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hello. i don't know if this is the right place to ask but i'm desperate. someone who's not important anymore broke up with me months ago and i still miss the affection of that relationship. i know i'm not quite ready for another relationship but his breaking up method was horribly cruel and i'm damaged. can you recommend me any kind of spells? anything that could help me to let go? and maybe some spells to attract a new romantic relationship? thank you a lot. love your blog. xx

Self-love/attraction spells:

You could also try my banishing cream recipe to get rid of the negativity you may have imprinted in you from your previous relationship. 

A simple spell for romantic rebirth/letting go:


  • Envelope
  • Paper or parchment.
  • Pen.
  • Heartsease.
  • Rosemary.
  • Sage.
  • Peppermint.
  • Rose petals.
  • Waning Gibbous moon. 
  • Fire.

Perform this at night where you can see the moon

On the piece of paper, write down all your feelings and emotional problems you want to be “cast away” so that they can be purified, and to haunt you no longer. Once you are done, fold the paper and place it in the envelope along with the herbs. Seal the envelope shut. Present the envelope to the moon and then burn the envelope in the fire completely (although safely). After it has burned, scatter the ashes outside. 

To attract a lover aura spray recipe:


  • Empty spray bottle.
  • ½ cup distilled water.
  • ½ cup witch hazel.
  • 10 drops rose essential oil.
  • 5 drops orange essential oil.
  • 5 drops patchouli essential oil. 
  • 5 drops catnip essential oil.
  • 5 drops cinnamon essential oil.
  • Dash of vanilla.
  • Rose Quartz (small).
  • Smokey Quartz (small).
  • 8oz measuring cup. 

Pour the distilled water into the measuring cup, and then fill it the rest of the way with the witch hazel. Mix in the essential oils and vanilla drops. Pour into the spray bottle, and then add the crystals inside (make sure they are cleansed). Close the bottle and give it a shake, then it’s ready to use. Spray around your auric field (do not spray directly onto skin).

“I have spent ten years of my life fighting for trans justice. I have given my life advocating for trans people and marginalized Muslims, holding on to the belief that kids today will not have to weather the hell I and my sisters went through ever again. Today, we face a crucible — where if we do not act now, that dream of a better future may be snuffed out.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him said “If you are planting a tree and the day of judgment comes, finish what you started.” We have been planting forests and fields of flowers for our youth, that they might have a better life than we suffer. That our youth can have a future full of life, and security, and jobs and housing and equal rights. A life free of violence from racist pigs and transphobic devils. We have fought tooth and nail building gardens for our children, and they have come to us with chainsaws to cut us down.

Many of us in the trans community have given everything us to protect our youth. We have put our lives on the line for your queer movement — for once it is time for our cisgender accomplices - and my white trans siblings - to rise up and join the fight without reservation, without abandon. Imam Ali calls on you to “Be an enemy to the oppressors and a helper to the oppressed” and he also said “To delay is to lose”. The day has come. Where are you?

Do not think that Allah is unaware what unjust people do [14:42]. They have already come for immigrants, they have already come for Jews and Muslims. They have already come in waves of white supremacist violence and where were you? Sacred Stone Camp has been occupied by water defilers Flint still doesn’t have clean water and where are you? The state has come for our youth. Agent Orange and his like have sprayed poison on our fields of flowers and it is upon us to protect our youth, protect our families, protect our communities by any means necessary.

For their day of judgment will come and we will be ready. Where are you?”

- Chicago’s Trans Liberation March 3/3, image by Love & Struggle photos

                   Insertion will be at 2200 local standard time with departure from passing container ship via zodiac watercraft. This will be a 72 hour mission. Team will cut engine once one mile out and then paddle to the north side of the island near “Pole Point” and come ashore setting up security and hiding the boat. Current estimates have local population at 30-60 people. Local infrastructure is wooden palm huts and sheltered pits into the ground. Local vegetation is thick single and double canopy jungle. Elevation is generally flat. with the highest point being 98 meters above sea level. 

Team will recon the area just off the coast with a FLIR equipped drone to locate the local inhabitants. Team will then move into potion around the camp and attempt to locate the hostages, spending the next 24-36 hours gathering intelligence on movements and routines. The night of the third day if required intel levels are met, team will strike when there are the least amount of population awake, dispatching sentry’s with distance suppressed fire and retrieving the bodies if possible. Entry will be quick and quiet, only shooting if absolutely necessary. Non-lethal and diversion devices are to be used in a emergency capacity if team is compromised. Once HVTs are grabbed, team will extract to the zodiac and meet up with another passing container ship as scheduled. 

