Does anyone know/ does commissions of constructing like the one above? I want to commission them to build it! I NEEED it

I’ll pay for the necessary materials as well as the time needed to build it and shipping.

I also have the instructions for it! It can be found here!


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Tweaker tip!! Flavored clouds.
So a friend of mine past her knowledge to me and I want to share this simple trick.
The reason for the picture is that inside the filter of those kind of cigarettes you can find a little essence ball, in my country lucky strike is the brand with the most variety of flavors.
You’ll have cut inside your filter to reach for the ball, take it out and put it inside your pipes stem and press it untill it pops, I recomend this BEFORE your dope’s in the bowl, so spread the liquid around the tube and try to cover like an inch from the tip to the bowl so it doesn’t gets hot. This wont affect your dope and flavors like cherry are worth it. Each ball will last depending on how intense you want to taste it.
Share your thoughts, improves or whatever you want to say fellow tweakers.
(Créditos de la foto a su autor)

So unbelievably ticked off right now

From the day I moved into this apartment, there have been roaches. My roommate and I killed five in three days. So I bought traps, spread them out around the kitchen. For about a week and a half, no activity.

Last Friday I found one in the utensil drawer. Last night I found three in the kitchen. One I trapped in a hole in a cabinet hinge: he’s not getting out unless I let him out. Two were IN OUR DISHWASHER.


Frankly, this is unacceptable and unsanitary. We’ve both emailed management. The idea of going to work with who knows how many bugs loose in my apartment is disgusting. The idea of having to use my kitchen with who knows how many bugs loose in my apartment is worse.


Title: Golden

Pairing: Zack Addy x reader (Angela is present as well as Booth)

Based off of this request:

Could you do a ZackxReader imagine where they’re getting married and the reader is super nervous but Angela reassures them and everything turns out great? (Ily and your writing like I LIVE for notifications from your blog 💖)

A/N: My sweet, sweet Zack. How I wish you could’ve had a real life.

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buckyjaymes answered your ask “Don’t want to sound ignorant, but can you tell more about this…”

This is one of the sweetest stories that I’ve heard about him. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Sebastian is a literal angel. I swear you do something with a pure heart and a lot of sincerity, he will feel it and return the appreciation with so much gratitude that you will feel overwhelmed. 

I am so happy for all of you who have gotten the chance to meet him. If possible, everyone should get the opportunity to see him at least once. Love should be spread around everywhere.

anonymous asked:

Wow, you literally reposted a cute Komahine edit, added hate and now we have disgusting people reposting it with 'These people are insane' 'they are pathetic'. How does that even concern you ? Are you that happy to spread hate around you that you are ready to insult someone who thought they could safely do a cute stuff for their OTP ?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I just thought it was kinda crazy by itself if someone is making really mean comments I can’t stop them this is tumblr my anon pal

quick proportion tips

- eyeballs are an eyeball width apart
- ears align with the top of your brows to the bottom of your nose, and are the center-point of a profile view
- lip corners line up to the center of each eye
- hands are roughly the size of your face
- feet are the same size as your forearm
- elbows are aligned with your belly-button
- your hands reach down mid-length of your thighs
- both upper and lower legs (individually) are roughly the same size as your torso 
(this is all rough estimates for proportion! feel free to add more to help others)

Attention People with OCs

Interested in developing your characters, or just want to talk about them? I’ve created an online questionnaire that will help people flesh out their characters. The best part is, it also doubles as a survey that will let me collect data on what sort of traits people tend to give their OCs. Once I get enough responses I’ll be publishing the results for all of you to see. It’s not academic or for a project, but I think it will be fun.

The survey is fairly long, over 100 questions total, but almost all of them are optional so you can skip over however much you want. You can take the survey for as many characters as you want to. I’ve tried my hardest to make it gender neutral and compatible with various species. Whether your character is a human, a vampire, a cat, or an alien squid, you should be able to answer most of the questions.

Even if you don’t have an OC or don’t want to fill out the survey, please reblog this to spread the word. My goal is to get 500 responses or more. Thank you!


Just a quick summary of what we got today for those who missed it! This is just going to cover the big stuff, feel free to dig up the video if you want all the details, which you can do over here. An abridged version of the highlights can be found here, along with some new info!

 - Firstly, we got a look at 3 new Pokemon!

Yungoos clearly has a new ability called Stakeout, and since it was the 2nd Pokemon found overall (the first was Ledyba), we can assume it to be the Alola Rattata. Stakeout allows Yungoos to do double the damage to any Pokemon that enters the field mid-battle (via switching in and so on). 

Pikipek was teased early on, but finally shown today! It has Skill Link as an ability, so it will make good use of Fury Attack, and most likely another new move (just my guess), since it doesn’t make good use of any of the current useful multi hit moves (Tail Slap, Icicle Spear, etc.). Probably some kind of rapid pecking move. Anyways, via a new mechanic that shows how many evolutionary relatives a Pokemon has upon capture, we know that Pikipek has 3 evolutions, solidifying its place as Alola’s Pidgey!

