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WE RAN OUT OF SANJI’S BLOOD TYPE!!! HIS BLOOD TYPE IS S RH- (Or O- in your universe’s naming) It’s quite rare and they couldn’t accept other blood type!!! So, PLEASE!!! If any of you are S(RH-)/O- OR KNOW SOMEONE WITH THE SAID BLOOD TYPE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONOR IT TO US OR MAYBE SPREAD THIS CAUSE!!! WE NEED AS MUCH BLOOD AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!! (knowing Sanji’s nosebleeding tendencies…)





People keep asking me why I love kirby in smash so much and he brings me so much joy;

I mean look at him, he can squish up and down

he has the cutest taunts

(the I just beat the super easy boss* dance) *boss = you

(The I’m dancing on ya grave)

(Classic Haiiiiii memeage) 

Smiles even when spinning rapidly in midair

he has super adorable costumes, these 3 being my favourites

Mewtwo kirby, look at the little tentacle things

Zero suit Samus kirby, aka super secret agent kirby

and my personal favourite, palutena’s hotter sister kirby

most importantly though, he can DANCE

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anonymous asked:

You can't be born with DID. It's completely trauma caused. Studies show that jsyk. Please don't Spread misinformation.

okay tbh i agree w you but i did hear of somebody being born with it and literally said i only heard of one person and you worded this so rudely im not feeling very inclined to reply nicely lol 

Be the person Phil Lester would want you to be.
—  Toomanyshipsxx
Sweetest Creation

Soft pink petals that
drip with dew…
Flush with the need
that’s flowing through.

Nestled between
the softest thighs…
Lovely and tempting
to the eyes.

Fragrant aroma
fills the air…
My mouth waters
to lick you there.

Thighs open to
reveal full bloom…
Craving to touch
and taste it soon.

Your slender fingers
stroke and tease…
Causing my tongue
to beg to please.

Thighs spread an
open invitation…
To taste the sweetest
of creation.

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Hello, my name is Amanda, my blog is dedicated to helping anyone who may be dealing with Depression, BPD, PTSD, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, eating disorder, mental illness, feeling lost, empty, alone etc. It's a place of love, support and understanding. I was wondering, if it's okay with you, if you could let your followers know that this is a place they can safely get off their chest whatever may be weighing heavy on their heart.

So I checked out your blog, and I think you’re doing a really positive thing, so I’m happy to let others know about it. I don’t believe the world is a safe space, and I don’t think everywhere is going to be a happy place, but we should still have sanctuaries, and your blog is one of them. If anyone feels alone or depressed, check out @spoonfulloffaithandconfidence. Good luck to all of you in your journey to happiness.

I don’t typically ask for reblogs, but if you want to help Amanda’s cause, please reblog this so we can spread the word. Thank you.

Dear Future Girlfriend

You may or may not know me yet but I just can’t wait to have you. I want to spoil you to shower you with gifts to give you everything your cute heart desires. You’ll wear my jersey and I’ll be bragging about how cute you are and my friends be like “ lucky bitch” damn right I am. And if you have your period I’ll talk with your tummy to stop hurting my baby. Or if your craving pizza or chicken nuggets in 1 am just call and I’ll be there with a box of pizza. And on rainy days we’ll be under a blanket watching a movie of your choice or we could play in the rain whatever you want. I may act all tough and mighty but you’re the boss. We could be like Rose and Rosie, you’ll be the Cammie to my Shannon, and I could be your Reagan and you could be my Amy. I just can’t wait to fall in love in all your silly habits. I’m not promising I’m perfect but I’ll do anything for you. I’ll give you my heart, I’ll be loyal and truthful.

