spreading waves

[kahn] shinee rekindles and leads the korean wave in japan

translation: pyhforshinee

it’s known that boa, tvxq, and big bang are korean artists who began the road and maintained their status in (the) japanese market. they developed this new market, spread the korean wave, and created the genre: k-pop. following these artists, who can we count on to lead the next generation of k-pop? five member group, shinee, is in the lead. shinee, a part of sm entertainment, will restart interest in this year’s korean wave. the top singers with the most fan activities in japan, tvxq, are currently enlisted and even big bang is starting to enlist this year. so, everyone is gathering anticipation to see what presence shinee will have in this recently emptied k-pop space.

something worthy of showing this presence, objectively, is their appearance last year on japan’s representative end of the year music program, fuji tv’s fns music festival. this festival, together with nhk’s kohaku uta gassen, are japan’s most important end of the year programs. at the peak of the korean wave, up until 2012, there were many korean guests like tvxq, girls generation, and big bang on these end of the year programs, but then, for awhile, you could not see korean artists. last year’s program finally changed with boa and shinee as the only two korean artist guests on fns.

shinee has already began an arena tour which started last month. the arena’s seating scales are 15,000 - 20,000 seats per auditorium. their arena tour last year drew more than 400,000 fans. the tour this year, lasting until april, plans to go to tokyo, osaka, shizuoka, nagoya, kobe, and more. up to twenty arenas with five more potentially added on, this could increase to twenty five arenas. even though the schedule after may isn’t decided, following the current fervor of the public, there is a high possibility of adding 50,000 seat capacity domes to their tour. the past two years shinee have succeeded with both tokyo dome and osaka dome concerts.

though many korean artists advance into the japanese market and are active, shinee’s success has a different meaning. after boa and tvxq’s success the popularity of k-pop spiked and japanese fans would flock around as soon as they heard the word. like a dream, groups like super junior, girls generation and kara all successfully carried out tokyo dome concerts, and even groups that had only just debuted would have hundreds or thousands of fans show up at fan meetings and concerts. but, when political relations between the two nations deteriorated and an anti-korean sentiment grew around 2012, the interest in the korean wave weakened substantially. when shinee debuted in japan in 2011 the mood of society and the press had completely changed. as they met these difficulties from the start the method they chose to overcome it was to focus their attention on growing close local fans. instead of big events or advertising they held smaller concerts in small cities and districts to create bonds with locals. aside from tvxq, who had a clear path from the beginning, no other top korean artist had used this method to connect with japanese fans. in 2015, shinee finally had their first tokyo dome concert after four years of activities in japan. a marketer of universal music said: “their attitude for a famous singer from a large company yet consistently shown has opened japanese fans’ hearts, and it seems like their fandom has grown strong and distinguished.”

shinee has released a total of fourteen single albums and four full albums in japan, maintaining an emphasis on high quality local activities. after their september 2014 release of their third full album, i’m your boy, they reached first place on oricon’s weekly album chart, and last year’s fourth full album, d×d×d, naturally also rose to first place on the weekly chart. they plan to release their fifth full album, five, on the 22nd of this month. in this new album they will have a quite different concept and mood, especially in their title track, “get the treasure”, which will be darker and more powerful than their usual image.

popular music critic hwang sun eup says: “the thing that differentiates shinee from other idol groups is they’re always creating new results and consistently pursuing perfection in high quality work. by maintaining the balance of a long relationship with their fandom shinee will continue to occupy a larger role at sm entertainment.”

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I wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of you for participating in my little plot. The support and praise I’ve gotten for this little venture has been genuinely humbling and I am grateful to be part of such a great community.

In terms of the plot itself, as things stand now, I do intend to start wrapping things up soon and hopefully have at least the ending rolling by Tuesday. After that, everything goes back to as normal as the Hive gets, so I would kindly ask that no more starters based around the plot be posted after that day. Until then, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Give Me Love, 7

Throne Of Glass High School AU

Summary: He thinks she wants nothing to do with him. She thinks he can’t remember her. Aelin and Rowan were friends once upon a time. But high school drove them apart. However, one night - one party - is about to change not only their lives, but the lives of their friend as well.

Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14


Thursday Afternoon:

“You know what I call this?”

Aelin raised a questioning eyebrow at Lysandra from across the lunchroom table.

“Soggy pizza?” Nehemia held up her lunch, the piece flopping back and forth. “How the hell are they able to sell this to us?”

“I’m not talking about the pizza.” Lysandra shot Nehemia a look, looking slightly annoyed no one was catching on to what she was trying to say. She spread her arms wide, waving them around the table. “I’m talking about this. I call this a disaster.”

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The Price of Salt

Patricia Highsmith

But when she felt Carol’s hand move on her shoulder, she knew she had been asleep. It was dawn now. Carol’s fingers tightened in her hair, Carol kissed her on the lips, and pleasure leaped in Therese again as if it were only a continuation of the moment when Carol had slipped her arm under her neck last night. I love you, Therese wanted to say again, and then the words were erased by the tingling and terrifying pleasure that spread in waves from Carol’s lips over her neck, her shoulders, that rushed suddenly the length of her body. Her arms were tight around Carol, and she was conscious of Carol and nothing else, of Carol’s hand that slid along her ribs, Carol’s hair that brushed her bare breasts, and then her body too seemed to vanish in widening circles that leaped further and further, beyond where thought could follow. While a thousand memories and moments, words, the first darling, the second time Carol had met her at the store, a thousand memories of Carol’s face, her voice, moments of anger and laughter flashed like the tail of a comet across her brain. And now it was pale blue distance and space, an expanding space in which she took flight suddenly like a long arrow. The arrow seemed to cross an impossibly wide abyss with ease, seemed to arc on and in space, and not quite to stop. Then she realized that she still clung to Carol, that she trembled violently, and the arrow was herself. She saw Carol’s pale hair across her eyes, and now Carol’s head was close against hers. And she did not have to ask if this was right, no one had to tell her, because this could not have been more right or perfect. She held Carol tighter against her, and felt Carol’s mouth on her own smiling mouth. Therese lay still, looking at her, at Carol’s face only inches away from her, the gray eyes calm as she had never seen them, as if they retained some of the space she had just emerged from. And it seemed strange that it was still Carol’s face, with the freckles, the bending blonde eyebrow that she knew, the mouth now as calm as her eyes, as Therese had seen it many times before.

My angel, Carol said. Flung out of space.

Therese looked up at the corners of the room, that were much brighter now, at the bureau with the bulging front and the shield-shaped drawer pulls, at the frameless mirror with the beveled edge, at the green-patterned curtains that hung straight at the windows, and the two gray tips of buildings that showed just above the sill. She would remember every detail of this room forever.


Look at it

Look how its center

How its center produce those waves

wave after wave

wave after wave

Capturing your eyes

Capturing your attention

Capturing your mind

As you look

As you focus on it

Look at how it goes

wave after wave

wave after wave


spreading all the way

with it taking your attention

your focus

All you want is to focus

focus on its center

how it takes away your worries

Your cares

Your thoughts

leaving the spiral

The spiral and my words

So captivating

To look at it

Look at it and let everything else

Everything else fade

No need to care

No need to focus

Focus on anything 

Only the spiral

The Spiral and my words

calming you down

relaxing you

As you feel it all

All your worries

All your cares

All your thoughts




Disappear with the spiral

As you just look at the spiral

Look at the spiral and feel all else fade

Just the spiral

The center

wave after wave

Feeling so good

No more worries 

No more cares

No more thoughts

No need to worry about anything 

Feels so good

Finding all you think off

All you care about

Is the spiral

Looking at it

Focusing on it

Focusing on it 

It and my words

As all else disappear

Once all that remains is the Spiral

The Spiral and my words

You reblog

Reblog and Type

“The waves washed my mind”

