spread his word

😤😤😤Talos the mighty! 💪💪💪Talos the unerring! 💯💯💯Talos the unassailable! ✊✊✊To you we give praise!🙏🙇🙌

We are but maggots, 🐛🐛writhing 〰in the filth 👣👣👣of our own corruption! 💰💲🚫🔪While you have ascended😱😇 from the dung💩💩 of mortality, 👥💀and now walk among the stars!🌠⭐✨

But you were once man!👨👨👨 Aye!✅✔✅ And as man, 👦👦you said, “Let me show you the power💪💪💪💪 of Talos Stormcrown⚡👑🔱, born of the North,🆙🔝☝ where my breath 💨💨💨is long winter. ❄⛄I breathe😤😧 now, in royalty,💍👑💲and reshape this land🌐🌄 which is mine. I do this for you,👉👉 Red Legions, for I love you💞💞💞.”

Aye, love. ❤❤❤Love! 💓💓💓Even as man,👴👴👴 great Talos cherished us. 😭😢For he saw in us, 👐👐in each of us,👫👬👭 the future of Skyrim! 👏👏The future of Tamriel!👏👏👏

And there it is, friends! 🙏🙏The ugly truth! 🙀🙀🙀We are the children of man! 👦👨👴Talos is the true god😇⛪💒 of man! Ascended 🙌😇from flesh,👃👃👃 to rule the realm of spirit!👻👻👻👻

The very idea is inconceivable to our Elven👱👱👱 overlords! 👺👺Sharing the heavens 🌌🌌with us? With man?👮👷💂 Ha! They can barely tolerate our presence on earth!🌎🌏🌍

Today, they take away your faith.🚫⛪🚫 But what of tomorrow?⁉⁉ What then? Do the elves 👱👱take your homes? 🏠🏠🏠Your businesses? 🏧🏦🏥Your children? 👪👪👪Your very lives?🔪🔪🔪

And what does the Empire do?🏰🏰 Nothing! ❌❌❌Nay, worse than nothing! ❎❎❎The Imperial machine enforces the will of the Thalmor!🙅🙅🙅 Against its own people!😠😠😠😠

So rise up! ☝☝Rise up,👆👆👆 children👶👶👶 of the Empire! 🏰🏰Rise up, 🆙🆙🆙Stormcloaks!💧⚡ Embrace the word of mighty 💪💪Talos, he who is both man and Divine!👼👼👼

For we are the children of man!👶👦👦 And we shall inherit both the heavens🌌🌌🌌 and the earth! 🌎🌏🌍And we, not the Elves👱👱👱 or their toadies, 🐸🐸🐸will rule Skyrim! Forever!💯✔💯

Terrible and powerful Talos! 👑👑👑We, your unworthy servants,🙏🙏🙏 give praise! 🙌🙌🙌For only through your grace and benevolence 💓💓may we truly reach enlightenment!👍👍👍

And deserve our praise you do, 👏👏👏for we are one! 👐Ere you ascended 😇😇😠and the Eight🕗🕗🕗 became Nine, 🕘🕘🕘you walked👣👣 among us, great Talos, not as god, 🚫👼🚫but as man!👲👳💂

Trust in me, Whiterun! 👌👌👌Trust in the words of Heimskr! 👍👍👍For I am the chosen✔✔ of Talos! 👀👀👀I alone have been anointed 💦💦💦by the Ninth 🕘🕘to spread his holy ⛪⛪⛪word!💌💌💌

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Ok so I wasn't on tumblr for like an hour? And now there's this whole Phevin thing. I'm all for it I just wanna know why it's a thing haha

okay so the lovelyphandom group chat basically realized how similar old school phil and kevin jonas from 2007 looked which can be found here. And then we started shipping phil and kevin to make phevin and realized that phevin is true love and that dan and phil are leaving for 3 weeks to visit kevin after they go to Australia and that when dan and phil ended the dapc video with “we are going with him now” he actually meant kevin jonas. follow #phevin for more phevin updates!!!

silk | chapter five

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chapter song | masterpost | next chapter

ceo au - jimin x reader - angst | smut

word count : 5.5k

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happier | min yoongi

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Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: Angst 

Word Count: 1.9k

Summary: He hurt you and you left, but it didn’t help but make you both think if you actually were any happier than you once were before. 