So please reblog and spread this cause I can’t wait to met her and if you think you’re her please message me

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except even that’s fucked, since it only shows up as

so what do you do in this case?

you add http://tumblr.com/##.yamplus-unit-container to your adblock filter

this has been a friendly psa

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Hi everyone, for those who don’t know tomorrow marks the 100th year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. In 1915, millions of Armenians were slaughtered by the Turkish government in an attempt to annihilate the race. Until today, the Turkish government still denies what happened 100 years ago. The U.S. also refuses to acknowledge it’s existence as a genocide because of the military bases currently occupying Turkey and the alliance they share. We Armenians are still fighting for recognition, for those who want to help the cause, please spread the word. It would really mean a lot to those of us who continue to survive and fight for our nationality and for justice.


It really pains me to stand by idle as I encounter videos and photos and news stories of some of my favorite Korean idols being chased or harmed, and worse and worse. What is the logic of hurting someone you love?  

Sure we enjoy to make sasaeng fan jokes, but it is a serious matter. I know I cannot change the world with this post, but perhaps it can spread some sense so that we can LOVE our idols, and not harm them.

I’m going to use Zhang Yixing (Lay) from Exo as an example.  He has a blood coagulation disorder in which his blood cannot form clots well, this results in minor injuries bleeding severely.  What would happen if a group of fans somehow harmed him?  As for Exo in general, I fear for their safety.  It saddens me to be in the same fandom with fans who harm them with violations of privacy.  I will never understand how this is okay.  It is not.

Please, please, please respect your idols and their lives and their human rights.  


I don’t know if this could possibly reach fans in Asia, but it is time for some change, so please help in spreading this!

Please be aware if you are causing harm to idols, and if so, please take action to stop. BECAUSE THEY ARE LITERALLY IN FEAR AND POTENTIAL HARM.  

Niall smut for anon: He fingers you

(Hope you enjoy it :) I made it a bit longer :p)

Niall and you are invited to Zayn and Perrie’s engagement party at their house. You’ve been horny the whole day, seeing Niall in his sexy button up shirt. Knowing you can’t have him until tonight kills you inside. You already gave Niall a few hints and you think he got the message, but you two still have to kill some hours before you can drive home.

“Princeeess..” Niall drags the word out quietly, leaning in and being inches away from your face so that no one can hear you two. You are sitting at the huge diner table eating some food while some music is playing in the background, your hand tracing patterns on his thigh, slowly wandering farther up to the inside of his thigh. He knows what you’re trying to do.

“Not here and not now.”

“But Niall–” You try to argue, but he takes your hand and pushes it away gently.

“Tonight I’m all yours.” He whispers. You huff in a frustrated way, then shrug it off and start eating the rest of your food so that no one will get suspicious. Liam sits in front of you and looks between you and Niall.

“Everything alright?” Liam asks, truly concerned but you smile and nod.

“Yea, why do you ask?”

“Just asking. You looked so pissed.” He breathes out a laugh and Niall looks at you, smirking and then looking back at his food digging in.

“No, no everything’s fine.” You chuckle and smile at him again politely. Liam nods and turns to Sophia, talking to her about whatever.

After finishing dinner everyone gets up, Zayn turning up the volume a bit while the others start dancing and talking about random things. You don’t hesitate and get up without talking to Niall again, walking into the kitchen to grab something to drink.

“Aw, no need to be upset babe.” You hear an irish accent from behind, you turning around to face the blonde boy you’ve fallen in love with. You look around, thanking that you two are alone in the kitchen. You don’t want anyone to hear that you’re a bit frustrated.

“I’m not.” You say bluntly, pouring some soda into a glass since you can’t drink something alcoholic. You promised Niall that you’re going to drive later, because lets be honest Niall would have drunk anyway.

“Of course you aren’t.” He breathes out a sigh and you hear his footsteps coming closer as you drink the cool liquid. Niall surprises you as he moves his arms around your waist, hugging you from behind. You almost choke since you didn’t expect his touch. Niall nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Is my princess so needy today? Does she need a good fuck?” He humms and you bite your lip at his dirty talk. His accent seems to get even thicker and more throaty when he gets in the mood.

You two turn your head towards the door in a swift though as you hear the door beind opened. Louis faces the two of you, Niall’s arms still around your waist and hugging you tight.

