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important! if someones work has inspired you to create something or model something after that creation, credit! they probably worked very hard on it and it doesn’t take too long to put a little (x) or (insp) and link the work. been seeing this happening around lately so just a friendly reminder to make this a safe and creative space where we can all inspire each other without possibly offending anyone. love u all

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Is it still okay to reblog things regarding the crisis or should we spread the word from other sources?

Yes it’s totally okay! You can also spread the word from other sources! Even on other social media!

If you’re concerned because of the safety reminder post I did, that’s mostly targeted towards us who post criticisms directly targeted at the government officials and the system.

rules of commission: 

Poetry — you can give me an idea and a ship/character. (My poems average around five sentences each. If you would like for longer pieces, that will cost extra.) Samples: here

Fiction — please have a specific idea in mind when you contact me. If there is anything specific you want or anything specifically that you don’t want, let me know. Samples: AO3, my tumblr, imaginesteverogerss, imaginethehaus.

Gifset — please have a specific song and pairing/character in mind when contacting me. If you have any specific scenes that you wish to be paired with the lyrics, let me know. This applies for any AU you want as well. If you want something specific for the gifs, I need to know, so I can deliver! Each gifset will have ten gifs in it. Samples: here.

Picset — if there is a specific idea or aesthetic you have in mind, please let me know. Samples: here.

content i will not create:

  • noncon/dubcon
  • bestiality
  • underage sexual content
  • hatred
  • abusive relationships/friendships
  • infidelity
  • suicide

content i will create:

The more content there is about the character, the more likely it is that i know them pretty well. If it is less common character/idea with less known background that would require research (or a fanon character), that will cost extra.

Marvel — my knowledge of most Marvel things come from MCU and TV shows (Netflix shows included), so i will create content about any character and pairing in those worlds.

i will not write HTP.

(i do not mind adding Brock Rumlow in my stories, but he will have to be a good person for me to write him in a relationship with anyone.)

OMGcheckplease! — i will create content for any character and pairings in the comic.

i will not create any gifsets for this fandom.

any characters featured in picsets will be comic characters. if you would like for me to use a fancast, please let me know!

Captive Prince — i will create content for more of the characters and pairings in the books.

i will not create any gifsets for this fandom.

any picsets i create for this fandom will not show a face. that said, if you have a fancast for a character that you would like me to feature, do let me know.

i will not write Nicaise or Aimeric in a sexual situation. i will not write the Regent or Kastor as anything but the villain.

Kingsman — i will create content for any character in the ‘verse and i will create content for eggsy/harry, eggsy/harry/merlin, charlie/merlin and charlie/merlin/eggsy/harry as pairings.


email me at angelycdevil@gmail.com with commission proposals.

all payments are done through PayPal. (Please review this information before sending payments through PayPal.)

50% of the final cost of the commission must be paid up front. Half of this down payment (25% of the final cost) is nonrefundable.

i have the right to refuse any request. please do not sell any of the commissions i post. please do not redistribute any of the commissions without my permission.

I know a lot of fansies can’t get newsies live because they don’t live in North America or don’t have enough money so while I’m not really comfortable sharing my file, I’m more than happy to stream it for you guys!

I’m streaming later today at 4pm pacific time (links gonna be posted on @ilovemoritzstiefel tho lmao) and since I know that doesn’t work for everyone, if you want to stream with me later this week/this weekend I’d be more than happy to set something up!

Just like,, reply to this or message me or something, tell me what time is good for you if you’re interested and I’ll try to pick a time/make a schedule that works for as many people as is possible!

I just learned yesterday that Pikachu, my favorite Pokemon, was originally designed not by Ken Sugimori (he only finalized the design), but by a female graphic designer named Atsuko Nishida. 

Also after googling her, I found out that she’s also designed Sylveon–another favorite PKMN of mine. She’s also illustrated some very pretty Pokemon cards!!

Thank you Ms. Nishida! :-) May you get more credit and love for your contribution to the Pokemon franchise.

hey guys friendly reminder from your fave Canadian that esk*mo is a slur so please don’t use it!

I see it usually in the context of “esk*mo kisses” which may pop up when people talk about their ships and their headcanon, but it means “snow eaters” in cree and is a slur against Inuit people so please just don’t use it!

and I would appreciate if u reblogged this because people outside Canada don’t seem to know this for the most part

tfw ur trying to write plot but ur brain only provides you with out-of-sequence snippets built on vague ideas and an endless number of potential outcomes that develop and branch out unnaturally over an unspecified timespan

Kurt Cobain: was mentally and physically abused by his biological father because he had ADHD and was hyperactive which bothered his dad.

