama and benefits no one. Today I wanted to make a statement. Not about the current issues but on how I think we as adults should handle things on social media.

When I see someone’s post or blog about these awful, tragic current events, I also see tons of hateful replies, opinions, insults and arguments. Obviously, we are entitled to our opinions but hate breeds hate. Our anger is not going to change anything. Only love has the power to make things better. I was thinking that if we all stopped saying, posting or thinking these dreadful thoughts and opinions and instead just wished peace for those involved that it would catch on. Could you imagine what would change if instead of saying “I hope that person pays for what they have done” we all replied “I hope they find peace” and actually wished peace for them in our hearts. I think things would calm down dramatically and the hate on social media would slowly begin to dissipate. I think it could start a beautiful movement. A movement of peace. Just a thought.

*Feel free to reblog this. Spread peace.

If you are reaching out to people, I am proud of you. 

If you are seeking proffesional help , I am proud of you. 

If you are taking some time off tumblr to calm your soul, I am proud of you. 

If you are still hanging on, I am proud of you. 

If all you can do is sit around and keep breathing, I am still proud of you. 

You are doing you best you can do now. tomorrow you will do better.  

Keep looking forward, keep looking toward recovery, even if it seems so far away. 

You matter.