spreading rumours

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Drunk Eli?

D a d d y 

  • Eli’s a lightweight, pass it on
  • Give him the fancy shit, he wants an olive with that
  • Admits personal details too easily 
  • “What did you do on the weekend Eli?”
  • “Thought a lot about Emma. Damn those curves like all I could think about was how much–”
  • ^^Said Noah who quickly regrets trying to befriend this kid out of the kindness of his heart
  • Really caring though? Wraps blankets around people (but gives the softest to Emma)
  • Spreads random ass rumours around about Kieran
  • “One time he peed in the neighbours garden when he was 15 and totally sold the neighbourhood kids melatonin after telling them it was actual drugs”
  • “Did he tell you about his dream to own an ice-cream truck?”

[Abigail-Eileen and Karsyn are throwing things at each other and don’t deserve to answer this]

Sleepover Saturday with Sam, Abigail Eileen and Karsyn

Unpopular opinion in this tag I’m sure but if DaVonne gets evicted, she earned it. Everyone loves her spilling tea and dragging people but her gameplay is sloppy. There is no question that this is a game and backstabbing, lying and spreading rumours and mistrust are fair game, but you have to be good at it. DaVonne did this to herself. I used to be a Da’ supporter and I still think she’s hilarious and really brings the entertainment value to this show. I would actually be happy to see her go far but she just doesn’t play well, she’s not subtle enough (read: at all). 

Before you talk shit about another person, ask yourself these three things:

1) Is it true?
2) Is it positive?
3) Is it in anyway useful to the other person?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then shut the fuck up.

—  Girls, lets have each others backs.