Feels so good

So wonderful

So right

To just focus on the center

Focus on it and let everything else fade

All the remain

The center

The spiral

My words

Waking up when you feel ready

Waking up when you feel ready to wake

Until then you just focus on the spiral

The center

Feeling how good

How relaxing

How happy 

How happy you feel reading my words

Once you’re ready you wake up

Remembering what happened

Enjoying the trance

Enjoying my words

Enjoying the spiral

wave after wave


Imagine Magnus being able to hold off your demon possession- he and Raphael try to help you

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The black mist rushed to you, Magnus knew neither he or Raphael could stop the demon.
Raphael was shocked when Magnus sent an orb in your direction hitting your stomach and spreading like a wave over your body.
“(Y/N), speak to us. Can you hear me?” Magnus asked.
You nodded. “I can hear you…Magnus…What was that?” You felt tears well up in fear of what would happen next.
“Don’t cry, my dear. You’re alright.” Magnus reassured.
“Is there a demon inside me? Am i possessed?”
Am I!?”
Magnus slowly nodded. “Yes but don’t panic. I’ve slowed it down, you still have control. You must fight the demon off until we get help my dear.”
“How long will that take?”
“Soon. Friends of ours are away on their shadowhunter duties, I promise I will get them straight here.” You nodded quickly.
“Now, I’m going to send the message, stay here.” Magnus leaned into Raphael’s side. “Keep them calm.” Magnus whispered and Raphael nodded.

You visibly shook and Raphael sat you on the sofa before sitting next to you. “You’re so brave and doing really well.”
“I can feel it churning inside me. It’s talking to me.” A tear escaped your eyes. “Don’t listen to it. It knows nothing.”
You began to cry and Raphael pulled you into a hug.
He felt sorry for you. You were a friend of his despite being a mundane and seeing you so scared made him eager to fix it. He was sure the demon was poking at every insecurity you ever had, urging you to give in.
“Don’t you dare give in.” Raphael said as he gave you a kiss on top of your hair. His hold seemed to calm you down as you stopped shaking.

Magnus came back and Raphael pulled away to stand beside Magnus and in front of you. “Talk to me, how are you feeling?” Magnus asked.
“That was probably me.” Raphael admitted rather sheepishly.
Magnus felt your hands. “No, I don’t think it was you dear boy. We should get them a blanket.”
They wrapped the blanket around you as you suddenly complained feeling tired. “I should go home.” You yawned.
“Out of the question. It’s trying to get you out of here (Y/N). You can sleep here, where we can keep an eye on you.” Magnus said firmly.
“Should we even let them sleep?” Raphael asked.
“…For a little while.”

You felt wrong when you woke up.
Something just wasn’t right.
You didn’t feel like you were entirely there and the two downworlders picked up on it instantly.
“Fight it (Y/N)!” Magnus encouraged.
“I-I’m trying. It-it won’t stop talking…” You suddenly punched your fist into the sofa in frustration and anger.
You lunged for Magnus and Raphael quickly grabbed you.
“Fight it off. You’re not angry, the demon is! What is it telling you to do!?” Magnus said loudly.
Tears flooded your eyes again. “It wants me to hurt you. I…I want to hurt you. Both of you.” You swayed slightly. “I’m so tired-”
“Keep fighting it!” Raphael demanded.
“I… I can’t, I…Think I’m… Falling…Asleep.” You went limp and Raphael cursed as he lowered you to the floor.

Magnus rushed to your side as Raphael took hold of your jaw. “Listen (Y/N), stay with us! Don’t go! Wake up!”
What do they have to go back to?” You said lowly.
However, they knew it wasn’t you talking.
“People who love them!” Magnus said sternly.
The demon laughed opening your now black eyes. “They’re alone in the world. They have no family and no one who will stay with them. They’re happy here. I won’t leave them.”
“That’s not true!” Magnus snapped. “They’ll never be alone and they do have a family. I am their family! I will always be there for them and I won’t let you take them from me. I’m not losing them to you!”
The demon laughed again, this time mocking Magnus.
Raphael leaned close to your ear. “Please…Please come back to me.”


