spreading waves

I got revenge on my neighbor, and he still has no idea I even did anything to him.

My neighbor from a couple of doors down and I had a long running feud. It all started when his dog came in to my backyard, and my dog attacked it. I was nearby, and able to call my dog off before it got serious, but the other dog had a couple of bite wounds.

The neighbor wanted me to pay the vet bill. When he threatened me with a lawsuit, I offered to pay half, even though I owed him nothing; it was his dog that was off the leash and in my yard, after all. He declined the offer, took me to small claims court, and lost. The trial lasted all of 3 minutes when the judge found in my favor.

That set in to motion him starting to fuck with me on a regular basis. My garbage cans would get knocked over every trash day. He would honk his horn and flip me off if he drove by my house. He tried to get my 10 year old son arrested for riding another neighbors mini bike (never called the cops on their kids, just mine.) It was all stupid petty crap. But it was a lot of stupid petty crap, and we were growing frustrated and mildly concerned what he might do.

We eventually grew tired of it, and filed a restraining order against him. We dropped the legal case against him when we recieved a letter from his lawyer stating that he would refrain from any sort of contact with any of my family for a period of 2 years. Things settled down at that point.

But I was not yet satisfied. I had been staying on the high road through all of this, not responding to any of his bullshittery in any way. I had a desire to get revenge, but never acted on it. Then one day, I hatched my plan of evil genius.

I was in the hardware store and I noticed some Japanese Beetle traps. These traps are just a plastic bag with a scent pack; the beetles are drawn to the scent, fall in the bag, and can’t get out. They also sold refill packages of the scent packs only, 4 per package.

My neighbor has a very large rose garden in his front lawn. It is his pride and joy.

Japanese beetles love roses.

So I bought 4 packages of the refill packs. The scent pack is a waxy substance in a shallow plastic cup. I put the packs in the freezer overnight, to allow me to pull the wax out easily.

The next morning, I woke up at 3am. I popped the wax squares out of their cups, and put them in a baggie. Then I crept over to my neighbors house and spread the wax squares in the mulch under his rose garden, covering them from view with a bit of the hardwood mulch.

That day was a hot one. By 11am it was north of 90 degrees F. I figured the wax had probably melted in to the dark mulch. Also by 11AM, the Japanese beetles were starting to arrive at my neighbors roses. I went on a bike ride later in the evening, and could see a small swarm of them attacking the roses. My neighbor had not yet noticed what was happening.

By noon the next day, there was a freaking cloud of them. There had to be hundreds, if not thousands. My neighbor noticed. That afternoon, I could see him spraying them and spreading Sevin powder and waving his arms in the air in frustration.

By the third day, there were thousands of the beetles, if not tens of thousands. They were everywhere in his front lawn and wreaking havoc on his roses.

By the end 4th day, there was nothing left of his rose garden, other than a few tattered leaves and the thorny stalks.

Those damned scent packs must have drawn every Japanese beetle in for miles around. I had never seen so many in a single place.

And that was it. The deed was done, and I was satisfied and laughing…quietly to myself, but laughing and laughing. And I never told a soul what I did, not even my wife.

This was a few years ago, and his rose garden is fully recovered now. And it will stay beautiful so long as he keeps being a quiet neighbor.


Stiles x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Public sex, school sex, 

Edited by the awesome @heyitssilverwolf

“So, what’s the problem?” Deaton asked as he thanked Lydia as who helped him clear away the last of the day’s clutter.

“(Y/N) and Stiles, they won’t say anything’s wrong, I don’t think they want to bother us but…” Scott trailed off as Lydia came back into the room.

“Yesterday’s game, Stiles sprained his ankle except it was (Y/N) that got hurt, it started as small things like bumps and bruises.” Lydia explained.

“When they touch, each other does anything happen?” Deaton asked quickly.

