spread the red

Read this if you were at Dodie's London show on the 18th

Hello! I’m really hoping I can find this beautiful girl I saw at the concert? If you are reading this and did go to Dodie’s o2 Islington concert in London did you look like this?
-A bright red duffle coat
-Hoop earrings
-Incredibly long eyelashes with just mascara, not eyeliner??
-Do you also have a bob cut (maybe just below your jawline?) which is light-dark brown and wavy?
Also I think that you were with a friend and an adult (parent?)
If you maybe are that beautiful human, I was the girl a short way ahead of you in the queue with a straight bob cut and wearing a dark denim jacket, with the sleeves rolled up, and a faded blue a white thinly striped scarf, light blue jeans, that were rolled slightly at the bottom, and black and pink Nike trainers. I was with a friend with auburn-ish hair and she wore an oversized denim jacket and a Troye Sivan “Fireproof” sweater with ripped black jeans. She had dark eye makeup and crimped hair. We were with her dad who is bald and very tall he was wearing a black hoodie. I also kept turning around and looking at you because you were literally so beautiful I couldn’t help it and you also saw me look at you like more than twice :D
If you do vaguely remember me then text me because I regret not talking to you because I am a small bundle of social anxiety :))

((Also if you are not this girl, would you mind sharing because I would really like to make contact with her as I’m lowkey in love with her?? )) xx


《1st week of Feb •  050217 •  🎧 : Talk to Me - Red Velvet》

I think I’m going to stop doing the 100 days of productivity since I don’t have the time to go on tumblr everyday. ;-; I had my first day of school on Friday and can I say I’m not the best student. I didn’t finish my holiday homework that was due that day despite the 2 months I had of holidays… :’)




Last week spread!

I was really busy these days and I couldn’t even decorate my weekly spread as much as I wanted. I passed the past few days writing my letter of presentation and curriculum thinking I would need them for applying for an internship, but then my roommate told me it was not necessary because our uni wants us to ask for it face-to-face and not via email. I just wasted my week! Sigh 😭 😭


twizzlers slime! ❤️