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Yijeong may have undergone 485702402 stages of puberty to slay us all in Queen

but let’s face it

He turns to the most adorable cute little shit he is when he’s around Kyungil.

Am i right or am I right?

Credits to:  Katalin Horváth who made this wonderful video. 

Octopus (00q, Comets sequel)

Q couldn’t stop laughing and stumbling around the yacht, unused to the feeling of the floor swaying under his feet, roiling together with the waves. He spread his arms open and let out an excited shout, enjoying the salty water spraying his face “This is the most amazing feeling in the world!” He raised his voice over the wind and the roaring of the ocean, so blue and glittering under the sun; Q wished that his skin could replicate those swirling colours, like some animals on Earth could - he’d feel so beautiful, clad in royal blue and frothy white.

James shook his head at the alien’s excitement “Try to not fall into the ocean!” He warned. They didn’t know whether Q was able to swim and, thinking about it, maybe it hadn’t been his greatest idea taking him out on a boat - especially without making him wear a lifejacket. But he could put to rights that little oversight. After checking that the autopilot was on, James went to retrieve a lifejacket and then went to Q, still spinning around the deck and looking at everything with bright green eyes; he was surprised that the alien’s control hadn’t slipped yet and that his human form still held, despite the exhilarated joy clearly pervading him “Put this on, Q”

Q looked curiously at the bright orange vest, wrinkling his nose at the colour “What is it?” He inquired. The sleeveless jacket looked pretty much like some Kevlar vests he had worked on for the agents entrusted in his care - but why would James give him a Kevlar vest in the middle of the ocean?

“It’s a lifejacket: it will keep you afloat in case you fall overboard”

“Does it come in another colour?”

James rolled his eyes as he tugged Q close to his chest and gently wrestled him into the jacket “Not on this yacht” he answered, strapping the best into place “You look wonderful”

Q glanced down at himself, frowning “I look ridiculous”

“You look safe, therefore gorgerous” James reassured and kissed Q’s unruly curls, even messier than usual because of the salty breeze “So, I take it that you’re enjoying your day off?”

Q beamed and hugged James tightly, splaying his hands over the other’s broad and muscly back “Immensely, thank you so much!”

James smiled and embraced Q back, hands holding him by the hips “I’m glad. I’ll teach you how to swim, so that next time you can take a dive in the ocean” he promised, thinking about how he could fit swimming lessons in Q’s already packed agenda.

“That would be amazing” the alien smiled, standing on his tiptoes to kiss the agent’s cheek before breaking their embrace to start jumping around again, shielding his eyes from the harsh sunlight with his hand as he looked up, studying the flight of a couple of seagulls.

After a last glance, James went back to steering the boat, disengaging the autopilot as they neared the coast; James liked to spend a couple of hours in a usually deserted bay, sunbathing and diving amidst the rocks. The water was warm enough too, in his opinion.

When he stopped the boat and lowered the anchor, James heard Q blabber excitedly about fish and corals.

“How I wish the water was shallow enough for me to go down” he sighed, bent over the railing in an attempt to get as close as possible to the water, way calmer in the bay than how it had been out in the ocean.

James pondered the situation: the water was reasonably still and clear, not particularly dangerous, and Q had the lifejacket. And James would hold the alien the whole time, make sure that nothing happened “Do you think you can trust me to not let you drown?” He inquired.

“You’re letting me swim?!”

“On two conditions: you’re never letting go of me and you’re keeping the lifejacket on” James said sternly.

“Yes! I promise!” Q made a little jump and, finally, he lost control and his tentacles slithered out as his skin turned into the brightest shade of yellow James had seen up to that moment “Can I take my clothes off?”

