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I'm sorry if you've answered this before, but do you have any spray tanning tips for a first timer?

  1. Start with the lightest shade that the salon offers. If you go with a color that is too dark for you, it will most likely turn out orange and splotchy. It’s best to go with the shade light, and seeing those results.
  2. Before heading to the salon for your spray tan, make sure you shower right before. Shave and exfoliate your body. Do not wear any makeup, lotions, or deoderant. Also, wear something loose fitting and comfortable. I usually wear sweatpants/nike shorts, an oversized sweatshirt and flip-flops or ugg boots.
  3. Before getting in the booth, make sure you heavily apply the barrier cream to your hands and feet. These parts of your body can get super orange and uneven, so barrier cream is essential. I also always bring a hair bad to tie my hair back with. 
  4. After getting your spray tan in the booth, let your body air dry for a few minutes. I then take the towel and lightly rub my tan in to make sure it’s even. I let it air-dry again for another 2-3 minutes, then I put back on my clothes.
  5. Wait 8-10 hours before showering. I always get my spray tans in the evening, and then I shower in the morning. For the next few days, heavily apply moisturizing skin lotion to your face and body. If your skin is dry, your tan will start to become blotchy and flake. Moisturized skin makes the tan last longer. Also, if you are getting the spray tan for a special event (like prom), I recommend doing it 1-3 days before the actual event. If you do it the day before, it can look unnatural or blotchy. I find that spray tans actually look the best two to three days after getting them! 

Hope that could help answer your question! 

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