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hi guys! i wanted to thank all of you for following me and being my friend throughout this horrid year… this past month has been rough for me personally (my grandpa heard he was very ill and he died today). but you guys on here made it all a little more bearable. i’m sorry for not being online more, i truly am. i’m losing followers like crazy bc of this even though i’m super close to my goal (which i want to reach before 2017!) this is why i decided to do this tumblr award thingy! i don’t have time for a follow forever right now… but this seems great! ily <3 pls check out the categories, bc dinosaurs are awesome, thank you.

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hey guys! I’m looking for more blogs to follow so just like/reblog and follow (reblog would be nice tho ta spread it) if you post:

-neon aesthetic
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-general anime (idk what that means just roll w it)
-valve games and lore (or other video games)
-a HYBRID of anime/nerdy shit and aesthetic and shitposts in general

I’m aware thats the strangest combination of things, but I’d really love to see more hybrid blogs not singularly dedicated to one thing (though I will follow those too!)

Thank you!!


[ 4.9.16 ] HELLO EVERYONE IM STILL ALIVE!!! I’ve been busy studying and revising for exams so I haven’t been on as much so sorry for that!! I really liked this week’s spread so ta-dah here it is. this week consisted a lot of studying till 2am and getting up at 7am to study again ;-;;;;
GOOD NEWS IS I HAVE ONE WEEK OFF AFTER MY EXAMS for me to chill for a bit before hardcore studying for my IGs *sobs*

Hope September will be a great month for everyone!!

“Even you couldn’t make a onesie sexy.”

“I could, Annabeth! I totally could!”

Annabeth rolled her eyes at her boyfriend, laughing to herself. The scene must look pretty weird to anybody who didn’t have context - a six foot tall guy wearing a green dinosaur onesie and pouting down at his five foot eight girlfriend, who was dressed normally.

Then again, most of the situations they got into looked weird without context. They were usually weird with context too.

“Look Annabeth,” Percy argued, sounding almost exasperated. “I am dressed as a green dinosaur.” He pulled the hood up and spread his hands in a ta-dah gesture.
“I noticed,” Annabeth chuckled.
“Yet look,” He continued, ignoring her. “I am still sexy. Look at me flexing my arms. Beneath this soft dinosaur shell is a rock hard sexy beast. Admit it. I can make onesies sexy.

Annabeth shook her head and cringed, laughing. “Percy. We are twenty two years old. You look ridiculous.”

With a dramatic gasp, Percy placed a hand on his heart.”That stings. Right here. Right here, Annabeth. On my heart.” He stuck his head in the hair, his bottom lip sticking out.

“Fine. Whatever. I’m not your friend.” He pouted, refusing to look at her.

Annabeth rolled her eyes.

“Okay, five-year-old. I guess we’ll call off that party on Saturday. It’s a shame, too, Jason was really looking forwards to seeing his mancrush again.”

Percy winced slightly, but didn’t move.

“Yeah. Frank, his mancrush.”

Percy unfroze and glared at her. “I’m Jason’s mancrush! Not Frank! How dare you suggest such a thing!”

Laughter bubbled at her throat and she let out a giggle. “Sure, sunshine.” She winked.

Percy cracked a smile and then hid it again. “Whatever, wise girl. I bet Jason thinks I’m sexy in a dinosaur onesie.”

With one swift, fluid movement, Annabeth pulled out her phone and snapped a picture to send to Jason.

A: Do you think Percy is sexy in a dinosaur onesie?
J: He just can’t pull it off.
J: Sorry Perce.

Triumphant, Annabeth showed Percy the messages.
“See! I told you so!” She cackled.
Percy pouted for what was definitely more than the average adult male should in a day. 
“Damn it!” He complained.

Annabeth leaned forwards, kissing the tip of his nose.
“If it’s any consolation,” She whispered, “I think you’re sexy without the dinosaur onesie.”

Percy kissed her back, smiling, but Annabeth pulled away, a laugh getting in the way.
“I’m sorry!” She stuttered, giggling. “It’s the fucking tail! Such a turn off.”

guys i put jerome’s all ‘’why be a cog when you can be free like us’’ speech  into gizoogle

’’wassup gotham hood was tha maniax n’ im jerome tha shock collar of our lil gang. we is here ta spread tha message of wisdom n’ hope. you all prisoners what tha fuck you call sanitizzle is just a prison up in yo’ mind dat stops you from seein you just tiny lil cogs up in a giant absurd machine. wake up! Why be a cold-ass lil cold-ass lil cog, biatch? Be free like our asses yo yo. Hang on ta yo’ basebizzle caps boss cause you ain’t peeped not a god damn thang yet!’’

 anyone who doesn’t know what gizoogle is, all i have to say is just check it out its amazing.