“Ew! Get a room you two…” Louis states, scrunching his nose up in a fake disgust. He gives you two a smile though before he exists the kitchen again after grabbing two beers. Niall returns the smile and then you two are left alone again.

“Actually, why not?” Niall growls quietly into your ear and you fight back a smile. He then takes your hand, you setting your glass on the counter again and you two exiting the kitchen. You two look around, seeing that everyone is in their own conversation and dancing.

“Okay babe, you go upstairs into the bathroom and I’ll follow in 5 minutes so that no one will get suspicious. Okay?” Niall asks you quietly and you nod, following his instructions and heading upstairs. You enter the second door on the right, closing the door and checking your notifications on your phone while waiting for him. After what feels like hours you hear three light knocks on the door, you knowing it’s your boyfriend.

You open the door lightly but are taken aback when Niall opens the door further, immediately grabbing your face and pulling you into a longing, sloppy kiss. Niall turns you around and closes the door, slamming you against it and kissing you even harder than before. His tongue enters your mouth and slides against yours, massaging it ever so softly while his hand moves towards the back of your thigh. He lifts your dress up a bit, stroking your exposed skin and you lift your leg a bit, him holding it up at the back of your thigh.

“I need you, Ni..” You say inbetween kisses out of breath, him starting to trail soft, sloppy kisses down your neck.

“I know, Y/N.. Fuck you look so hot.” Niall mumbles against your skin. “Jump.” You do as told and wrap your legs around his torso, him walking over to the washing machine while kissing you. He blindly tosses what’s on top of the washing mashine, a hairbrush and some beauty products, which land on the laundry basket right next to it. Niall sets you on top of the washing machine, deepening the kiss. His hand wanders up under your dress, feeling your lace string as he groans into your ear.

“You fucking knew these are my fave knickers on ye.” You chuckle at this, totally agreeing.

“Oh really? Did I?” You play innocent, knowing that’s driving him crazy. He just hums and you feel his fingers hooking under your string, pulling them down slowly. You lift your leg a bit so that he can take them off properly, tossing them somewhere on the ground next to him.

“The dessert we had downstairs is nothing compared to my fave dessert.” Niall states, licking his lips as he looks down at your exposed heat, already glistening with your wetness. “So, so wet.” Niall slides his finger up and down your slit, spreading your wetness and causing you to throw your head back in pleasure.

“Please Niall.” You whimper, longing to feel his touch inside of you. “I’ve been waiting for so long.”

“Oh, have you?” Niall asks, looking up at you and taking his finger away from your core. “You weren’t being a patient girl, couldn’t even wait until we got home.” Niall states and you just look at him. Is he really doing this now? Leaving you there all wet and ready? “You just needed to get fucked right here at Zayn’s. Ye dirty little girl.” Then Niall goes down on his knees and spreads your legs a bit farther. “But that’s how I like my princess.” He smiles up at you and you could immediately come just by seeing him looking up at you with his piercing blue eyes.

You let out a soft moan as Niall kisses your heat softly, stroking your slit gently as if it’s the most expensive and delicious thing in the whole world. Probably to him, it even is. You gasp in surprise, covering your mouth with your own hand so that you wouldn’t moan loudly, as Niall enters his index finger slowly, keeping his gaze at you while smiling.

“You gotta be quiet for me, love.” Niall whispers and you nod eagerly. He starts pumping his finger in and out of you, watching your reaction while doing that. You look down at your heat, seeing his finger entering you all the way, Niall going even faster than before. You bite down hard on your hand to supress your moans as Niall adds another finger, fucking your wet pussy with them just how he knows you like it.

“God you’re so wet. And still so fucking tight. Literally can’t wait to fuck you properly.” You can’t help but let out a moan as his thumb brushes against your clit, stroking it softly and circling it.

“Fuck, Y/N I told ya to be quiet, didn’t I?!” He whisper- shouts, removing his fingers from your heat and you whimpering at the loss of contact. “Do I first have to shove my hard cock down your throat so that you’re quiet?!” You breathe hard, looking at him as he looks at you completely serious. You know he isn’t trying to be mean to you, that’s just his dirty talk and you know you two like that.

