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United Airlines controversy Hot Take™

First off, I want you to watch this video about the UC Davis Pepper Spray incident.

The cops were actively trying to leave before the students tried to stop them, threatened to stop “protesting peacefully”, and tried to keep them from getting their prisoners out of there safely. They weren’t just innocent kids minding their own business when the cruel, capsaicin-laced jackboot of The Man came down on them.

But most people saw the edited video first, which is just the pepper spray. Without the context, the cops look like the bad guys. I’ve seen people look at the full video and do logical backflips to make the evidence fit into their first impressions. These people use “peaceful protesters” a lot, even when they’re looking at the protestors openly threatening violence*.

So now you may be wondering “I see where you’re going here.Why do people keep saying the guy who got thrown off was a doctor? What does that have to do with anything?”

Well, a cynical person might think “well, that makes him seem more important”. Not true in this case. The doc said he couldn’t give up the seat because he had patients to see in the morning.

Seems reasonable. Except, wait; how would United actually confirm this?

Say he shows them emails on his phone. Those could be faked. And I’m not sure he could legally show them anyway, because they probably involve confidential medical records. And even if he did have patients, he could reschedule or give them to another doctor. United can’t be sure.

Now, did United have the right to do this? As I understand it, yes, yes they do. Because airlines apparently reserve the right to boot people off of planes, within certain restrictions (like compensation). Also, all legitimate instructions from cabin crew have to be obeyed, legally speaking.

Overbooking? Completely standard. Involuntary bumping? Over 100 a day.

So, injuries. Looks…looks pretty bad, honestly.

Unless you know that injuries, by definition, usually happen in a fight. Such as three dudes trained to subdue people engaging a middle-aged man in close-quarters with lots of hard edges around.

It’s like starting a fistfight on a park bench. And the bench is in your bathroom.

Specifically, the shower.

Maybe… maybe it’s just me, but I think that when cops come to physically remove me from the plane, I’d realize that I’m down to two choices.

1. Go quietly and get the first plane I can.
2. Physically resist, and be even later than the first option, because I’m in a hospital or a jail cell.

Our pal decided to go with door number 2.

Funny how no one seems to be talking about the fact that he tried to resist being taken off the plane. Even though it’s clearly on the video, no editing required.


Everyone is outraged for a week, makes a few memes, then gets over it. United loses stock price, for a while, then rebounds. Any legal action runs straight into a wall of expensive lawyers. United settles to make it go away, some thinkpieces blame this on Trump, and

The only reason this is news is because there was a video. If you want to complain, blame the rules and regulations that allow airlines to bump people off their planes in the first place. Blame overbooking. Blame thin profit margins. 

Blame the guy who refused to leave, even when the writing was on the fuselage wall.

Bringing kids and pets to protests is a terrible idea no matter how peaceful you think it will be. I’ve seen cops start off the night in riot gear and gas masks clearly prepared to use excessive force before even there needing to be ‘justification’ to do so.

There’s videos of cops spraying the elderly, the disabled, mothers and children with pepper spray and carelessly throwing teargas into small crowds of people largely complying with police direction. 

Cops kill people everyday why do you think they wouldn’t gas you, your kid and your dog? Even if you just think that’s a few ‘bad apples’ why are you willing to take a chance when they often show up to protests armed and armored before anything has actually happened?

Why do you think so many homeless, poor, gay, Black and Latino people don’t trust the police and are scared of them? If it’s just a few ‘bad apples’ the profession seems to attract a lot of them.

Be prepared for the idea that you may not leave a protest, even a silly, small and harmless one, without having been close to being gassed. Don’t put your kids or your dog in danger. That’s a decision you can make for yourself but not small and helpless kids and pets.

Protests of the past weren’t joyous occasions for the whole family - you may not have left unscathed or even alive. People knew that going in. Don’t fall for romantic reimaginings of protest movements - people were beaten by vigilantes and attacked by the police. Don’t put your kids through that.

idk why im thinking of this now but you know, it astounds me when people really believe the police have no bias or that most reporting has no bias when it comes to protestors like.. i think it just indicates theyve never been outside around cops at an action or just willingly believe the propaganda they get told. an example: a few months ago people got arrested at an action and some of my comrades went to jail support outside the police station for them. and the cops came out and started fucking with everyone and hitting the protestors and trying to pepper spray them but because of the wind they mostly just pepper sprayed themselves. (which was really funny but anyways) then the next day some news site runs a story on it and the headline is like “cops injured in clash with protestors” and then at the bottom they mention, in one line, that some protestors got injured too. so even though the cops started going after people first, hit people, tried to pepper spray them and then injured THEMSELVES the entire article looks like the protestors pepper sprayed the cops. and i would never even have known what actually happened if my friends werent there in person.. and obviously cops do this all the time but yeah dont fucking trust anything cops say and news sources really will try to twist things as much as they can

slightlyagitatedscientist  asked:

This isn't so much of a theory as something I noticed. In the Ricklantis Mixup, the spray painting Mortys told Cop Morty that the Mortytown Locos robbed that store even though it obviously wasn't them because they have those face tattoos and the store owner said the robbers has no defining features. Bonus, Cop Rick wore his seatbelt and Cop Morty didn't. Sorry if I'm late to the party and everyone noticed this stuff already lol. But what do you take from it?

I wondered if those kids right near the scene of the crime were the culprits, I mean how could you tell if they weren’t?

me and my boyfriend were leaving and theres a visually dead man on our sidewalk and we call an ambulance and in the meantime some random nobody comes up and kicks him to see if he’s dead which eventually makes him convulse which reveals a can of pink pepper spray under him and cops get there and they get him to snap to and eventually they get a name out of him and then this officer is like “YOURE THAT KID THAT WHEN YOU WERE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL WE ARRESTED YOU WITH A BB GUN”. this dead man was like 30. 


