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New commissions post again! This time with less spelling mistakes.

  • Please PM or email me through ravuette@gmail.com for any inquiries.
  • Please send me your references and any additional information (such as backgrounds, accessories, etc.) when ordering. I will review this and ask for your Paypal email once everything has been settled.
  • I will send you an invoice for your payment after I send a preview of the finished commission.
  • I will draw mostly anything!

So I’m going to be creating a SPNFamily shirt and I want to include YOU! 

What do you need to do to be included?

  • Reblog this post and tell me how you want your name to appear on the shirt (I was going to originally do urls but upon further thought, chances would be someone would have a similar url to the actors names or feel more comfortable with your name on the shirt) 
  • If you go by a certain nickname PLEASE let me know! 
  • Only thing I ask is you send a first and last name, you can use a nickname in place of the first name. 

However, if you all prefer to use your urls for the shirt, you can all let me know and those who do wish to be on the shirt and sent a name in, I will notify them of the change. 

You have until July 8th to tell me how you want your name to appear on the shirt. 

I will stop taking names by midnight on the 9th that way I can catch up and incase someone forgot, giving them one extra day. 

When the design is done and the shirts are ready, I will make a post about it including a link to RedBubble where you can purchase the shirt. 

This being said, each product bought with said design 20% of the proceeds will be donated To Write Love On Her Arms. 

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              hello  hello  hello  !        hobbit  here  with  a  not  so  new   aizawa  shouta   from  my  hero  academia    /     boku  no  hero   academia  !     i’d  be   hella   rad   if   you   could   tell   your  cat  /   dog   /   both  about   me        &      reblog /  like   this   post !   please ,   spread   the  word  !    i’m  under  hella   constructions   rn   but   boi ,    i   missed   emo   dad   and   writing  his  sarcastic   ass  tbh !    warning;   he’s  blunt      &     tired   25 /  8.. !    smooches !  



Member applications are open till 4.3. and on 5.3 new members will be announced! (If you apply after 4.3. you may still be taken into consideration but it depends on how many new members we get)

note: you may be contacted earlier than 5.3. if you are accepted

form of application:

Link to original content:
Any other sideblogs that you run?:
Can you be active in the upcoming months?:
Why do you like the DCEU? (Optional):
Additional Comments:

submit here (also, please read the info above on the page before applying to inform yourself a bit more)

Spread the word & good luck everyone!

Friendly reminder.

That Hina did this to Bon Clay’s ship:

Yes. Those are her iron bars, stabbing through a ship. They’re not frail or small, they’re made of iron and she can likely make them as large as she wants them to be.  In this instance, she used them to sink his ship.

While her Devil Fruit is mostly used to constrain, lock, and cage, she is perfectly capable of impaling and crushing ships, and most certainly capable of impaling and crushing your muse.

She’s not the broad to mess with. She’s pretty, but she’s still a Marine Captain.

This has been a PSA.

Hello all! I reached 1.4K today (holy macaroni) and it’s been a while since I’ve done blogrates, so here we go! I’d love to meet some new people :)


- follow the #1 Scorpius stan (it’s me)

- reblob this post (spread the word, yo!)

- send me an ask including a song rec (or more than one song!! It doesn’t matter) so that we can Bond over artists together… also send me your original creations tag if applicable!

Blograte format:

url /10

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original posts /10

following yes/no/+f/forever


Okay so I know everyone makes these posts and some people get annoyed with seeing them but please reblog if you post any of the following and ill check out your blog! I recently unfollowed a good amount of people so now I need more. Please let me know what it is that you post in the tags!

  • Attack on Titan (esp art and graphics/edits)
  • Ereri
  • Eruri
  • Jeanmarco
  • Erejean
  • Yumikuri
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Black Butler
  • Free! 
  • MakoHaru
  • RinHaru
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Kagehina
  • Kuroken
  • Cute things

Thank you!


I have a prOPOSAL!!1`!

Okay, so, hear me out

Anyone who speaks, is learning or practicing German at any level, from any background, should you like to participate in a weekly Skype call to practice speaking, and a group chat to text message each other in German (and our native tongues to help each other with concepts we don’t fully grasp yet) please message me via dm or some form of communication (like reblogging with your opinion on this maybe?) (spread that word yo) 

I’m totally up for suggestions and any friends who would like to help organize this with me, or if you’re aware of something like this already in existence, let me know!!

Below is a clip from a video I made a few months ago 

Hey yo guys! We’re curently doing our 2nd round of recruiting for @the-holt-cult members! We have lots of spots for members still open, so if you guys already sent in an application or are following the blog, please reblog this and @the-official-matt-holt or @animesfavoriteweirdo post about recruiting! Me and Mun Matt are currently just trying to get word out so people can apply and share their love for matt holt and or pidge Gunderson/katie holt. So please reblog! Thanks!

-Mun Pidge

I’ve decided to make this here Masterlist of The Elder Scrolls rpers out there, since the fandom seems scattered and (while very much present) not easily able to find each other through the various methods of tumblr. So! Reblog this around, spread the word n’ stuff yo. REMEMBER: you must send in an ask to be added, reblogging/liking this post will not get you up there! (this is simply so I know who actually wants to be on the list instead of presuming and intruding on anyone’s privacy.)