             Four man fire team with a team leader. All team members minus one will have LWRC IC-PSD with 10.5 .300BLK barrels installed. Geissle Super Select Fire triggers and SilencerCo Omega suppressors. Steiner DBAL-L2 LADs, Surefire M600 scouts with IR filters, and Aimpoint Micro T2s will also be installed. Magazines will be 40 round Magpul PMAGs in a coupler for 80 rounds on tap. Gorilla Ammunition’s Silverback subsonic 205 grain will be what is loaded into the gun and the two additional magazines worn on the belt-line. Sidearms will be Sig Sauer MK25s with 20 round Mec-Gar magazines loaded with Hornady 135 Flexlok Plus-P 9x19mm worn in Safariland ALS with a Surefire X300U attached. Only one pistol magazine will be carried and used as a last resort.

            Last remaining member will have a SCAR17 suppressed with the same Omega suppressor. Hornady 164 grain TAP .308 Winchester ammunition in 20 round magazines. ATN Day/Thermal optic with Steiner DBAL for IR designation. Harris Bipod as well as a 45 degree RMR for close in work.

         Team members will all wear US Armor level 3 stab vests and Ops-Core non-ballistic helmets. Helmets will be carrying PVS7 NODs, Streamlight IR lights, go-pro cameras, and M2000 strobes on the back. Multicam Tropic Crye pants/assault shirts will be worn with Solomon Forces GTX boots. HSGI battlebelts/suspenders will be worn to carry first line equipment. This includes two additional 40 round PMAGS, one RAT-5 knife, OMEGA-9suppressor for the MK25, IFAK, dump pouch, two M84 flashbang grenades, one M18 smoke grenade and specialty ammunition (either 12 guage shotshells or 40mm non-leathal grenades).

           Special purpose weapons include two Benelli M1014 Short Barrel 12 Gauge Shotguns for breaching/diversion/CQC and two M320 General Purpose Grenade Launcher for breaching/diversion.

            Fieldpacks will be Mystery Ranch Mountain Rucks loaded for a five day mission to give team extra capability incase HVTs are unable to located the first night or the situation turns south and extraction ship doesn’t arrive.

            Food will consist of MREs and cold-water dehydrated meals such as Mountain-House’s chicken salad or granola with blueberries. Individual snack items such clif-bars/power bars will be left up to individual discretion. 10 liters of water will be carried by each member in two 3 liter bladders and four 1 liter bottles.

     Additional clothing will be polypro silkskin base layers, four pairs of smartwool light crew hiker socks, two pairs of ex-officio boxers, shemagh, nomex flight gloves, multicam poncho, boonie hat, and a Mutlicam Tropic blouse. 

           Other individual equipment consists of various survival and mission equipment in various pouches/sacks. This includes, paracord, trip-wire, 100mph tape, electrical tape, zip-ties, extra batteries, weapons cleaning kits, binoculars, additional medical supplies (TQs/Quickclot/izzy bandages) signal mirror, VS17 signal panel, signal mirror, USGI casualty blanket, Kifaru Woobie, bug spray, bug netting, personal and field communications, GPS, multi-tool, knife sharpener, pen flare kit, wet suit, and emergency survival equipment.

Mission will be fast and light, minimize casualties and our presence on the island. 


July 15th - Another joy of warm summer rides is the overspray from crop sprinklers. Often placed - sometimes I wonder if somewhat mischievously - so they spray into adjoining lanes, cycling through the cold mist is a delight.

Sometimes, it you can’t get caught by one directly, standing downwind can be just as rewarding.

Or maybe, just maybe, if the sun is shining, you can catch a perfect little rainbow…

Jump the Shark - Part 3

Word Count: 4153

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN stuff, some graphic depictions of injuries maybe. I don’t even know.

Series Rewrite Masterlist

You took Adam back to the motel and let Sam and him sleep while Dean and you sat at the table, keeping watch and sharing whiskey. “So…how do you really feel about this?” You questioned. “This whole…new little brother thing. I know it can’t be easy.”

“What?” He asked, chuckling a little under his breath. “That Dad had sex with some chick that wasn’t my mom and had a son he never told us about? You’re right, not easy. Whose side are you taking in this?”

“Side?” You laughed, snatching the whiskey bottle from Dean and taking a sip. “I’m not on anyone’s side except Adam’s. I don’t want him dragged into this either, but…I mean…the apocalypse is coming. He’s a Winchester by blood. I think he should at the very least learn to defend himself.”