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[kahn] shinee rekindles and leads the korean wave in japan

translation: pyhforshinee

it’s known that boa, tvxq, and big bang are korean artists who began the road and maintained their status in (the) japanese market. they developed this new market, spread the korean wave, and created the genre: k-pop. following these artists, who can we count on to lead the next generation of k-pop? five member group, shinee, is in the lead. shinee, a part of sm entertainment, will restart interest in this year’s korean wave. the top singers with the most fan activities in japan, tvxq, are currently enlisted and even big bang is starting to enlist this year. so, everyone is gathering anticipation to see what presence shinee will have in this recently emptied k-pop space.

something worthy of showing this presence, objectively, is their appearance last year on japan’s representative end of the year music program, fuji tv’s fns music festival. this festival, together with nhk’s kohaku uta gassen, are japan’s most important end of the year programs. at the peak of the korean wave, up until 2012, there were many korean guests like tvxq, girls generation, and big bang on these end of the year programs, but then, for awhile, you could not see korean artists. last year’s program finally changed with boa and shinee as the only two korean artist guests on fns.

shinee has already began an arena tour which started last month. the arena’s seating scales are 15,000 - 20,000 seats per auditorium. their arena tour last year drew more than 400,000 fans. the tour this year, lasting until april, plans to go to tokyo, osaka, shizuoka, nagoya, kobe, and more. up to twenty arenas with five more potentially added on, this could increase to twenty five arenas. even though the schedule after may isn’t decided, following the current fervor of the public, there is a high possibility of adding 50,000 seat capacity domes to their tour. the past two years shinee have succeeded with both tokyo dome and osaka dome concerts.

though many korean artists advance into the japanese market and are active, shinee’s success has a different meaning. after boa and tvxq’s success the popularity of k-pop spiked and japanese fans would flock around as soon as they heard the word. like a dream, groups like super junior, girls generation and kara all successfully carried out tokyo dome concerts, and even groups that had only just debuted would have hundreds or thousands of fans show up at fan meetings and concerts. but, when political relations between the two nations deteriorated and an anti-korean sentiment grew around 2012, the interest in the korean wave weakened substantially. when shinee debuted in japan in 2011 the mood of society and the press had completely changed. as they met these difficulties from the start the method they chose to overcome it was to focus their attention on growing close local fans. instead of big events or advertising they held smaller concerts in small cities and districts to create bonds with locals. aside from tvxq, who had a clear path from the beginning, no other top korean artist had used this method to connect with japanese fans. in 2015, shinee finally had their first tokyo dome concert after four years of activities in japan. a marketer of universal music said: “their attitude for a famous singer from a large company yet consistently shown has opened japanese fans’ hearts, and it seems like their fandom has grown strong and distinguished.”

shinee has released a total of fourteen single albums and four full albums in japan, maintaining an emphasis on high quality local activities. after their september 2014 release of their third full album, i’m your boy, they reached first place on oricon’s weekly album chart, and last year’s fourth full album, d×d×d, naturally also rose to first place on the weekly chart. they plan to release their fifth full album, five, on the 22nd of this month. in this new album they will have a quite different concept and mood, especially in their title track, “get the treasure”, which will be darker and more powerful than their usual image.

popular music critic hwang sun eup says: “the thing that differentiates shinee from other idol groups is they’re always creating new results and consistently pursuing perfection in high quality work. by maintaining the balance of a long relationship with their fandom shinee will continue to occupy a larger role at sm entertainment.”

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Qrow: "One second, Winter." [puts a crown of 4-leaf clovers on her head, hangs a pair of fuzzy dice around her neck, fastens a bracelet with seven iron horseshoe charms around her wrist, shoves a potted lucky bamboo into her hands, clips a taxidermied rabbit's foot to her purse, throws an entire carton of salt over her left shoulder, spreads fragrant smoke by waving around a burning bundle of sage, slips a stack of seven shiny pennies into her cleavage] "OK! Date night is on."

This is fucking hilarious. Fuck you why couldn’t I have come up with this.

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I know you've got a load of asks but I neeeed Betty to see Cheryl slapping and hitting Jughead and Betty just sort of guiding him away from the cafeteria and healing his hurt and maybe she tells him she loves him? Give me all the feels

Here you go, my dear! I hope this is something close to what you wanted <3

“Oh no.” Betty followed Archie’s apprehensive gaze, turning to look over her shoulder at the dread in his voice. Her eyes widened minutely as she took in Jughead’s form traipsing across the cafeteria. His shoulders were hunched and dejected as he curled in on himself, dark shadows beneath his eyes a stark contrast against his pallid skin. Betty’s heart ached for the broken boy before her, thrust into a world of sleepless nights, homeless days, and jailbird fathers.

