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Celebrate some love today.  Love for another person, love for your cat/dog, love for a friend, love for yourself.  Love comes in many forms, so everyone has something to celebrate today, no matter your relationship status on Facebook. :)

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Love to all our followers!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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A Not so Secret Admirer (Valentine's special❤️💕❤️)

Another year where your single. You leaned against your locker feeling so down in the dumps. It was the day before Valentine’s Day, your eyes saw all the girls and guys plan for the next day. Smiles and kisses spread around you, with you just feeling glum as usual. You’ve never been not single and this just sunk in that last year was just going to be the same. At home, watching rom/com, and eating some pizza by yourself.

You lose your train of thought when you feel fingers press into your sides, tickling you, and on reflex you turn around and back hand that person in the face not realizing it was none other then one of your best friends, y/c.

“What the fuck y/n!” He cups his cheek that turned pink. Grimace displayed his face, but a smile all the same took hold.

“You had that coming.” You tease. You pull his hand away from his face as you gently strokes his cheek.“ You idiot. You know that I have fast reflects when it comes to my weakness.”

“Oh I know. But I’m kind of into that BMS shit.” He clearly jokes back to you.

“I’m way tougher then Christian Grey.”

He places his hand over yours softly like a feather, and you didn’t know how close you were. This was such a weird feeling. He held eye contact with you, seeing your conflict. You moved back while crossing your arms, with you clearing your throat. His other cheek turned just as pink as the one you slapped.

“So, you got a valentine this year.” You ask trying to steer clear of the awkward moment.

“Nope.” He states.“ You?”

You shake your head.

He starts fidgeting with his end of his zipper of jacket, clearly nervous about something. He starts,“Do you want to-”

“Hey! Y/n! Can I see your English notes. I completely forgot about the test.” Y/f runs up to you and interrupts y/c talking.

You shake your head out of concentration. “Yeah, here.” You start digging into your backpack. When you look up, you give your notes to your friend. After, you turn your eyes toward y/c, but he’s no where to be found.

You shrug to yourself, it must of not been important.

There was no denying that you didn’t like y/c, but you knew there was no hope so you gave up long ago, so that’s why you didn’t expect much.


The next day you walk to your locker and you are astonished by the roses that were stuck by your locker with a piece of paper attached to it.

It says:

He loved from afar
And afar he was
So far he couldn’t believe she didn’t see
Didn’t see how beautiful she was to him
And to everyone else

Happy Valentine Day- Your Not So Secret Admirer

Your eyes widen to the fact that someone wrote such beautiful words to you. You thought for a fact that this was a joke. A good joke at that. You smiled to yourself and held onto those roses until lunch.

Everyone around you at your table praised you. ‘Who gave you that?’ who’s flowers are those?’ All the while y/c who sat across from you kept smirking at you. Never asking a question.

You still wandered what y/c was going to say, and you almost thought that he wanted to ask to hangout, but that was off the table when his ex girlfriend pulled away and was talking to him with a big smile.

None the less, you were still happy that someone gave you something. You get smug as you walked home after school.

But the reign of the parade was already over as you soon realized that this Valentine’s Day was just going to be same as it was the year before.

You sat in your bedroom with your sweats on and the movie Valentines Day on.

About 10 minutes in, your door rang. The pizza was fast, you thought. You ran downstairs as you open the door to see none other then y/c.

“What are you doing here?”

“You still never suspected it.” He asks. His eyes rim with determination and somewhat anger.

“Suspected what?”

“ He loved from afar
And afar he went
So far he couldn’t believe she didn’t see
Didn’t see how beautiful she was to him
And to everyone else
And the fact that the boy stood here
She still didn’t have a clue.”

You never told him what the poem said. He added along the words easily as if everything was pieced together. “You did it.”



“Well isn’t it obvious?” You saw that he was tired and very clearly annoyed.

“That you felt sorry that I didn’t have a valentine?” You say.“ Which is really sweet, but you didn’t have to-”

He interrupts you with a kiss that sweeps you off your feet, you don’t respond at first until his pressure of his lips faded. You pushed your lips back as you grasped his hair with pure amazement. He pushed you inside, picking you up by your thighs and lifting you up. Y/c pushes you towards a wall.