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Genre: Agnst, Little bit of smut

Members: Taemin x Reader x Kai

The path I try to go back is a maze//The wind that caresses my cheek goes up//I open my arms//It doesn’t matter, I need an angel’s hand…

Taemin grabbed his camouflage jacket off the the hook from behind the door, sitting on the edge of the bed. “This is will only take a few months and th….then you’ll be back right?” A small voiced called from the door. There you were standing in the sunlight, the beams brushing against your long brown hair as the breeze pushed strands past your shoulder and onto your face.Your baby blue sun dress lightly blowing with the breeze before resting on your ankles. 

“So they say…I want to believe them when they say that. I know that I’ll be back. I’m just want to know you’ll be here when I get back…will you?” His voice trembled past his lips, tears brimming his eyes.

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I wish the farmer would let us know when he was going to spray the fields!

Returning from a few hours of blackberry picking (blueberries were yesterday) it came as a nasty surprise to find him spraying away on the field between me and home. No phone meant I couldn’t call Mom to pick me up somewhere else. No way I could wait out there a few more hours in this heat for everything to settle out. I had to cross the field. 

My lungs are fragile. I hadn’t realized the farmer was spraying out in the woods, but I had noticed earlier my breathing was troubled. I was down wind you see. People will lecture me that this or that is just fertilizer or something else “not toxic”, but I’m not talking toxicity. I’m talking lungs that fail on me if I’m too close to someone wearing a lot of perfume even. Air “fresheners” cause my lungs to shut down so badly I feel like I’m having a heart attack. So no matter what they spray the airborn particles will get to me.

So I pulled my sweat soaked shirt across over face and went as fast as I could. And with my face ducked down and hat on to shield from the sun, what did I do when I got onto the path through the “little woods” to the house? I walked head on into a tree that has fallen across the path! I always just duck under, but I was so focused on breathing I forgot it was there. WHAM!

Meaning I got home gasping and “clicking” as I sucked in air, wondering if I’d given myself a concussion, feet and ankles throbbing, soaked head to toe from sweat…..

So are a couple quarts of blackberries REALLY worth this? LOL

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Hey gal, I think it's fantastic the choices you make with the food you eat however, you shouldn't criticise others for the choices they make with food. Some people eat meat and some eat plant based food but that is their choice. You shouldn't be so tunnel visioned with your opinion.

When your “food choices” greatly impact other things (humans, non-human animals and the planet) it’s no longer a personal choice. Animals aren’t grazing happily in beautiful pastures then walk their way onto your plate. You literally have to unlearn everything you hear growing up, most of it is utter bullshit, we’re absolutely brainwashed by these money hungry industries -

  • Over 56 billion animals are killed a year for food. Meat we don’t need.
  • In the US 70% of grain grown and 85% of soy grown is for cattle and other farm animals. Could feed a lot of starving people with that. 
  • It takes 13 pounds of grain to make one pound of animal flesh..again could be using that to feed hungry people.
  • 260 million acres of US forest has been leveled to grow grain and house livestock for meat.
  • 80% of deforestation of the Amazon rain forest is due to cattle farms, and growing crops to feed them.
  • Half the water in the US is used to raising "food animals"
  • US fisheries kill thousands of protected and engendered sea animals. Cetaceans (dolphins, whales, porpoises) and sharks are tremendously affected by trawl nets.
  • Meat is often contaminated with feces. Campylobacter (usually on chicken) alone is responsible for 2.4 cases of food poisoning a year. (96% of Tyson chicken tested positive for this bacteria)
  • Every year a shit ton of meat is contaminated with E. coli. The USDA reported that 70% food poisoning is caused by contaminated animal flesh
  • Yes plant food can be contaminated with e.coli and other bacteria but that’s due to runoff from cattle farms spraying/leaking into fields growing fresh vegetables.
  • Meat and dairy are loaded with antibiotics and hormones (even milk labeled as hormone free)
  • People talk about vegans ignoring exploited workers when according to Humans Right Watch slaughterhouse work is the most dangerous factory job in america. The work is filthy and they’re underpaid, in constant danger and crazily overworked. 
  • Dairy and meat have been linked to Heart Disease, High blood pressure, Many forms of cancer, diabetes and more. Animal protein, cholesterol and saturated animal fats are horrible for us. My doctor told me he had to worry about me less once I told him I was vegan.
  • Farm animals are just as smart as the pets we having in our homes. Pigs even smarter than dogs. These are sentient animals. These animals don’t die happy for your 5 minute meal, they struggle until their last breath.
  • Veganism doesn’t just help animals. Helps the planet and humans too. It’s unselfish, it’s important

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