“You have to” James answered, already undoing the straps of Q’s vest before taking care of his own clothes; he briefly debated with himself about taking off his boxer briefs too: Q wasn’t bothered by nudity and James certainly wasn’t shy, but he was afraid of a particular unavoidable reaction - especially with Q’s naked body next to his own. In the end, though, when he raised his eyes to see Q completely stripped down already, James decided to do the same to avoid making the other feel self-conscious.

“Can I jump down?” Q asked as he slipped his arms in the vest and got closer to the agent, silently prompting him to do the clasps again.

“Absolutely not” James forbade “You’re using the stairs”

Q pouted but, as soon as the lifejacket was strapped in place, he ran to the stern of the yacht.

James rolled his eyes and gracefully dived into the ocean, swimming towards the short staircase of the boat in order to catch Q.

“The way you did it looks funnier” the alien pointed out.

“Only for experts too, though” James teased as he opened his arms in encouragement, ready to welcome Q and hold him close “The water is a bit cold, but I promise that you’ll warm up quickly when we start swimming” he warned.

Q nodded as he tentatively climbed down the: he was happy, but also apprehensive - on his planet, he had never swum in such deep waters and he didn’t know how to move his body to keep himself afloat. When his toes touched the water, Q gasped “It’s cold!”

“Told you” James grinned, circling Q’s ankle with wet fingers “Come on: the longer it takes, the colder the water will seem to you” he tried to coax him down gently “The pretty fishes wait for you for forever”

The mention of not being able to see closer the sea life for himself, it seemed to be enough to give Q some courage to get over his reluctance. He slipped down slowly, ribcage heaving when water covered his chest and lapped up at his collarbone “Hold me” he pleaded.

James tightened his grip around Q’s waist “I’m not letting you go, I promise” he murmured “Your body naturally floats and the lifejacket is there to support you, no matter what”

“Then why do people drown?” The alien inquired, spots of blue to dot his skin in an open display of fear.

“Because they drink the sea water and choke on it” James explained “Or because the waves are too high and too strong and they get dunked underwater for too long and suffocate”

“There’s no waves” Q observed, relaxing a little.

“Exactly and I don’t think you want to purposefully drink salty water” James said in a lightly teasing voice.

Q shook his head no in answer and took a deep breath before throwing himself at James, squeezing his eyes shut as he let go of the steel bars of the stairs.

James caught Q surely, propping him against his side “Open your eyes, you silly thing”

Q did so tentatively but, as soon as he realised that he was in the ocean with his head above water, he let out a startled laugh “Are you okay?” He asked, feeling James rhythmically kick at the water.

“Yes” the agent nodded “You seem to be even lighter in water”

“Archimedes’ principle: any body fully or partially submerged in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced” Q dutifully quoted “The water is doing the job for you” he added cheekily.

“See? Science is on your side”

And that knowledge got rid of the last tendrils of anxiety in Q’s body, finally letting him fully enjoy the experience “Should I kick my legs too?”

“If you want to: short and not too strong kicks do it to keep you floating in the same spot - if you want to move, some strength won’t hurt”

Q nodded and pursed his lips in concentration as he started to move, careful of not accidentally hitting James in the shin.

“Good job” the other praised, slacking his grip a little to give the alien some freedom.

Q smiled, then peered down at the water, past their legs in order to watch the fishes lazily swimming close to the sand, seemingly unbothered by their presence in their natural habitat. The nature had him so enthralled, that he hadn’t realised just how close he had brought his face to the surface and, when a small wave swelled, it wetted Q’s nose.

“Keeping your chin up might be helpful” James suggested, a cheeky grin on his lips “You can watch from a rock” James established, swimming them both towards the rocky coast, checking that they weren’t any sea urchins on which Q, unaware of their existence, could step.

“But I want to swim some more” Q complained, even as he climbed on a rock.

