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Save the dates, spread the word because the official prompts for the fifth edition of Gruvia Week are out!  Thank you to all who submitted suggestions. 

Gruvia Week will be held from April 1st - April 7th as always. It’s just a little over a month away, so lets assure 2017 to be another successful year. ♡

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR TAEHYUNG SUB!AU!!!!!! OMG THATS THE HOTTEST BTS SUB!au EVER!!! I cant find anything like that, can you please recommend fics that has similar story to yours? Or unless your fav fics? Please i beg you!!!! Great works btw!!! Thanks!!!!💜💜🔫🔫🔫

The only fic I know of that is similar to mine in the way I think you mean is Conditioned by @noona-la-la-la (and it’s so fucking hot I wanna cry)

But since I’m a sub!bts hoe, I can’t just leave you with one story so check out @sue-bts and @schmudt if you haven’t already. They both have multiple sub!bts fics!



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Bob Morley: Change Your Twitter Bio to "Invented Acting"
Following Bob Morley's heart-wrenching portrayal of Bellamy Blake in Season 4 Episode 4 of The CW smash hit The 100 , fans of the show are demanding that the actor update his Twitter biography to accurately depict his talent level. The current biography reads, "I'm pretending to be an adult .......

Shout out to @bl-ake for the inspiration. Additional shout-outs to help spread the word: @adancergirl, @forgivenessishardforus, @royalblakes, @dropshipkingandqueen, @bellsqueen, and @junebugninja.


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Oh, wow, so this is new - porn blogs reblogging innocuous photographs of sunsets and removing captions, all the better to spread word of women masturbating on camera? 

I know I was away for a while, but is this a thing now? Or have I just not been paying attention?

You know, I kind of miss when people just deleted the credits from my photography to add in ‘pale blog’ or ‘believe in yourself’ or palm tree emojis (no clue either), at least I could understand the self-aggrandising mentality of it. 

But this? 


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Revolutionaries x Pokemon


Alexander Hamilton: Speed-Sweep Team

  • specializes in Pokemon who hit fast and first
  • Would start with a Greninja (fastest Starter Pokemon atm)
  • “That trainer is nonstop” 
  • Has his eyes on being Champion but gets sidetracked by Team (Antagonist) tries to be a hero 
  • Has it out for Elite 4: Thomas Jefferson
  • Basically a much more capable and powerful Ash

John Laurens: Ghost Specialist (NOT BECAUSE HE DIES…ok maybe a lil)

  • Specializes in ghost pokemon because they are misunderstood
  • takes them in and gives him lots of love
  • has a mimikyu and isn’t scared shitless of it (Alex is though)
  • makes a promise to be first Champion with all ghost types and spread the good word of Ghost pokemon
  • makes Alex his friendly rival
  • when he dies so does the his dream of a ghost pokemon friendly world
  • Alex gets a Gengar in his honor.

Marquis De Lafayette : Kalos Pokemon (+ one Kanto)

  • 5/6 pokemon are from home region Kalos
  • Starter was tots a Delphox
  • Was a famed coordinator then turned trainer thanks to Alex
  • Has a Dragonite named Georges
  • Has an Aromatisse named Virginie 
  • Battles elegantly but mercilessly (Critical Hitter) 

Hercules Mulligan : All Out Physical Attacker

  • Attack Stat x 9000
  • His first pokemon is an Adamant Azumarill with Huge Power (cute but will Fuq you up)
  • Looks like he could be part of Team (Something) really is big sweety
  • Big fan of Lafayette’s coordinating career, makes all of Laf’s pokemon costumes
  • Has a cosplay pikachu that also battles with him
  • only uses Atk boosting items


Aaron Burr: Trick Room Team (Slow goes first)

  • Has slow af pokemon
  • starter is Reuniclus w/ trick room
  • All his pokemon have high HP to endure Alex’s bullshite
  • Is Alex’s rival (Alex doesn’t consider him to be his though)
  • Takes his time to level up
  • Has a ditto
  • Travels with Theodosia (a breeder), when she dies he takes in an egg she was trying to hatch, when it hatches he names it Theodosia
  • Never uses (pokemon) Theodosia in battle.

SO I’M WORKING ON MAKING ICONS OF SECONDARY CHARACTERS FROM DEXTER that are needed in the RP fandom. It’s free icons so anyone can use them and you can find them over >HERE< I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now because I know there’s a lack of icons out there of secondary characters from Dexter, and that might be one of the reason the fandom is dying out because there’s not any resources for a lot of the characters. So… if anyone from the Dexter fandom ( or if you’d just like to see characters from that fandom being rp’ed,) could maybe either reblog the posts with the icons in them, or this post to spread the word around ?? that’d be really great !! Because we seriously need more people in this fandom. Thank you !! Also, please note that I’m doing this on my spare time so I might not make an icon pack every single day for characters, but I will work on making the icon packages as soon as I possibly can. I’m just one person after all.

tfw ur trying to write plot but ur brain only provides you with out-of-sequence snippets built on vague ideas and an endless number of potential outcomes that develop and branch out unnaturally over an unspecified timespan