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Energy Cleansing!

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Energy Cleansing Through Cleaning!

Have you been feeling down? Too tired to get up and do things. Or that no matter how much normal witch-y cleansing you do, there is always something going on? Well, from my experiences, running around with a broom or vacuum smacking those dirt away really helps!

Here are some ways I clean up the energies in my house. If you have any additions add them on! I’d love to hear them and I’m sure others would love it too!

Vacuuming - Oh the smell of a room after it’s been vacuumed. Cleaner but also a little empty. Vacuuming is a good “lets whip the slate clean of everything”. It sucks up the energies in your home leaving it clean and blank.  After a good vacuuming is a perfect time to do some home blessings and protections!

Sweeping - Banishing! Now go go go, the broom shrieks as you brush away dirt and old leaves. Sweeping is a perfect way to banish energies. Not suck them up and get ride of them. Oh no, banish them. Forcibly remove them from your place cuz those nastiest aren’t allowed to stay around. You can also put charms on the broom so it lays down goodness as it banishes the not so good stuff.

Window Cleaning - Opening the mind to inspiration and clear thinking. Whipping away the muck from the windows allows the home to be charged and energy flow in smoothly. It also can bring in more inspiration and clearer intuition. 

Cleaning The dishes - Time to help harmony move around. Spreading love and charm with eat spoon, plate, and bowls. Allowing fulfillment of the stomach and the soul! Wipe away the muck of the day, and bring in time to for better days!

That’s all I can think of right now. But all of these simple things are great ways to move away from the past and start a fresh slate. After or while you clean is a perfect time to light some warm comfy smells. Good luck with you happy cleansing!

gaming antics [m]

summary: taeyong has been too distracted by his games lately so you decide to snap him out of it.

pairing: gamer!taeyong & reader insert

includes: smut (fingering, penetration, facial, oral)

wc: 6k

note: Im back! :’) With a new fic about my babe, Taeyong. Haha. I hope you guys like it!

Taeyong had always been an avid gamer.

He would spend hours on end smashing his thumbs all over the game controller while spitting curses to his frustrated friends through a small headset. Those hours sometimes ran into an entire day, and maybe he skipped out on catching a few winks of sleep—to put it short, he was in love with gaming. Since your friendship began with Taeyong you had known how much of a hardcore gamer he was—gaming was how the two of you bonded, so his love for the hobby never really bothered you to begin with.

Not until you started to date him a couple of months ago. He attempted to change his habits and shape himself into a decent boyfriend who could go on multiple dates with you whether they are small breakfast meetups or quick coffee runs. Those lasted for a good while, but he reverted to his original self soon afterwards, almost like the lively dates with you are not as fun as the silly shooter games he spends his life on. He reverted back to the game invested Taeyong—the one that spends more time staring at a flashing screen, furiously pressing on the loose buttons of his controler, than looking at his girlfriend.

You always attempted to talk to him while he took those short breaks. Usually he spent a good five to ten minutes getting water or catching a breath of fresh air outside, but he typically shrugged you off. This time you were going to take a different approach—a very distracting approach.

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I am LIVING for Caitriona Balfe being everywhere this week. Let’s see, on Thursday alone:

  • Three talk shows? NAILED IT. 
  • Four wardrobe and hair and make-up changes? FUCKING SLAYED THAT SHIT.
  • Two New York Fashion Week appearances, including the star-studded Calvin Klein show? YA BETCHA FUCKING ASS.
  • All of this while being authentically enthusiastic, classy, charming, and spreading the message of the importance of strong female characters on TV and for women to empower themselves? HELL YES.

And no, I don’t think she’s some god, which is why this is all even that more remarkable.

All hail Caitriona, who has KILLED IT this week, all while filling me (and lots of other fans I’m sure) with such legit renewed excitement for Season 3. Bless her. We’re lucky to have her. I think we should send her bottles of water from Blackpool because she’s been on-point ever since.

I’m on a bit of a Batdad kick and I’m trying to write stories that focus on Bruce bonding with his kids. This one is Bruce and Cass bonding. I hope you guys enjoy.

Summary: Bruce takes Cass to a ballet 

Rating: G

Words: 3k (ish)

AO3 Link

Bruce adjusted his tie, straightening it in his mirrored image before he reached into his jacket pocket to make sure the ballet tickets were still in his pocket. With how much funding he gave the theater they were more for appearance than an actual requirement, but they felt important all the same. He pulled his coat back into place and checked the tie one more time before a voice called his attention to the door.

Cass stood frowning at him. “We will be late.”

Bruce turned to smile at her, undaunted by his daughter’s apparent impatience. “Alfred is a fast driver; I think we can spare another minute or two. What do you think about this tie?” he asked his tone teasing.