“Then do it.” You say out of breath and he just shakes his head, looking down at his uncomfortable tight trousers. Niall then starts unbuttoning them, taking out his length and not even bothering to take off his trousers and calvin klein boxers completely.

“No way, princess. I need to be inside of ye.” He has that sweet irish grin on his face again and you smirk as he comes closer to you again, wrapping your arms around his neck pulling him even closer to you.

“I swear to god if ye aren’t quiet now I’m going to fuck you so hard when we’re at home so that you aren’t even able to talk anymore, let alone walk. Ya hear me?” He growls quietly in your ear and you take in a deep breath as you feel his tip at your entrance, nodding.

“Yes, Ni. Please just fuck me al–” You are interrupted by his length entering you with a powerful thrust, you throwing your head back in pleasure. Niall moves one of his hands to your mouth, covering it as your eyes practically pop out of your head at how hard he’s fucking you. Niall bites his lip, obviously trying to hold his moans and groans he usually isn’t afraid to let out, in. His gaze is fixed on where you two are connected, him pumping in and out of you really fast.

“Shit, princess.” He whispers, throwing his head back himself and diving into you like there’s no tomorrow. “It’s like I’ve never fucked you before. So.. fuck.. unbelievably tight.”

“Ssh. You don’t want anyone to hear us, do you?” You mock him, mumbling against his hand. He just gives you a look, smirking and going even harder. Niall has to press the palm of his hand against your mouth harder so that you don’t scream. He looks down again, seeing his cock disappearing in your wet heat again and again. All that you can hear is your heavy breathes and his balls slapping against your skin. You feel his length throbbing and twitching inside of you, signaling you that Niall is close. He brings his free hand down, rubbing your clit hard and fast to bring you over the edge too. His thrusts get sloppier and uneven and you feel the familiar knot in your stomach. You run your hand through his already messy hair, which you always do when you’re about to come. Your grip on his hair get’s even tighter with each thrust, him nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck again, kissing your skin.

“I know, babe. Just let go, I got you.” Your eyes even start to tear up at this unbelievable feeling of him being deep inside of you, then releasing and spilling his load into you. You whimper and close your eyes, Niall riding out his orgasm as you come undone. You get weaker with every slow thrust, him taking his hand away from your clit and coming to a stop. Your back meets the top of the washing machine, laying on top of it totally out of breath. You two try to catch your breath again, not saying a word. That’s before Niall looks up at you.

“Princess, are you crying? Fuck, did I hurt you?” The look on his face is truly concerned but you shake your head.

“No Niall.” You smile. “I’m fine. This just felt so amazing I..” Niall smiles, brushing a few strands of your messy hair out of your face, then kisses the corners of your mouth.

“It’s okay, babe. This was really just.. wow.” His voice is throaty, something you just get to hear when he’s either really tired, or exhausted. Which he probably is both right now. You two turn your heads in a swift towards the door though as you hear a knock.

“Is there someone in?” You hear the familiar voice of Liam’s and you look up at Niall in pure horror. He looks absolutely panicked himself and you mouth a ‘shit’ to him, trying to think of a good excuse.

“Yea, uhm..” You shout from your spot. “Give me a minute.” You jump from the washing machine and put your knickers on again, Niall quickly buttoning his trousers.

“Okay, I’ll wait.” You hear him say and your eyes widen.

“What now?!” Niall mouthes at you, and you shrug truly clueless.

“I don’t know!” You run your hand through your hair so that you look a bit more decent. “The.. the window!” You point to it and his eyes widen now.

“What?!” He whisper-shouts. “No way!” You sigh, giving in.


“He’s my best mate, he won’t care.” Niall says quietly and you don’t say a word, instead you open the door and are immediately met with Liam’s eyes, him leaning against the wall. He smiles at you, you returning it. The smile on his face falls off though as Niall follows behind you, his hair still all messy.

