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alright everyone! here’s my commission info :)  i’m very excited at the possibility of working with some of you lovely humans here on tumblr!

i tried to keep everything as simple and clear as possible, but for any additional information or questions you may have, don’t hesitate to message me here on tumblr or email me at fox.meets.wolf (at) gmail (dot) com :)

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You guys have lots of followers so please help us out. We want Steven Universe to not be canceled or go the way of Young Justice so we want to spread #TreatSUwithCareCN. If you guys have a better hangtag that's great but honestly, we're worried.

Cartoon Network has too much invested to randomly cancel Steven Universe. They are still coming out with merch, advertising the show, it has some of the best ratings, and the crewniverse is currently working on season 3. Don’t worry about it. 

-mod opal


I’m not saying that Danny Zuko is bisexual, submissive, and attracted to every single other character in the show except that’s exactly what I’m saying

I’m doing a short film on Lexa’s vision of Clarke and of course, love. I’ll be whispering original poetry about them and how deep in love they are, or could be.

Here’s a little preview.

It’d be amazing if you guys could reblog it to help me spread it, i’d be forever thankful <3


We need to talk. Me to you, but also community to you. I understand that this may all be a “joke” to you, but it’s really not. Remember tinyblogtim? Yeah, she’s gone. Deleted her blog. Markisepticeye? She goes under a different name now and is a fan blog of another Youtuber. People who have had so much INFLUENCE in this community are leaving.

And it breaks my heart.

This community is SO MUCH MORE than you make us out to be. We are so much more than the itty-bitty percentage of disgusting people that send you gross messages, make NSFW fanart, call you certain names and idolize you instead of humanize you. There is so much GOOD in the Markiplier community, but you never get to see it, ever, all because of that small percentage. So please, give Tumblr and the rest of your wonderful, amazing community a chance. We love your videos, you make us smile, but the moment, THE MOMENT you log onto Tumblr, you lose that smiling, kind side to you. You become your version of “sassy”, when it is only seen as more “douche-y” than anything.

Please, make this community feel loved again.


If you want to see an example of love in this community, check out @markiplieressentials, who is making a beautiful fan video.

If you want to see the hatred that has been caused in YOUR NAME, go take a look at @markiplitecallout.

<3 Sarah.

 Why is it the trend in kpop to find a particular group to direct all your hate on? This is one thing that honestly annoys me so much. There is always a group that people will find ‘cool’ or ‘trendy’ to hate on because it is the newest hate bandwagon. People who do this kind of stuff disgust me. Just because a kpop group is famous doesn’t make it any better to be nasty or insult them at every chance you get. This is just something that has been irritating me a lot lately. Especially because of the Ikon hate bandwagon that has been infesting kpop these days. The sad thing is that this happens to many kpop groups/fandoms. I just wish that instead of this bandwagon moving onto another idol group it would disappear altogether. I don’t think any group deserves to have that amount of hate. Anyways, rant over. 


As someone who is a content creator for Youtube (and makes money off that content) I would like to kindly ask all of you to watch this and please SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE because it points out how flawed Youtube is and how unfairly it treats it’s creators.

Lead Up to Lady Midnight Week

As Lady Midnight is fast approaching, I thought that perhaps we should to something to celebrate that! So, from March 1- March 7 we can all do something together to get ready for it! There are certain themes for each day, and you can write headcanons, fanfics, make graphics or aesthetics or anything you want! For each day:

Day 1- Most Anticipated Character
Day 2- Family Theme
Day 3- Shadowhunters
Day 4- Most Anticipated Ship
Day 5- Incorporate a previously released snippet
Day 6- Faeries
Day 7- Incorporate the Ocean

And tag everything with #lady midnight week so that it’s easy to find! And if you have any questions, just ask!



2 winners will get a custom hollywhood theme like my own. Wanna participate ? Just like this post !

Giveaway ends 11am tomorrow morning (GMT). No giveaway blogs + mbf me.