A weighted silence fell over the room as Jughead headed towards Cheryl, stopping a couple feet behind her and waiting for her to acknowledge his presence. Betty could practically see the tension rolling off his back in waves, mixed with the hopeless defeat of a child that had given up on the world. It had taken too much from him and he didn’t have the energy to fight back, the endless game of tug of war leaving him with deep, raw rope burns across his palms. He couldn’t hold onto anything anymore. Cheryl turned, face stoic as she regarded him with blank eyes.

“I’m sorry, Cheryl.” The words were quiet but they carried to Betty’s ears like she was an inch from his chapped lips. She inhaled a breath at the shake in his voice that he was trying so hard to hide, legs twitching as she desperately wanted to go to him. She remained glued to her seat as Cheryl stood, seconds ticking by like hours as the air went stale.

The sound of Cheryl’s palm connecting with Jughead’s cheek cracked throughout the cafeteria, a low murmuring chorus spreading in a wave among the growing crowd. The next few seconds were a flurry of movement; Cheryl’s pounding fits hitting Jughead’s chest again, and again, as the group scrambled from their seats, heading to break up the assault.

“That’s enough!” Archie yelled, wrapping his arms around the petite redhead’s waist and lifting her easily away from Jughead’s frozen form. Cheryl ran, eyes fixed on the floor as she made a stealthy exit, tears threatening to over-spill at any moment.

“Come on, Juggie,” Betty whispered, gently wrapping a hand round her boyfriend’s arm and tugging to get him to move. He followed on numb feet, and Betty wondered if he even registered they were walking.

She pushed his shoulders gingerly, sitting him down on the worn, plaid couch in the Blue and Gold office, before crossing the room to fetch the first aid kit, she herself perching on the low wooden table before him, clamping her knees round either side of his. Her soft hand cupped his chin, twisting his face back and forth to examine Cheryl’s damages. There was a small cut on his lower lip, a little bloody and swollen, but that seemed to be the only extent of the physical effects. Betty sighed, opening up the kit to tear open the foil on an antiseptic wipe.

Jughead’s red-rimmed eyes were distant, unfocused. He hadn’t uttered a word since his apology. Betty didn’t like being unable to read him. He’d spent so much of his life shutting himself down, hiding his feelings from those around him that it had slowly become second nature, enabling him to exude a cold, robotic exterior whenever he wanted to. It terrified her. She took a breath, opening her mouth to speak as she idly dabbed at his wound - he didn’t even flinch at the sting. His voice cut through the silence first.

“Do you know how many rooms there are in my grandparent’s house?” he asked, voice husky. Betty blinked, taken aback by the question. Her hand paused, hovering an inch in front of his lips as she regarded his expression, still not looking anywhere near her. She didn’t even know if he knew it was her before him.

“I… No, I don’t,” she finally said, shaking herself out of her surprise and continuing the task at hand. Jughead exhaled a humourless breath out of his nose, nostrils flaring slightly in distaste.

“Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a study, a basement, and an attic conversion,” he recited as if he were reading a house listing. Betty didn’t say anything, eyes flicking between his mouth and his eyes as she waited for him to continue in his own time. Jughead’s eyes slid closed, brow furrowing slightly as if he were trying to repel a painful thought from his head.

“She said that it would probably be best if I didn’t come and visit them right now. That she and Jellybean were already putting my grandparents out so much that another person around the house might seem like she was taking advantage.” His eyes screwed up, mouth pressing together as Betty pulled the wipe away, his teeth raking against the flesh and causing the cut to open up once more, bead of crimson welling quickly before rolling down his chin. Betty swept it away silently. Just as suddenly as the pain set on Jughead’s face it was gone, replaced again with those harrowing, unseeing eyes. “What she really meant was that she didn’t want me to come, that she couldn’t face what she’d left behind.”

Betty didn’t realise she was crying until a tear rolled off her chin, landing with a wet splash on the back of her hand. She swiped furiously at her cheeks, erasing their tracks. This was not the time for weak-willed crying. This was Jughead and he was lying before her in shattered pieces, sharp edges pricking anyone that tried to get too close. But Betty Cooper had a thick skin, wound in too many layers of duct tape and bubble wrap from piecing herself back together one too many times. She threw the soiled wipe onto the table beside her, reaching forward to grasp Jughead’s fists with trembling, clammy hands. She pried his tight fingers open, lacing her own through his to bar them from curling once more.