“Baby steps” James winked before diving in the water. He carefully retrieved a sea urchin from where it was nestled, spiky and as black as ink. Of course, he should have imagined that Q would have tried to touch it as soon as he laid it down in front of him; gently, James slapped his hand away “It stings and it actually is a little poisonous - not much, but still enough to cause some damage if you’re allergic”

“What is it?” Q inquired, eyes wide in child-like glee.

“A sea urchin”

“Won’t it die out of water?”

James shook his head “Not so soon, but we’ll have to put it back in water”

“It’s cute”

“Most people hate them” James pointed out.

“It’s not their fault if they’re all spiky” Q murmured “Put it back in its home”

There probably wasn’t a creature on Earth upon which Q wished harm - not even on spiders and grasshoppers, whose mere sight on television was enough to make the alien shiver in disgust. It was an endearing quality; for someone as surrounded by death as James was, having Q in his life was a breath of fresh and balsamic air.

So, James scooped up the sea urchin and obeyed to Q’s request; as he let it float down for the last metres, James spotted a creature that he was pretty sure Q would be interested to get to know. Grinning, he started to try and coax the shy animal out of its crevice.

Chin propped on his palms, Q curiously studied the pattern with which James came up for a breather of fresh air before diving again.

The last time he came up, the agent’s smile was as bright as the sun harshly shining down upon them “Can you sit by that rock half-submerged in water?” He nodded his head towards the natural seat he had spotted.

“What is it?” Q asked as he slid to sit on the rock James had singled out, squinting his eyes to better put into focus the squirmy orange thing in James’ arms.

“You’ll like it” James promised as he steadily swam nearer “It’s completely harmless so, whatever it does, don’t get scared” he warned as he took Q’s hand and brought it closer to close to the squirmy thing - which immediately attached onto the alien with a couple of tentacles.

Q gasped “It’s so precious!”

“Adorable little fellow, isn’t it?” James coaxed the rest of the octopus body in Q’s trembling hands “One of the smartest animals on Earth”

“Why didn’t you show me earlier this beauty?” Q asked, completely in awe as he gently started to prod and caress the soft and squishy creature in his hold with his tentacles.

“I don’t think you would have appreciated finding one of these all cut up in your plate at the restaurant” James defended himself; as predicted, Q made an outraged noise and James mentally said goodbye forever to one of his favourite dishes.

“Can we bring it at home?” Q asked, his tentacles affectionately entwined with those of the octopus.

James shook his head “I’m sorry, Q: it would get lonely and sad, all cooped up on his own in a tank, don’t you think?”

“Oh” a sad little smile took place on Q’s mouth “You’re right” he murmured, gently disentangling himself from the octopus: knowing that something even remotely similar to him existed on Earth, it was enough - it didn’t need to live exiled as he did.

“Golden Rings”

I was a little late getting set up for this timelapse of the sunset, but it worked out alright because I got this image out of it.
Sometimes I’ll jump into frame at the beginning of a timelapse in case I want to add myself into a time stack. Or I’ll do some light painting for the same reason. This time I threw a rock in the water to add some interest, and since I was late to start, this was during the sunset, while the orange and gold of the sky was reflected in the water.
I used 5 frames to make this image, the extra 4 frames were used to add the most defined ripples, as the initial shock wave spread out from the center of the impact.


  • Tempers have reached record highs with an unbearable hate wave spreading across L.A. Hawkeye’s cracked the case on who’s responsible, but it’s going to take more than a few arrows to get the entire city to cool down. The odds maybe stacked against her, but this is where she thrives — nobody puts Katie in a corner!
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99
Private Dance

Spencer Reid x Reader One Shot

Word Count: 1569

A/N: Hello, I’m a new criminal minds writing blog! This is my first published fic so please feel free to send me any prompts or requests if you like my writing. Enjoy!

Summary: Spencer spends his Saturday night at a strip club. Shenanigans ensue.

Spencer was very uncomfortable - and understandably so. While the young doctor would usually spend his Saturday nights holed up in his living room with tea and a novel (or seven) to read, tonight was not one of those nights.

