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modern witch aesthetics

Sorority Witch: Secretly adding intent to traditional chants and songs, and making enchanted crafts. Always suggesting that this year’s hall theme should be the zodiac. Glamours meticulously applied during rush week- in beckoning red lipstick and hypnotic curls. Charging pearl earrings before an altar of sweet rose quartz, luminous hopeful selenite, and polaroid photos of long-time friends.

Punk Witch: Spell jars in old whiskey bottles. Sigil buttons pinned to a leather jacket. Cursing in a messy apartment with a black jet wand. Reading tarot on carpet strewn with cigarette ash. Skulls- skulls everywhere, man. Using clairvoyance to see through the posers. A walking embodiment of chaos magick with a crooked smile.

Study Witch: Precise sharpie sigils in notebook margins. Amethyst paperweights and bullet-journal spreads written in charmed ink. Cheerful plants on a windowsill with charging agate and citrine. Ponytails pulled tight with strong knot magic and a purse full of lucky spell jars. Fingers always crossed that big exams will fall on the full moon.


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Creator: herosterek
Type of Work: Graphic
Summary: Recently hired as a model for Alpha magazine just in time for the Christmas spread, Stiles has charmed his way to the front cover of the world distributed publisher. Except there’s a problem. Derek Hale. Leather jacket wearing, broody, hot as fuck Alpha, Derek Hale, who doesn’t seem very happy that Stiles has just knocked him off of his fifth consecutive Christmas cover. 

Stiles doubts that flirting with his competition will tide this over. Although, he did hear photographer, Vernon Boyd, and make-up artist, Erica Reyes, recounting their conversation with Derek about a “stupid Omega would look so much better if he wasn’t wearing that ridiculous outfit.” So who knows? Especially if there’s a chance to find out if Derek does enjoy a little biting.

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Zodiac Flower Signs

Each of our birth dates are associated with a type of flower.



An invasive flower that overcomes any obstacles for its growth. It is bold and audacious amongst the rest of the flowers, with an abundance of energy that is hard to ignore. 



A refined and classy flower that allures its admirers into poetry and metaphors. Its daring flare of a design is worn by everyone for what it stands for. A flower that is rooted in history due to its endurability and resilience.



Popping up here and there amongst other flowers teasingly with undeniable charm. It spreads far and wide for all to enjoy. An elegant beauty that is hard to fathom.



An intuitive and perceptive flower to its surroundings. A sensitive flower that heals and nurtures. Meant to be grown in a warm and sympathetic environment for it to flourish. 



A highly confident flower that stands strong in the face of adversity. Full of warmth and heart that feelings of joy are inspired around them. A flower that demands your undivided attention. 


Morning Glory

Pristine, clear and filled with purity of spirit these flowers grow where they are planted. They can be very organized in their growth and provide many medicinal benefits to the weak. 



The ultimate classic flower representative of love. It represents equality and balance of emotions with its hidden depths. The flower is an ode to beauty itself.



A flower of depth and many layers. It never ceases to surprise with each blossom. A flower despite its amorous nature, is clear and honest in its growth and is never blatantly ostentatious. 



A dreamy, bold and sensitive flower that symbolizes success, sweetness and good wishes. It is celebratory of esteem and self and the liberation to be oneself without apology.



Simplistic and a thoughtful flower that are actually strong-willed in their nature. Flowers that are given to cherish families and friends and are great at bringing people together. A dependable flower.



A curiously unique flower that is a rarity in its form and beauty. It both appeals and confuses with its eccentric nature. An almost inventive creation of a flower that never ceases to be a mystery. 


Water Lily 

A reflective and transcendental flower with beauty seeming to sprout from the unknown. They are deeply perceptive and psychic and seem to absorb the energy around them. It is easily swayed with atmosphere around it. 

“Not Your Typical Fairytale (Not a Once Upon a Time)”

@cutieodonoghue, i did the thing

a companion piece to Ready? (to Fly My Darling), Running Late, No Turning Back,  A Little Pirate On a Pirate Ship and Father, Hold Me Close (Hold Me in Your Heart)   

Him and the lads had just entered the establishment, a little tavern full of enough rum and pretty women to sate a crew of thirsty pirates.  

(Good thing too, since those were the usual sort he hung around).

Pirate captain and all that.

He plays with his hook, elbows resting on the counter while the brunette — Ruby, he thinks — fills his tankard.  

“Now that’s an interesting pastime.  I’d say you’re bound to hurt yourself, playing with sharp objects.  If I’m to go by your appearance, though, you know all about that.  Don’t you?”

