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You are my favorite kind of herpes.  In the best way possible.

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Use Somebody

Use Somebody- Kings of Leon

Summary: Reader was with Sam before the fall.  She lost her lover and best friend while Dean lost his brother to Lucifer.  This is their story of how they cope.  Told from Lucifer’s POV.

Pairing: Reader and Endverse!Dean, Past ReaderxSam

Word Count: a lot

Triggers/Warnings: explicit language, snark if you’re not into that…nsfw, mature themes

this is for @the-mrs-deanwinchester seven days of dean au challenge

The Croatoan Virus spread like herpes, just like I intended. Humans are so vulnerable and hungry; for sex, a connection to others, so what better way to spread the virus, than through saliva. I know, I know, I already patted myself on the back. The virus wasn’t my greatest achievement, oh no.

The virus was just the slice of pudding cake. Sam Winchester finally giving in and accepting my proposal, THAT was the sweet, gooey, sticky icing. Oh how sweet it was. Those tiny three letters, his faux bravado, the lone fearful tear in his eye, just thinking about it makes me all tingly in the nether regions.

I wasn’t the only one tingly down in the pretty bits, oh no, my vessel’s brother was getting his rocks off with Sammy’s little whore of a girlfriend.  I could see their sweaty bodies intertwined, legs hooked around waists, breasts smashed against a firm chest, mouths hungry for breath.  Like I said earlier, humans and their need for sex; thing is, Sam’s tucked away in here and at times, like these, I let him out of the cell, just for a sneak peak into the pornography.  I fuel myself on his rage and disappointment and just when he’s about to break on through to the other side, I shove him back into that dank hole I keep his soul in all purdy and in one piece.  For now. But I digress, let’s go back to when Dean and Y/N had their clothes on, three hours ago.

“Fuck you, Winchester,” she had growled at Dean who was cleaning out his gun, for the umpteenth time, ignoring her whiny, sultry, raspy, voice. 

“Oh, let’s save the dirty talk for later, okay, Sweetheart,” he snarled the retort in her direction.  Heat flushed at her cheeks, her full lips pulled taut. 

“Not happenin’, you asshole,” she cried out, “not after that last stunt you pulled with the others on that trip into town.”

Dean had taken a few of the newbies into town, had them go in first, bait the Croats, none of them came back alive.  They were put down by Y/N, Cas, and Chuck, Dean at the head, putting a bullet in each of their heads for safe measure.  Y/N was sick as all hell of losing what little she had left; first she lost Sam, then she lost all respect for herself, fucking her dead boyfriend’s brother morning, noon, and night, drinking herself into oblivion.

The automatic rifle became her new best friend, Dean’s dick became her new favorite toy, and she rode that like it was the Metallicar.  She sucked it, she engulfed it, and when he was inside of her, it was nothing like Sam; Dean wasn’t as big as Sam and she’d imagine Sam’s girth filling up her from the inside out.  Like I said, Sam’s girl Sunday is a whore.

His brother isn’t any better.  But what led to their fuck-a-thon?  What was the turning point that led from bitter, antaginizing words to desperate, begging words?

Easy, my child, it was a punch to the face.  A slap to the cheek.  It was a full out sparring expedition.

“You wanna take it out on me, Y/N, go the fuck ahead, give me your best shot,” Dean had egged her on.  Y/N cocked her fist back and the uppercut squared Dean right under his jaw, snapping his head back.  I’m pretty sure Sam could hear the crack from the crevices of my brain. 

It was guttural, it was instinctual, it was a huge fuckin’ mistake, but Dean slapped Y/N across the face, backhanded, splitting her lip open. She cracked her neck, wiped the blood from her lower lip with the back of her hand and went for a low blow, kicking Dean in the balls. He hunched over in pain, paying little attention to the round house kick to his face. Dean went flying back on his ass crashing into the termite infested table that decorated his barren and not at all humble abode.

“Fuckin’ bitch,” Dean spat blood from his mouth, cradling his head in his hand.

