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Give Me One-Hundred Percent

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Pepper, Steve

Warnings: Sub!Bucky (if you squint), smut, swearing, hair pulling, metal ahnd use

Summary:Based off of this gif ;)

Word Count: 1284


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These Three Words | M.C

I love Little Mix, they’re amazing, so I’m excited to write about this song. I also listened to this song on end when my emotions were a bit crazy because of my feelings. lol fun times. ANYWAY! Thanks for the request and if you have a request I’ve yet to answer, please be patient - I often have to listen to the song on repeat for ages to write. Enjoy!

Inspired by this song

He stood in front of the mirror and styled his dirty blonde hair to imperfect perfection before picking up his aftershave and spraying it. He was dressed to the nines, ready to embark on yet another date this week as I sat on the sofa in my PJs ready for yet another night in. It’s been like this almost every night for I don’t know how long. Michael enjoyed his time out on the dating scene, while I just stood in the sidelines and watched as girls were brought back to our apartment after he had wooed them on their date, ready to give them a night of euphoric satisfaction. And I hated it. 

Michael was my best friend. We were like two peas in a pod. Except this pea is totally and utterly besotted by the Sydney born. It shouldn’t be this way. It should never have happened. But I did the thing. The thing where you accidentally fall for your best friend. I hated it. It was pure emotional torture. I daren’t tell him how I felt. No way, no how. We’ve been too close for too long and it’d be weird for him, I just know it. Welcome to the friendzone- population: me. 

He was quite the ladies man. He’d take them on the most breathtaking dates, it was truly amazing. It really had me jealous. 

“Hey Y/N?” 

I snapped out of my daydream that I had drifted into after studying his beautiful facial features from his reflection in the mirror.

“I’m hoping to get home by midnight, can you make sure you’re in your room by then? I don’t want things to be awkward.”

I grunted a reply. 

There was a stab in my heart. Here we go again. Another night where I had to make myself scarce for Mr Loverboy to be able to satisfy his needs once more. It had become such a regular thing and every occurrence broke me just that little bit more.

“Also, I know you’re ordering takeout again, but can you make sure you clear it before you go? I don’t want the place looking a mess when I’m tryna impress,” he wiggled his eyebrows. 


That came out a little harsher than usual. 

“Whoa, someone’s on their period.” 

Excuse me?

“What did you just say?”

“I said ‘someone’s on their period.’ Jeez, Y/N, don’t take it out on me.” 

“Don’t blame shit on me being a woman, Michael, that’s so fucking sexist,”  I snarled. 

“What is your problem?” He asked in a harsh turn as he spun around to face me, while fixing his collar.

“Nothing.” I mumbled. I had to bite my tongue and stop in my tracks. 

“Well you’re acting like something is up, so out with it, already, I need to leave in 10.” He checked his watch to ensure he was running on time. 

“I’m just sick of this,” I huffed. 

He walked towards me, his expression questioning what I’d just stated, egging me to elaborate.

“I’m sick of having to adjust my living arrangements to suit your love life.” 

There was a pressure of emotions building up inside me, ready to hit the brim. It has been too long and I don’t know how much longer I can keep my little secret to myself.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I had no idea my life got in the way of yours so much,” he spat with sarcasm. “You know I’d do the same if you could be bothered to go out and find someone.”

“Are you insinuating I’m too lazy to go get myself a fuck buddy?” I scoffed. 

“Hey, you know full well she is not just a fuck buddy, Y/N.”

“Maybe she isn’t, but are we going to talk about the previous girls? Like Cait or Emma? How about Whitney or Zoe? Huh? How about them? Because I’ve not heard those names since they left your bedroom.” 

“At least I can get some.

My heart stopped as eyes met with his, hurt glazing over them.

“Are you… are you saying that I’m not good enough for anyone?”

The anger fell from his face. He knew what he had done.

“No…no, Y/N. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that…” 

His hand reached to the back of his head as he rubbed it as he tried to think through what he had just said. 

“Yeah, well you’re probably right,” I bitterly laughed. “Nobody would want me.” 

I brought my legs to my chest as I thought about the truth that Michael so evidently gave me. 


“I mean, come on, not even you would touch me with a fucking barge pole.” 

“I didn’t say-” 

“And you’ve had some pretty cheap thrills, easy to please so you benefit with pleasure.” 

The irritance filled his face once more. 

“That was out of order, Y/N, and you know it!” 

The anger began to build up in his eyes, turning a darker shade of green, pissed at the insults I was spitting. I hated this. I hated us fighting. Because all I wanted to do was scream to the Gods above about how I felt. 

“Really? Was it really? I mean after all, you always think with your penis and you never even consider me!” 

“You know what? I don’t fucking need this.” 

He began to storm out of the door but halted before kicking over the hall stand in anger, a crash and thud echoing in wake of his action. 

“You are so infuriating sometimes, Y/N,” he called out with frustration. As much as he wanted to leave and get to his date, he and I both knew he couldn’t just end it on an argument. 

“Yeah, well get fucking used to it, bestie.” 

I picked up the bottle of bud on the table and began to harshly chug it back. I needed to forget this stupid fucking fight. All because I can’t control my emotions. 

He entered the room once more at a forceful pace. His hair was now a tangled mess from the amount of times he played with it in frustration. 

“What the fuck is your problem?” He spat once more. 

“YOU. Alright? You are my fucking problem, Michael. You are.” 

He looked at me, taken back by my comments. Never had we been so harsh towards one another. Tears began to brim in my eyes as I rapidly blinked them back.

“I’m so fucking sick of you. Sick to my teeth. Because every night I have to deal with you coming back with some bitch draped on your arm. You’re drunk and giggling this stupid laugh and then head to your room so you can fuck her loud enough that the neighbours clearly knows which one of us is getting laid. I have to sit back and watch you get ready to go out, I have to spend my nights alone with alcohol and the TV to keep me company because that’s all I have. That’s the pinnacle of my wild nights out. And then the crescendo of it all is getting to block out your loud sexual activities as I cry myself to sleep. Yeah, every Goddamn night I fall asleep with my eyes stinging with tears because this is what my life has come to. Living with my best friend except not living, just simply existing in his bachelor pad because he’s out on the game consistently. And because my heart fucking hates me. Because I’m in love with my best friend and have been for so long but didn’t do anything about it so now I’m forever in the prison sentence that is the friendship zone because someone like you will never look at someone like me. And I know I’ve done the damage now. So go, go on your stupid date and I’ll be sure to be out of the way, probably already asleep after packing because I can’t take this anymore, Michael! I can’t do it.” I screamed out so much that my voice began to break. 

Michael’s was shellshocked. Hell, so was I. 

“You… you what?”

“Can’t you fucking hear? Or did the screams of the girls deafen you? I love you,” I choked out before getting up and heading out of the room.

A strong hand gripped my wrist and tugged me back, almost causing me to fall backwards. 

“No. No, Y/N. You don’t drop a bombshell like that and leave,” Michael shook his head furiously. 

And there it goes; our five years of friendship swimming down the drain. 

“Why? It’s not like there’s anything else to it, is there?” I scoffed. “You’ve made it clear that you are happy in your current lifestyle. So let’s just save it and not cause anymore damage.” Tears were threatening to overflow. 

“You can’t just come out randomly after five years, after all this time, after I’m finally getting somewhere with someone and proclaim your love, Y/N. This isn’t fair.” 

“Love never was a fair game…” I muttered under my breath. 

He began to pace back and forth, hands tugging at his bleached locks. 


“I need some time. I need time,” was all he could manage. 

“What, to go ahead on your date?” I rolled my eyes as tears began to threaten to spill over. 

“I need some time alone.”

He headed out the door with a slam following close behind. Silence fell in his place. Everything I once knew had been changed for good.

A/N: I am SO sorry this is so bad. 



i got you: z.h.

request: Can you do an imagine where you’re dating Zach and you’re a twin with one of the other boys and you go to the Halloween thing at Busch gardens and get chased around by like a clown or something? Sorry I’m terrible at describing things! Love your writing!

word count: 1.2k


“Y/N!” Your older brother, Jack, called as you lurched forward in shock, almost dropping the scalding hair straightener in your hands.

“What do you want?” You acknowledged, turning around to see him leaning against the doorframe, tapping his foot impatiently. He ran a hand through the hair that only he was allowed to touch as his eyes widened in annoyance at your response.

“What do you mean?” He asked, his face contorted in irritation and confusion as you just stared up at him with blank eyes, “Hurry up, dude! We’re all waiting on you.” He muttered as he ruffled your hair that you had been working on straightening for the past hour.