No, tonight, Dr. Spencer Reid was at a strip club.

From his vantage point at the bar, Spencer had full view of the debauchery before him. The daring (and usually much drunker) men sat right at the edge of the stage, waving their dollars bills at the dancers and hollering loudly over the sultry music. Some of the men preferred to watch from afar, instead sitting at the tall tables spread throughout the club, waving over the scantily-clad waitresses for a drink. Others disappeared behind curtained booths for a private dance. Occasionally, Spencer’s eyes would sweep over to the action on stage, sending a slight blush to his cheeks whenever he caught a glimpse at the girls in varying stages of undress.

Speaking of girls… one seemed to be heading right towards him.

The doctor casually looked over to the sides, checking if he actually was her intended target. When he glanced up again, making direct eye contact with her, her lips curled up into a wanton grin. Spencer gulped at the sight of the mischievous gleam in her eyes, trying to discreetly wipe his sweaty hands on the tops of his thighs.

She stopped in front of his bar stool and leaned in close, giving him an eyeful of the soft skin not-very-decently encased in delicate pink lace.

“Hey there, pretty boy. Wanna go somewhere a little more private?”

Spencer inhaled sharply, getting a whiff of her minty breath and sweet perfume. What would Derek Morgan do if he were in his shoes? “Um, I-” Oh geez, was that a crack in his voice? He cleared his throat. “Y-yeah. That’d be… great…?” Okay, so maybe Derek would’ve been way smoother but hey, Spencer wasn’t exactly sure how you were supposed to accept the offer of a private dance from a stripper, but his answer seemed good enough for the woman in front of him. She held her hand out to him in a way that was surprisingly coy for a lady of her profession. Despite the hundreds of facts about the transfer of germs through hand contact running through his mind, Spencer slipped his hand in hers, allowing her to lead him in the direction of the private booths.

She let go of his hand, allowing him to settle onto the velvet seat, but not before brushing her fingers against his fluttering pulse point as she pulled away. She started tugging the curtain shut, giving Spencer a very nice view of her… er, backside. As if she could feel his wandering gaze, she shut the curtain with a final flick of her wrist and turned back to him, hips swaying in time with the bass every time she took a step closer.

Spencer closed his eyes, trying to calm his racing heart, and next thing he knew, he had a lapful of pink lace and hair that smelled like flowers. Her soft skin and teasing upturned corners of her mouth were almost a little too much for him to handle.

“Hey now, don’t worry, pretty boy. I don’t bite… unless you want me to.”

| Your POV |

You grinned down at the nervous man underneath you, enjoying the situation maybe a little too much. From the way his eyes flickered everywhere but you, you could tell just how on edge he was. You stifled a laugh, unsure of how long you should keep this up. But before you could really get down to business, a small voice in your head stopped you. Literally.

“Alright princess, you can give up the act. Garcia says you’re clear of any cameras in the booth and I think pretty boy’s about to have a heart attack.”

You snorted at Derek’s words, swinging your leg off of Spencer and plopping down next to him. “Aw, just when I was starting to have fun…” You could almost feel Spencer’s slight glare as you adjusted the lace on your chest into a slightly less compromising position. “So,” you started, turning to face your co-worker, “still convinced I wouldn’t be able to do undercover work?”

When planning for this mission, Spencer had fought tooth and nail against you working undercover for this case. But between JJ, Emily, and you, you were the closest to fitting the unsub’s type, making you the best choice for the job, despite Spencer’s many protests.

“It was a question of safety not a question of whether or not I think you can do undercover work,” Spencer corrected. “And for your information, Morgan,” he said, directing the conversation towards the man on the other end of your earpieces, “I wasn’t going to have a heart attack. I was simply playing a character.” The unsub was an alpha male so the team knew that sending Spencer in as your immediate backup wouldn’t threaten him into action if you and Spencer needed to go somewhere private and talk about the case.

You snorted, interrupting the boys’ teasing banter and directing their focus back onto the case.

