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~ How to Cleanse Your Tools ~

There are so many ways you can cleanse your tools, and of course, so many preferences. Here are some ways you can do it if you so choose :)

Method One: Moonlight

You can leave out your tools in your window, or tied down somewhere outside to be cleansed in the moonlight.

If you want to put them outside, I suggest grabbing a transparent Tupperware container or something similar, since you want to keep your cards/etc. safe from the elements.

For indoor cleansing, I’ve heard of people placing mirrors under/around their tools to give them the best possible results.

Method Two: Salt

Grab some salt, check to make sure your tools won’t be damaged by it, and spread it around. If you have a scrying mirror/something that scratches easily, I suggest leaving it face up on top of a bowl of salt. It will still be cleansed, and there shouldn’t be any problems when you want to use it again.

For cards, or things that can be laid out on a flat surface, you can sprinkle a bit of salt on each card, or leave your deck in a bowl of salt. Just be careful, because the grains can dig into the cards if you aren’t gentle when removing them/putting them in.

Method Three: Smoke

You can use sage smoke, sandalwood, or any other burnt herb/incense with cleansing properties. Take your tool, hold it above the smoke, and cleanse it :)

If you’re cleansing cards, you can either hold your entire deck above the smoke at once to give it a quick cleansing, or do each individual card, one at a time. The latter is more thorough.

Method Four: Arranging (Only Cards)

Go through your deck and turn every card so that it is forward facing and right side up. Let them sit like that for at least a few hours, and then check to see if they feel oriented.

It’s one of those quick fixes that balances the energy out, and can be done on days when your reading feels kind of bleh.

Method Five: Crystal

Place a cleansing crystal, like a clear quartz, on top of or near your tools. Leave it on for a night/day, or until you think it’s thoroughly cleansed.

For cards, dense objects, or things I feel need a lot of cleansing, I like to flip them over, and repeat the process from a different side :)

I hope this post gives you some helpful ideas to get your tools cleansed! :D Feel free to add on with other methods, tricks, and tips ^_^


“I mean, I just don’t get it. What the hell could cause bites like that? It’s obviously not a werewolf. Wrong moon cycle and not to mention that these bites are bigger in diameter than a werewolf,” Dean groaned as he leaned back in his chair. He ran a tired hand through his hair.

Sam leaned back also and shut his laptop.

“I don’t know, Dean. I’ll start making some calls to see if anyone else has seen or heard of something like this,” he replied.

You looked up from the research that was spread out around you. You were just as stumped as they were about what this monster could be. And you hated the fact that they looked so defeated. They were the freaking Winchesters. They always came out on top. They always won.

“Don’t worry about it guys. You’ll figure it out because you’re not the Losechesters,” you said with a smile.

Both of the brothers froze and stared at you.

Your smile started to fall from your face and you thought that they didn’t get your joke.

“You get it? You’re the Win-chesters,” You put emphasis on ‘win’. “You guys always…win.”

You saw that Sam started to smirk while Dean scoffed.

“Wow,” he said. “You keep saying things like that and we’ll become the Losechesters.”

Based off of what Jared said during Comic Con just incase you didn’t figure that out.

Random Acts is thrilled to participate in an online competition from Microsoft for a chance to become one of their ten global nonprofit partners for the incredible #UpgradeYourWorld initiative!

Through this program, Microsoft is investing $10 million to support nonprofits who are upgrading our world. Microsoft has already selected their first nine nonprofits, and now the public will choose the tenth!

To nominate Random Acts as your favorite worldwide nonprofit, share your vote directly on Twitter or Instagram, leave a comment on their Facebook page, or add our Twitter handle (@randomactsorg) on the official #UpgradeYourWorld page. Head over to our official blog to find out how you can help! 

The organization that receives the most votes will win $500,000 cash as well as Microsoft technology and services. Just imagine how this will help support our mission to spread kindness around the world!