Much to your protest, the boys were forcing you to go to Knott’s Scary Farm with them. You were probably the biggest baby you knew and got scared at the smallest things, so you were well aware that tonight was not going to be very fun with you.

“I’m ready, chill,” you began, pushing him away from your hair jokingly. You stood up from the chair before grabbing a pair of Vans from the closet you shared with Zach and slipping them on, “Sorry, it takes time to fix hair that’s naturally curly. But I mean, not that you would know anything about that.” You chimed sarcastically, a smirk on your face as you looked up at your brother, who had a look of shock and offense on his similar features.

“Wow. Okay, I was not expecting that. Let’s go.” He muttered, rolling his eyes as he faced his head to the floor and pretended to wipe away a tear jokingly.

You let out a giggle before pulling your brother into a side hug, ruffling his hair as he groaned in annoyance. “Just kidding, dude. Your hair is awesome,” You told him as he looked back up from the ground, “even if it is fake.” You whispered into his ear, running away from him before he could attack.


“Zach, I don’t think I can do this.” You stammered, gripping onto his large hand tighter as the lady in the booth slipped an orange and black band onto your dainty wrist, singing, “Happy Halloween!” To the group as you walked through the gates, your senses immediately going on high alert as you looked all around you for the clowns that you knew were notoriously running around.

Night had fallen, the indigo skyline leaving you nothing to help illuminate the park surrounding you. The small array of stars were somewhere behind the haze of the city that was stretched thinly above as the moonlight bleached the world dimly. The multicolored lights strung above you barely helped as you scanned the area, fear evident on your face as you wondered what lurked in the shadows.

Your boyfriend pulled you closer to him by draping his arms around your shoulders, standing behind you as you continued to walk hesitantly. “It’s fine, babe. They’re just actors.” He whispered into your ear, trying to make you feel better as he pressed a kiss to your cheek.

“Actors that are gonna scare the living hell out of me!” You remarked, earning laughs from the boys as you glared at them, the cool autumn air sending a chill down your spine.

“Hey, everyone! We’re at the Scary Farm. It should be a good night, probably gonna get a lot of scares in.” Jack spoke into his phone, panning onto you and the boys as you sent him a playful glare before putting in a friendly smile and waving with the rest of the boys. “You ready, Y/N?”

“No, because I’m gonna cry and you guys are gonna laugh at me.” You murmured, rolling your eyes as Zach pulled you into his arms once more, Jack ending the video and posting it on Snapchat.

“I’ll protect you.” He spoke, winking down at you and laughing as Jack pretended to gag in the background. You buried your face into his chest as you all walked into a haunted house, Zach leading the group.

About 2 minutes in, your head still in Zach’s chest, your body tensed and you squeezed your eyes shut as you heard a high pitched scream ring in your ears. Your heart palpitated rapidly as you forced yourself to look up, immediately falling into laughter as you realized Zach, your ’protector’, was the one who screamed when a clown whirred past him.

“My hero.” You muttered, sarcasm dripping in your tone as you pulled his head into your chest, his cheeks turning even redder in embarrassment as he leaned down and shoved his head into the crook of your neck.

You guys continued to walk through the attraction, the fear level being very mild. You passed through a room that looked like a laboratory, the cement floor cracked with random blood spatters sprayed haphazardly. Actors dressed up in outfits that resembled the Dread Doctors from Teen Wolf, sinister looking masks latched onto their faces as they stood in the shadows at at least 7 feet tall. An actor was laid out on one of the many rusty medical tables, makeup and prosthetics manipulating your eyes into believing his stomach was ripped open as he begged for you to help him, a pleading look in his eyes. Your brain almost convinced you to believe him for a second, but you continued to remind yourself that they were only actors.

10 minutes later you had made it out of the attraction and you were still moderately okay. You cheered as you ran out of the exit, happy that you hadn’t gotten scared yet. You turned towards the boys, an excited smile beaming on your face, making Zach smile despite his own sweaty palms and rapidly beating heart.

“You know guys, this isn’t that bad-” you cut yourself off as you screamed loudly, a clown jumping in front of you from inside the shadows. His face was painted sloppily with white face paint, blood spilling out of its mouth as your eyes widened in terror. Your fight or flight responses kicked in and you immediately took off to nowhere in particular as the clown chased after you, screaming and laughing evilly. You didn’t stop until you were in a well lit area and well populated area, tears brimming in your eyes as you came to a stop. You glared at the boys angrily as they came up to you, kneeling over in laughter.

“Babe, oh- oh my goodness.” Zach laughed, holding his stomach as cute giggles left his lips. You didn’t have time to marvel at his cuteness because you were immediately running into his arms, going on the tips of your toes to be able to move your head into the crook of his neck, wrapping your arms around his torso and holding on for dear life. He wrapped his arms around you, his laughter dwindling down slightly as he pressed a kiss to your forehead and whispered reassuring words into your ear, knowing how easily scared you got.

“It’s okay, baby. I got you.”


Going on a casual date with a cute girl today !!and the amount of casual glamour witchcraft that is going into my prep is incredible

•I put all the Rose Quartz I own in the shower with me
•I added a drop of Rose essential oil to my coconut oil after I showered
•I kept a dried rose and a tourmalated Quartz tower on the counter outside my shower. Rose for extra romance, tower to absorb any lingering negativity that may pop up during the process
•I sprayed my face with rose water
•I’m charging my makeup in my pile of Rose Quartz while I get dressed
•I sprayed homemade chamomile water in my hair bc she has social anxiety and I want to be a comfortable presence to her
•I also lit the pink candle with red pepper flakes anointed with rose oil which is sitting in a red heart candle holder that I used in the love spell to encourage her to start communication with me! (In fact, the spell may have been stronger than I thought bc after we started talking I found out she had a boyfriend but she thought he was boring so she DUMPED HIM THE OTHER DAY and now we’re going on a date lmao whoops)
•and I plan on meditating with my big rose Quartz and Selenite Tower to raise my vibrations before I leave!

My Girl

Y/N gave a sigh as more of the noisy American boys flooded into the dance hall, they had just arrived and were eager to enjoy their freedom while it lasted. They were being stationed in the barracks of the English countryside but it was only a matter of time before they were shipped out to Europe. She didn’t mind them too much, it was just they were rowdy and she had enough to deal with as a military nurse without brawls breaking out every night. The English lads didn’t like how flirty their new allies were and a lot of the girl’s didn’t know what to make of it.
She personally found some of the new arrivals awful. The nurse had come with her friends to enjoy a few dances before returning to her barracks and getting much needed rest but she had a problem. A very loud and very handsy problem.

The soldier had targeted her almost as soon as he stepped through the door and several times she had politely declined his offer of a drink or carefully avoided his advances for a dance. ‘Come on! Just one dance, just wanna see your pretty skirt twirl a little!’ His hand was on her wrist agains and with an annoyed huff she pulled herself free, he was more persistant than last time with more drink in him, he grabbed her upper arm and yanked hard enough that the seam along her sleeve split.

Y/N let out a sharp gasp in both surprise and pain, before she could yell at the man and shove the heel of her hand against his chin another man seemed to materialise and pulled the other from her, 'Didn’t bring your manners, pal?’ She stared at the broad back in front of her, the newcomer seemed to be blocking her from the drunk’s view on purpose, it was a very protective stance and Y/N felt a little more at ease. 'I think you need to head back to barracks. Better yet – Go back to Jersey.’

'Why don’t you butt out!’ The drunk exclaimed and swayed toward the man with a beefy fist, the man’s arm came out toward her and gently he swept the nurse to the side with him and dodged the sloppy punch, the drunk fell against the table and cursed loudly. He made another swing and this time the soldier landed a solid, right hook to the drunk’s jaw and knocked him out cold.

A slight cheer rose up, some of the other soldiers clapping and raising their glasses, “You show 'im, Sarge!” “Alright, Bucky! You show 'em how Brooklyn boys do it!” Y/N sighed at the rowdy men and turned to leave, this was enough for one night and she really was tired. 'Hey, wait!’ The tall man fell into step beside her and Y/N froze when she saw his face for the first time, he smiled at her with a somewhat lopsided grin, 'He’s one of mine, sorry he caused trouble for you… I know he’s been hounding you all night already but…’ he gave a shrug, 'Can I buy you a drink?’
There was no possible way she couldn’t stare at him, he was so attractive that she was captivated simply by his steel blue eyes and his perfectly chiselled features. He wore his hat slightly to the side, his brunette hair styled neatly beneath it – his entire appearance was impeccable and she didn’t think she’d seen a uniform look so well on anyone else. But his mouth… those perfectly shaped, plump lips, pink and moist as his tongue peeked out to lick his bottom lip in what she assumed was a habit. The corner’s curled up just right and Y/N couldn’t have refused if she’d wanted to. 'Sergeant James Barnes of the one o seventh.’