“We liked the Madonna image because we thought it was a symbol of a strong female, and that even though she has been battered, she is still standing and staring defiantly. Nothing is going to knock her down. It’s a perfect symbol of a strong female.”

Ethan Kath, The Guardian Interview, 2009

“Hopefully girls could learn from Alice. Hopefully she can wash away all the lessons from the mainstream media. I think she has the power to.”

Ethan Kath, NME Interview, 2012

“It was taken at a protest in Yemen. A boy was pepper-sprayed and beaten by cops and his mother thought that he had been killed in the fight. In that moment she’s found him and she’s crying from happiness because he’s still alive…The woman is the powerful one in this picture, the male needs her, and I like that.”

Ethan Kath RE: (III) album cover, NME, 2012


Last night my sister’s dog, Buddy, was pepper sprayed by cops. The dog and cops were separated by a 6-foot high fence that is meant to keep horses in. Buddy had done nothing but bark and had shown no signs of aggression. Cops later denied pepper spraying the dog. I understand that cops have a right to keep dogs at bay but through a fence? That’s just not right.

Update (12/20/14)

My family and I wanted to update you all with some more details and to thank you all for the support.

First off we wanted to add some other photos of Buddy to show his lovable and playful sides. I also wanted to add a picture of my sister with Buddy. The photo of my sister, Charlie, and Buddy was taken before they spent a day at a dog beach in California.

Buddy was rescued from a shelter this past summer and has found a home with lots of love in it.

Since the incident my sister has attempted to talk with the sheriff about the officers conduct but so far no action has been taken. We are still waiting to hear back from them again.

Buddy is doing better but he is still a little shy about going close to the fence. 

We also wanted to bring attention to the fact that the cops came to their house to take action on a warrant that was no longer valid. While they were there on this no longer relevant warrant they pepper sprayed this lovable guy through the fence leaving him in pain and discomfort for a good hour. Worse than that they have left Buddy with a distrust for people.

This type of behavior from officers is unacceptable! Help us spread the word by continuing to like, reblog, share, comment and pass the word on to anyone you know!

Last but not least we wanted to thank everyone who has liked and reblogged this post!! The support has been amazing!!

We will update this post as more information is available! 

TIFU by freezing a coworker

This one is really long, and chilling.

“Background: So I work as a Chef at a pretty popular restaurant in (city withheld).

"Since September has begun we’ve been taking in a few students from local high schools to assist in the kitchen. It’s nothing special really: washing the dishes, taking out garbage, preparing very simple ingredients. It’s a pretty positive co-op program for kids who wish to get into any trade schools. This semester we’ve taken in three students, one of whom has Down syndrome. Let’s call the special needs kid Ricky for the story’s sake. Ricky’s got a strong work ethic, very positive, and to be honest seems to be more capable than the other two idiots we have working with us. I could go on a tirade about them, but this is my TIFU and not a time to get something off my chest.

"Tuesday nights are nights when students are allowed to work as long as they want for more money (it’s great for people who don’t want to find a different job) and of course Ricky wants to stay until close. It’s great for me, since with two cooks sick today the cleanup process would be forever and a day. With time winding down and the restaurant about to close, I told Ricky he could put some unused ingredients back in the walk-in freezer and take a break after he was done. A few cooks and I finished the cleanup work and we got ready to go home. I did a quick inventory of the kitchen and saw Ricky’s sweater was gone so I assumed he went home. Naturally I thought nothing of it and left.

"I get home, pour myself a few vodka shots (high-functioning alcoholic here, yeah sorry Mom) and read a bit before passing out in bed. About two hours ago I get a phone call and my boss is screaming at me. Ricky’s parents have called the cops as well as the restaurant owner. Ricky was missing.

"Of course since I was the last person to see him I was considered somewhat liable for this. My boss was having a conniption and a half by calling me every 10 minutes while I drove down to the restaurant. Ricky wasn’t answering his phone and I was getting legitimately worried. I have a history of not working well with high school students, but I really liked this kid and wanted him to be safe.

"I get to the restaurant to find my boss, several cops, what appeared to be Ricky’s parents and… Ricky. Thank fuck he was found and my worries had come to an end… or so I thought. It turns out Ricky interpreted my telling him to take a break after putting unused ingredients in the freezer… to take a break in the freezer. Naturally (or thankfully) he brought his sweater in with his Nintendo DS into the freezer. He didn’t know how to use the emergency escape or notification (we show all the new people how to use it in the event they’re trapped in a fridge or freezer) and left his phone in one of the closets. I was just so happy to see he was okay I gave him a hug. I’ve never felt someone so cold in my life. Surely hypothermia and pneumonia.

"My woes didn’t end there.

‘StayChilly, you smell like bugspray.’

'What do you mean Ricky?’

'Your breath smells like mosquito spray.’

"The cops look at me and lean in to smell the vodka shots I had a few hours prior on my breath. I’m immediately forced to take a breathalyzer test (passed) while being judged by pretty much everyone present.

"It gets worse.

"After I hugged Ricky he looks at my chest and, well, cold does things to people’s nipples. In my haste I forgot to put on a bra and had nipplus erectus as my ex used to call it. Ricky, although innocent, loudly blurts "Are you turned on StayChilly?” By this point I’m so embarrassed and ashamed my face is red as can be. In one night I successfully lock a kid with Down syndrome in a freezer, forget about him, take a breathalyzer test, and forget a bra at the most inopportune time… ever.

“…my boss hasn’t returned any calls or texts in the hours after.

”…coworkers are asking my recipe for “Tard-sicles”.

“…Ricky’s been at the hospital telling people he turns me on.

"I’m dreading tomorrow morning.”