After a need for air, he pulls back with heavy breathing.

“It’s obvious because I like you godammit. I know you like me too.”

“And how do you know that.” You breath heavily as you press your forehead to his.

“I see the way you look at me when you think I don’t see you. It’s the way I look at you. I can feel it. And for so long I have been denying my feelings for you. Here I am. I’m yours, if you want me.” He pauses.“ Do you?”

Instead of answering him, you press your lips again to his.“ Isn’t it obvious?” You whisper against his lips.

He smiles. Your eyes follow one another in matching stare. Before kissing again, you hear someone clear there voice.

Both of you snap your head towards the door.

The awkward pizza delivery guy stood there, feeling very uncomfortable. Y/c drops you in a heartbeat as he fixes his hair. Your cheeks matched the pizza guy.“ Sorry.” You say.“ How much is it?”

“16.25, but I’ll give it to you for free.” He shoved the box to you and rushes off.

You chuckle to yourself as you close and lock the door.

“How long do you think he was there?” Y/c asks.

“Far to long.” You say.

There was an awkward silence that passed. You didn’t know how to approach this. In your head, everything was reeling to the fact that y/c actually liked you. You had to break the ice.“ I know why your really here y/c?”

“I already told you-”

“No. It’s because of the pizza isn’t it. You’re here to steal my food.”

“Of course n-” Then he hears the playful tone as your smile grew bigger.“ Of course. And…” He trails as he takes the pizza box for you, and puts the pizza on the table. He closes the distance of the both of you.

“And…” You say trying to make him continue.

He puts his hands to your cheeks as he pulls you closer.“ And to steal every kiss that I can.”

“You can’t steal something that someone freely gives you.”

“Oh we’ll see about that.” He grins at you.

He pulls you to him as you smile into the kiss. You’re back into your own world of y/c.

anonymous asked:

Sex tape anon here. I didn't know about the Eleanor sex tape, no. I've been interested in the relationship between H&L for 3 months so I'm not up to speed on everything thats ever happened in the fandom. And no, I don't claim to be an ' investigating larrie', certainly not to the extent of some. There are clips and instances that just cannot be explained between H&L and that's what sparks my interest. I'm not here for a fantasy, just for the truth, whatever that may be.

Sorry I was a Larrie and I’m very jaded about all of that now.

After seeing the supposed Eleanor tape spread around, what I saw happening with the Briana one was almost identical and this time it was all on the Big Larries. I’m not sure if they’ll even remember the Eleanor thing because that was one time they did actually decide to ignore it as they realized it was Larries on twitter trying to cause trouble and that sharing something like that without consent isn’t a good thing to do. I remember it because I was torn from wanting to say and do something but knowing if I did I would give it more attention on my blog so more people would look it up, so I just said nothing and watched the ones on twitter get bored.

I wasn’t referring you as the #InvestigatorLarrie, it’s something that many of them do proclaim themselves to be though, and yet when something comes along that goes against what they want to believe they will deliberately ignore it. Like this Briana tape very clearly cannot be her, and is very much a real porn tape, and yet none of them have had any interest in actually pointing these things out. They just wanted to include it in their theories because they’re desperate. You’ll learn as a Larrie that anything that inconveniences what they want to believe can very easily be ignored or swept aside and that they will try and come up with “doubts” about everything to the point that the way Briana handled the carrier one time is stronger proof she isn’t a mother than a birth certificate which says that she is.

I’m a former Larrie who does think they had a great chemistry and connection back in the day, but I’ll just say that I haven’t seen anything in the last 2-3 years that indicates there’s really any of that there anymore. All you’ll get are mostly slowed down gifs of them glancing at each other onstage that people use to try and prove it’s still there. That I definitely do not believe management has anything to do with why they stopped interacting. That Louis definitely has a baby, and that I don’t think he and Harry are planning on ever coming out together or any of that. The most Larries can look forwards to is a 1D reunion tour in 10 years or so when maybe things will have finally died down enough for them to joke about it all.