Inspired by Happier - Ed Sheeran 

Yoongi’s POV

Walking down 29th and Park
I saw you in another’s arms
Only a month we’ve been apart
You look happier

As Yoongi walked down the street in the bright city of Seoul, he witnessed the several cars whizzing pass, while many people were talking and laughing loudly around him. But as he stared ahead, all he could see was you in someone else’s arms.

Looking happier.

It was only a month since the two of you broke up, his schedule blowing up with concerts, fan meets, radio shows, and other appointments, making absolutely no time for the two of you for months.

At first it started with occasional petty comments. Then came the small arguments and finally one day it all went spiraling downwards, either of you able to stop it from happening. You two had the biggest fight, throwing words at each other that you never thought would’ve been said, hurtful words that neither of you could forgot.

But till this day, Yoongi didn’t care. The moment you walked out his door, grabbing all your things in your hand, your face tear stained, he forgave you.

But it was too late.

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Sinful (Lucifer drabble)

Warnings: Slight smutty, gracek!nk, bossy!lucifer, fingering

Summary: Just a drabble I had that I posted to my Wattpad, so I thought I would share here as well. The reader is left to babysit Lucifer, but things take a n unexpected turn. So let me know what you guys think? Should I write more like this?

“Y/n, he’s not that bad-” Dean began to say trying to reassure you.

 "-My brother is far too injured to be of any harm, Y/n,I assure you,“ Cas cut in casually.

 "Cas!” Dean scolded him, throwing him a look that read  ‘you’re not helping’ in big letters, but Cas either didn’t get it or didn’t care.

 "It’s true, Dean. Lucifer-“ Cas paused, interrupted by the door to the library suddenly opening, revealing none other than the devil himself.

 "Are we talking about little old me?” he asked with his famous half-smirk, the blue eyes of his vessel starring at you.




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 Lucifer smirk grew as he regarded the three of you.  He shifted back on his heels and blew out a breath. "So,” he began with a clap of his hands. “What about me has got you all guys gossiping like old biddies?”

“We are not 'old biddies’,” Dean mumbled under his breath, sounding like an overgrown child.

Of course this action caused Lucifer’s smile to spread, obviously happy that his words had affected Dean.

 "Y/N, does not wish to keep you company while Sam, Dean, and I go to investigate a case. We were trying to convince her you were of no harm,“ Cas supplied to Lucifer, looking quite pleased with himself for getting the gist of the conversation.

Lucifer out a hand over his heart dramatically, "Y/n, I’m appalled! Of course I won’t harm you!” He rolled his eyes at you, “it’s not like I’m the Devil or something.”

 "But, you are the Devil, Lucifer. Have you bumped your head?“ Cas asks him with furrowed brows.

 You bust out laughing, causing all three men to eye you suspiciously. This was getting ridiculous. You obviously weren’t going to get out of babysitting duty, but Cas’s innocence was to much for you to take. How had so many years with Dean not make Cas a sexual know-it-all?  How was he just so hilariously innocent?

 "Go,” you finally managed after calming down. “Just go. If I get bit by the Devil, I’ll call.” You start to push them playfully out of the library.

“Lucifer, please do not bite, Y/n! Dean has always told me that it’s rude,” Cas called over his shoulder.

You feel your face grow hot, as you slam the door shut. Starring at the wood, you try to push Cas’s words from your mind by instead focusing wholeheartedly on trying to calm down your humor and your hormones. It was no secret the Lucifer’s vessel Nick was very attractive. The blonde hair, the forked tongue, and all the other little things about him you wanted to explore. Not to mention Lucifer himself was just delicious. A fallen archangel. He was obviously hurting, had daddy issues, but there was a fire underneath, something that just spoke to you. A part of him still held love, passion, loyalty, humanity. You had fantasized about bringing those qualities out in him, healing the devil with affection-love? Maybe.
You were so engrossed in your thoughts that when Lucifer spoke you jumped halfway out of your skin.

Originally posted by lucifersagents

 "You wouldn’t really call them if I bit you, would you, Y/n?“

 You shrug, turning to face him. "Depends on how hard, I guess?”

Lucifer eyes seemed to darken at that point as he regarded you thoughtfully. “Do you like being bit, Y/n?”