She blinked rapidly, her brain trying to process the information and get away from how beautiful he was, 'Y/N, Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service.’ It was a mouthful to say but she was incredibly proud of the service and pointedly ignored his bemused expression – he was trying to turn it into an acronym but no one had managed it yet. 'And I’d like a G and T, please Sergeant.’

'Bucky.’ He said with another charming smile and pulled a chair out for her at the first free table he found.

'Sorry?’ The nurse tucked her skirt underneath her as she sat, looking up at him slightly confused by the single word he had uttered.

'Call me Bucky.’ Another flash of teeth and he was striding toward the bar, parting a few of the soldiers confidently and getting the barman’s attention. She watched him curiously, admiring his confidence and poise – he had a funny accent but he was behaving better than most of his fellows had been so far. A moment later he was back, setting their drinks down and sitting across from her before taking his hat off and carefully running his hand over his hair to keep it neat – she wanted to mess it up so much. She wasn’t really sure what to say to him and sipped quietly at her drink before asking him where the name “Bucky” came from, he leaned forward to speak to her, he seemed to be naturally friendly and his every gesture showed it, 'Buchanan  is my middle name, my pal, Steve, came up with calling me Bucky and it kinda stuck. James is what my Ma calls me and that’s usually when I’m in trouble!’

He was so boyishly charming that Y/N began to relax and fell into easy conversation with him and that was only the beginning of her trouble. The way he unconsciously swayed to the music was a huge indicator that he liked to dance and she really wasn’t very keen on the activity. 'How old’s your sister?’ The nurse had to smile when he sat up straight and furrowed his brows, lips pursed slightly as he so obviously wondered how she knew he had a sister. 'When you got between me and that guy earlier, you blocked me from his view and kept me behind you the entire time, it was a very practised protective instinct – so you’re either happily married or you have a younger sister.’

'You one of those head nurses?’ Bucky laughed and licked his lips before answering, 'Yeah, I got a little sister back home, she’s real pretty and the fellas keep trying their luck… I hope she doesn’t get in too much trouble.’ Their was such a fond look in his eyes that Y/N couldn’t help but sigh at the sight, 'And no wife.’ A flash of his left ring finger brought her attention back to him fully and he chose that moment to stand up and offer his hand, 'I’m dying to dance with you, doll.’

Her head was already shaking back and forth, her eyes widened in a sort of alarm that made him grin further, 'I…really am a terrible dancer. I’ll step on your toes and lose all of my mystique.’ As an after thought she quickly tacked on, 'I’m not your “doll” either.’

'Lucky for you I’m a great dancer and my boots can handle your dainty, little feet… ma'am.’ He was a devil in disguise, she was sure of it, and somehow that made taking his hand impossible to resist.

'That’s worse,’ he knew that too by the way he smirked, 'I’m not a “ma'am” or a “doll”, I have a name and maybe you could use it?’ He didn’t reply as he tugged her gently toward him, the music wasn’t too slow and there was a good beat, his hand rested on the small of her back as his other hand cradled hers, easing her into a few easy steps. 'Not bad, Sergeant.’

Bucky laughed quietly at her compliment, 'You’re not so bad yourself, d- Y/N.’ He turned them smoothly and he wisely kept quiet when she tripped over her own feet, he thought her blush was sweet, 'You’re thinking too hard.’ He told her and she shrugged lightly rather than admit he was right, it was then that Bucky noticed the rip on her sleeve and a frown tugged on his perfect lips, it would need sewing up and he felt bad that she’d have to mend such a pretty dress because one of his men couldn’t hold their drink, 'If anyone gives you trouble again you let me know and I’ll take care of it. I’m gonna twirl you – there we go!’ Bucky watched Y/N’s skirt flare out as he turned her and he caught her smiling as she started to enjoy herself. 'I am such a good teacher!’


They met twice a week at the dance hall, Bucky was the only man she would dance with and though he flitted from girl to girl like a bee to flowers, he always ended up with her. They didn’t have much in common but they always found easy conversation and it wasn’t long before some of the soldiers started referring to her as “Bucky’s girl” she denied it when her friends asked her and of course the nurses all laughed at her denials. The barracks were always noisy on dance nights, curlers, hair spray, dresses, underwear and excited yells would be noisier than any dance hall, Y/N would blush when they started talking about her American sweetheart and she would very quickly change the attention to her friend and the soldier she had been caught kissing in the hall.
It became a tradition for catcalls and wolf whistles to echo around the room when Y/N and Bucky would greet each other, bets were already made on how long it would be until they got together. He’d tell them to knock it off and roll his eyes, nodding his head toward the bar and she would follow him without question.

They would flirt, everyone could see them doing it but no one ever noticed the way they looked at each other or the subtle touches when they danced. Neither one of them were strangers to the opposite sex and after two months of hints and silent suggestion Y/N took his hand one night and guided him out of the dance hall and to the barn doors of the neighbouring farm. She leaned up and finally was able to press her lips to his – she hadn’t been able to stop her fascination with his mouth since the day she met him.
Bucky pulled her close, sealing his mouth to hers, devouring her moan as he deepened the kiss, tilting his head and dominating the kiss. She didn’t simply let him take over, giving as good as she got and moving his hands from her waist to his hips in invitation. His large hands slipped under Y/N’s uniform blouse, marvelling at the smooth skin beneath beneath his fingers, his thumbs caressed along her ribs and traced the edge of her bra before he pulled away, a smile playing on his lips when her’s tried to follow, not wanting to stop kissing him, 'Not out here, doll.’

He took her hand and together they snuck into the barn, he helped her onto the ladder that led to the upper floor, bundles of fresh hay providing a safe hiding place for them to explore one another. Her dexterous fingers unbuttoned his shirt with practised ease, sliding it down his shoulders as she straddled him, her palms pressed to his chest with splayed fingers and she stroked down his body teasingly until she was undoing his trousers, whining a little when he captured her mouth and blocked her view of his body.
Bucky undressed her whilst he kissed the nurse, fingers stumbling with the fastening of her bra but persevering he managed to remove the garment, manoeuvring them so that she was laid out atop his jacket, protected from the prickly hay, and once more she fought him to keep the kiss going. He wanted to admire her though, the sight of her stealing his breath faster than their kisses had, it was one of those clichéd nights where the sky was clear and the mood bright enough to cast a blueish light in through the windows and gaps in the barn’s old roof. Every curve and dip and groove of her body, letting his blue eyes rake over her before he dropped his head to slowly worship her body with his lips and tongue, groaning into her skin when her hands wound into his hair.

Her suspenders were unsnapped from her stockings and Bucky slid her underwear down over her hips, his hands leaving a hot trail down along her thighs and further down her calves as he pulled them free of her, catching her foot in his right hand the soldier pressed a kiss to the inside of her ankle and when she turned pink and tried to his herself from his eyes Bucky gave a reassuring grin. 'You okay, doll?’

'I’m not used to a guy taking his time like this…a little embarrassing…’ Y/N had never been looked at like this, never had a partner who seemed to cherish her as much as Bucky was right at that moment and she couldn’t think of a time she ever felt this exposed.

Bucky placed her knees either side of his hips and leaned over her, keeping his weight on his forearms so that he could nuzzle into her neck, inhaling her perfume, 'You have nothing to be embarrassed about – not a single thing. If we had more time I’d show you what I can do with my mouth,’ he felt her breath hitch and he brought his head up so that he could look her in the eye, 'Yeah, I caught you staring. I bet you know every little detail of my lips and I bet you thought about more than me kissing you with them.’ She was nearly crimson now, her skin hot and it was all because of the sinful words escaping those perfect lips. He had no problem with gazing into her eyes, boring into her very being with those mesmerising blues of his. 'You wanna be my girl until this stupid war is over?’

