spreading rumours

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hope you can sleep well after you photoshopped those "tweets" he deleted and let the fandom loose to send him hate...

wtf?! Did you tweet this too:

Anonymous said:he didn’t tweet those things… please stop spreading rumours and hate. this is getting out of hand. we can’t change who he is.

SEVERAL people saw that he tweeted that, not just me. You think I photoshopped that? WHY Would I? I don’t /want/ to put him in a bad light. He does that all fine by himself. 

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Daz, omfg, so this guy who I'm friends with but like we don't talk that much anymore came up to me today and he was like "Someone in the _ classroom is telling people you're a lesbian and you're gonna ask out _. is it true?" And like, I am so fucking done with people spreading rumors and shit like this, like I'm not gay but I'm not straight and I do like that girl and if she hears this I'm gonna be so upset Jesus Christ this is the second time in 3 months someone has spread a rumor about me ugh

people who spread rumours honestly have nothing better to do. this may sound really sappy, but there’s this quote from lord that says ‘if you know yourself, you’ll not be harmed by what is said about you’ and i honestly love it. the point is, if you know what people are saying isn’t true, don’t let it phase you x

sleepover friday

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