“Juggie,” she breathed, trying to talk around the tight pain his words, his expression, his demeanour, had caused in her chest. He still didn’t meet her soft, imploring eyes. “Jughead,” she began more firmly. He lifted his sad, tired eyes to hers finally. “Your value is not decided by the words of others. Or the actions,” she added, thinking of where his father was currently spending his day.

“Do you know how many times you’ve pulled me back from the edge? I’ve been… dancing on the edge of this precipice for most of my life, and I was so close to losing my footing when you climbed through my window.” Betty allowed herself a small smile as she thought of their first kiss, the way his breath felt fanning over her flushed face as he exhaled in relief once his lips had touched hers, finally. “I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t found me, Jug, I don’t know where I’d be,” she whispered, voice trembling, but she was determined to remain strong. Jughead shook his head almost imperceptibly.

“You didn’t need me, Betts, you would’ve made it alone-”

“But I didn’t have to. Don’t you see? I didn’t have to. Because you made sure that I had someone even when things seemed impossible. I know that I will never understand what it feels like to be where you are right now. But I don’t need to. I just know that you’re hurting and I’d do anything to take that pain away from you, I’d take it all this instant if I could.” Jughead’s lower lip had begun to tremble at her words. “And I know that you would do it for me, you have done it for me. You refuse to give up, or let me give up on myself, so now it’s my turn to make sure that you don’t give up either. Not on your dad, and not on yourself. That’s what people who love each other do.” She sucked in a breath with a wobbly inhale.

Jughead blinked, the blue of his eyes intensifying as he took in her words, pupils dilating ever so slightly as they flicked back and forth across her face.

“What?” he mumbled, lips barely moving as if he dared not move a muscle.

“I love you, Jughead. I love you, for you,” she repeated, not a single quiver in her voice. Tears gathered slowly along his waterline. His mom, his dad, Fred… he took it all in stride, but this? He could no longer hold the flood back as his chest heaved the first of its sobs, shoulders wracking violently as he cried.

His whole body crumpled, folding forwards until his forehead hit her collarbone with a dull thud. She cupped his face tight against the warm crook of her neck, hand moving to the nape of his neck to rub small, soothing circles against the soft skin. She rocked him gently, hushing him with gentle, low shushes, letting him dampen the thin material of her shirt with his salt water troubles.

“It’s okay, Juggie, it’s going to be okay,” she whispered against the shell of his ear. Betty knew her words to be true; she had vowed to never lie to him for as long as he would allow her to be his. Now, all she had to do was prove it.

The ask box limit is a bitch, so I post it like this. Before the John’s wedding Sherlock was going to make a move and confess his feelings. He didn’t hope for a good response but was ready to tell John everything he’s been keeping inside for years, just so John would make a decision about marriage having all the information on his hands. So John would chose between Sherlock and Mary. But unpredictable (for Sherlock) John asked him to be his best man. And Sherlock backed out and sublimated his feelings into the wedding preparations. BUT THEn, at the stag night, Sherlock was ready to do it again, to go further. He was flirting, spreading legs, gracefully waving his wrists, laughing, getting closer and almost going for a kiss.
But. At that moment he remembered: just a bit earlier he deduced that Mary was pregnant. He knew it would put John into dilemma so he decided to not do anything, AGAIN.
Another thing: when Sherlock came back in TEH, Mary realized he was going to take John back from her. So she went off birth control. #fightme 😏 @love-in-mind-palace

The Mortal Darkness

Feysand Role switch-ish AU: The Mortal Darkness

Feyre: The High Lady of Prythian, lady of the seven courts, protector of Prythian

Rhysand: Mortal

Tamlin: Lord working for Hybern, (In love with Feyre (obvi!))

Amarantha: Lady of the Spring Court, (Loves Tamlin and does everything for him)


Prythian is ruled by a lord or lady that answers to the High Lady of Prythian Feyre Cursebreaker. For many millenniums Prythian has worked like that, but it changed with the flick of a finger as a new ruler steps into the peace. Self-crowned King Tamlin has since the crowning of the High Lady been in love with the powerful creature. He does everything to get her hand and rule Prythian with her at his side.

With the help of the Lady of the Spring Court, Amaratha, Tamlin learns that the High Lady has a love for mortal, in protection and kindness. So he sets a plan to kidnap a mortal to trade her hand for their life.

