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The Most Dangerous Island on Earth - North Sentinel Island

Throughout human history a typical theme has been the domination of more technologically advanced societies over “simpler” or “more primitive” ones. In fact in the past 500 years, European societies would come to dominate the world, spreading their culture, often through force of arms or outright genocide.  More often than not, the meeting of Old World peoples with New World natives tended to end very badly for the natives. Many cultures were wiped out, many more assimilated or adapted their cultures with European culture. Today there are few places where people living have not in some way been touched by the modern world. One notable exception is North Sentinel Island, located in the Bay of Bengal.

Officially North Sentinel Island is territory of India, part of the Andaman Islands. In reality the people of North Sentinel Island are their own people, free from any known government or modern organization.  Apparently, the Sentinelese are very much happy to keep it that way. Throughout their entire known history, the Sentinelese have been known to viciously fight against any trespass or incursion on their small island. Going back to ancient times the Indians called the island “Cannibal Island”, and told many tales of the dangerous and ruthless natives who inhabited it. Those tales were passed on to the ancient Greeks after the invasion of northern India by Alexander the Great, and thus the infamous legends of the island were mention by Ptolemy. Marco Polo recieved word of the island during his travels to China, writing about the islanders, “They are a most violent and cruel generation who seem to eat everybody they catch.” 

Since then, every expedition to island has been met with extreme hostility, and as a result the island has been left untouched to this day. Throughout the 16th-18th centuries many an explorer or shipwrecked sailor met their end on the island at the hands of the Sentinelese. In 1867 a British merchant ship shipwrecked on the island, and its surviivg 110 man crew spent several days fighting off the islanders with guns and swords. Many were killed and wounded in the battle before rescue. This prompted an expedition of reprisal by the Royal Navy who landed marines on the island a short time later. Most of the Sentinelese had disappeared into hiding, knowing that they couldn’t fight a battle against such overwhelming force. In the end the British left in frustration with two elderly Sentinelese and four children.

Today the idea of angry natives attacking shipwrecked sailors or explorers might be something you’d only see in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, however Sentinelese resistance to the outside world continued so that even in the 20th century people tended to steer clear of the island. In 1974 a film crew from National Geographic landed on the island in modern boats in an attempt to make contact with the islanders with peace offerings of a box of coconuts, a baby doll, and a live pig. The Sentinelese met the crew fully armed and ready for war. As a result, a the National Geographic director took an arrow to the knee, the pig was mutilated alive, and the crew was forced to bug out under a hail of arrows and spears. 

In 1981 the cargo ship Primrose shipwrecked on the island, and the Sentinelese immediately surrounded the ship, shooting at the crew with bows and several times attempting to board the ship. The crew not only radioed for help, but asked for an urgent airdrop of firearms so they could defend themselves. The drop was delayed by weather but the crew were able to fend off the attacks with a pistol, firefighting axes, and flare guns. They were rescued after a week long siege. The Sentinelese dismantled much of the ship and used the scrap iron for arrow and spearheads. It’s remaining hull can still be seen from google earth.

The only known man to peacefully visit the island was an anthropologist named Trilokinath Prandit in 1991, who several times landed on the island with gifts which he left upon the beach.  When he did meet the natives they shot arrows at him and waved their genitals at him. However at one point he was able to make peaceful contact with some of the natives. However as as he left the island, the natives had a change of heart and began shooting arrows at him once more, he hasn’t been back since.

Today North Sentinelese Island is protected by the Indian Government and it is illegal to land there. The reasons for this are to keep the Sentinelese culture intact, and prevent the spread of disease from the island. Note that in history native peoples often suffered deadly diseases after making contact with newcomers. Another reason for creating a 3 mile exclusionary zone around the island is because in 2006 two drunk fisherman landed on the island and were murdered. Thus the Indian Government set up the contact ban to protect outsiders from the Sentinelese as much as protecting the Sentinelese from the outside world. In 2004 an Indian Coast Guard helicopter flew over the island to see if the Setinelese were OK after the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake, and to offer help if needed. The helicopter found that the Sentinelese were not only OK after the tsunami, but didn’t want anything any aid at all as they fired arrows at the helicopter.