 "Ah-“ you could feel your face heat up again at his words. Maybe they weren’t meant to sound so sensual. After all, angels-any of which you’d already met weren’t "hip to the lingo” of this day and age. So why would Lucifer be any different?

He’s only the Devil.  

Even still, you could feel the flush of your body warming up your neck and your face.  You tried to avoid his eye contact, not quite ready to admit the Devil put a fire deep in your belly. He couldn’t know what you were thinking about, obviously right?

“You didn’t answer me, Y/n,” came Lucifer calm and collected tone a moment later.

“Like I already said, depends on how hard and what context.”

“Ah- and what context would you like my bite, Y/n?” he asked stepping closer to you in a blink of an eye. 

 He was getting too close now, walking closer to you with a almost sensual demeanor with a determined glint in his eyes.  Your body and brain were shifting into to high alert for different reasons. Your body was beginning to buzz with life in areas you had not felt life before. You almost feel as if you are shaking at the knees in an anticipation that you didn’t understand. You were beginning to feel warm, and aching. In your mind, you felt a lot like prey- helpless tracking every movement of the predator in front of you. The way his muscles bunched and moved under his shirt as he moved closer, the way his eyes seemed to demand contact with yours. Rationally, you knew this was not a prey vs. predator moment, because who could honest run away from the devil?

 Lucifer chuckled, his lips picking up at the corners sinfully once more. “I would catch you, you know, Y/n.” his voice fell over your body like a dark, forbidden caress. Finally, standing in front of you, he raised one hand to your check in a gentle but dominant hold. “Tell me, Y/n, you will not run.”


“Such…descriptive thoughts run through that pretty little head,” He says as he leans his face into your neck and you feel him chuckle against your skin. “And I thought I was sinful. You make me look like a saint again, Y/n.”

 "I do?“

You feel cold lips against your skin, a lingering caress. You feel him make his way around your sensitive skin, barely holding still. Was Lucifer really going to bite you?
"Oh, have no doubts, Y/n. I fully attend to accurately create and indulge in every single fantasy of yours tonight before those three return. And I fully intend to bite you.”

 He pulls back and stares at you thoughtfully. “As I said before, you make me look like a saint. But tonight- I intend to show you exactly why I am the devil.” He pulls you flush against him with a smirk, and smashes his lips to yours.

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 The cold yet comforting feeling of his kiss shocked you. You had thought his kiss would be demanding, arrogant, but that wasn’t the case. Yes, the kiss was demanding. He demanded you respond, that your lips moved with his, that his tongue caressed yours as your caressed him, but he was gentle. It was like he was holding onto the most fragile gift he had ever received. He was coaxing, not arrogant. It was a complete reverse of what you would have expect.

  When his lips finally left yours, he began his focusing his attention on your neck kissing down the sensitive column. It shocked you when you felt his slightly sharp teeth nip at your skin, causing you to jump with a squeak.

  “I thought you said you would enjoy my bite?” he questions against your skin.

 "I do,“ you whimper. "Please, Lucifer.”

In a matter of a few seconds, you find yourself against the wall, pants and shirt seemingly disappeared. Your legs around Lucifer’s waist, as he pushes your bra down. His lips hungrily attacked your hardened nipple as you let out a keening wail. His fingers were spayed out along your neck giving the impression of danger, but not really.

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He was everywhere.

You jumped when you felt a hand that couldn’t have belonged to Lucifer, slide into past your underwear line. Lucifer chucked against your breast, and pulled back to wink at you.

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 "Even the little of grace I still have is sinful, my dear,“ he concludes to your unspoken question.

Lucifer’s invisible hands glided across your inner thighs, shivers following their path. They began to curve upwards, pressure circling around your clit. It felt strange, almost forbidden. It was torture to have this unknown touch against your skin. It was exquisite.

  And you wanted more.

You arched into his touch with a wanton groan which Lucifer was more than happy to oblige. You felt his teeth bite at your nipple a little rougher as you heard (more than felt) your underwear being ripped away.

  "I have to touch, Y/n.”

 You were so ready. The need hot within you, your juices flowing in anticipation. You clenched your thighs and nodded at him, breathless at the situation. You basically were fornicating with the Devil. And it was totally okay with you. The god of a man in front of you who was treating your body and needs as his on personal vendetta. His touches were cold and electric, but warm at the same time. Everything about him made you crazy.