Grubbin was not shown in the gameplay, but rather in a video afterward, so all we know about it is that it can learn String Shot, and is probably this region’s Caterpie. 

 - Secondly, the first game footage of Magearna was shown, which reveals its signature move and ability in action!

Soul Heart increases the Pokemon’s Special Attack by one stage whenever another Pokemon faints, while Fleur Cannon appears to be a Fairy type move!

 - Thirdly, Solgaleo and Lunala are known to have slightly alternate forms:

However now much is known about what exactly these forms do, other than that they seem to occur when the two use their signature moves. Perhaps change types temporarily to give Solgaleo its Fire typing? Which I guess would make it a triple type… or maybe its Psychic typing is replaced with Fire? Or, they could just be for aesthetic purposes like Xerneas’s “forms”.

- Fourthly, a new multiplayer mode was announced called Battle Royale!

4 players can use up to 3 Pokemon in a Free-For-All battle (yes, anyone can attack anyone!), which continues until one trainer loses all 3 of their Pokemon. KO counts and remaining Pokemon counts are used to tally up the winner of the bout. You can also look at the new interface!

 - And finally, some miscellaneous information gleaned from the gameplay:

Popplio learns Disarming Voice, a unique little Fairy type move from Gen 6, by level up, which suggests its final form could indeed be Water/Fairy as many speculate. Not too many non Fairy types learn this move, and the ones that do are things like Audino and Altaria (who Mega Evolve into Fairy types), Pichu and Skitty (whose Evolutionary lines are in the Fairy Egg Group), and Milotic (who, while not Fairy type, has the kind of appearance that is in line with them). There are ones (specifically Espurr and the Ele-monkeys) that are not related to Fairies, but they are obviously a minority.

The gameplay window lets you check stat changes to a Pokemon, both yours and the opponent’s! Here, for example, Popplio was hit with Growl twice and Tail Whip twice!

You can check a move’s power, description, accuracy, and so on at any time during a battle by pressing L+A!

And last but DEFINITELY not least:

The different trainers are wearing different outfits (which was pointed out), meaning that trainer outfit customization is back, as confirmed by Masuda himself onstage!

That’s all the major stuff for now, feel free to add anything you think I missed! 


NEW VIDEO: “Go Deep Throat a Hog Dog

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I don’t think I’ve ever painted in black and white before! It’s quite fun, but I do miss my colours <3

stop reblogging that post by friendlycloud acting like women being able to vote in saudi is progression for saudi women. it’s literally nothing but propaganda that gives the illusion of improvement for women in saudi and you ignorantly reblogging it and supporting it is harming saudi women further as well as silencing them and belittling their oppression. saudi is an absolute monarchy, the right to vote is basically the most irrelevant and useless “right” anyone in the country could ever have. no one over there have anyone relevant to even vote for, ive never even met a saudi that has ever voted to begin with. stop blindly reblogging and supporting posts without actually knowing the basics because you might be spreading information that harms others.

i feel this needed to be addressed

all too often i see people who are totally cool with trans people, and even have trans headcanons for characters, which is great!

what isnt really great is that although i see lots of love for our beautiful mtf community there is nearly nothing that ive seen for us ftm boys

all of the art i have seen for ftm characters be they headcanon or not have been skinny with flawless skin and masculine features

and as someone who is the opposite of that

it makes me feel ugly
uglier than i already feel in this body that i wasnt meant for

it hurts to see, and i just want to let all of the chubby, husky, hairy, stretch marked ftm boys know that you are great, and handsome, and attractive, even if you dont think so yet

  • Put a character in my inbox and I will answer for you...
  • Finn:What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness?
  • Jake:Who do you usually go to for advice in your life?
  • Princess Bubblegum:What do/did you study in college (or what do you plan on studying)?
  • BMO:What do you usually do to de-stress?
  • Marceline:What kind of music do you like to listen to?
  • Lumpy Space Princess:What do you like most about yourself, physically?
  • Flame Princess:What is your biggest pet peeve?
  • Ice King:What's a memory that you wish you could forget?
  • Lady Rainicorn:What languages do you speak? Would you like to learn more?
  • Peppermint Butler:How does your behavior change around different people?
  • Magic Man:Have you ever played a good prank on someone? What was it?
  • Prismo:If you were given one wish, what would it be? (remember to look out for the monkey's paw!)
  • The Lich:Who or what acts as an antagonist in your life?
  • Susan Strong:Do you have a workout regimen? What is it?
  • Cosmic Owl:What do you see yourself accomplishing in your life?
  • Snail:Who is someone in your life who has always been there for you?
  • (I will send a character to everyone who reblogs this!)