 Today we still no nothing about the language, culture, and ethnicity of the Sentinelese Islanders. The only pictures we have of them are from the occasional illegal drone which buzzes over the island, and is typically met with a hail of arrows. It seems that despite seeing things such as ships, helicopters, and robotic drones, the Sentinelese don’t want fuck all to do with the modern world.

well now i’m on an aliens kick. also, i just went in my kitchen to get some ice water and walked in on a fucking roach orgy because no matter how much i clean this apartment is fucking ghetto so let’s talk about how aliens would react to human pest control methods.

“Why is Stacy cleaning the dishware? We have cleaning robots to do that for her,” asked Qwerty (his full name was much, much longer, but because it was written with every letter of one of the more commonly used human alphabets, and something about early digital communications, the humans on the I.S. Dastallria had given him the nickname). 

Xorzit’ket shrugged as best as her anatomy could manage the borrowed gesture. “Why don’t you go ask her?” 

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Recently, I was part of a conversation between my sisters and a person outside of our friend group. The subject of K-pop came up, and this person who was clearly not a fan looked at me and said “you must be patient zero”. I’ve heard this term used before, mainly in a derogatory way, with the meaning of “the first person to be exposed to K-pop, who then spreads becoming a fan as a disease among their friends and family”. At first, I was a little annoyed, but as I thought about it more and more, I realized that he was unknowingly paying me as well as the industry of K-pop a massive compliment.

The truth that has to be acknowledged to understand why, though, is the sometimes uncomfortable and avoided fact that K-pop is very much an industry, and groups are very much a product. Fans don’t like to discuss this much, but it’s a fact that cannot be denied. K-pop groups are products created by corporations to sell to consumers. Many antis will use this as a reason to not enjoy K-pop, saying for instance “it’s too fake and manufactured, where companies decide members of groups instead of letting them come together naturally”, however the reality is that much of American media is the same. K-pop is very self aware in being an industry, and will even present straight to the fans that they are consumers of a product. Idols will say that the company won’t let them say or do things that would pull fans away, such as dating bans or bans on using dialect. There are TV shows such as Fluttering India, a show where members of K-pop groups were sent to India to research the market for K-pop, essentially filming and packaging the research companies do in America for a new product as entertainment. There are even TV shows made into survival shows such as No Mercy or Pentagon Maker which show the making of the group product, choosing members who work well together and have the talent necessary, almost like a Shark Tank where the judges are the companies and the products are human lives. The K-pop industry is just that, and industry, and the companies will cater to the consumers through fan-service and fan events. Being aware of such a fact is important to understand, and it doesn’t make your enjoyment of the industry a bad thing. It means that you understand that even in American culture, actors and TV celebrities and singers are products who you support and spend money on, and you as a fan have abundant power in such matters.

This is important, though, because you now understand that K-pop is an industry and not a disease. And like any other industry, the strongest tool that is utilized is word of mouth. Humans have a natural crowd mentality, and sites such as Amazon or Yelp utilize this mentality, showing you ratings and reviews in order to convince you to buy products. Youtubers and Instagrammers will buy followers to convince followers to go with the crowd. When you take a survey for any reason, for a store or a restaurant alike, what two questions are always there? “How did you hear about us”, “Would you recommend us to a friend?”. You see, K-pop is an industry, and by saying that it is an industry that is known to be infectious like a disease, spread from person to person, you’re only saying that K-pop has achieved something most product distributers only dream of - a product with value and appeal enough for a successful complete spread of word of mouth through people from all languages, all cultures, all races, all backgrounds, and all walks of life. And by saying that I am patient zero you’re saying that I am a distributer to an entirely untapped friend group, family, an untouched market, and that I as a consumer am increasing the profits of an industry that I genuinely enjoy partaking in, that my support as a fan of a group that speaks a different language in a different part of the world than me is at the very root valuable and valued and sought after from companies and idols alike.

So let that be a reminder to fans who are tired of hearing “they will never know you exist” or “you don’t even speak the same language”. Not only is your enjoyment valid, it’s also necessary and important in making K-pop and your favorite bias group become a worldwide trend until the biggest argument the haters can put forth is that it appeals to too many people. 