But their choice of mortal was poor as the mortal chosen just happened to be her mate.

Chapter 1: A meeting most foul

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“Golden Rings”

I was a little late getting set up for this timelapse of the sunset, but it worked out alright because I got this image out of it.
Sometimes I’ll jump into frame at the beginning of a timelapse in case I want to add myself into a time stack. Or I’ll do some light painting for the same reason. This time I threw a rock in the water to add some interest, and since I was late to start, this was during the sunset, while the orange and gold of the sky was reflected in the water.
I used 5 frames to make this image, the extra 4 frames were used to add the most defined ripples, as the initial shock wave spread out from the center of the impact.

Crimson Kisses

=> Taehyung. Moonlight. Hunger.

Warning: Mentions of blood.

Words: 2, 231

a/n: Because who doesn’t love evil, vampire Taehyung?

Blood stained lips glistened under the ivory moonlight, nothing but wickedness gleaming in his wild eyes that stared you down. Small flecks of red painted the corners of his mouth, running a smooth path down his chin only to fall onto the forest floor in fresh drops of crimson.

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Imagine House, your father, interrupting your date with Chase.

“Chase, I need you to come in-”

“Dad? What’s going on?”

House stopped short as you padded around the corner of Chase’s apartment, his mouth hanging slightly open in surprise.

Chase smiled and gave you a little wave, pink spreading up his neck. “Oh, uh, hey, [f/n].”

House finally found his voice. “Are you dating my kid?”

Chase’s blush deepened. He rubbed the back of his neck, glancing nervously over to you. “I, uh, we, I mean-”

You sighed and reached forwards, taking hold of Chase’s hand. House was your father and you weren’t going to leave Chase to face him alone. “Just, don’t freak out, okay?”

Gif Credit: Chase

The princess and the bad boy part 3

Hey everyone, Mr.E here and still alive! yay! sorry about the long wait but I decided to take the last month off from writing. I realized that despite the fact there were periods of time i couldn’t write for whatever reason, in the nearly 2 years (this june) I’ve been writing, I hadn’t actually taken an actual break. like a real break where i wasn’t concerned about what i was going to write. 

So i took one and I come back to you at the turn of the tide, refreshed and ready to go and what better way to start than a super late prompt for @starcoweek3 haha I’m so sorry i didn’t mean to be gone so long and i know this is so late but i hope you enjoy it

a special thanks to the person who left me a review on ff about this very idea. I really wish I could remember who it was but i can’t seem to find the review. I will update this with the info asap but for now onward with the story.

So in this third part of the au, Star’s parents are thinking of sending the princess back to Saint Olga’s and Marco isn’t having any of that but the real question is how far is our bad boy willing to go to keep star in his life?

Have an amazing week, stay awesome everyone! I’ll be back with my au of choice legend of zelda, maybe ladybug and a covy phantom thief au i’ve been obsessed with because damnit persona 5 came out. stay awesome everyone!

part 1 https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11341726/72/There-s-always-a-star-and-a-hoodie

part 2 https://mrevaunit42.tumblr.com/post/142780634772/princess-and-the-bad-boy

and let me know if you want to be a part of the tag list.

@artgirllullaby @hipster-rapunzel @isolated-frequencies @aweirdlatina

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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u85SECmoeg)

Yijeong may have undergone 485702402 stages of puberty to slay us all in Queen

but let’s face it

He turns to the most adorable cute little shit he is when he’s around Kyungil.

Am i right or am I right?

Credits to:  Katalin Horváth who made this wonderful video. 

Imagine Magnus being able to hold off your demon possession- he and Raphael try to help you

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The black mist rushed to you, Magnus knew neither he or Raphael could stop the demon.
Raphael was shocked when Magnus sent an orb in your direction hitting your stomach and spreading like a wave over your body.
“(Y/N), speak to us. Can you hear me?” Magnus asked.
You nodded. “I can hear you…Magnus…What was that?” You felt tears well up in fear of what would happen next.
“Don’t cry, my dear. You’re alright.” Magnus reassured.
“Is there a demon inside me? Am i possessed?”
Am I!?”
Magnus slowly nodded. “Yes but don’t panic. I’ve slowed it down, you still have control. You must fight the demon off until we get help my dear.”
“How long will that take?”
“Soon. Friends of ours are away on their shadowhunter duties, I promise I will get them straight here.” You nodded quickly.
“Now, I’m going to send the message, stay here.” Magnus leaned into Raphael’s side. “Keep them calm.” Magnus whispered and Raphael nodded.

