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After Miguel’s first single as a musical artist, “Proud Corazon”, becomes a smash hit when he’s only 17, he takes a while before releasing his full album. When it comes, it’s a concept album, with each song devoted to one member of his family who’s passed on. Mama Imelda, Papa Julio, Tio Oscar & Tio Felipe, Tia Rosita, Tia Victoria, Mama Coco, and of course Hector. He tells their life stories in song, spreading the story of his family to the whole world.

It’s seen as an odd, artistic album, but it becomes a cult hit, winning him a Latin Grammy. As time goes on, it’s recognized as one of his smartest and most enduring works. He keeps on reissuing it in extended editions, with a new song every time a member of his family passes on, including Abuelita Elena about twenty years after the events of the movie.

Although he puts out dozens of albums in his life, “Mi Familia” remains his most enduring work. And when Miguel Rivera, one of the most successful musical artists in Mexican history, passes on at the age of 92 surrounded by dozens of family members, he gets to the Land of the Dead to find every member of his family represented on the album there waiting for him, no matter how long they’ve been gone from living memory. Because he made sure they’d never be forgotten.

The News-Review, Roseburg, Oregon, April 15, 1927

You might look serious, too, if you were a chick or a bunny. You see, the same guy who told the kids there was no Santa Claus has been spreading his scandal story about where the red and purple Easter eggs really come from, and Miss Chick and Mr. Bunny are getting their story together and intend to stick to it. “You lay ‘em! I color ‘em!” says Mr. Bunny, and Miss Chick promises to do the best a poor girl can.

Caught In The Middle

Sam and Dean are on a case. When they go to investigate at a women’s shelter they run into an old love of Dean’s. But things are more complicated than it seems.

Trigger Warning: Brief Mentions of Domestic Abuse and Cheating, Hurt, Angst

Song Inspiration: Sorry by Aquilio

NOTE! This is my first ever fanfiction I’ve written and posted on here so please forgive me.

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“Maggie, what are you doing?” Y/n scooped up her three year old from the unknown woman she had run off to.

“I’m sorry I turned my back for one minute and she took off on me.” The woman stood up from her crouched position smiling at Y/n. There was something in her smile that caused a pang to shoot through Y/n’s heart. “I’m sorry but have we met before. You seem really familiar.” The woman shook her head.

“No. I don’t think so. I’m Mary.” She stuck out her hand but Y/n was frozen.

“Mary as in Winches-ter.” Then a face she thought she would never have to face again came into view. Y/n lowered her kid to the ground.

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One Last Time Before You Go

Written for an AU from @roguedarthskywalker where Padme survives through the OT and sees Anakin one last time on Endor. Hope you like it! I think @reptilegirlqueenoftheoutcast might like this too since either your reblog or comment showed me this AU.

The past twenty-three years of her life had led to this.

Padme Amidala looked to the stars above, overcome with an emotion she thought she could never feel again. Pure, unadulterated joy at the end of an Empire and the return of democracy and justice to a weary galaxy. Yet, there was something else there. If one looked at her eyes, finely wrinkled with premature aging from stress and sorrow and laughter, they would see that their chestnut depths contained a certain grief. Cascading blues, violets, reds, and pinks lit up the Endor sky, far above the fire and smoke that remained from the battle. And from a funeral pyre.

Normally, the figure engulfed in flames presented an imposing figure. The deepest black was visible through the flames, and they reflected the light from the fireworks and and the fire around him. The man inside the armor, hidden from her sight, was responsible for millions of deaths, and had likely been directly responsible for dealing the death blow to hundreds. Darth Vader. The Emperor’s assassin and a Sith Lord. Vader was remorseless and it seemed unfeeling. Obi-Wan Kenobi had said he was more machine than man. The galaxy would remember him as a monster, even as the few who knew spread the story of his redemption. Padme would remember him differently.

Even after being choked by him on Mustafar, realizing he had killed younglings, and hearing of his exploits after being trapped in that horrible suit, she still loved him. She always knew there was still good in him. Images of the Clone War hero danced in her head. While the galaxy wondered who he was before, Padme knew. Darth Vader was the man who liberated Togrutas while on Zygerria. Darth Vader was the man who was instrumental in taking back Geonosis to stop droid production in a terrible war. Darth Vader was the man who saved the Republic time and time again. She may have disagreed with the war, but she could not deny the compassion, leadership, and heroics Anakin Skywalker demonstrated during its course.

