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Check out this video: it talks about what Aphmau Fantasy is about & please subscribe! It’s up to us, as fans, to revitalize these shows and I know we can do it y'all!!!!

Reylo 101: Controversy vs. Canon
In this episode, we tackle the criticism and controversy surrounding the idea that Rey and Kylo Ren will have a romantic arc, commonly known on the internet ...

This just in: after comprehensive analysis featuring the use of common logic we have concluded that Reylo is NOT racist/incest/abusive/silly fangirl projection. Oh, and it’s totally happening. Spread the word: #reylo is real yo

This is part one of our Reylo 101 podcast series. Whether you’re a seasoned pro in the ways of Reylo or simply curious about this pairing and the community that formed around it, this IS the podcast you’re looking for. ;)

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Friendly reminder.

That Hina did this to Bon Clay’s ship:

Yes. Those are her iron bars, stabbing through a ship. They’re not frail or small, they’re made of iron and she can likely make them as large as she wants them to be.  In this instance, she used them to sink his ship.

While her Devil Fruit is mostly used to constrain, lock, and cage, she is perfectly capable of impaling and crushing ships, and most certainly capable of impaling and crushing your muse.

She’s not the broad to mess with. She’s pretty, but she’s still a Marine Captain.

This has been a PSA.

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say this but after bts got invited to the bbmas they also invited other asian acts one of them being yhboys who are also going but some army's are being bitter about it and posting mean things, anyways bts could be disqualified for that (I don't think they will be disqualified but..) now American stans are @ the billboards and saying bts should be disqualified I hope you post this so armys could spread the word✌✌✌ be nice please 💓

hey yo peeps please chillax and stop spreading hate and stuff and be nice and stuff and stuff :D Spread the love my peeps, don’t let BTS get qualified for pettiness and hate c:

-Admin Sf


Okay so I know everyone makes these posts and some people get annoyed with seeing them but please reblog if you post any of the following and ill check out your blog! I recently unfollowed a good amount of people so now I need more. Please let me know what it is that you post in the tags!

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I have a prOPOSAL!!1`!

Okay, so, hear me out

Anyone who speaks, is learning or practicing German at any level, from any background, should you like to participate in a weekly Skype call to practice speaking, and a group chat to text message each other in German (and our native tongues to help each other with concepts we don’t fully grasp yet) please message me via dm or some form of communication (like reblogging with your opinion on this maybe?) (spread that word yo) 

I’m totally up for suggestions and any friends who would like to help organize this with me, or if you’re aware of something like this already in existence, let me know!!

Below is a clip from a video I made a few months ago 

I’ve decided to make this here Masterlist of The Elder Scrolls rpers out there, since the fandom seems scattered and (while very much present) not easily able to find each other through the various methods of tumblr. So! Reblog this around, spread the word n’ stuff yo. REMEMBER: you must send in an ask to be added, reblogging/liking this post will not get you up there! (this is simply so I know who actually wants to be on the list instead of presuming and intruding on anyone’s privacy.)