spread: time out new york

Pittsburgh sounds fun!

GUEST: Any events going on tonight?
CONCIERGE: Well, hundreds. Live music, comedy, theater…
GUEST: No, no, no. In Pittsburgh we have events like “The Taste of Pittsburgh” or “The Fourth of July Parade.”
CONCIERGE: Right. No special city-wide events necessarily, but let me give you this copy of Time Out New York so you can…
GUEST: No. Like, do you have any fun events or musicians?
CONCIERGE: Right. Well, I know Katy Perry is at MSG tomorrow, but besides that there are quite a few and it’s hard to keep track of everything going on in a given night, so I use Time Out New York to help pinpoint it based on what you’re looking for. Festivals, tastings…
GUEST: No. I’m from Pittsburgh so I’m not looking for something like that. We have events in Pittsburgh. I’m looking for events.
CONCIERGE: I’m familiar with the concept of events. I’m afraid there are no more events in New York City for the week.
GUEST: Well, I’m going to that restaurant you recommended earlier. If it’s bad, I’m going to come back and tell you so.
CONCIERGE: Please do, but I may not be here. I may be out at an event.


So apparently, one can discover amazing things while googling themselves in a slight state of inebriation at 2 in the morning. Time Out New York had a contest to find fantastic photos of NYC, and though I didn’t win (a most tragic turn of events), they featured the top 101 photos. And I’m on it. Three times. And although I found it nearly a year late, this makes me happy. Very happy. Let this be a lesson to you all: Google yourself regularly.