I’ll say you’re doing a good job in actually browsing sites that have differing POVs, I became an “Anti” when I ended up following some of these blogs and started realizing there were a lot of things I had never ever seen or heard about from any of them, and that it felt like they deliberately tried to suppress certain things. It was really sad for me, because I’d trusted and respected many of them, and now I’m at the point in witnessing them all denying a certificate really means a baby exists, so it’s just really sad for me.

it’s clearly all dara’s fault. clearly i’m not into valentines but regardless of whether you acknowledge this day or not, I’ll make it count as an appreciation post to the love I rarely spread around. This is a very ‘short’ but rich and meaningful #remember_forever list of the ones that really influenced, incouraged and had an impact on me in the past 3 years.
I’ve been here since day one of WIN and made tons of remarkable memories. I became satisfied to just be here and share the early stages of WINNER to the most spectacular BIG BANG and 2NE1 stages along the way. some people were there from the start, some came after. we may not talk everyday (or talked decades ago) ((or never spoke a word at all)) but I’m still very thankful to be in this place with the very best people. so here’s it is. the walk of fame:

1. bae she’s even my real life best friend but she’s ungrateful af lol jk 
@king-mino @namdiva@yg-boys @taehyong @jjnwoo 
@wildandyoon @minoism @annaflamel @zhnqs @aygbaby*
@ringalinga @choiseunghyunn​* @nilirian​* @gkachu​* @parkbqm
@seunghyunss @yghigh @stayqolds @s-uhyun​  @ppavlikovsky

 * greatest art minds ever
(+ blogroll for all the great blogs) #showing some love to the right people
bless my dashboard for a few more years, k?

(btw i covered drake’s if you’re reading this it’s too late ‘cause it got released on valentine’s day last year and it’s one of my fave album of all times lol sorry for the nugu trivia)

Happy Valentines Day! Here are some ships that should not be celebrated!
Steven UniverseStevidot
Amy ships involving Garnet
Any diamonds with their pearls
Gravity Falls Billdip
Homestuck Any sort of incest. Including troll incest, ectobiological incest, regular incest, etc.
Stridercest especially
some other ships that I don’t have at the top of my head.
To all antis: please spread this around and add to it! Different fandoms, ships, etc. Lets spread around the things that should not be shipped, and encourage genuinely healthy ships today!

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suburban au: dip is called down to the principal's office bc he's wearing a dress and his dads chew the school a new one bc fuck you he wears what he wants

Oh my god yes and rumors spread around school that his dads are super scary and no one picks on him. It also helps that Bill runs the parent meetings and all the other mothers fall head over heels in pleasing him because he’s pretty. 

Hearts in Your Eyes

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1XrXTS7

by Interruptedfern

Cas finds a way to communicate that doesn’t actually involve speaking, Dean follows suit. A gratuitous amount of sugar is spread around the bunker. Sam observes, armed with confetti.

Words: 2010, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1XrXTS7

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Hi, as an artist could you give me an advice? D: I'm trying and drawing and posting my arts but there is no reply and I'm feeling discouraged and I know that I should draw for myself and blah blah but really? It'd be nice to feel appreciated. I have been drawing for a few years, I'm not that bad if my skills are concerned, more like I can't think of way to spread my arts and idk if I should just wait bc someone will notice finally or it'll be like this forever D: help??? what to do?

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A Chance To Breathe

As I write this, I’m listening to the funkiest house I could find, drinking a soft drink, and enjoying some bread sticks. EmpathP and I announced something pretty cool yesterday evening, and I’m still trying to chill out since I’ve got too much energy. Zalas suggested I write a blog post to talk about it, and I figured that would be a good idea!

Where to begin.

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Valentine's Day Reminder

So as you guys know Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and just a quick reminder that we need to respect Dan and Phil’s privacy. No spreading stuff they don’t want to be spread around, no pressuring them into doing anything, no harassing them, etc.