Yet, when Padme looked upon her twins’ innocent faces, she knew she had to hide. She allowed Obi-Wan to fake the death of both herself and her believed to be unborn children and she even allowed them to be separated. It was something about hiding their Force signature from the Emperor, or so Master Yoda said. She settled for returning to Alderaan with her closest friend, Bail Organa, and daughter, while Obi-Wan swore (she made sure he was on his knees promising his lightsaber if he would fail Luke) to train and protect Luke on Tatooine.  Disguised as a royal guard (so a helmet could disguise part of her face), she cut and dyed her beautiful hair, traded her wardrobe for plain clothes, and waited, occasionally making the trip to the planet with two suns when the opportunity rose. When she discovered Ahsoka’s survival, she refused to sit by any longer and became a Fulcrum agent. All of this, while avoiding Darth Vader like the rakghoul plague.

She sighs as she pulls back from her reminiscing, and walks up to her son, still holding the torch that lit the pyre. She was grateful he was honoring the Jedi’s tradition, but as the hero of the Rebellion, he needed to be seen at the celebration with the Ewoks. “Luke,” she says simply.

He turns and smiles, and Padme holds on to his bright smile as tight as her heart can bear. He may have inherited her height, but Luke certainly had his father’s smile. Padme refuses to let the tears forming to fall. She had been strong for this long and she could hold on longer. This was how she would remember Anakin Skywalker, smiling. But, time was beginning to catch up with her, as it did Master Yoda and Obi-Wan. Her memory of it began to fade. She once held a more romantic belief that you could never forget your lover’s smile. Time was proving her wrong.

The party is unexpectedly boisterous. As she and Luke join the celebration, Leia going to hug her brother and then her mother, she allows the joy of the Empire’s defeat to plaster a smile on her face. They had lost loved ones and friends along the way, but Padme knew that her parents, Bail and Breha, Obi-Wan and Yoda, and so many more must be smiling down on them. Padme could not feel the Force in the way the Jedi did, but something simply felt right and balanced. She extends a warm hand to Han Solo with a knowing smile as the dancing continues in earnest. And she watches and she swears she tried to participate. At least, she tried until a strange nudge guided her to look at Luke.

His back was turned away from them and Leia was behind him, pulling him back to join them. Leia, although confused about her feelings toward her biological father, recognized that Luke was greatly saddened by his sacrifice. She was wise and selfless, similar to her beloved mother. Leia pulls him back to be among friends, murmuring a soft condolence with a warm smile (she must of inherited Anakin’s smile as well), and for a fleeting moment, Padme’s heart stops.

Nearly translucent with a soft, blue tinge, Masters Yoda and Obi-Wan stand (or in Yoda’s case, sit) together observing the proceedings with contentment evident on their faces. But their shocking appearance went largely unnoticed when she saw who stood next to them. He was resplendent in Jedi robes, ones that he only occasionally wore while in the Temple. His eyes were warm and his face at peace, although their sky-blue depths hold a hint of mischievousness. He looks young, handsome, and strong, just as she remembered. His eyes are locked onto hers with the intensity of a thousand suns, and despite the peace on his face, she could see the apology in them. Then, he smiles and Padme finds it hard to breathe. Wide, gleaming, and full of pride as his eyes fall on his twins, their children, and Padme knows. Then, the moment is over and he is gone.

But it’s okay. He was finally at peace and so was she.