Her hands cupped his face, tracing his cheek bones and nodding slightly, 'I think I’d like that…’ His boyish grin was the last thing she saw before he was kissing her breathless with an addictive passion that she was determined to match. Bucky’s hand found it’s way to the base of Y/N’s back and lifted her hips just so, breathing in her perfume with a deep groan as he sheathed himself, she was so ready for him and Bucky felt a shiver run up his spine as her thighs squeezed against his hips. He didn’t need to mutter encouragements to her, he didn’t need to praise how tight her heat was as her body hugged him so perfectly and it was one of the few times he was utterly speechless.
Bucky rolled his hips against hers, and Y/N mewled into his mouth, she moved with him as if they’d done this a thousand times before. They found an easy rhythm, their hands grabbed and stroked and caressed wherever they could, again and again her hands carded through his hair, tugging at the brunette locks. When ever she pulled a little too hard his hips crashed against hers, his thrusts gaining in speed and depth, huffing sharply against her collarbone as she called his name just a little too loud. 'Lay off the hair a little, Y/N.’

Bucky had slowed, grinding against her just right to make her whole body arch and tense, her mouth forming a sweet little “o” as sound seemed to get trapped in her chest, he grinned breathlessly and pressed his forehead to hers, hissing when her nails scored down his back. His hands gripped her hips and pulled her to himself, driving into her almost desperately, her name becoming a mantra on his tongue – neither of them cared who heard at this point.
He knew he was bruising her hips by now, her skin slick as his with perspiration, it stung the cuts her nails had left in his back but it only encouraged him further. Bucky caught her gaze, staring unabashedly at her flushed face. Y/N felt as if he were burning her with his gaze, it was hot and predatory – his mouth was her undoing. His tongue slid over his bottom before his teeth caught it and the expression he had was so feral and raw that Y/N’s head fell back against the hay, her body coming completely undone for him.
The brunette held her tight to himself, smothering his name with a hard kiss and working her through it, ploughing into her almost harshly until his vision whited out and he let out a satisfied yell.

With a little effort Bucky caught himself before he could crush the nurse under him, falling to her right with a satisfied grin, both of them panting as if they had run a marathon. They dressed quietly once they had cooled down, smiling at each other every time their eyes met and then helping the other neaten up their uniforms. He held her hand all the way back to the dance hall, making sure she would get safely back to her barracks before heading to his own.


They were both deployed a week later, Bucky heading to the front lines whilst Y/N went to the field hospital. Every time a soldier was brought in injured Y/N silently prayed it wasn’t him, some of the boys she took care of – and some of them were just boys, barely grown men – broke her heart. She saw them break both physically and mentally, missing limbs and memories of their friends dying in front of them made for haunting nightmares. How many dog tags had she collected?
By the time they were called back to England the nurses felt as if they had been in the fighting, the glamour of helping their boys was sullied by blood and no one wanted to go dancing.

When Y/N decided to get some air one night she was surprised to find a familiar face, a brunette soldier half way through climbing the gates into the nurses’ barracks, ’…Bucky?’ His head shot up, alarmed that he might have been caught trying to sneak in but then he smiled big and bright. His eyes seemed tired, he’d seen the same horrors she had but his smile was still boyish and his spirit burning hot. He jumped down from the fence and caught her in his arms, hugging her close and burying his nose into her hair – he’d missed her. 'You’re going to get in so much trouble!’ She admonished him fondly.

'You girls have locked yourselves up in here since you got back,’ he held her at arms length, obviously checking her over for any injuries. Though they weren’t in the fighting the nurses were always at risk of shelling and Bucky knew that traumatised soldiers were dangerous too – she seemed just fine and he pulled her back into his chest. 'You gotta get out of here, thinking about it won’t do anyone any good… Hey?’ Y/N hid her face into his shirt as she wound her arms around his middle, crying for the first time since she’d been deployed and feeling ashamed for showing him such weakness. Bucky held her tight and let her cry it all out.


It took a while for everyone to adjust, for everything to fall back into place like before, the American soldiers and the English soldiers still had disagreements, there were still fights but there was a camaraderie there hadn’t been before too. The nurses still made a fuss and spent hours getting ready to go out, they came back a little tougher and this time it was a few of the men fighting off advances from them.
Bucky danced with his girl, she tripped over her feet still but they could laugh about that and they did often. They would sneak away like naughty children to the barn – finding it padlocked one night after the owner had caught them the night before. Bucky had picked Y/N up and carried her over a stone wall, searching for a suitable place to ravish his girl, both of them giggling when he got his boot stuck in a hole, deciding to stop in the middle of the field and have his way with her rather than keep looking.

He’d walked her back to her barracks, kissing her until their lips were red and swollen in front of the gate. She giggled at him when he gave her a lazy salute and blew him a kiss, he caught it and pressed it to his heart.

That had been the last time he’d seen her alive. The warning sirens had been too late sounding as planes flew overhead, dropping shells from the sky with little accuracy – the explosions were scattered over the countryside. The nurses’ barracks had been hit hard.
The only consolation was that they had been sleeping when the bombs hit and Bucky hoped that they hadn’t known, that they hadn’t been frightened or suffered. Stretchers with the bodies covered up were lined up along the road, he’d found Y/N’s body and he knelt beside her quietly, holding her cold hand that had slipped from the stretcher and no one had the heart to shoo him away.

He cried silently, angry at himself that he hadn’t been able to help her and sad that he hadn’t had longer to spend with her. Bucky pressed a lingering kiss to her hand before tenderly placing it under the white sheet and standing up. He wiped his eyes on his sleep and stiffly he began to walk away, his jaw clenched as frustrated anger began to fester inside his chest. A fire growing inside him that he hadn’t had before and he silently swore that if he had to walk to Austria to end this damn war, he’d do it.

Bucky Barnes stopped, he turned on his heel and stood at attention, saluting his girl with the silent promise to win this war for her.

Tea Time (Grayson)

Requested by anonymous: “first time with grayson”


You were sitting in the cafeteria at your office, eating your lunch, when a friend of yours came up to you, joining you at your table.

“Hey, what are you doing this weekend?” She asked.

“I have a date Saturday night. Why?” You asked.

“My sister has an extra concert ticket, and I was gonna see if you wanted to go with us.” She said. “But your plans sound more interesting. Are you going out with that guy you’ve been telling me about? What was his name, Grayson?”

“Yes, it’s Grayson.” You nodded.

“What is this now, like date number four, five?” She asked.

“It’s actually more like date six.” You corrected.

“Have y'all slept together yet? What was it like?”

“Okay, first of all, no.”

“Oh, wow. Five dates and no sex? What a gentleman.” She joked.

“Well, it’s not like either of us wanted to jump in the sack as soon as we went out. But, it’s kind of refreshing to be with someone who isn’t pushing it on me either. Like, the last few guys I dated, we had sex within the first three dates, and we didn’t last long. But Grayson is different. I really like him, and I don’t want to do anything that’ll ruin it.” You explained.

“Awe. Well, I hope things work out for you two.” She said. You sat there with her, chit chatting while you finished your lunch.

* * *

It was finally Saturday night, and you were getting ready for your date with Grayson. You finished getting dressed, sprayed on some perfume, slipped on your shoes and walked downstairs just as the doorbell rang. You opened the door to find Grayson standing there, a bouquet of your favorite flowers in his hand.

“Hey.” He said kissing you on the cheek. “I remember how much you said you liked these the last time we went out, so I got you some.” He added.

“They’re beautiful. Let me put them in some water and we’ll go.” You said. You took the flowers from him, put them in a vase and set them on your counter, then you and Grayson headed out to dinner. He took you out to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant and then afterwards, you just walked around downtown, eventually stopping at an ice cream shop for dessert. Once you finished your ice cream, and Grayson took you back home, you stood on your porch for a long while, just talking.

“It’s starting to get a bit chilly. You wanna come in for some coffee, or tea?” You asked.

“Actually, tea sounds great.” Grayson said. You led him inside and put a pot of water on.

“I have green tea, peach tea, raspberry tea, all kinds of tea. Which one would you like?” You asked.

“Hmm, let’s go with green tea.” He said. You pulled out the green tea for Grayson and the peach tea for yourself.

“So, I had a great time tonight.” You said, walking over to him and wrapping your arms around his neck. He placed his hands on your hips and kissed you.

“So did I.” He said. He backed you into the counter and placed his hands on either side of you and you tangled your fingers in his hair. You stood there making out in the kitchen until you were interrupted by the whistling of the tea kettle on the stove.

“I should probably get that.” You said between kisses.

“I’m suddenly no longer in the mood for tea.” He said, his voice husky and low, his lips brushed across yours as he spoke. You turned the stove of and led Grayson upstairs, your lips barely leaving each other as you walked to your bedroom. He backed into your bed and fell over, you landing on top of him, causing you both to giggle.