“Say that again, I dare you,” Y/N had threatened him, leaning over his body, legs on either side of his waist. Dean swung one leg out from under her, she crashed on top of him, her breasts flush with his pecs, breathing heavily, she reacted, with a head butt to the face. Dean chuckled, a sound so foreign to Y/N’s ears that she stop struggling.

“Somethin’ funny, Winchester?”

“You. Me. We always end up here. We fight, we fuck, we fight about the fuckin’, and you are so goddamn stubborn, Y/L/N, I could fuck you right now, caring less about the upcoming brawl.”

“Then fuck me, Dean,” she had smirked, “teach me a lesson.”

So, as a pathetic human, you know what happened next, but I don’t want to make assumptions, you do know what they say…so I’ll enlighten you. Clothes that were already tattered were ripped from Y/N’s torso, as were Dean’s, split down his ribcage. Belt buckles were fumbled with, jeans were discarded, and Y/N’s already slick folds were rubbing againt Dean’s erection. His fingers ripped her panties, found her clit, and rubbed one orgasm out of her, followed by a second, and that Winchester didn’t even have to use his tongue.

Y/N straddled Dean like a cowgirl and rode that dick until he was ready to bust, both scratching an itch, their skin bristling with goosebumps from the skin on skin contact, they screamed out their names, angry, sated, and spent. The crest of each orgasm ebbed into shallow waves of pulsating vibrations. Skin humming, sweat pooling, cheeky smirks all around. Y/N grabbed the worn blanket grin Dean’s bed, wrapped it around her glistening, nude, body, and reached for a spliff, the minty herb that she stole from Cas. Dean offered her a light, climbed into bed next to her, and instigated, as he usually does,

“Your left hook could use a little more follow through, Y/N.”

“Fuck you,” she snickered as their bodies straddled one another again.

“If you insist,” that Winchester smirked, pulled her onto his hardened shaft and fucked her raw.

And Sammy boy here is front row and center. The screams from his soul still making me all tingly.

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Herpes is not something to be proud about. You should encourage sex education, why be proud of something you could have so easily avoided getting.. It's disgusting, I would never want to be with someone who had herpes, or any other std.

Hahaha oooh I honestly feel sad for your close minded ignorance. First and foremost, we are not proud that we have an STI. We are proud that we are healthy and happy and living a completely normal life despite having an STI. We are simply not ashamed of it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Also, contracting an STI is not so easily avoided. You stating that shows just how ignorant you are.

Condoms do not provide 100% protection against STIs that are spread through skin to skin contact, like herpes. Also, you can get herpes from oral sex. On top of that, most doctor do not include herpes or HIV in the standard STD panel. So when you ask to get tested for everything, you most likely are not getting tested for everything. Also, the most common symptom of all STIs is no symptoms at all. That is why herpes and hpv are so common.

And as for sex education, that is what I do on a daily basis with this blog and with my education. I am currently working with my school’s teen health lab in which we teach young girls about sex ed and how to have healthy sexual communication. I will be interning with a non-profit in the fall that educations and helps those who have been domestically abused, sexually assault and raped.

Many people do not disclose their STI status because of people like you. Shame leads to less disclosures which in turn leads to more STIs. So I do promote sexual education and I am 100% against shaming. It is not productive at all. Shame does nothing to educate people.

So how bout you sit your ass down and educate yourself a little bit before you put yourself on some high horse and look down on others. I can guarantee, if you don’t have herpes yourself or haven’t come into contact with it (which you most likely have), you definitely know someone who has it. You have probably alienated one of your own friends with this close minded type of thinking.

Yes, you are completely allowed to decline sex with someone for any reason including having an STI. But if you think you are saving yourself by declining sex with someone who knows their STI status and knows how to keep you safe, you are hilariously misinformed. You are honestly statistically safer with someone who knows their sti status and knows the proper precautions to take than someone who hasn’t been tested or even someone who has and thinks they are negative for everything, when like I said above, most doctors don’t test for everything.