“Uhm, sorry I..” Liam stutters. “I didn’t want to.. bother the two of you?” He says but it comes out more like a question. Niall chuckles nervously and you see Liam smirking at him out of the corner of your eye.

“You didn’t bother us.” Niall replies and Liam nods, his cheeks a deep shade of red. You’re sure that your face is as red as a tomato as well and Niall looks like he doesn’t even care that you two’ve been caught. Knowing him, he truly doesn’t care being the careless irish boy he is. Niall and you head downstairs again while Niall runs his hand through his hair just like you did.

You and Niall exchange a look, you two smirking widely as Sophia walks past you, heading upstairs.

“Looks like I’m not the only one who’s getting some.” Niall says, pulling you close and kissing your temple.


I’m selling every painting i’ve done within the last 4 months to save up to relocate to ATL for a few seasons. Fighting with family, depression and employment issues have really taken it’s toll on my life and happiness, it’s time i move away for some fresh air.

So please, spread the word. Cause if i stay here i know i won’t make it out alive. 

hit my email: theartclasshero@gmail.com if interested

So, as you all know, Phil’s birthday is coming up!! I wanted to do a lil’ something special for him so, I am! Basically what I want to do is make a 5-7 minute long video with a bunch of submissions from people in the phandom wishing him a happy birthday! Here is all of the info: 

What you can submit:

  • Art (edits, paintings, drawings, no smut pls) NO STEALING OF ART I WILL SEND A SMURF TO YOUR HOUSE TO SHIT BLUE ALL OVER YOUR WALLS x
  • Little messages (not too long I want to fit a bunch of people in this! also include ur tumblr username/real name/if ur anon thats ok too thx)
  • Video messages (20-28 seconds long)

If you can think of something else that you would like to submit please shoot me an ask and I’ll tell you if it’s a-okay to submit!!

How to submit:

Since I don’t know how to use tumblr PLEASE EMAIL philsbirthdaything@gmail.com

DEADLINES AND other info:

Phil’s birthday is January 30th, and I want to give you guys time to make/write what you are submitting, but I also need time to edit the video, SO I’ve decided that January 18th at 10:00 PM central time is the absolute last minute you can submit.

I will be uploading this on youtube (to this channel), I’ll be posting the video on here, and I will be tweeting it to him. 

feel free to send me questions on here about this i’ll answer them all!!!!


So as stupid as this update is, you know how when you go to your blog and click on a tag and it automatically takes you to the search function? If you hold down on that tag it’ll give you the option to search the blog you’re on or all of tumblr. It’s unnecessary but that’s how you can search tags in your blog again.


Funhaus started a new show/video concept which is really damn funny. I absolutely loved the video and would recommend everyone to watch it so that they can make more of this awesome new show!

Even if you’re not a fan, or haven’t even heard of Funhaus. Please do give this (and their channel if you liked the video!) a watch, I feel like this video would be a good time even if you’re not that familiar with them!

My dash needs more Supernatural (like seriously I just went through my dash and followed all the recommended blogs) and I’m supposed to be writing three different art history papers right now (*cries*)! Like or reblog if you post mostly Supernatural and I’ll follow you.

Bonus points if you post Destiel and/or Cockles

Consider following this die-hard pie lover for Supernatural posts 24/7. (P.S. It’s me, I’m the die-hard pie lover.)


This is Numbuh 1995 again and I’m here today to tell you guys to don’t stop spreading the petition around to other operatives online that can help make a difference in making Galactic Kids Next Door a reality. 


Right now, the petition has 11,801 signatures. Which to be fair is a huge amount of signatures on it’s own. But companies such as Cartoon Network don’t acknowledge petitions unless they hit at least 100,000 signatures. 

Which means we’re 88,199 signatures away from that goal. Which may seem like a scary amount but that’s how much we need in order to get this petition actually noticed by the company to make it a reality. 

So we need the full 100% support of the KND operatives who have been recommissioned and who’re new to sign this petition and spread it like wildfire! 

Here is where you can sign your active duty to this mission to support our cause (Petition link) 

Please spread the word around and recommission everyone possible!