“Whoops.” You laughed, continuing to kiss him. You started to undress each other, soon both only in your underwear.

“(Y/N), wait,” He said, rolling you over and hovering over you.

“What’s wrong?” You asked.

“Nothing, just grabbing a condom.” He laughed. He pulled his wallet out of his jeans and took a condom out. He put it on and slowly crawled on top of you, kissing every part of your body as he made his way back up you your lips.

“You ready?” He asked. You nodded and kissed him again.

* * *

You woke up the next morning, an arm wrapped tight around your waist. You rolled over and saw Grayson still sound asleep next to you. You smiled, kissed his forehead, and got up to go to the bathroom. You grabbed a t-shirt and shorts out of your dresser and threw them on. You walked back into the room, Grayson now awake and on his phone. You crawled back into bed and snuggled into his side as he held you in his arms.

“Good morning.” You said, kissing his cheek.

“Morning.” He said with a smile. “I know it’s early, but I gotta head out. I have some work to catch up on before tomorrow morning.” He said as he got up and got dressed.

“Awe, but I wanted to go for round two.” You said with a smirk.

“Stop, or else I’m not gonna want to leave.” Grayson laughed.

“That was my plan.” You said as you pulled him back into the bed.

“(Y/N), I really have to go.” He said as he kissed you.

“Ugh, fine.” You whined. You walked him downstairs and you both laughed as you go to the kitchen, your mugs and tea still sitting out on the counter.

“I’ll take a rain check on the tea.” Grayson said.

“Sounds good.” You smiled. You walked him out, and said your goodbyes.

“Last night was absolutely amazing. I will call you later, and we can make plans for later this week.” Grayson said, kissing you softly.

“I’ll be waiting. Bye Gray.” You said, kissing him again.


I didn’t know if you wanted like, first time ever, or just first time with each other, so i wrote it as first time with each other. But, if you wanted something else, I’d be happy to write another. :)

OBSESSED - Chapter 4

Vanessa wakes up to the smell of coffee and stretches out, realizing she’s in Shannon’s bed. She quickly pulls her skirt on under his t-shirt and calls for an uber. She rushes into the kitchen, ignoring her pounding head. “Good morning,” she hardly whispers, pouring herself a large cup of coffee.

“We should talk,” Shannon tells her from behind his own mug.  Vanessa’s memories of the night before hit her like a ton of bricks and she immediately brushes him off.

“Thanks for saving me last night. I’m sorry I was stupid, it won’t happen again,” she tells him.

“We should still talk about it,” he pushes.

“Later. I have to go. I’ve got meetings all day. Look, I know I said this a lot last night, but I’m sober and awake now and really, I’m fine!” she insists, giving him a kiss on the cheek on her way out the door.

Shannon sits with his coffee for a long while trying to figure out what the hell just happened. He thinks maybe he got it wrong, maybe it was just a drunk utterance. After a while he pulls out his phone to text her.

“Plenty of ways you can repay me, babe. ;)”

Vanessa reads Shannon’s text from the uber and smiles, surprised at just how good she’s gotten at lying to him. These random little bouts of ecstasy could take place in a more timely manner if she plays this just right. “You free tonight?” she texts back as soon as she’s at work, her plan in place.

“7:00, my place.”

Vanessa tries but fails to focus on her work through the day, completely distracted by Shannon and his random text messages filled with sexual innuendoes. Between meetings she coaxes a coworker to take her to pick up her car offering to buy her lunch. By 3 pm Shannon has her so wound up she feels as if she’s going to explode. He’s begging her to send him a photo. She’s refused all day but gives in when he promises a surprise later. She hikes her skirt up, positioning her legs perfectly under her desk and snaps the picture. She sends it with a message that says “I wish you were here.”

Shannon responds quickly, calling her. “Hello,” she giggles closing her office door.

“Here…how exactly?” Shannon questions.  

“You know…” she starts, too embarrassed to continue. “Shan, I have another meeting. I need to go.”

“You better tell me quickly then,” he counters. “You mean you miss me already or something else.”

“Something else,” Vanessa begins her confession. “I wish you were under my desk. No one could see you.”

“What would you have me do under that desk of yours?” He asks her eagerly.

“Shan, I would close my door so that no one could interrupt us,” she starts to tell him, smiling at the nearly inaudible sound of anticipation Shannon lets out. “I would have to be wearing a dress that day and…”

“How big is this space? Would I fit?” Shannon interrupts.

“Yes,” Vanessa assures him smiling when he face times her. “I can't…”

“Answer it,” he demands. Vanessa is so caught up in the moment she doesn’t hesitate. Shannon is grinning when they call connects. “Show me.”

“You’re going to get me into trouble,” she hisses but turns the camera to point in the direction of the desk, showing him the space.

“Ohh, I can fit but my head would have to be in your chair, between your thighs. Hike up your skirt for me,” Shannon orders smiling when he can see her fingers in the shot, pulling the material of her skirt, exposing her thighs. “Now spread them wider babe,” Shannon pushes her further. She hesitates but slowly opens her legs until her knees are firmly placed against either side of the wooden desk.

“Shan,” Vanessa says, rubbing the inside of her thigh for him to see. “I’d really love to feel that stubble right here,” she tells him, bringing her legs together, unable to take the pain this conversation is causing.

Vanessa jumps, quickly muting the phone and dropping it into her lap when her assistant knocks and enters her office. “You just received a call. There’s a dinner tonight regarding the Elton account. You have to be there.”

“No. Please tell them that I have plans tonight that I can’t get out of,” Vanessa tells her assistant, patiently waiting for her to exit the room. “Shan, I have to go and tonight…I have a work thing. I’m sorry.”

“So…come after. Be my desert,” Shannon plays off his disappointment the best he can. Her smile makes the disappointment disappear completely. “I’ll see you later…” Shannon’s smile widens, watching her blush. “Wear those heels.”

Yes sir, I’ll see you after.” Vanessa blushes, disconnecting the phone.

Vanessa reluctantly attends the Elton dinner proposal, watching the clock and skipping out as soon as the celebratory toast is had by the partners, driving determinedly to Shannon’s house. She smoothes her dress, sprays a bit of perfume, reapplies her lipstick and fixes her curls before exiting the car. She knocks on the door and waits for Shannon to answer. Several minutes pass and she uses her key to unlock the door. “Shan!!! I’m here,” she calls out.

Shannon doesn’t answer. Instead she receives a text message from him, “I’m in the office working.” Vanessa huffs but follows the dim light up the stairs and down the long hall.

“Hey,” she says leaning in the doorway, twirling a curl between her fingers nervously. “What ya’ working on?”

“I’ll be gone off and on for the next few months so I was just checking my accounts,” he tells her, leaning back in the desk chair and waving her over.

Vanessa struts across the floor, her heels clicking with every step, making Shannon squirm. “You wore the heels.”

Vanessa smiles pulling herself up on the corner of the desk. She uses every ounce of courage she has to place her heels on his thighs, using her leg muscles to pull him closer to her, glaring into his eyes until he’s closer. “You told me too,” she smiles when his hands are instantly on her. He plays with the zipper of the snakeskin heels she’s wearing, grabbing her ankles and pulling her feet further apart, sliding his calloused fingers up the back of her calf. Vanessa’s finding it increasingly difficult to breathe as he works his fingers across the back of her knee, replacing his fingers with his palm as he reaches her thigh, his thumb hooking the material of her skirt and pulling it up along the way.

“Tell me where you wanted my stubble again,” Shannon barely whispers, lightly kissing the top of her thigh while simultaneously hooking his fingers into the band of her panties to pull them from her body.

Vanessa grabs his hands once her panties are on the floor and places them on the inside of her thighs, leading them up to her core. “Here, please.”

Shannon stands and wraps his arms around her, pulling her close and kissing her lips tenderly until she’s pulling him tighter, wrapping her legs around his hips, practically begging him for more.  “How can I say no when you ask so sweetly?” He teases her relentlessly, licking and kissing her jaw, her ear, and her neck while tapping her clit with his thumb.

“Oh God, Shannon,” she huffs, throwing herself back onto the desk, her hips pushing against his thumb, begging for any friction he’ll allow her to feel.

“Do you want me to put my tongue where my thumb is?” Shannon asks, tapping his thumb a bit harder, her panting turning him on even more.