I know a lot of folks feel sorry for deer in the winter, especially when it looks like there’s not much for them to eat. I also know that some people, having seen deer eating gleanings out of fields, think it’s helpful to leave some corn out for the deer. As a nutritionist, I beg you, DON’T. 

Deer are ruminants, which means digestion relies on microbes in their gut to help break down forages. These microbes undergo seasonal changes, and in winter, fiber-digesters are the dominant type. If deer suddenly eat a large amount of starch-rich food, like corn, what few starch-digesting microbes are in the gut quickly get overwhelmed, and acidosis develops. This can lead to a quick, painful death. What started out as kindness becomes cruelty.

Deer take 2-4 weeks to adapt their guts to changes in diet.  In the wild, this happens as the seasons change, and the deer are fine. But if you overwhelm their gut with energy-rich food in a time of the year when they’re living a lot off of high-fiber food and their own fat reserves, it can lead to sickness and often to death. 

Even if it doesn’t kill them, congratulations, your yard is now a place where they expect food. You may have deer fighting for access to the food, or spreading disease. And things that eat deer now know they can find food near your house.  This can be dangerous to people who let their pets outside - coyotes may view small pets as a snack, as can feral dogs. Not to mention the last thing you want is those same predators getting used to people. Increased deer in residential neighborhoods also increases the risk of deer-car collisions.

In the winter, deer are usually living off of the fat reserves they built all year. Unless it is unusually cold and the county is putting out food, best not to. Deer can handle themselves.  


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Why most of my ships are gay

The other day I was speaking to someone on a forum, and we were talking about our favorite ships, and she asked me why most of my ship OTPs were gay. 

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And honestly, I wasn’t sure how to answer it, which is strange because I knew the answer, kinda. 

Becuase I don’t think I consciously even thought about the reasons. I didn’t think there had to be a reason. 

I mean I ship a lot of characters together, some of them gay some of them not. 

From my babies Voltron

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To my spazballs in Haikyuu!!

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When I ship characters, I don’t think about their gender or if they are gay or straight or whatever else. I just think about if these two characters will be compatible or not. 

Becuase I don’t think compatibility and love need to be defined as anything else. 

It just is

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Anthrax - Among The Living

30th Anniversary

Released March 22nd 1987

Charlie Betante (Drums)

Frank Bello (Bass)

Scott Ian (Guitar)

Dan Spitz (Guitar)

Joey Belladonna (Vocals)

Among the Living. 30 years old. Arguably perfect.

I could leave this Anniversary Review with just that and i’d be content. But i won’t. Among The Living stands as potentially one of the greatest Thrash albums ever released. From Betante’s frenetic double bass drumming, which when it began during the title track blew the first 1987 audiences away, and this was an audience subjected to Slayer’s Reign in Blood just the previous year; which alone is saying something, to Belladonna’s crisp and clear vocals when compared to Mustaine’s rasp or Araya’s bark, to Ian’s stomping riffing that has ascended this album to iconic status.

One of the first things you can identify with this album is the lyrical content. When fresh Thrash bands of the time like Exodus and Slayer were producing content around ripping people apart or blood falling from a lacerated sky, Anthrax chose to create content surrounding pop culture with Stephen King literature The Stand forming the lyrical inspiration behind the title track Among The Living, or Judge Dredd being the focus behind fan favourite I Am The Law. There’s always been a soft side to Anthrax too, not necessarily musically but as of the band members themselves, they’ve never been afraid to let loose every now and again and more importantly just enjoy playing metal and being where they are, frequently playing and interacting with their audience preparing to play Indians or Caught in the Mosh.

As to the individual tracks on this album, there is absolutely no filler here. Every single song on Among The Living is amazing. Each one just as good as the other for different reasons, whether you’re listening to Caught in a Mosh or I Am The Law, Indians, Imitation of Life etc. This is even more proven after seeing Anthrax for the 4th time (yep 4th time now), in Manchester where they played this album for their 30th anniversary celebrations and every track they played was a knockout sending the crowd into moshing frenzies. Especially over the last few years with Belladonna’s triumphant return the band has seen a huge resurgence in popularity (not that the Bush era didn’t see some great moments i quite like some of the albums recorded during that period), after the release of Worship Music and more recently For All Kings, it proves Anthrax are here to stay and evolve as a band. 