His lips spread in a grin, charm on at the first sound of the sweet feminine tone.  “Now, love, didn’t your mother teach you not to judge a book by its—“

That’s when he lifts his head.


That’s when he sees her.  

Blonde curls, red mouth, and the most beautiful green eyes he’s ever seen.  His mouth hanging open and sputtering — much in a way embarrassing to the reputation of the pirate captain — and eyes wide in the most humble and absolute wonder, all he can think is that he’s seen hundreds of women the world would deem without flaw but this is the first time

(the very first time)

that he’s ever found one worthy of the notion.

In the corner of his vision he thinks he catches a glimpse of a flash of two very, very sharp teeth and a subtle glare made by the barmaid, Ruby.

A warning is what it is, a warning he tries — throughout the night — to heed.

No, that would be a lie.  And he likes to think he’s not of the lying sort.  

He doesn’t heed a wit.

She’s fierce as fire with a clever, mischievous streak in her that must drive whatever loved ones she has out of their minds.

Despite her bold nature, she’s not one of the girls, doesn’t belong here.  He can tell that from his first few minutes conversing with her.  She smiles at him, flirts even, but there’s a guardedness there, a twitch in her fingers and he knows if a crew member of his were to even touch her, well…

He’s fairly certain that would be a sight to behold.

(He wonders what she’d do if he were to touch her).


As it turns out, she’s the one to touch him.

It’s halfway through the night.  They’d separated, her to the next customer and him to the card table.  He’s just been staring at his poor hand when a lass plops down into his lap.  He’s about to nudge her off when a stray curl brushes his face, her red lips grazing his ear as she whispers in his ear.

“Thought you could use some help.  I’ve got a knack for this sort of thing,” she smiles and he can feel it (bloody hell, he can feel it), “Fishing out bluffs, I mean.”

“If you feel inclined,” he huffs (partly out of offense and partly in order to suppress the sudden and overwhelming urge to set her atop the table and kiss her right on her pretty red mouth), “Though as you can see I’m doing plenty fine myself.”

Glancing at his meager pile of spoils, she scoffs, “Indeed.”

He huffs again.

She squirms in his lap, trying to find a comfortable position and setting uncomfortably on a sensitive area more than once.  

He grunts painfully, “Mind the intimates, love.”

She grins impishly and winks at him not so subtly before turning back to the game.

(Damn him, he was in for a long night).


They stay like that for a while.  A good long while.  His chin on her shoulder and his arm wrapped around her waist.  Together they win a tidy profit and he’d like to say he was in it for the coin, but as he breaths in the scent of her hair he can’t bring himself to do that.  

Anything, but try to deny the affect she has on him.  

Not that.



She’s a princess.  

She’d told him that first night, when he’d begged her to let him walk her home.  Her home was a castle.  Well.

She’d expected him to leave her then, he knows.  Not just that night, but the next and the next and the next.  

They’d sparked a connection, shared a kiss.  But what was that compared to a high wall and palace guards and endless expectations?  

What was that compared to bedtime stories?  Bedtime stories about a beautiful princess and a handsome prince.  Not that she wasn’t beautiful, no.  Just,

he wasn’t a prince.  

Damn him, he wasn’t quilted vests and fancy wine and magnificent steeds.  No, contrariwise he was all leather and rum and a pirate ship full of no-good bilge rats out sailing the high seas doing no-good things.

Gods, he didn’t deserve her, but bloody if he cared.

And now, as he scales the wall for what could be the last time, the sentiment is the same.  

He loves her.  Gods, he loves her and he knows — as he knows the name of every constellation in the night sky — that she loves him.  

He’s going to ask her to come away with him.  It’s simple really, he needs her.  He needs her as he needs the sea, needs the salty tang of the ocean breeze in his lungs, the invisible arms of his brother around him as he falls asleep to the old captain’s logs.  

He’s selfish and he knows it, but if he could have it all he’d be the happiest pirate captain alive and he’s convinced his princess wouldn’t be far behind.  

He hopes.  

He longs.

Once upon a time’s never begin with a pirate and a princess falling in love.  That love never lasts, no matter what the story.  But their love, it will.  Simply because of the fact that should — by all reason — kill it stone dead.      

It isn’t ordinary.  

No, their love.  Their love is something more.  It’s not something tangible, not something you can touch so that it’ll just align itself and make sense again.  

No, it was much more than that.  And much less.  All at the same time.

To put it as simply as he can,

*they loved with a love that was more than love

And that, that was enough.  

Not for a once upon a time, but a happily ever after.  If he’s to believe in such things.

If she agrees to go with him, he doesn’t suppose he couldn’t.

(She does).

*reference to Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe

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