“Yes, please!” Vanessa pleads, arching her back, her eyes rolling into her head although she tries desperately to follow his movements. Seconds later Shannon’s scruff is scratching on the inside of her thighs making her moan without any further stimulation. Shannon runs his lips up the inside of her thighs. Vanessa pushes her legs tighter around him. He grabs her knees pulling her legs over his shoulders as he dives his tongue inside her, slowly licking his way up to her clit and sucking it into his mouth. “Shaaan, fuck, ohhhh yes! Please…” she rambles, her voice raspy with pleasure.

Shannon brings her as close to the edge as possible without allowing her to cum, pulling away and pulling her hands so that she’ll sit up. Her face is flushed and her breathing is erratic. “Get into the chair.”

Vanessa bites at her lip to hide her smile, following his order, looking up at him as he towers over her. She reaches for his pants to pull them from his hips but he grabs her hands and pulls them to his mouth, kissing her knuckles. “I haven’t had my dessert yet,” he tells her seductively, kneeling in front of her. “Be a good girl and put your legs on the desk.” Vanessa obeys his order, never taking her eyes off him. He pulls the chair towards the desk, sliding underneath. “I know this isn’t your office but it’s the best I can do,” Shannon tells her, teasingly running his thick fingers across her soaked center. “I don’t think you mind though, do you baby?”

Vanessa puts her finger into her mouth, biting down hard and shaking her head as his scruffy face scratches at the already overly sensitive skin on the insides of her thighs, making her cry out. Shannon licks her slowly up her slit, up to her clit, pumping two fingers in and out in a deathly slow rhythm. Picking up the pace just a little with every moan that escapes her lips until she’s writhing beneath him, her legs tightly wrap around his head, her hands on his head, forcing him in place while she’s cumming. He continues to lick at her until he’s certain he’s gotten every drop, finally coming up for air, kissing her softly.

She sucks his tongue into her mouth savoring the taste of herself on him. “I’m gonna need you to do that every day,” Vanessa begs him between kisses.

“I’ve created a monster,” Shannon teases her as she pulls him up, practically ripping his pants from his body, stroking his already rock hard cock.

“Shut up and fuck me,” she demands, guiding him inside and wrapping her legs and arms around his body. Shannon lifts her from the chair, placing her back onto the desk as he begins slowly thrusting inside her.

“Like this?” Shannon breathes, his fingertips digging painfully into her ass.

“Exactly like this baby,” she pleads with him, feeling her orgasm build once more. “I need you to cum for me Shan,” she breathlessly tells him, tightening her walls around his cock, making the friction nearly unbearable for him not to come undone for her. His thrusts become erratic and harder by the second until he loses control, pulling out accidently. He has no choice but to cum on her, spraying her with his seed. When he’s done he stands there in shock waiting for her reaction. “You ruined my dress Shan,” she says, running her finger across her stomach as if she were stealing icing from a cake and sucking his cum into her mouth, licking her lips. Shannon watches her, salivating at the sight. He takes his shirt off his body and cleans the rest of the mess from her skin.

“That was the hottest thing you’ve ever done,” he tells her, stumbling over his words as he pulls her finger from her mouth and into his own. “Marry me. No man should ever witness that but me,” Shannon tells her, pulling her from the desk.

Vanessa laughs, holding her dress so that the mess doesn’t touch her. “You’d run if I agreed to that, now get me a shirt, please.” She follows Shannon from the office and down the stairs into his bedroom. “Can you give me a pair of sweats too, please. I can’t drive home in a tshirt and panties.”

“Home? You’re leaving?” Shannon asks exasperated. Vanessa just stares at him for a moment, unsure what she should say. “Stay.”

“Don’t be silly. We’ve both got work in the morning. Your place is too far from my office,” she tells him slipping out of her ruined dress and into the clothes Shannon hands her.

“Are you kidding?” Shannon’s voice is flustered. “Talk about used and abused.”

“Shan, it’s late. Last night was awful. We could both use a good night’s sleep and you always leave anyway. What’s the big deal,” Vanessa points out boldly.

“I don’t just cum and leave,” Shannon spits, taken back by her response.

Vanessa smiles and steps into his personal space, wrapping her arms around his waist, kissing his tight lips. “Don’t be mad. We can snuggle if you need to,” she tells him playfully.

“Get out of here,” Shannon teases back, wrapping his arms around her in a bear hug, lifting her feet from the ground in the process. “I’m just happy I can be of service.”

“Best benefits ever,” Vanessa manages, although she’s being squeezed nearly to death.

Nearly a month passes and Vanessa keeps herself in check around him a lot better, out of necessity. She and Shannon find themselves tangled in bedsheets more often than not, usually at her place. Shannon never fails to leave a single rose in that mug with a specified note, tailored to the day, always making her smile to herself and nearly forgive him for leaving while she slept.

Shannon’s been busy rehearsing with the band and Vanessa has been too swamped at work to allow for a distraction from the other. Shannon finds himself at odds with Jared and sends quick text to Vanessa.

“I need to see you.”

After an hour passes without response, he sends a second text.

“Nessa, please. We’ve barely spoken in over a week. I’m fighting with Jared. I just need to be with you tonight.”

Almost immediately after he sends the text his cell rings with her tone. “Hey.”

“I was planning on working all night but I’d much rather help relieve your tension,” she tells him seductively. “I’m just leaving the office and I’m starved. Chinese?”

“It will be here when you get here. Be careful,” Vanessa can hear the slightest sound of relief in his voice.

“Tell me what’s up with you and the slave driver,” she asks, knowing that fighting with Jared isn’t something Shannon enjoys.

Shannon sighs, taking a deep breath in before spilling his guts to her while she drives. “He doesn’t know when to stop. Do this, drum this, say this, don’t do that, don’t say that, don’t fuck this up, try harder…I just…I snapped and we screamed at each other in the studio. He walked out and disappeared on a trail and I left.”

“So, you guys didn’t resolve anything?” Vanessa counters.


“You love your brother and he loves you. Call him. Work it out.” Vanessa encourages Shannon. “I’ll be there in a few okay.”

When Vanessa walks into the house Shannon meets her at the door, pushing her against the wall, holding her hands at her sides and kissing her frantically. He pulls away only after she finally moans into his mouth. Her eyes are slow to open but the satisfied look is unmistakable. “Hey,” Vanessa finally says, gasping for a breath of air. “You talked to Dictator Leto, I assume.”

“Yes,” Shannon says, kissing her again, softer this time. “Thank you.”

“I didn’t do anything,” Vanessa affirms, her lips chasing his for another kiss. He releases her hands and she instantly wraps them around his neck, pulling his head to hers.

“You do without even knowing,” Shannon says, pulling her from the wall and leading her into the kitchen. “Come on, I promised you take out.”

Vanessa laughs at the array of chinese takeout boxes lined up on his bar and picks up as many as she can. “Come on, we’re eating this in bed,” she tells him, waiting for him to pick up the remaining boxes and chopsticks, following her to his bedroom. She empties her arms onto the nightstand and strips out of her clothes. Shannon watches her in amusement. “What?”

“Naked…you’re eating naked?” Shannon smirks.

“Strip now!” Vanessa orders him, giggling when he frantically follows her order. She climbs into the middle of the bed, kneeling and patiently waiting on him to join her. “You’re so easy,” she whispers when he kneels face to face with her. “Now before we attack this Chinese food…I wanna…” Vanessa traces the nails of her right hand across Shannon’s broad shoulders, kissing and licking her way across his chest while she trails the fingers of her left hand down his abdomen straight to his cock, wrapping him in her palm. “…ease your tension.”

Shannon swallows hard, concentrating on keeping his composure with her touch. “On my way over here, I was racking my brain, trying to think of the best way to put you at ease tonight and all I could think of was how you would feel in my mouth, down my throat. I know that sounds selfish but it’s all I want to do right now.”

“That’s…um…okay,” Shannon says, his voice cracking.

“Do you think I can fit all of it?” Vanessa strokes his ego while stroking his length.

Shannon nods, unable to form a complete sentence as she kisses her way down his stomach. He catches a glimpse of them in the dresser mirror, nearly cumming in her palm as he watches her naked ass bent over in front of him. He reaches over her, smacking her ass cheek and dragging his fingers up her spine, fisting her locks as she devours him completely. “Fuck,” Shannon mumbles under his breath as her head bobs in the mirror. “That’s…” he starts, losing his train of thought the second she sucks his entire length into her mouth, his head scraping the back of her throat. She pauses for a moment, swallowing the saliva that’s collected in her mouth, closing her lips around him and slowly licking her way back up to the tip, teasing his head with her tongue until he’s pushing, forcing her to take more of him into her mouth.