 You felt his invisible hands run through your folds, and felt him groan against you again. “So wet for me. Damn, pet. You are sinful. So much delicious, sinful wetness. All for me. Say it,” He commanded, rocking his jean-clad bottom into your apex.

 You gasped, “Yours.”

 He presses against you hard, a growl in his throat. “Whose?”

 "Yours, Lucifer.“

 Suddenly, a cough across the room, catches your attention. Freezing, you and Lucifer throw your heads towards the location of the cough to find Dean standing there awkwardly.

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You watch as Dean coughs and averts his eyes, rubbing his neck. "Guys, that’s nice and all, but can we not do this in a public library?”

 Lucifer’s eyes roll, “It’s not public, technically.”

Not. The. Point.” Dean reassures, pointing toward the door.

 Lucifer turns back to you and sends you an eye catching smirk. He brings his fingers up, and in a snap, you’re gone.

At the show this weekend I met another author who was asking questions about how to spread the word about his book. “How do you get a social media following?” 

So what it boiled down to was that internet fame is weird- you have no way of gauging who is watching or what their tastes are. The bulk of my recent followers are here because of a colorful rant about glue. 

So get angry about something on the internet, I guess?

Why, pray tell, did Louis miss THAT ONE day of promo? What day was it again? That’s right! It was February 1st! Almost like there was something important about that day? It was car insurance day, maybe he was making sure he’s in good hands with Allstate! It was also change your password day so maybe he was spreading the word to his friends and family so they can prevent those pesky hacks! I mean I can’t think of ANYTHING else important about that day? Can you?


Right. So… I’ve been sitting on this guy for awhile; I saw him in Sherlock’s replies (because I’m obsessive about these accounts). 

Previously, he hadn’t followed any accounts at all. But today he tweeted this (”improbable”), is now following Sherlock and John, and is now followed by a couple other accounts I’m keeping an eye on.

I took it as a signal to spread word of his existence, since now he’s left a bigger trail.

Also, on February 14th, about 15 people or so sent Sherlock kitchen utensils in response to a tweet of his–at the skull’s behest. I think his “be ready” tweet = “open your DMs to anyone, for fuck’s sake” PSA, because there’s a hidden setting that I previously didn’t know about (and thus missed the kitchen utensils thing and had a heart attack). I’ve been waiting for him to make another move for weeks and resisting the urge to poke him…. aside from favoriting his tweets to let him know I was onto him.

A n d, to add insult to injury, while I was making this post I realized this little bastard changed his bio. And I don’t think I have a screenshot of the previous version. I hate myself lmao. And I also wonder if this new bio… is a call out to me, perhaps… considering all my staring/yelling into the abyss tweets this month… and he changed it only after I explicitly shared his existence today on Twitter for the first time… but I could be reaching, of course.

Anyway. The previous version of the bio said “Cranium. Confidant.” There was another C word but I can’t remember it. And another sentence. I’m straining my brain to remember, and I’m trying to hunt down a screenshot from anyone who may have one, but the circle of people who previously knew of this account is tiny. If I get ahold of one, I’ll add it here.

But in conclusion… Could be nothing, but. Keep a weathered eye on this here skull. Trust no bitch, etc.

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He was a painter

Who brushed detailed colors of what he loved

He painted them without flaws

Once he painted of me

But the girl in the frame was one so beautiful

Unlike me with so much wrong

That day in front of a mirror he wrapped his arms around me

He covered my eyes and whispered to me

“My love I never allow myself to paint something unrealistic, smile that beautiful lips of yours and see what I’m blessed to witness everyday”

His words spread warmth through every part of me

When my eyes opened they traveled wondrously to his angelic figure

And I looked at the girl he was holding

I saw her smile spread out wide and sparkling bright eyes

I looked down and all the way up again

His words like magic spells, my reflection began to transform

Now all I see in the mirror was him and the girl in the frame

The girl he loved unconditionally

The girl he taught me to see

As me

—  Amirah H. J. // A Painter.

