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Coliver Intimacy Prompt

“Moving your head to someone’s chest to feel the heartbeat.” From this list. Enjoy! Send me some more!

“That about does it for today, you’re all set. Your T-Cell level is very high, which is wonderful. Do either of you have any questions?” Dr. Chen asked, looking between the two men.

“No, I don’t have any, Connor?”

Connor shrugged and shook his head.

“Alright then, I’ll leave you to get situated. You can make your next appointment with the receptionist on your way out. Have a nice day,” the doctor said with a small smile, nodding before exiting the exam room.

Oliver let his shoulders sag and body slump forward, allowing the previous bundle of nerves to relax. “These are never going to not be stressful,” he sighed.

Connor wrapped an arm around his shoulder and brought him into an embrace, cupping the back of his head and leading Oliver’s head into the crook of his shoulder. Oliver wrapped his arms around Connor’s waist, closing what little distance there was.

“Thanks for being here,” Oliver mumbled, his voice muffled by Connor’s sweater.

“Anytime,” Connor replied, rubbing up and down Oliver’s back.

“Can we get out of here? I hate this place.”

“Ready when you are,” murmured Connor.

Oliver promptly got dressed and, after making their next appointment, left the doctor’s office hand in hand. Even though Oliver was getting more good news every time he went, he couldn’t help but feel drained after the visits. The uncertainty and anxiety ended up wearing him down. While Connor being at his side made everything about one thousand times easier, he couldn’t help himself. He never had to go to the doctor’s this regularly for anything before. Now he has to make appointments constantly. The thought nagged at the back of his mind; one day Connor couldn’t make it, and Oliver would go in alone. Dr. Chen would have a grim look on her face as she told him the news that none of the meds worked anymore and that he was hopeless and—


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Castle Flash-Fiction Challenge: Castle explains the philosophy of the perfect cup of coffee in an M-rated way


Set immediately after 1x04, Hell Hath No Fury

“Fast and hot is easy, but you risk ending up with a mess and no satisfaction.” His hands, strong and sure, press and lift. “No, the real skill is in going slow.” Her cheeks flush in anticipation. “Let the pressure build–” she watches through hooded eyes as his fingers grip, then hold… hold “–higher, and higher–” then twist and pull, rocking up and back with practiced skill “–and then at just the right moment–” she holds her breath “–ease off, and–” her nails bite into the flesh of her palms “–release.” Her breath comes out on a stuttering sigh.

“Where did you learn how to do that?”

“Research, my dear Detective. For when Derrick Storm went undercover in Rome, as a barista at Caffè Greco.”

He pours the freshly-steamed milk into her waiting double shot of espresso, finishing with a curlicue flourish in the foam. The flavor bursts across her tongue, deep, rich, and capped with a perfect cloud of creamy froth.

“So I guess foamy richness doesn’t annoy you so much after all.”

She lets the smirk build to a full grin, setting the porcelain cup back in its saucer on the granite kitchen island.

“Oh, I don’t know, Castle. It still seems a little overblown, all that build-up just for a little–”

He steps into her, pressing her back to the counter and spreading open his button down she had grabbed from the floor.

“–little? Who, or what, exactly are you calling little?”

The evidence to the contrary nudges at her naked thigh.

“Maybe you should demonstrate your… technique… again.”

His teeth worry the sensitive spot beneath her left ear.

“Hmm… I guess it’s only fair to give Nikki Heat as much attention to detail as Derrick Storm.”

Her back arches as he lifts her onto the cold surface.

“Remind me why I’m letting you keep that awful name?”

“I think it had something to do with my relentless dedication to…” he flicks his tongue over her nipple “…research.”