She eagerly sucks him in, vibrating her tongue across his dick with little moans, making him thrust uncontrollably, fucking her mouth. He catches her off guard, pulling her roots forcing her to release him. “I’m ready to…” Shannon starts to explain.

Vanessa licks her lips, lowering herself back to lick at him when he pulls her back up. “I want to taste it again.”

Shannon shakes his head and pulls her in to kiss him, laying back and pulling her with him. “You will,” he assures her, wrapping his hand around hers and helping her pump his cock. “Get ready.”

Vanessa can’t hide the devilish smirk that crosses her face, knowing she’s driving him completely mad. She brings her hand down hard across his chest, leaving a red mark that she immediately licks while dragging her nails down his stomach, positioning herself between his legs. She digs her nails into his thighs and licks at his balls, licking her way up his length while he jacks himself off for her. The sound Shannon makes when he finds his release has her practically dripping. She eagerly watches as Shannon sprays his own stomach with his seed.

Shannon removes his hand from hers and she devours him once more, sucking him in completely. She looks up to see his eyes on her just as she releases him. She’s up on all fours again licking every drop from his stomach and licking her lips when she’s done, almost animalistic. “Better, baby?” she asks him sweetly as she slowly climbs up his body.

“Marry me,” Shannon asks her again, pulling her down to him.

Vanessa kisses his chin, then his lips softly. Shannon’s fisting her hair in seconds, deepening their kiss. When they break she smiles and kisses his nose. “Stop asking me that. One day I’ll say yes.”

“Well if you’re doing things like that…” Shannon says pulling her tighter against him.

“Glad I could…relieve your tension, sir,” Vanessa tells him.

They’re lounging in bed catching up when she reaches over onto the nightstand and grabs an egg roll, dipping it into the sweet and sour sauce. Before she takes a bite she licks the dripping sauce from the roll, making Shannon shudder at the fresh memory. Shannon’s reaction makes her laugh uncontrollably. He grabs her by her waist, pulling her against him and kissing her while she laughs. Vanessa lets her guard down just long enough, closing her eyes and enjoying the moment completely. Never have they felt like a couple more than in this moment. “I love you,” she blurts out, immediately tensing and playing it off, shoving an egg roll in her mouth.

“That’s not the first time you’ve said that to me,” Shannon takes full advantage of the situation, bringing up her drunken night.

“Yeah well, you know what I mean. You’re like my best friend,” she shuts it down, avoiding eye contact completely with him.

“Well, in that case, I love you too,” Shannon tells her honestly, pulling her into a bear hug, tickling her ribs until she’s pleading with him to stop. He doesn’t let up. Her laughter and squirming are two things he lives for. His phone rings on the night stand and he stops, kissing her nose. “Consider yourself saved, sweetheart.”

“Hello,” Shannon says, not checking the number. Vanessa straddles him, licking at his triad tattoo.

Vanessa hears a woman’s voice on the other end, “Shan, I didn’t get a chance to show you my kitten. Can we meet up again tomorrow night?”

Shannon tenses beneath her, pushing her from his tattoo. Vanessa’s heart sinks, her chest feels like it’s caving in and breathing becomes nearly impossible. “I…I’m gonna go, okay,” she tells him quietly, scrambling out of the bed and grabbing her things, locking herself in his bathroom before she completely loses her composure. Vanessa’s entire body is trembling as she fights to dress herself, her tears falling down her face, staining her cheeks.

She jumps when she hears Shannon turning the knob. “Nessa, open up. I can explain.”

Vanessa takes a deep breath and looks at herself in the mirror, promising not to break in front of him before opening the door. “Explain what,” she lies, pushing past him, her heels in her hands.

“You going to pretend you didn’t hear her voice?” Shannon asks in disbelief.

“It doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you want. I don’t own you. I just let you fuck me,” she tells him, faking a laugh.

“So it’s just sex? You don’t care what I do?” Shannon raises his voice, following her through the house.

“Friends with benefits, right. As long as I receive the benefits I don’t get to care, right?” she asks, turning to face him, biting at the inside of her lip and fighting back her tears.

“I didn’t fuck her,” Shannon explains, refusing to answer her question. “It’s not what you think.”

“It really doesn’t matter, Shannon. I don’t care. I have to go anyway,” she insists, heading for the door.

Shannon reaches for her arm, pulling her back towards the living room and forcing her down onto the couch. “You’re not leaving like this damn it!”

Vanessa takes a deep breath to steady her emotions before putting him in his place. “Shannon, I don’t tell you about every guy calling me. I don’t need to know about every conquest of yours. We’re friends, we fuck. That’s it. Please don’t think that I’m upset because I’m trying to give you the same space you’re supposed to give me to have a life outside of this. I’m not. And I’m leaving now.” She stands from the couch and pushes past him, praying she can hold in the tears just a little longer.

Shannon follows her out the door and stands at her car, refusing to let her close the door. “You have numerous guys calling you?” Vanessa just stands there staring at him, refusing to answer. “You want space?”

“Yes,” Vanessa cries out, wiping a single tear as it spills over her lashes.

“You’re lying,” Shannon’s voice cracks as he watches her fall apart. “You’re telling me you want space but I see your face when I leave. Part of you breaks. I know it. I always know when you’re lying. I just pretend that I don’t see it.”

“Then you’re a bigger asshole than I ever thought,” Vanessa spits out as her tears begin to fall. “Just let me go, Shannon, please.”

Shannon steps back, his own heart breaking into a thousand pieces as she pulls out of the garage, crying. He watches as she speeds down the road until she’s out of sight before running inside and grabbing the keys to his motorcycle. He goes into his bedroom to grab his helmet but stops when his phone buzzes on the nightstand. “Nessa,” he answers quickly without looking at the caller ID. “Please don’t do this. Just come back and talk to me. I can explain. We have things we need to say.”

“Fuck, what happened?” Jared asks immediately.  

“She’s gone. She’s crying. It’s my fault,” Shannon tells his brother. “I never should have let this happen. I have to go.”

“Give her some space. She’ll come around. She always does,” Jared tells his older brother through gritted teeth.

“I don’t think so. I feel like I broke her heart. I could see it in her eyes and it’s not even what she thinks,” Shannon’s anxiety kicking into overtime. “I have to go to her. I should just tell her how selfish I’ve been.” He disconnects, shoving his phone into his pocket and rushing out the door straight to her house.

Shannon bangs on the door for several minutes before Vanessa finally opens the door. “What do you want?”

“You,” Shannon simply says. Vanessa rolls her eyes and slams the door, catching Shannon’s foot in the process. “Owweee! Fuck Nessa, that hurt,” he complains, pushing the door back open and closing it behind him, limping as he follows her inside the house.

“Sorry, that was an accident,” Vanessa sighs, turning to pull him to the couch. “Are you okay?”

“Are you?” Shannon asks, holding her hand tightly.

“I already told you…” Vanessa starts but Shannon cuts her off quickly, kissing her lips softly.

“Don’t lie this time,” Shannon tells her, pulling his lips from hers and staring into her eyes.

“I like things the way they are,” she says quietly, looking away to avoid eye contact.

“Really?” Shannon questions. “You like not knowing if I’m with someone else when I’m not with you?”

“No. I like laughing with you and the way we play around. You’re my friend. I like that when I walk in you push me against a wall and kiss me until i can’t breathe and that you always give me your clothes to wear. I like that you leave me notes and roses in that stupid black fuel mug when you leave and I like that we argue over what we’ll watch on television or what we’ll order out. I love that you pretend you can’t cook something so that I’ll come do it for you and I…” she starts but trails off. “Most people in relationships don’t have what we have.”

Shannon sits back, leaning into the back of the couch. “I don’t understand,” he suddenly growls, bringing his fist down on the leather sofa. “Do you miss me when I’m gone?”

“Yes,” her voice is weak when she answer him truthfully. “Do you?”

“More than I’d like to admit,” Shannon confesses. “So what do we do?”

“Nothing,” Vanessa says. “I shouldn’t have gotten jealous. I don’t have the right.”

Shannon sighs. He reaches for her to pull her into his chest, holding her against him, wondering if he should drop the discussion or tell her how he feels. “So how many guys are calling you?”

“How’s your foot?” Vanessa quickly changes the subject, refusing to answer.

“My foot is fine. Nessa, stop avoiding my question,” Shannon protests further.

“None, okay. I’m not like you. I’ve only been with you…since the first time we…” she starts to confess. Her embarrassment makes her cry all over again before she can finish her sentence.