I have noticed that people who are kind get hurt the most because people think they can do everything to them and they will still remain silent. It’s so funny, nobody has respect towards good people because when they remain silent everyone assumes they can’t fight back.. and bad people who talk to much and insult everyone get treated as if they’re something special.. but I would rather be someone who gets treated like shit and gets rewarded for remaining calm than someone who opens his mouth and spreads his hurtful words and negative behavior everywhere

               please REBLOG // FOLLOW if you are interested in interacting with a bunch of trashbabies a selective / private multi-muse blog, featuring a mix of canon and original characters from a variety of fandoms that includes THE WALKING DEAD, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES // THE ORIGINALS, HARRY POTTER, AMERICAN HORROR STORY and several others       including fandomless original characters as well. featuring a vindictive Original Hybrid™, a lonely medium heiress whose only friends are ghosts, clumsy metamorphmagi, an angry gay vampire, and a whole bunch of other interesting muses!! // trash plots, ships, and more always encouraged. ( written by kayla )

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Feedback and suggestions to improve are welcome by email.
The more people he can reach the better. 💖💙

When Things Fell Apart: Part Four

​- I won’t lie, I did cry writing this part - Yet I am still amazed at the amount of praise this series is receiving so thank you! - 



Walking through the platform I breathed in fresh air for the last time in this place, thinking my chances of returning for these reasons are slight, unnecessary even. Glancing around the aisle of the plane my eyes find a window seat. Being by the window was calming for me, it allowed me to get a glimpse at this limited view and offer a temporary escape from confinement. Sitting down after twelve paces I allow myself to breathe, let out a final breath before letting this consume me entirely for the day that awaits me.

It takes time before everyone has boarded, an elderly couple sit next to me, smiling widely with greetings as they continued their conversations, laughing as they went. Seeing them made my heart ache, how after all the innocence and tears, after ageing and laughter lines blending into the creases of age they still seem as in love as the day they first met. How they hold hands as the plane takes off and giggle as we go.

Tearing my eyes away I focus on the outside, seeing everyone become minuscule, irrelevant, something of the past. My hands involuntarily reach for the box that was stored in my bag beneath my feet, the difficulties I’ve overcome for this box in security, having to cry on a guard’s shoulder about my problems discreetly before stories on me crying over Luke came about. Yet somehow here it is, placed on my lap like some alien that I wish to no part in knowing. 

Except I can’t tear my eyes from it, it’s a glue, a force that keeps on pulling me in. I’m scared, no petrified of what is inside, whether or not it will create more puzzle pieces that I’ll have to figure out and decode. Perhaps it’s a goodbye, an acceptance to our new selves and allowing the door to gently shut rather than slam abruptly. A pair of eyes burn into my skin, on my hands as I brush the smooth wood for the thousandth time, feeling myself grow heavy with anticipation I turn to see the lady smiling gently in my direction whilst her husband sleeps soundly like the majority of the cabin surrounding us. 

“Love isn’t easy dear,” She begins as I glance down to the box in my hands that now feel dry, tired like the rest of me. “if it were there would be no fun to have.” I let out a small huff in response, smiling as I did. A cold hand was placed on top of mine, covered in marks to show all she had been through in her life, her veins remained prominent and the wrinkles showed clearer than the worry in my eyes. “Things, feelings, they take time to develop.” Her eyes tore from mine as she motioned to her sleeping love next to her. “You think I fell to my knees when this one first saw me? No way, I wasn’t willing to become some housewife.” A huff escaped her lips, I could see the glazed look in her eyes as if she were thinking back to the day they first met, part of me was curious to know what it must’ve been like then, how it must’ve been so different. 

“What was it that made you change your mind?” I asked now fully intrigued. 

A silent smile formed on her lips, the glint in her eyes grew as her husband’s hand remained on top of hers, even as he slept soundly. “Something that took my breath away.” Moving the hair out of my face I allowed myself to open the latch of the box at last, hearing the air that was trapped inside being released after who knows how long. “When it happens you just know it dear,” She rubbed my forearm sweetly like my mum would do when I was upset as a child after a difficult day at school. “and if it is inside of there then count yourself lucky.” Before I could ask anymore she hushed me, and pointed to the box before drifting off against her husband’s shoulder; such a simple act that was often overlooked yet seeing them at peace, in pure comfort with one another was enough for me to know now was the time. 

