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the last time i was in this hallway i was w my friend who would’ve benefited from the hallway being accessible. the last time we were there, the lift was chained, and we both were pretty upset

if youre gonna work to make a place accessible you gotta go full out c'mon

[[photoset of three snapchats. first is of a wheelchair ramp placed in the middle of a hallway captioned, “ahh yes a wheelchair ramp! so accessible!!” second is of a set of stairs, further down the hallway with a wheelchair elevator/lift attached on the side by the wall, captioned, “‘temporarily out of service” third is a closeup of the sign attached to the lift that says, “this elevator is temporarily out of service,” and captioned, “#accessibilityshouldntbehard”]]

Heat Cycle

“I’m in heat, are you sure you want to do this?”

You nod, laying back on the sheets, “I’ve got some pretty good stamina, let’s see if I can help you out.”

He nods, practically clamoring over you to kiss you deeply, midcables whirling out and spike cover retracting. He ruts his hips, slowly using his cables to angle you upwards, legs spread. You are aware of his glossa doing sinful things to you, making you arc in his hold and moan. Lubricant, pheromones, scent markers, and a little bit of his oral fluid prep you for entrance, thick and sticky. A cable slowly strokes you, secreting a thick, spicy smelling liquid. You flick your tongue out when one passes close by, licking it gently and making his engine roar.


“You didn’t do anything wrong.”

And with that, he slowly buries himself inside.



“It’s good, it’s fine, more!”

He smiles then, rotating you further, and slowly rutting his hips. It’s a standard feeling, nice and full, until he hits that tiny spot you can barely touch. He chuckles unsurely when you grab his midcable and groan thickly.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, oh please!”

He nips along your neck, gently, rumbling in his chest when your hips buck unexpectedly. He flips, lounging on his back and laying you on his belly. “It’s easier this way, for me and for you. Just don’t move too much.”

Perfectly angled, every time his cables move you along his spike, he hits that sensitive area head on, and you can barely keep count of how many screams he wrenches from your throat, how many overloads he has, and how many orgasms you achieve. In the end your stomach bulges from all the transfluid, and he is slowly, slowly, bucking his hips. Overload is far from his mind, now its more of a comforting gesture.

“Are you alright?”

“Never better”, you slowly slip off his spike, groaning at the sound of transfluid slapping onto metal. He smiles before kissing your forehead.

“Thank you.”

“No problem, happy to help.”, your voice is weak from screaming, and you’re sure to be sore, but it’s a nice sore. “Goodnight, Ratchet.”


PLEASE REBLOG THIS. Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohan are missing at sea since Friday, July 24th. They are believed to be floating with devices from their capsized boat - engine cover, white yeti cooler, and life jackets. Please spread awareness! Miracles do happen and keep these boys, their families, and the city of Jupiter, FL in your prayers. 

There is a gofundme set up to help fund private aircraft, boat fuel and any other additional resources needed for the immediate recovery of these missing boys.
Link: http://www.gofundme.com/perryandaustin

I personally don’t know these boys, but I am keeping them in my heart. Please keep them in yours as well.

Just remember: When there is hope, there are miracles. 

previously as #EndRhodeyErasure campaign blog, we are doing the never ending task of spreading awarness of the fact that James Rhodes exists in canon much to the dismay of fandom. 

The agenda stays the same: spread the Rhodey-love across the internet, but we’re trying to extend our horizons. To become a fansite-kind-of blog for all Rhodey stuff, not just the ones that are shown in our tag like we used to. 

Due to this, we’re in seek of commited help. We need you! 

  • Love Rhodey a lot– It just works better if you have your love as incentive, we’re not getting money out of any of this. 
  • Know tumblr basics– tagging system, xkit, blogging. 
  • Be commited– if we don’t try our best to show Rhodey off, fandom is less likely to see him more. 
  • Read comics* – this one is optional. We’re planning a Comic Rec-List, not to mention the ‘Whereabouts’ section of the blog should always have a comicbook there because that’s Rhodey’s main place as of the moment, so it’d help a lot if we had a Comic master among us. 
  • Be friendly– We’re all here trying to do the same, after all. 
T O  A P P L Y
  • reblog this post – only reblog count as entries & if you reblog just to spread the word make sure to let us know that by tagging it.
  • follow dailyrhodey
  • if you are an artist (of any kind of work; gifs/graphics, fanart, fanmix, fanfics) make sure to have somewhere on your blog tagged it so we can see – it might improve your chances, but it’s not a requirement.

We will be choosing the new members according to how many notes this post gets. We want as much help as we can get, so it’s important to us that the word spreads around. If you have questions or concerns, shoot us an ask!


Lets start the spread of awareness for the Star of Life and the Maltese Cross.

If you see the star of life (first picture) or the maltese cross (second picture) on either of the vehicles above or either vehicle in general (3rd picture is an ambulance, 4th picture is a firetruck), know that the people inside of them are there to help someone and are not armed nor have the intent to harm you. Please do not shoot or hinder the efforts of these trucks and people inside. Someone’s life can depend on it. 

No we are not cops and we really don’t care that your friend just shot up a bunch of heroin and stopped breathing, we just want to make sure he lives to see the morning. We don’t report things to the cops unless it’s a hunting accident, elder abuse/neglect, or child abuse/neglect.

Malialovers introduces...

What’s The Malialovers Chat ?