From new computers for our budding free high school campus in Nicaragua to additional supplies for the children of the Random Acts-sponsored Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti, to additional available resources for your phenomenal acts of kindness — we’re hoping you’ll cast a vote for us each day and help us increase our capabilities for the future!



A while back I took the time to make Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Jackets that reflected actual swim gear, because I was a competitive swimmer for many years. This jacket is made to be as accurate as possible.

Up for sale with more info at my storenvy for $65.

A bit pricey, but reflects the quality. I have a large number of these on hand, so I would appreciate it if you guys could help spread this around.


A bit ago I made a… Sorta campaign that didn’t turn out well so I’m bringing this back.

I gave this a hashtag so it’s easier to track.

I want each and everyone of you, my followers or whoever is reading this right now, to go into the search section and type in a hashtag either “negative” or “reachforhelp”.

The reachforhelp tag isn’t used yet so it will take a while until it’s working.

Now take a random person. Anyone. Best if the post doesn’t have many notes. The worse you see the person is the more they need help, but let’s not forget that there are smaller problems too.

Now go into that person’s askbox and anonymously or not send them a nice message. For example ask them what’s wrong and explain that you’re a vey recent follower or not a follower at all but you noticed that this person is not feeling well so you want to help. Tell them they can make it. Figure out some ways to help. I don’t know, draw them something, write them a poem,

do a nice thing for them.

It can save a life. Please. Don’t turn your back on someone just because you don’t know them.

The better thing is when famous people do this. Like tumblr famous. Or just close friends.
You can also check if the person is following you and if you have a lot of followers it will make them feel shock, which might be a positive thing. I’m honestly just doing whatever to convince you to do such things.

Cause I must say, random people I don’t know have helped me no once. And people that I know but they do not know me (for example therealjacksepticeye and markiplier have literally saved my life and got me out of depression)

And please reblog this post. The more of us see this, the more we can help. We may not be there to comfort that person but I’m sure that a nice reminder that someone cares can do something.

Please reblog. Last time nobody joined in.
I was the only one who took care of somebody and I must say they told me that they were thankful I asked them almost everyday if they have slept well, eaten well or had a good day.

So please spread this around so not only I will say

Thank you.


Hello! My name is Jamie, and I’m an aspiring artist from Las Vegas. 16 and in high school, theres not a lot of things I enjoy more than drawing, and I especially love drawing other characters.

I’ve come into a need for money, so I’ve decided to start up commissions!! I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but I just never had a chance, aha.

My art is shown in the pictures above, but you can also see more of my work on my art blog, telepathness!

I don’t do furries, I’m sorry. I do, however, do mecha, NSFW, gore, and most other things! I also LOVE doing original characters, I’d probably ask you to tell me about them while I’m at it!

Prices can vary depending on what exactly it is you want me to do, but for the most part they remain flat, as shown in this post!

If you send a message to my askbox, we can talk things over, or you could ask for my skype if thats easier! another option is my email, azioakida@gmail.com.

I operate primarily through Paypal, but if that doesnt work for you, we can work something out! c:

I’d really appreciate anybody who decides to commission me, i’m looking forward to drawing stuff for you guys!


After 4 months and 407 responses, the Diversity in the In the Flesh Fandom survey results have been gathered and posted!

First off, I want to thank everyone that participated in this and/or helped spread it around. I’m not particularly sure what to do with the information that’s been given to me, but I know that others will at the very least find it interesting, and it can be fun to know about the experiences of those who share a fandom with you!

Some more commentary beneath the cut!

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Attention @ all my makeup enthusiasts!!!!

For those of you who are interesting in having some beautiful looks on your feed, go ahead and hit my cousin up with a follow.

If you are located in the New Jersey area and need your makeup done, contact her if you would like. Her prices are affordable and she’s quite handy with her makeup.

Lana Kane NOOOPE Spread

I am a BIG fan of the Archer series (#PamPoovey5Lyfe) and am currently all wrapped up in season 6 (only 3 more episodes OH NO!) While enduring yet another sleepless night, I started playing with the idea of designing tarot spreads around each of the characters’ catchphrases. Total BAMF Lana Kane‘s most recognizable one is a drawn out “nope” with an accented “p”, that I use all. the. time. #yesiamthatperson, making it the perfect start to this series (I hope?) of spreads.


