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Beachy Keen - Sea Salt Spray

Can’t make it down to the beach or landlocked? Want to carry a bit of the sea with you?  This is the salt spray I made for my wife when she wanted sea kissed waves without leaving the house.


🏝 Spray bottle

🏝 Two cups of boiling water

🏝 Two tablespoons of Epsom Salt

🏝 Two tablespoons of grey salt (can be French or Celtic but if you can’t find either, you can use plain sea salt too)

🏝 Four tablespoons of pink Himalayan sea salt

🏝 One tablespoon of macadamia nut oil (or coconut oil) - this helps your hair as the salt can be very drying

🏝 Four drops of Vitamin E oil - this is optional but it helps your hair as well

🏝 Ten drops of Rose Absolute essential oil

🏝 Four drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil


🏝 Mix the salts in the boiling water to dissolve

🏝 Add the oils and essential oils into a spray bottle

🏝 Once the salt has dissolved in the water, pour it into the bottle but not all the way to the top

🏝 Seal the bottle and shake shake shake to mix the oils and the water and you’re good to go

🏝 When you spray it in your hair always be sure to scrunch for beachy waves


Carrying pepper spray without proper training is dangerous in and of itself due to the fact that if you don’t know how to use it you can be effectively giving your attacker a weapon to use against you (same goes for if you’re carrying a knife and aren’t trained on how to use it)

But if you MUST carry pepper spray DO NOT KEEP IT ON YOUR KEYS because if and when your attacker grabs it from you they will effectively have obtained your car and entrance to your home and your student ID and whatever else you keep on your keys.

Also you make it 10x easier for your attacker to grab your pepper spray from you if it’s attached to a lanyard.

Common sense people. Please.

Source: my neighbor is an ex-swat team member.