spread love today

at the end of the day I undress
take the day off of my shoulders,
unclip the love from my back,
spread it out on the bed,
and lay down in it.
we have to remember to be gentle with ourselves, to say today I will love this part right here,
because yesterday it was hard for me.
—  Key Ballah

Can today please be a day where we make positive comments on people’s art and fanfic and send happy tweets to people who make things that have brought us pleasure?  Leave a good review?  Link something on Facebook with an encouragement to others to check it out?

Even a simple “Thank you for _X_PIECE_OF_ART_, it makes me happy!” is a bright spot in an ordinary day, and can be a huge thing to get on a BAD day.

I would especially like to see people who are still learning their craft get this treatment.  Say nice things to people who are just getting going.  Or people who are really unknown.  These people are really unappreciated.

Spread some love today.

positivity + self-care challenge :)

hello, wonderful people.

i’ve come with a challenge for each and every one of you.

i challenge you- yes, YOU, the person reading this- to complete a 30-day positivity and self-care challenge! :)

a couple of weeks ago, i was inspired to write up something on here about self-care/self-confidence/etc. the original plan was to simply make a post encouraging everyone to take steps to make themselves happy and healthy, but i recently decided that it might be more fun (and more likely to actually be done) if i made it a challenge. because, yknow, who doesn’t love a good challenge?

the rules are simple…
1. message me saying that you’re starting the challenge. i’m gonna to make a list of everyone that’s doing it, and i want youuuu to be on it! ideally, this list will also allow me to keep track of your start and finish dates, so i can send you a lil message when you complete it. :)

2. reblog this post to nominate all of your followers. this’ll also let them know that you’re completing the challenge so they can help cheer you on!

3. begin the challenge. go through the list of tasks below, completing one each day unless a day is skipped, in which case, you can double up to catch back up. you can go in any order you’d like!

4. enjoy the positivity!!!! by the end of the challenge, you’ll have helped spread happiness to others as well as encouraged your own happiness and self-confidence. :)

and finally…

     ☆post a list on tumblr of at least ten things you love about yourself that aren’t appearance based. these could be about your personality, skills, interests, etc. the more, the better, because- hey- you’re pretty awesome!
     ☆identify the people in your life who make you happy, and thank them for all they do for you in person, with a text message, in a hand-written letter, or through any other form of communication that you’d like. these people might be your parents or guardians, friends, teachers, neighbors, grandparents, other relatives, etc.
     ☆do three things that make you happy. this could include doing a hobby, playing a sport, eating your favorite food, reading a book you love, etc.
     ☆listen to your favorite upbeat songs and sing along.
     ☆try to eat three good meals and drink plenty of water today. a healthy body is a happy body!
     ☆send your favorite tumblr blogs a message telling them why they’re your favorite. try to send a good-length message to at least five. they’ll definitely appreciate this, even if they’re well-known.
    ☆give at least four compliments today. one must be to yourself, and one must be to someone you don’t usually talk to. these could be given verbally or over the internet.
     ☆make a list of things you’re grateful for. take extra care to appreciate those things today.
     ☆share an inspiring story of your own on tumblr. talk about the event itself and how it changed your life for the better.
     ☆try to sleep for about eight hours.
     ☆make a long list of things that make you happy. post at least a portion of this list on tumblr.
     ☆post a list on tumblr of at least five things you love about your appearance. if you’d like, you could also include an awesome selfie.
     ☆spend time outside. if the weather is nice, try to stay out for at least an hour. while you’re outside, you could try to write a poem, draw, write a journal entry, do some other creative activity, or simply enjoy the scenery. fresh air is always good for you!
     ☆give someone who needs a pick-me-up a high-five or hug.
     ☆reach out to five people on tumblr that follow you but you’ve never talked to. thank them for following you, give them a compliment (could be about their blog or something else entirely), and try to start a conversation with them.
     ☆go out of your way to do nice little things for people today. this could include holding the door for someone, offering to pick up someone’s trash for them, asking someone how their day has been, sending someone a kind text message, doing someone a favor, etc. helping others always feels good! :)
     ☆take a long, relaxing shower or bath.
     ☆give a shoutout to someone on tumblr. talk about why you like them/their blog and encourage your followers to follow them.
     ☆give someone a random gift.
     ☆try to smile at everyone you see, even strangers. it might seem silly, but who knows, it might really improve someone’s day!
     ☆make a list of your greatest accomplishments and why you’re proud of yourself for achieving them. then, make a list of future goals and why you want to achieve them. you can post one of these lists, both, or neither; whatever you prefer.
     ☆smile and say something nice to yourself in the mirror. suggestions of what to say: “i love you”, “i believe in you”, “you’re a great/awesome/strong/brave/smart/funny/kind/thoughtful/amazing person”, “you’re beautiful, inside and out”, or “i’m proud of you.”
     ☆make a list of all your talents. these could be academic, athletic, artistic, relationship-related, serious, funny, random, crazy, anything at all! give yourself a pat on the back for being such a talented person. :)
     ☆try meditating, taking a nap, laying in a hammock, or relaxing in some other way for at least thirty minutes.
     ☆create the greatest dance party playlist ever and post it on tumblr. test it out by dancing for at least five minutes.
     ☆make a list of the best things that have happened recently, no matter how small; if it made you happy, put it on the list. keep this list, and continue to add onto it each day.
     ☆forgive someone else for something verbally or over the internet. then, forgive yourself for something.
     ☆think of a list of your own positivity and/or self-care tasks and make it a goal to try and complete them, even after this challenge is done! if they’re not too personal, post them on tumblr and encourage your friends to complete them as well.
     ☆pick at least three of your favorite tasks from this list and make it a goal to keep doing them regularly after you finish the challenge.

have fun spreading the love and happiness!!! :)

xoxo nova.

hi yes hello. melly here once again to spread love and support!! today is yet another klance cause they are just??? theyre so cute im going to cry my eyes out. @stealing-klances @voltron-assemble @dadliestwarrior @snowglobegays

they love u all soooooooooooo much its almost unbelievable?! woah! and so do i<333 were so grateful u exist!! have a wonderful day, lovelies<333

Translucent curtains 
dance against open 
window sills and 
autumn breezes 
kiss naked skin. 

Your silhouette 
breathes peacefully
against the weight
of the world and 
my love for the 
universe is resurrected
with every breath
you take. 

We clumsily bump
heads, and my mind
must have made your
touch carved into my
hands, for I pull you
closer like our souls
have known each other
all along. 

All these years I have
poured my love into
empty bottles that I
never got to drink
again, I am finally 
learning to taste
all I had lost, 
your lips are soft
rain that I want
to dance in.

—  I am alive when you are near.
Random Spurt of Gratitude

Hi guys! I was just reading through some of my old stories and all of the lovely comments on them. I am so overwhelmed with how much love I’ve gotten since I started this blog.

Whether you like, comment, reblog, send in an ask, message, or follow me, I am so beyond thankful for you all. Thank you for sticking with me, and I will continue to try to get out stories for you guys along with my reading lists. I can’t stress enough how much I love you guys. 💗

Also, my one year ficiversary (sp?) is coming up, so expect another one of these in like, a week.

Thanks for sticking with my shit ass ❤