N : the thing that’s not gunna happen, no matter how much you want it to

O : the reasons WHYYY

O : it’s NOT.

O : going to HAPPEN

P : the consequences if you decide to pursue this thing, regardless (ie. if your name is Sterling Mallory Archer)

E : an alternative thing to consider, before you get yourself in any deeper trouble than you already are

(If tumblr’s being a bitch about displaying full size image, it’s also available on my WP: la Reine de l’air)


HELLO FRIENDS i’m about to be heading off to college very soon and i’d be SUPER appreciative if anybody would like to commission me!!

i’m willing to draw any characters as long as i’m provided references or can find references online!
i don’t draw porn, but i’m willing to do partial nudity!

i take payment in advance via PayPal! and it will take a few days to get the pieces done

the rates are as shown above:

  • full body sketches, with basic colors: $8
    • +1 character: $3
  • lined and colored busts: $10
    • +1 character: $3
  • lined and colored full body drawings: $15
    • +1 character: $5

more examples of my drawings can be found HERE! (there’s some old stuff there, sorry!)

if anyone is interested please email me at kylen.tran@gmail.com, or send me a message off anon!

i would be really super grateful if you could help spread this around by reblogging!  thank you so much!!


To make a long story short I need money fast. 400+ dollars of money. I got a loan from someone but I need to pay them back and I still have other school expenses and the rest of my tuition to pay. So basically I really, really, need commissions right now.


Sprites come in packs you can upgrade by adding to the base price. Everyone that buys at base price will receive the standard pack. Poses can be arm variations or body movements depending on the sprites complexity.

Standard pack: 1 pose, 10 expressions

Upgraded Pack: $20.00+  2 poses, 12 expressions, 1 extra outfit

Ultimate Sprite Pack: $40.00+ 4 poses, 15 expressions, 2 costumes

Additional Information:

  • Traditional art is also an option. Possible slight variations on pricing.
  • Adding another character to your commission has varying pricing depending on complexity
  • All prices are subject to change depending on the size and complexity of your piece.

  • Talk to me about adding just extra expressions, arm poses, or outfits to sprite packs. Expressions are pretty cheap but outfits and arm poses vary.

  • My paypal is erin.c.s.mitchell@gmail.com

please contact me here regarding any interest or inquiries. 

halnotharold asked:

Why is it called a sammich tho? I've joined the fandom this year and I was not there for the coining of the term.

It is so dumb…

So when I first joined tumblr I was obsessed with john and had been for years. Then I started crushing on Roger. One day, I declared my love on here for both of them saying that “I am the meat in the RoJo sammich of love”. Then I started tagging Roger as sammich boy and shortly after that, all Roger & John posts sammich and then it spread around and stuck.

Btw - I am a complete dork and make zero excuses for my ridiculous behavior.


my soon to be roommate and i both live in missouri currently but we’re hoping to move to michigan (in or near waterford ideally but we can talk, as long as it’s close) by september 5th!! i am 18 and a trans man and they are 19 and genderfluid. if you’re trans or queer or mentally ill and need a new place to stay please message me if you’re interested or have any questions! we really really need a third roommate to help split the rent up more and maybe help us secure a place.

rent would be a lot lower with three people and we could use the help! please reblog this and spread it around so we can help a trans person who needs a place to stay

thehollowpurifierandfriends asked:

(( Ca ssyy i don;t k now if you have a submit but you should clo se it if you do. some eones submitting gore to people. I ju stt got somee and its frea keedd me out really bad im scaered. I j ust tho ught I should warn y ou. P lease s pread this info. ))


It’s ok, don’t worry. I don’t have my submit open thankfully.

If you know the name of the person spread it around so people block them, and thanks for telling me.

Hey guys send this person some love please