Kurt Cobain: his parents didn’t want him to play with poor kids because he was “better than them” and he was forced to wear a sweater he was allergic to so his mom would brag how her kids “were the best dressed kids in town”

Kurt Cobain: thought he was the reason of his parents divorce since his parents usually argued about his up-bringing which made him feel guilty and embarassed 

Kurt Cobain: witnessed his mother being abused by her boyfriend who once broke her arm and felt guilty because he couldn’t do anything about it

Kurt Cobain: moved to live with his dad in a trailer trying to improve their relationship but his dad ended up marrying another woman after promising his 10 year old son not to remarry

Kurt Cobain: couldn’t get along with his step-mom because he felt that if he would love her he would betray his mom and because his father treated his step-siblings better than him which made him withdrawn and deprssed 

Kurt Cobain: he had minor scoliosis but both of his parents didn’t care which caused several physical problems in the future mainly his stomach problems

Kurt Cobain: was forced by his father to practice sports and left his father’s house when he was 14 after a huge argument because he lost a wrestling match 

Kurt Cobain: his mother didn’t want him to come live with her so he had to move from relative to relative. None of his relatives afforded his stay which made him feel depressed and un-wanted

Kurt Cobain: moved to live with his mom and her husband and he was constantly abused by his step-dad for being a virgin and single and often called him “loser” and “faggot”

Kurt Cobain: was bullied in high school for being friends with a gay boy and because he was intersted in arts while the other boys were interested in sports

Kurt Cobain: started smoking pot when he was 13 to deal with his depression and his mother didn’t bother to stop him because she was also smoking pot that she hid in her jewerly box and she even once took a drag from her son’s joint at a party

Kurt Cobain: got kicked out of his mom’s house at 17 because he brought a girl with him to impress his step-dad who would always brag about how many girls he slept with when he was in Kurt’s age

Kurt Cobain: was homeless when he was just 17 and he would sometimes sleep in the library, in the hospital waiting room or on cardboards and he NEVER complained to anyone about it

Kurt Cobain: had to quit school at 18 to find a job to afford his bread and rent a dirty and smelly shack and he went through several jobs including being a janitor at his own high school

Kurt Cobain: he was kicked out of his appartements several times because he couldn’t afford to pay the rent until moving in with his first girlfriend when he was 21

Kurt Cobain: suffered from severe stomach problems because he had  a pinched nerve in his spine caused by his untreated scoliosis and he didn’t talk about it because he didn’t want to bother people which later made him medicate himself using heroin in littles doses to kill the pain   

Kurt Cobain: would sometimes stop in the middle of the performance to check if the people who stage dived were ok

Kurt Cobain: heard the story of a 14 year old girl who got raped and wrote a song about her (Polly) 

Kurt Cobain: hated sexists, racists and homophobes and didn’t want them to come to his shows and always expressed his annoyance because of their presence

Kurt Cobain: respected women dearly and encouraged feminist movements (like Riot Grrrls) 

Kurt Cobain: tried to quit drugs and went to rehab twice in a row. Once when his wife was pregnant and a second time when his daughter was born

Kurt Cobain: accepted to play a benefit for rape survivors in Bosnia and Herzegovina and didn’t get a dime for his performance

Kurt Cobain: wrote a song about rape (Rape Me) because he wanted to attract media’s attention to that issue and kept playing it despite the critics and the controversy that surrounded the song

Kurt Cobain: played a gay rights benefit supporting No-on-Nine

Kurt Cobain: stopped in the middle of the song to defend a girl who was being harrassed and kicked the man out of the show after making him feel ashamed about himself

Kurt Cobain: used his fame to promote good bands who weren’t famous and was bothered by media’s focus on his band only and openly expressed how he thought bands like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains were better and deserve more recogniation

Kurt Cobain: didn’t want to be called “a voice of a generation” because his drug use was exposed and he didn’t want to influence anybody negatively and he felt that he was judged by media which deepened his depresion because of his insecurity and made his drug addiction worse

Media: Kurt Cobain was a rock star junkie who hated fame and commited suicide because of it at age 27

People: Kurt Cobain is an emo pussy! He was a coward for killing himself and he was a junkie loser! He was always complaining about how his life sucked and the only thing he did is whine and sing about depression!

So apparently the people that worked on Bangtan’s upcoming comeback song are highly anticipating it. According to them, it’s not just going to capture the fans’ attention but the attention of the general public as well. 

They’re saying this is going to be the best comeback yet. ©


Hey there, take a seat, think a thought.
Being toxic towards someone isn’t going to make things better. Making someone upset about their creation isn’t going to make the day brighter.
This is no holy war, nothing to win here.

There’s always a way to protect yourself from the content you don’t want to see.
There’s always a choice to walk away and let the person be.
There’s always a way to protect yourself from the hate that’s coming onto you.

Keep that in mind, sunshine, we all are awesome. And there’s a list long enough, full of things we can be upset about. Don’t add hateful attitude and being toxic into it.