You visibly shook and Raphael sat you on the sofa before sitting next to you. “You’re so brave and doing really well.”
“I can feel it churning inside me. It’s talking to me.” A tear escaped your eyes. “Don’t listen to it. It knows nothing.”
You began to cry and Raphael pulled you into a hug.
He felt sorry for you. You were a friend of his despite being a mundane and seeing you so scared made him eager to fix it. He was sure the demon was poking at every insecurity you ever had, urging you to give in.
“Don’t you dare give in.” Raphael said as he gave you a kiss on top of your hair. His hold seemed to calm you down as you stopped shaking.

Magnus came back and Raphael pulled away to stand beside Magnus and in front of you. “Talk to me, how are you feeling?” Magnus asked.
“That was probably me.” Raphael admitted rather sheepishly.
Magnus felt your hands. “No, I don’t think it was you dear boy. We should get them a blanket.”
They wrapped the blanket around you as you suddenly complained feeling tired. “I should go home.” You yawned.
“Out of the question. It’s trying to get you out of here (Y/N). You can sleep here, where we can keep an eye on you.” Magnus said firmly.
“Should we even let them sleep?” Raphael asked.
“…For a little while.”

You felt wrong when you woke up.
Something just wasn’t right.
You didn’t feel like you were entirely there and the two downworlders picked up on it instantly.
“Fight it (Y/N)!” Magnus encouraged.
“I-I’m trying. It-it won’t stop talking…” You suddenly punched your fist into the sofa in frustration and anger.
You lunged for Magnus and Raphael quickly grabbed you.
“Fight it off. You’re not angry, the demon is! What is it telling you to do!?” Magnus said loudly.
Tears flooded your eyes again. “It wants me to hurt you. I…I want to hurt you. Both of you.” You swayed slightly. “I’m so tired-”
“Keep fighting it!” Raphael demanded.
“I… I can’t, I…Think I’m… Falling…Asleep.” You went limp and Raphael cursed as he lowered you to the floor.

Magnus rushed to your side as Raphael took hold of your jaw. “Listen (Y/N), stay with us! Don’t go! Wake up!”
What do they have to go back to?” You said lowly.
However, they knew it wasn’t you talking.
“People who love them!” Magnus said sternly.
The demon laughed opening your now black eyes. “They’re alone in the world. They have no family and no one who will stay with them. They’re happy here. I won’t leave them.”
“That’s not true!” Magnus snapped. “They’ll never be alone and they do have a family. I am their family! I will always be there for them and I won’t let you take them from me. I’m not losing them to you!”
The demon laughed again, this time mocking Magnus.
Raphael leaned close to your ear. “Please…Please come back to me.”


MC: How do you feel about entering the military?

Lee Min Ho: Honestly, I thought I was going to be cool about it. But there are many things I regret. It’s not that I regret going to the army, but the fact that my 20s is passing away right before my eyes. Now that I am approaching my 30s, I find a lot of things I could’ve done better in terms of projects. I am also sad because I am getting older. If I had gone to the military earlier, I would’ve missed out on starring in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and often think whether or not I could’ve truly enjoyed my life in the 20s. I personally feel I made the right decision to not go to the army earlier. Because of that, I was able to meet with numerous loving and supportive fans overseas. I was happy to see the Korean Wave spread out to various parts of the world.

Give Me Love, 7

Throne Of Glass High School AU

Summary: He thinks she wants nothing to do with him. She thinks he can’t remember her. Aelin and Rowan were friends once upon a time. But high school drove them apart. However, one night - one party - is about to change not only their lives, but the lives of their friend as well.

Chapters: XXX


Thursday Afternoon:

“You know what I call this?”

Aelin raised a questioning eyebrow at Lysandra from across the lunchroom table.

“Soggy pizza?” Nehemia held up her lunch, the piece flopping back and forth. “How the hell are they able to sell this to us?”

“I’m not talking about the pizza.” Lysandra shot Nehemia a look, looking slightly annoyed no one was catching on to what she was trying to say. She spread her arms wide, waving them around the table. “I’m talking about this. I call this a disaster.”

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