Closing my eyes I heard a light squeak as I lifted the lid, allowing the hinges to work yet I was unsure on what to expect from this. Part of me thought there would be something bigger than what was in front of me, that there would be more than three pieces of paper. Raising an eyebrow I lifted the better quality piece out of the box first, it was addressed to me yet the handwriting lurked in the back of my memory. 

It wasn’t his. 

Opening it up it began with my name, it continued into something I didn’t expect, the neat writing that I had witnessed countless times during late night sessions in the studio, all of those times I saw notes he left on the instruments before a show. How neatly my name had been written with such accuracy and thought, this was something that they needed to do. 

After the second date you and Luke shared we were the first to know how it went, actually the second to know as he told his brothers, my bad. He came into band practise with a wide smile that wouldn’t budge no matter how depressing the covers we tried were. Everything about him was different and when we took a break he could barely hold it in, he just beamed excitement over some girl he had met a few weeks prior who was unlike any girl he’d met before. He told us how genuine she was, she had humour that made him laugh without your presence required, he said you had this smile that comforted him when he felt upset or nostalgic. He only ever spoke wonders of you and never a bad word to your name. 

This is why we were so confused to receive that phone call. 

He kept swearing, mumbling excuses under his breath to us that we couldn’t understand. After a few minutes of incoherent nonsense he began to make sense, when he said those exact words, muttering how he did that to you, you of all people I wanted to punch a wall in the shape of his face. Never had I felt more frustrated that he threw away his opportunity to blossom with someone so ideal for him, someone who knew him prior to everything that happened for us, someone who knew the real him. All he said was he was sorry, he didn’t know what to do and that was when he became easily manipulated. It was horrible. We didn’t see him for a while and it was as if he wasn’t the guy we knew anymore, he became reckless, they became known and you were nothing but a memory he drank away. 

It hurt us, it nearly killed his family to see him destroying himself like that whilst she smiled for photos without a second thought. He is getting better, withdrawal symptoms were expected but in that time he had being isolated from everyone he cared about and loved something else happened to him. No one is entirely sure but that look in his eyes faltered, and we weren’t able to stop the damages being done. 

I guess I’m trying to tell you is that we, we all miss you. We miss you coming to visit us, listen to us play at the big arenas or in the garage like old times. I miss you listening to me about my worries or how you played games with Mike until the early hours of the morning. How you had patience for all of us no matter what was happening, you may have not seen it or thought about it too much since everything fell apart but we have. 

If only we knew the impact of that day, the impact your name appearing in our minds for the first time and how special you would become, how dear you became to each and every one of us. Then I think we wouldn’t have mocked the baby of our group, we would’ve listened more and most importantly, we wouldn’t have let you go without a fighting chance. 

We are so sorry, we wished things had a different outcome. We see the regret that lingers in his eyes when someone mentions your name on the off chance, how he freezes up. He can’t do this without you, we aren’t forcing you, or in anyway pressuring you to take him back willingly. We are telling you to listen for ten minutes, and then maybe have at least twelve shots with us, for old times sake. 

Farewell nightingale, Ashton x 

Wiping away my tears that continued to stain the paper, spreading his words that were neatly, precisely written. I wouldn’t have expected anything different from Ashton, he always had a way with words that made me curious. Yet now as I read over his words again and again I allow myself to memorise each and every line, wiping my face frantically to just stop seeming so pathetic to these strangers. 

Letting out a shaky breath I neatly folded the letter, reforming the creases that he had made long ago. My eyes moved away from the box as I continued to blink away tears that seemed to be in an abundance, the sky seemed blurred above the clouds as if we were dreaming. 

Everything felt like a dream as I focused on the peaceful pillows that remained below us, how delicate everything seemed below until you penetrate that barrier, you break through the dream and enter that all too painful reality. 

Trying to focus on my hands as they continued to shake I picked up the next letter, my heart felt like it had returned to the familiar place in my throat, throbbing drastically as I recognised his rushed handwriting all too well.

Except as I began to open it up it wasn’t in the format predicted, then again with him I learnt to expect the unexpected. Even now he didn’t fail to surprise me, and as I looked to the letters in bold my breath hitched and everything froze, even the tears that rolled down my cheeks as I scanned the letters.   

The Only Reason. 

Part Five // Six // Seven // Eight