Spencer pulled out his cellphone, calling Derek so the two of you could fill him in on what you had learned while chatting up patrons and employees of the club. You’d been there most of the evening, taking the time before opening to talk to the girls about the missing dancers.

“Okay, kid, you and Y/L/N finish up the night at the club and I’ll let the rest of the team know what you found out. Look’s like you’ve got a little time before your private dance should finish up, so why don’t y’all have some fun,” Derek teased. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” 

The line went silent before you could give him a witty response.

“Like Morgan would have any limits on what he’d do with a beautiful woman in a private booth…” Spencer rolled his eyes, tucking his phone back into his pocket.

“You think I’m beautiful, Dr. Reid?” you asked. Your light, teasing tone told one story, but the butterflies in your stomach told another. You and Spencer had this weird non-relationship relationship that had half the flirtiness of Derek and Penelope’s relationship had, but maybe double the amount of seriousness. The two of you often found yourself toeing the line passed friendship and tonight’s smoky location and sultry background music seemed to have blurred that line just a little more than usual.  

Spencer blushed and cleared his throat, a sure sign of his discomfort. “Um, I- I…” He broke eye contact, looking down at his lap. “You know I do, Y/N,” he said softly. The butterflies in your stomach fluttered wildly and you felt yourself blushing. “That’s why- that’s why I didn’t want you to do this mission.”


He took a deep breath before meeting your eyes shyly. “With you looking like that, all dolled up, with the lace and the pretty hair and all that soft skin… I didn’t want to have to share that with anyone else. Not that I think you’re an object that can be shared or anything like that!” He injected suddenly. “And it’s not like I have any right to say who can and can’t see you in whatever way since I’m not- since we’re just… well I’m not quite sure what we even… I, um -”

“Spencer!” You cut off his rambling, really hoping he was saying what you thought he was. Unsure of how to proceed, you hooked your pinky to his, biting back the smile threatening to take over your face. “You don’t have to share me, Spence. You already got me.”

He let out a breathless laugh, boldly intertwining your fingers. “Y/N, I-”

You suddenly heard a short cough in your ear, cutting Spencer off abruptly.

“Y/L/N. Reid.”

You both froze at the sound of boss’ voice.

“Hotch! Sir! Um…” You stuttered, realizing that you and Spencer were having this conversation in a private dance booth at a strip club.

“As happy as I am that you’re finally talking about whatever is going on between the two of you, perhaps you can continue it some time later. I need all of my team focusing on the task at hand,” Hotch said matter-of-factly.

“Yes, of course. Uh, sorry,” you apologized hastily and exchanged sheepish grins with the man still holding your hand.

Later, Spencer mouthed, squeezing your hand slightly and pulling you to your feet.

A shiver of excitement ran through you and you couldn’t help yourself. You grabbed at the front of his shirt and planted a quick, but searing kiss onto his surprised, but eager to comply, lips. You pulled away slightly, chuckling against his mouth. But it seemed like Spencer hadn’t gotten enough. He initiated the second kiss, hands dropping to the curve of your waist to pull your closer. Your hands snaked up to the nape of his neck, tugging slightly on his already messy hair.

Ahem. When I said later, I meant after the case is over, agents. Get back to work.”

Hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to send me any thoughts, questions, or requests!

WAVES, we need your help spreading the tag #재욱_기천_고마워요

WAVES, I know we’re all very very sad about the news of Zuk and Kichun leaving Bigflo… So, for their sake, we’d like to start a tag on Twitter called #재욱_기천_고마워요 (#Jaewook_Kichun_ThankYou). Please contribute anything to the tag, and please spread this as much as possible. Ask everyone you know to participate, to spread this around, even people who aren’t Waves - people in any fandom can understand the pain of losing one group member, let alone two. If this gains enough momentum I’ll even personally dm both Zuk and Kichun so they can see that we still care about them and love them. Go, Waves! Spread this!!