Cass ignored his jab and stalked forward, “No messing around, not tonight.” she was stern as she pushed him from behind, out the door and down the hall.

When she reached the stairs she paused to move next to Bruce and hooked her arm through his own and continued to pull him down. Bruce let her drag him the whole way, an amused smile tugging at his lips. He loved the bright eager impatience pushing her feet to make sure they made it on time.

They were just passing the living room and Dick, when he leapt to his feet and darted in front of them both, camera in hand.

“Move.” Cass told him.

Her hands went to her hips, dragging Bruce closer in the process, since their arms were still locked. Cass didn’t seem like she was going to change poses soon so he stepped over to relieve the pressure, and looked to Dick. His oldest was shaking his head.

“I want at least one picture. Alfie’s not here to take it, so you’re stuck with me.”

Cass crossed her arms and frowned at him for a moment. Then she went to push past him, and drag Bruce with her, but Dick scuttled in front again.

“Dick, you know the paparazzi will take plenty of pictures, pay one of them for some.” Bruce said as he was jerked to another stop by his children’s bickering.

“Just one, Cass. Please?” Dick asked, all his attention on her. “The reporters will photoshop all the pictures and none of them will be natural.”

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Requested by anonymous

“Neal Caffrey,” the handsome stranger introduced himself. He had caught a thief trying to lift your purse before you noticed, and returned it to you with everything accounted for.

Neal. You knew that name. It was the name that appeared on your wrist when you turned twelve, indicating your soulmate. It wasn’t a super rare name, but it wasn’t all that common either. You instinctively brought your arms together in front of you, covering the name tattoo.

As you told Neal your name, you watched his face carefully. There was a brief moment of recognition.

“You mean like this?” he asked, showing you his wrist. You saw your name printed clear as day.

“Well, Neal Caffrey, looks like we were fated to meet,” you told him, showing him your own wrist in reply.

Neal’s charming smirk spread into a grin. He took your hand and kissed the back of it.

“Fate has a funny way of doing things it seems,” he said. “If you have nowhere to be, let me take you out for some coffee. I’ve tried every place in a two-mile radius, and I know who has the best. I can only imagine it’ll be better with you.”

You smiled, unable to help the blush spreading on your cheeks. “You are quite the charmer. Sure, I’d love to,” you said. Though, something that he said caught your attention. “Two miles is awfully specific.”

Neal looked a little sheepish about your comment. “How do you feel about ex-cons?” he asked, sounding a little nervous. He rolled up his pant leg, showing you a black anklet. “I help the FBI catch thieves now, but of course they don’t exactly trust me.”

It was your turn to kiss the back of Neal’s hand. “Doesn’t bother me. You’ll have to tell me some of your stories,” you told him.

Neal grinned, before putting his arm around your shoulder. “Beautiful, and you don’t mind my troubled past? You’re already better than I imagined.”

Making amends

Asked by Anonymous

Hi!!Could you do an imagine where Minho and the reader hate each other and always get into argument but one argument gets very heated and they end up making out? Thanks!

Fandom: The maze runner
Pairing: Reader x Minho
Words: 1007
Rating: T
Requests: Open

A/N: I hope you like it!

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“Keith resisted at first, but he was weak, weak for Allura and her love for SparklyThingsTM. Allura asked (forcibly dragged) Keith to take her to the Space Mall. Keith’s decidedly okay with that. ”

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anonymous asked:

what makes american witchcraft different than european witchcraft? is it just that your american?

This is another really good question, and one that deserves more than a five minute answer! 

The short answer is yes, American folk craft is very different than European folk craft. High/ceremonial magic is more similar between the two; there are still differences there, but they’re less pronounced. For the sake of speaking to what I know, I’ll just be talking about folk craft/”traditional” craft here. Read more after the cut:

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My One and Only Love
John Coltrane / Johnny Hartman
My One and Only Love

My One and Only Love

The very thought of you makes my heart sing
Like an April breeze on the wings of spring
And you appear in all your splendor
My one and only love

The shadows fall and spread their mystic charms
In the hush of night while you’re in my arms
I feel your lips, so warm and tender
My one and only love

The touch of your hand is like heaven

A heaven that I’ve never known

The blush on your cheek whenever I speak



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Imagine…Steve picking you up for your first date and meeting your father, Logan.

Gif Credit: I found these on google image search because I’m old school, and I have no idea who owns these. I only know that they’re not mine.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2,658

Warnings: Language, Minor talk of sex, Logan doesn’t get boundaries, Logan is the super dad

A/N: I have always wanted an onscreen Avengers/X-Men crossover. If I can’t have that, I’ll just write one. I don’t care.

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