Hello, my name is Nichole Luttrell. This is my little brother Joshua Luttrell. We grew up in Franklin, Indiana. He was 15 years old. His favorite colors were red and blue. He loved his friends and family. He knew how to make anyone’s day. He was funny. He was always happy. No matter what he always had a smile on his face, even when he was mad. He hated bullies and stood up for people who couldn’t stand up for themselves. He was kind and he cared about everyone. He was loving, and he always put others before himself. He was confident but humble. He was respectful. He was the most amazing brother anyone could ask for. He was my best friend. We went through a lot this past year and he started going downhill. He stopped caring about himself and his life. He was hurt and lost. He was still amazing though. He made mistakes and he did stupid stuff because he wanted to have fun and had stopped caring where his life was going. I say was because he passed away September 1, 2017. He was shot in the head on August 29, 2017 at 11:30 p.m. in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was on life support from when he was shot until he went brain dead. He was shot because he rode in the car with his friend to steal weed from someone because someone else bailed and he didn’t want his friend to go alone, they didn’t take weapons. They took the weed from the guy and drove off. As they were driving off the guy pulled out a gun and unloaded it into the back of the car. He wasn’t supposed to be there. He wasn’t supposed to go. He was shot in the back of the head. I’m posting this because I want his story to go around. My family wants to spread his story because he was amazing and we want kids to learn a lesson. Two boys lives were taken away because 1. They thought they were from the streets. 2. They had a weapon they shouldn’t have had and used incorrectly. My brother died and the other boys life is going to be spent in a cell. Neither of them should have been put in those spots. My brother was killed over a plant that grows in the ground. He didn’t deserve this. He didn’t deserve to die this young because he wanted to have fun and be there for his friend. He wasn’t supposed to be put in that spot but he didn’t think and he didn’t care. We tried our hardest to help him. We tried to convince him to go to school and stop being reckless before it was to late. He didn’t want to because he didn’t see the point. He was the type of person who didn’t care what other people thought of him. He just wanted to have fun and be happy. My family wants to teach kids a lesson: Don’t be reckless. Keep your head on straight. Go to school. Make something of yourself before it’s to late. We don’t want Josh to die in vain. It’s to late for him to change his path but it’s not for tons of other kids. Please share this and get Josh’s story around. R.W.L 9.1.17. I love you Joshua Luttrell. #luttrellstrong #joshstrong

At First...

Happy RCIJ to @avatoh! I’m your Secret Santa! I hope you enjoy this collection of Rumbelle Dark Castle Firsts!


Rating: T

Summary: A collection of “first” moments from the Dark Castle.


Every now and then Rumplestiltskin brushed off his gift and sifted through his future. All of it - not even attempting to separate what would be from what could be. It was a bit like leafing through a book, except the stories always changed with the whims and decisions of the people involved. Flashes and snippets of men and women, humans and beasties, the magical and the mundane, skipped before his eyes and filled his senses.

On certain days one face flashed more before his eyes than any other - a young woman of exceptional beauty with eyes like the clearest sky and skin of smoothest cream. He was often tempted to extract those memories and discover what she meant for his future, but he resisted the temptation. He knew the dangers of “knowing” one’s future, after all: that knowledge was never complete and rarely helpful.

Besides, his centuries had taught him that beautiful women at best were attracted to his power and at worst ran screaming from his presence. The same held true of not-so-beautiful women, in fact. And men…and children…and babes…and the odd sheepdog.

No matter.

None of it mattered. Bae mattered. That was all.

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anonymous asked:

I think I’m feeling better and then I get a slap in the face saying “he’s never releasing another song” “he’s never performing on stage again” “he’s never tweeting again” “he’s never going to another fansign” “shinee will never have 5 members again” he’s really gone and there’s nothing we can do about it

there’s something we can all do and that’s keep his memory alive. spread his story, keep his music alive. fight harder for him, and for every other person being silenced who’s suffering with a mental illness, to get them the help they need and to care for them ♡

The more I thought about MGSV, the more I came to like the twist. Right when I finished the game, I hated the reveal. Okay, not just because the trailers gave the whole game away, though that is a grudge I will take to my grave and harangue the angels with, but that it seemed like a betrayal of the fundamental theme of the whole series: you can’t make a perfect copy of a human being.

Snake and Liquid weren’t Big Boss. Solidus wasn’t Big Boss. Raiden wasn’t Snake.

That was the crux of Ocelot’s plan in 4: the Patriot AI is treating him as Liquid, but what he actually is is an imperfect copy, and the space between them is what makes him unpredictable.

So why the hell did it work just fine with Venom?

Then I figured out: wait a minute. It doesn’t.

An interesting thing that comes up a few times in dialogue is the idea that trying to live up to what somebody else wanted is never going to work. Some change and mutation is always going to slip in. Now, that’s told to us as a negative thing, in the context of everybody screwing up The Boss’s will in their various new and exciting ways, but it’s shown to us subtly as a positive one, too.

Throughout the game, Venom’s not acting like Big Boss - he’s acting like who he thinks Big Boss is. He clearly must have really believed in him as a hero, or he wouldn’t have jumped in front of a girlbomb for him. So the person he’s being is the ideal hero he believes in, not the deeply flawed human BB is in reality. (Though I don’t think Big Boss is a total manipulative monster either; I think he’s something much more interesting than that. But that’s another post.) Holding himself to that illusion is what ends up making him a hero for real.