But even before Among The Living, Anthrax weren’t a small band waiting for their big hit. Fistful Of Metal and Spreading The Disease had been big successes to the point where songs such as Madhouse and A.I.R. were and are still big hits and played live at many of their gigs. So Anthrax were already becoming more and more established with every record only with Among The Living they hit the big time and soared into Thrash legend. They are my favourite out of the Big Four and in many ways you could say they’re actually doing the best alongside Megadeth arguably. Still releasing critically-successive albums and staying in touch with modern issues and audiences that they have come to love playing to, Among The Living is Anthrax’s finest hour, and perhaps the finest hour for all of Thrash for the entirety of the 1980s too.

“ Disease! Disease! Spreading the disease.
With some help from Captain Trips, he’ll bring the world down to his knees.
Power, yes Power! He’ll show them all his power.
It pulses through his ice cold blood, a whole world to devour!

He’s seeing, he’s calling, his legacy he’s spawning.
He’s coming, corrupting, among the living! “


  • capitalist: we're good for the government
  • capitalist: you know how we don't give people sick days
  • capitalist: and create flu epidemics because our workers fear homelessness more than self care and preventing the spreading of disease.
  • capitalist: the government loves it.
  • capitalist: that's why they spend billions on paying for it, instead of just forcing us to allow our workers paid sick days
  • capitalist: shout out to the USA

You know, I try really hard to just ignore people who do nothing but deliberately stir up hate and wank in the fandom. I do. I block them and blacklist them. Most of them just want attention so why bother? But this person is the lowest piece of shit I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter: twitter.com/skywackles

She constantly tries to pull everyone into her drama and nonsense. Almost every tweet she makes reads like she’s the general in some shitty war movie and she’s trying to lead her troops into battle. The problem is that she lies nonstop and she’s got thousands of willing idiots following her and believing her lies. 

Before the con where Jensen said “destiel doesn’t exist”, the big theory she was trying to sell to everyone was that Jensen now LOVES destiel and it’s okay to ask him about it. And hey look! Someone believed her and did it and look what happened. Since half of her twitter was “proof” that Jensen was good with it, I heard she shut her TL down and deleted all of it after Jensen shot her ship to hell. 

The latest thing she’s working to prove is that Jensen and Jared aren’t really close at all. Good luck, sweetie. You might as well try to prove that humans don’t breathe air. Her “proof” is that Jared wasn’t at Danneel’s birthday party in the picture Steve Carlson put up. Which was on March 19th, two days after the new Padalecki was born. 

I still wasn’t going to mention her but today she apparently decided to use Jared’s breakdown as proof that cockles is real. It’s the grossest thing I’ve ever seen and once again a total lie. Jensen didn’t do all those panels with Misha and he was clearly worried and upset about Jared. 

After dragging Jared’s mental health into this, she decided to prove again that she’s a shitty human being by showing that Jared is only important when he’s helping her with her ship: 

She loves Jared as long as he’s just a tool to help her prove total bullshit. She hates him when he’s anywhere near Jensen, hates them doing panels together, hates it when he stands up for what he believes in by calling out a company like United. He’s nothing to them but an inconvenience most of the time and the fact that they would try to capitalize on his mental health? So fucking low.

And don’t get confused: she doesn’t represent most destiel shippers. A LOT of them hate her as much as we do. My friend who ships destiel and tin hats cockles loathes her more than me- in fact, she sent me most of these screen shots. My friend just had a conversation with a bunch of her destiel friends and they all said that skywackles is the exact reason the rest of the fandom hates destiel shippers and they’re sick of her making them look bad. 

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Spreading the disease of Christianity makes you a monster. This garbage needs to be stamped out from existence.

In two thousand years, many, MANY have tried; from the reign of Nero to present day. People are killed daily for simply believing in Jesus, and yet, it lives on. In fact, numbers of solid Christians rise in persecuted areas. Why? Because God’s love is greater than the suffering, His hope is assured, and His grace knows no bounds. So by all means, threaten Christians, try to destroy every trace of the Bible. God is far mightier than you or any force of man. If all of Rome, the rise and fall of the mightiest empires known to man, and the weathering of two thousand years could not obliterate the words of Jesus Christ, what makes you think you can?