  • It’s a place where we ,malia lovers, can chat. We’ll probably make new friends in the process which is always nice.

How can I get a place in The Malialovers Chat ?

  • Like/reblog this post. (A reblog would be appreciated because it spreads awareness and the more the merrier right ?)
  • Send an ask explaning why you want a place in the chat. 
  • Following the blog would be nice.

If you get a place in the chat :

  • I’ll need your email to add you.
  • This is a given but you’ll have to behave. This should be a nice and fun place to chat not a place to fight. This is why I’ll remove from the chat anyone who is causing troubles by trying to start a fight or insulting others or anything like that.

Any questions ?

Spreading awareness is the laziest form of activism.

While awareness is important it shouldn’t be peoples only form of activism. There’s going out and trying to make a change, raising money for charities, or even trying to educate people on an issue.

What I’d like to see more of in the entertainment industry:

•lead characters with acne, realistic scars, and/or other blemishes
•lead male characters who aren’t stereotiypically masculine but are skilled heroes none the less
•lead male characters and lead female characters that don’t have some pointless romantic subplot
•you know what
•more short/shaved hair on female leads (way to go Mad Max)
•more POC lead characters in a story not based solely around the color of their skin (stories that spread awarness about racism/white privlage are still important though)
•and of course
•more representation of the LGBTQIA+ community without the only character trait being their sexuality

anonymous asked:

The Taiwanese schoolbooks thing. What can we do to stop it?

besides spreading awareness outside of taiwan..not much. there are already numerous taiwanese students, parents and even teachers protesting against this. the texbook revision is supposed to begin tmr (8/1,2015). even with all the controversy its stirred up the education ministry (with the KMT backing them up) look like theyre still going to go ahead with it. the good thing is, elections come up soon and i hope the DPP (Tsai Ing-Wen) can become president and right some of the wrongs that have been done, since there is truly not much we can do now except show that we wont just go down quietly without a fight.

Why You Shouldn’t Say Shit About Men’s Rights Activism

You shouldn’t say shit about men’s rights activism because it’s not a set movement. It doesn’t have some sort of source to tell you what to believe for the most part.

You shouldn’t say shit about men’s rights activism not caring about women (or other genders/sexes/sexualities for that matter) because it’s not true. We’re all individuals, so we all focus on different things. If anything, your beef is with the individuals, not men’s rights activism itself.

You shouldn’t say shit about men’s rights activism because we’re actually trying to spread SOME sort of awareness. What are you ‘anti-MRAs’ accomplishing by moaning at us and calling us out? What about those people we’re apparently not treating equally?


Lyme is widely misunderstood. Spreading awareness is crucial because ANYONE can get it -  so be informed and #postitforward.

It could happen to you, your mom, your neighbor, your grandma, your dog, or these people:

Lyme is present in all 50 states and on every continent except Antarctica.

It can cause a variety of symptoms and is often misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, depression, or “you’re not sick." 

Many people who contract Lyme had no idea they were bitten, because some ticks are the size of the period at the end of this sentence. 

Veterinarians regularly screen and vaccinate dogs for Lyme, but it is often overlooked by human doctors.

Lyme affects 1.5 times the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer. If you don’t receive immediate treatment, Lyme disease becomes chronic, debilitating, and fatal. If you or someone you know is sick and can’t figure out why, take the time to learn about Lyme disease. 



Hi everyone. Kate’s family is trying to reach out to Katy Perry and spread awareness about dating violence.

It would mean the world to her friends & family if you would like this Facebook page ( https://m.facebook.com/friendsofkathrynrosemauke?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2FpGHkWcMCK3 ) and tweet the hashtag #RipKatyCatKate.

Please help us share Kate’s story with the world.


1. When you first get diagnosed you go from super skinny to slightly chubby or have a lot more weight than you did before which makes you feel like crap about your self image .
2. Your weight continues to fluctuate .
3. Your moods can change from wow look at this pretty flower to i want to fucking murder everyone for being so happy get me the fuck outta here .
4. Seizures .
5. Did i fucking mention you have an almost dead organ just kinda sitting there in your system just like “yo i’m just here for decoration i make this place look pretty”
6. People constantly asking you “are you sure you can eat this?” With every fucking food or drink . Like of course i can fucking eat it just watch me .
7. People saying to you “i bet you got diabetes cause you had too much sugar” and confusing it with type two diabetes . Ok this next one really pisses me off .
8. When people seem to think you can get rid of type one diabetes and that its not all that bad . No fuck you . Fuck you . I am fucking stuck with this for life you dipshit .
9. Having a needle in your stomach all day (if you’re on an insulin pump)or giving injections all the time (if you’re on the pen or syringe ) .
10. Anything up to 8 finger pricks a day . Your finger tips are completely callused and ugh its just not pretty.
11. You don’t feel normal .
12. People don’t understand
13. Lack of knowledge by the public or even your own family leading to constant judgement .
14. you CAN die from it .
I REPEAT YOU CAN DIE . It’s just as bad as any other severe illness
Basically what i’m trying to say is , everyone spreads awareness for terminal illnesses and other types but i have not once seen a type one diabetes post on tumblr . Please reblog and share awareness . And like this post if you yourself are diabetic . I just want people to understand it’s not easy . Diabetics have it hard and it just gets ignored by many. And i promise i will thank you for your kindness for reblogging this post i can’t do anything more than that from behind a computer screen but thankyou . ★彡