If you want a perfect example, you don’t have to go any farther than Venom letting himself die in silence at Outer Heaven. That’s something the real Big Boss would never do, because of the two absolutely fundamental things that he, as a parasite*, does: 1) survive, and 2) replicate himself (spreading his story and inspiring people to be like him.)  Can you imagine if the real Big Boss had been handed an army and told to make a sacrifice like that? He would have started his own war.

But that’s not who Venom is. He dies, without enduring as a really mad fireghost or anything, and he lets the story of how he was used and betrayed die with him. Even The Boss couldn’t do that.

In failing to be a truly perfect of Big Boss, Venom, like Snake, is able to be a better person than he ever was.

*as negative as the word is, even this aspect of him has another dimension: remember that The Parasites Gave Us Language.


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~Team Tory

He don’t love me: Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid split after cheating fears
The former 1D star had enough of Gigi’s suspicions and decided to call things off

The former 1D star had enough of Gigi’s suspicions and decided to call things off

Zayn and Gigi have split after 7 months together Getty Images

ZAYN MALIK has dumped girlfriend GIGI HADID after she voiced her suspicions over his relationships with other girls.

I can reveal the couple secretly split just last week when the former ONE DIRECTION star called things off after a series of rows over their future — and that included a bust-up about Zayn’s friendship with other females who Gigi saw as rivals.

Now friends fear Zayn is in danger of alienating himself after also getting rid of a member of his staff in the same week.

Not her knight in shining armour after allGetty Images - WireImage

A source close to the singer revealed: “Zayn dumped Gigi last week.

“While they were really into each other — and still are — they had a very volatile relationship.

“They have been arguing on and off for weeks and Gigi has been asking about all of his friendships with different girls.

“In the end, Zayn decided he had had enough.

“He disappeared into his own world for a while and became a bit of a hermit and has gone off to Jamaica to film his music video.

“As well as splitting with Gigi, he also dropped an assistant and sent her back to the UK, saying she was too involved in his personal life.

“Strangely he offered to let her work for singer CHRIS BROWN instead.

“There’s a concern that he’ll lose everyone close to him and end up damaging his career.”

After news of their split emerged on Thursday, Gigi got some much-needed relief by going out to Los Angeles hotspot The Nice Guy with pals KENDALL and KYLIE JENNER.

Support … BFFs Gigi and Kendall AKM-GSI-XPOSURE

On her way in Gigi was seen wearing a necklace in tribute to her and Zayn’s romance — a gold pendant in the shape of letters G and Z.

The supermodel also appeared to profess her love for the singer by sharing a picture of a card on Snapchat, which featured the words: “I know it’s obvious but I love you.”

Snapchat . . message for Zayn?

Zayn and Gigi first got together in November last year following her split from US star JOE JONAS and his dumping of LITTLE MIX star PERRIE EDWARDS by text.

That sulky face of his isn’t about to get any happier, then.

My mum told me a story today after my dad started crying.
When I was 9 I told my mum I wanted to be a boy. She told me she knew it was going to happen. Apparently I used to have crushes on girls in my school, I used to take the clothes off of my barbies because the clothes were too girly for me, I never dressed up as princesses, I never had a girly birthday party. Soon enough, when I turned 10, my nan took my out dress shopping, but instead I came back with a smart suit type outfit. I own no dresses, no skirts or anything that remotely says I’m a girl. I don’t wear make up yet I own loads. I have crushes on men and women. Why should the gender I was born with take over my life? I’ve even been told millions of times that I sound like a boy, sometimes by my friends.
Yesterday, I asked my dad if I could take down the massive rose picture that hangs in my bedroom, and he replied with “no cause that’s the only thing that’s left of my little girl” and started to cry.
My dad came to talk to me today and said “I don’t mind what you wear, watch, eat, buy. But you will always be my child no matter what.” And started to take my rose picture off my wall, but I stopped him, and he looked and me and smiled. He then whispered “thank you”

His name was zander.I didn’t know him but I wish I did. 

I didn’t know him but I know I love and miss him so much.

I didn’t know him but I will do anything to go back and save him. 

But now the least we can do is spread his story not only to mourn his death but also to save many others like him.

 And the people reading this, if you suffer from abuse from your own parents, I am your mother now. I don’t care if I am only 17. I will love and protect you as my own child and I will do whatever I have to, to help you.