So, think again before you judge.

I heard condoms DON’T protect against STDs. Is that true?

Someone asked us:

Hello Planned Parenthood! I am so happy you guys have a tumblr! This made my day! Quick question! I’ve been told that condoms only prevent pregnancy, not STD’s or STI’s. This is a bit confusing to me because I thought condoms protected against that stuff too! Could could explain this to me? I would really appreciate it! I hope you guys are around forever! <3

Yo that is one dirty, untruthy rumor! As a matter of fact, latex and plastic condoms are the ONLY form of birth control that can also prevents STDs

While using condoms is the absolute best way to prevent STDs if you’re going to be sexually active, it’s not a 100% guarantee. That’s why we call using condoms “safer sex” instead of “safe sex.” Infections like herpes and HPV, which are spread by skin-to-skin contact, may live on areas condoms don’t provide a barrier against (your scrotum, thighs, or buttocks, for example). So it’s possible whoever gave you the bad info simply misunderstood this little condom side note. 

They also may have been talking about lambskin/animal skin condoms, which only provide pregnancy protection and DO NOT protect against STDs. Condoms that protect against both STDs and pregnancy are made from latex, or types of latex-free soft plastics like polyurethane, polyisoprene, and nitrile. However, lambskin and other animal membrane condoms aren’t very popular anymore. The vast majority of condoms out there today are made out of latex or plastic.

So don’t believe the “condoms don’t protect against STDs” hype — it ain’t true when it comes to latex and plastic condoms. If you’re having sex, condoms offer good protection against pregnancy, and great protection against STDs. So use ‘em! 

Also, thanks for the love. You made my day!

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood


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This year’s Eurovision line up is complete! I’ve made a new YouTube video! All 37 of this year’s entries all in one place, in a completely random order. SPREAD IT LIKE HERPES.

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How dare YOU, reblog that photo of me asking that black girl those messages. it was a mistake, but I assume faggots like spreading drama like herpes. do the world a favor, amercan horror story sucks.

how dare YOU, come into my blog, slander one of MY friends, make racist and homophobic remarks, disrespect my show, and then expect me to take a piece of shit like you seriously?

p.s. your theme looks hella ugly.

Day 6- Singled Out(ings)…The Night Before Forever

~June…Two Weeks Before The Wedding~

“I got three words for your bachelor party, Rick: T and A,” Shane blurted out as soon as he entered the room.

Glenn, who’d been texting Maggie, looked up from his phone with a confused expression. “That’s actually two letters and one word.”

“Nobody told you to go diagramming sentences, Einstein,” an annoyed Shane said.

Glenn scrunched up his face in disbelief. “That’s not right either. How did you even graduate college?”

Shane lifted up his shirt to reveal his abs. “Do you see this body? That’s how. Now hush. I’m trying to plan our man’s last night of freedom.” Shane dropped his shirt and turned back to Rick. “As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted…you, me, and all our friends up to our necks…and faces…in tits and asses. BOOM…perfect bachelor party!” Shane put his hands up and looked around at his friends waiting for them to congratulate his genius idea.

He was met with varying looks of disbelief from Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and Noah. “What?”

“Are you trying to make sure he doesn’t get married to my sister? Cause your idea is a recipe for disaster, broken relationships, DNA tests, and penicillin,” joked Noah.

“Damn, Noah. I didn’t know you were psychic…cause you just predicted Shane’s future,” Daryl rasped causing the others to laugh and Shane to flip him off.

Rick stepped in. “They are right, Shane. I don’t want or need all of that for my bachelor party. I thought we could just keep it kind of low-key.”

Shane looked at Rick like he’d grown another head. “Keep it low-key? Tha fuck does that mean? We gone go wine tasting and then give each other makeovers or some shit? This is your bachelor party, man. Your last opportunity to touch on some ass you aren’t married to and not get in trouble for it.”

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