“Who says I’ve been with anyone else?” Shannon pouts.

Vanessa pops her head up from his chest. “Shan, come on. I know you have.”

“You’re wrong,” Shannon says matter of factly. “Well, in the beginning I did, but once we started practically dating, I ended it.”

“Dating?” Vanessa questions, confused. “We’re hardly dating.”

“What the fuck do you call it? Don’t tell me it’s just sex for you,” Shannon half laughs in disbelief. “Ness, you and I are always together.”

“For starters, you’d stay if we were dating,” she immediately tells him.

“I thought you liked the flowers and notes,” Shannon shrugs.

“I do. I mean it’s better than a $50,” Vanessa starts, the thought of telling him her true feelings crippling her once more.

Shannon can see the turmoil in her eyes and tries to lighten the mood. “Babe, I’d leave way more than $50,” he deadpans, earning a stinging slap to his arm.

“I thought you wanted to have a serious conversation,” she hisses, unamused by his joke.

“I do. I’m just sayin’ you’re worth way more than $50 to me okay,” Shannon pouts, rubbing his arm.

“You’re not capable of a serious relationship Shannon,” Vanessa throws out there.

“I think I’ve been doing just fine,” Shannon refutes.  

“Fucking your friend at every opportunity is not the same as being in a relationship,” she protests.

“Would you stop acting like that’s all we do.  We watch Game of Thrones every Sunday night together whether I’m home or not. Last week we went to dinner at Jared’s with my mother, Vanessa. News flash, people in relationships do those things. It’s normal. We make dinner together nearly every night. We talk about our day and our plans,” Shannon outlines just a few things they do together. “What more do you need?”

“Those are also things that friends do,” Vanessa tells him. “People who are in relationships don’t have girls calling them asking to show you their fucking ‘kitten’,” she says raising her voice with every word. “I mean…what the fuck…who says that?”

Shannon sits quietly, staring her down while she yells at him before finally giving in. “Look, I found this girl with a kitten like the one you said you wanted. I went with Jared the other day but…she started flirting with him and he was eating it up and we had to leave before I got to see the fucking cat!”

Vanessa feels as if she’s shrank to the size of a peanut. She covers her mouth and shakes her head laughing nervously. Shannon rolls his eyes and pulls her into his arms, squeezing her so tight she feels as if she’d die. “I’m such an idiot.”

“Yeah, but you’re cute so it’s okay,” Shannon busts out laughing. “So you want the cat or not?”

Vanessa laughs at Shannon’s laughter and wraps her arms around his neck. “I’m sorry you drove all the way out here to make sure I was okay.”

Shannon places his hands on either side of her head, forcing her to look at him. “You are one of my most favorite people in the world. Screaming at me and leaving will never be acceptable. We can talk…about anything. Always,” Shannon demands.  

“Got it,” Vanessa lies right through her teeth, fooling him again. She fakes a yawn and insists that she’s exhausted.

“I’m too lazy to drive back home. I’ll just stay with you,” Shannon offers. She smiles and he kisses her cheek. “Come on I’ll tuck you in.”

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sex with hoseok headcanons

masterlist / ao3 / because someone asked me for these eons ago and i was so uninspired at the time but i’m just… into him rn, y’know

warnings for: dom/sub dynamic / consensual slapping in a sexual context 

  • slow, contented kissing. your face between his hands, cupped by his palms, chin cradled - tongue, wet and warm, whimpering as he backs you against the wall, presses to you. all done slowly, at an all around leisurely pace, because he has you where he wants you - so what is there to rush
  • if it feels like he’s obsessed with your pussy, it’s because he’s obsessed with your pussy. who knows what you did to deserve his tongue in a past life, that mouth, those fingers doing things to your ass and your body while he eats you out like a man starved, possessed - who the fuck knows why he moans like that, filling you up with your name groaned, mumbled around fuck and so good, so fucking good
  • hoseok has a cute ass, that’s just a well known and widely appreciated fact - round, pert, takes a dildo better than you’ve ever been able to - not that it’s, like, a competition, just an observation of something you don’t get to see often enough
  • you watch him bounce and grind down onto one, the base suckered to the leather of his favourite desk chair
  • chest flushed, gripping the arms tight, using his feet to lever himself up until only the tip of the toy is visible - slick, shining with lube. you shiver, arching up and into and against your own hand all at once, catching just the echo of a dampened pop as he works back down, head low
  • he’s good that way, likes putting on a show. The attention makes him blossom, all gleaming smiles and an intensity beneath it that still shocks you
  • (the roughness as he knocks your legs open with a knee, on the days when subservience is shed, all but forgotten. air, flying up and out of your chest; his hands at your throat, gently, just a suggestion - stay still, be good - and you submit, lovingly, with a whimper bubbling in your throat. Just how he likes it, how he likes you: a little afraid, a little unsure, legs open, waiting)
  • tangled in the showers, after practice - you don’t want to get your hair wet, but he gives you a look that doesn’t make much room for no
  • and, anyway, who could refuse Jung Hoseok, tugging sweatpants over slender hips and a shirt over his head, all thin arms, lean muscle; a mean smile as he backs towards the tiled wall? on anyone else, the arrogance - the cocky upturn of his lip, even the exaggerated groan spiraling deep from the pit of his stomach as water hit his skin - all of it would be fucking insufferable, but for him, you walk into the spray half dressed and grab at his hips
  • with your lips, you press the word mine into the slight jut of his collarbone; with a wandering hand, you cup his balls and trace the shaft of his cock with a fingertip and watch the water beat away his inhibitions
  • messy sex with the lights on - you don’t want to miss an inch of one another - and the music up, nails dragging against the base of his back. he growls, your stomach flips; he slaps you, once, again when you moan and before you can beg for more, his hand is on your jaw, gripping it
  • he says, “Just take it, just fucking take it, okay, don’t look anywhere else,” in a rush, half breathless, holding your hip in place as he fucks into you hard enough to make your eyes roll - which goes against his rule, too. Unfair, but there’s not many rules in the land of “fucking Jung Hoseok”, so you don’t complain when his palm collides with your cheek, a little gentler than you expected
  • you like it, a lot. Leaves a lot to be considered, that you get wetter the harder he hits - the sharper the slap, the rougher he handles you, shoving you to the bed by your face, the faster you travel towards that indescribable place of submission, at its absolute core
  • you’re more at home when you’re at his mercy. you’re more yourself when he’s dragging your head up by a fistful of hair, kissing you with more teeth than lip (it’s better than it sounds, honestly), and once - or twice, three times at most - spitting in your mouth, coaxing you to swallow it down with that effervescent, triumphant smile illuminating his features
  • “what a good little girl you are, hm? swallow it all, and I’ll let you cum next time, I promise.”
Golden Tongue (Bias x Reader) Pt.5

B/N received a call from Jesse saying that the meeting with his clients was pushed from tomorrow night to this evening at 11pm.

So by 9pm, he decides to get ready. Running his fingers over the tips of his suits, he has a hard time picking one.

“Nomi,” he talks to his Turkish Angora, a cat he ended up choosing at a shelter. She flicks her tail at his voice, “Which suit should I wear?” 

He holds up a light gray suit for her to see, “How about this one?”


He picks up a navy blue suit, “This one?” Flick, with the blink of her one blue eye. She then decides she’s had enough of this low budget fashion show and leaves, “Navy blue it is,” 

He’s dressed, cologne sprayed in all the right places, hair combed back. He takes special care in his appearance. He pets Nomi and quickly leaves once he sees the look in her eye that she always gives when he has to live.

“Be back soon,” he quickly closes the door before he changes his mind. 

What would his clients say if they saw how he coddled to his cat? Then again, why should it matter? 

He called Y/N thirty minutes ahead of time to get him and she’s outside by the time he gets downstairs. 

“My waiting time goes into your bill,” 

He gets in her car, “Again, not a problem,” 

Once he arrives at his destination, he’s ten minutes early but everyone is there waiting. 

“Wait here,” he tells Y/N as he fastens the buttons on his suit jacket. 

“Where else would I go?” she unbuckles her seatbelt and sits back to relax until he’s done. 

He ignores her comment but finds himself smiling faintly at her quickness. Maybe he should talk to her like that more, see what else she comes up with.

Jesse meets him outside, waiting on him before going in. Inside the warehouse, it’s dark with faded voices. He steps close with his hands in his pockets, head tilted to the side. 

“What do we have here?” his voice travels, gathering everyone’s attention, “You reschedule our appointment a day early, this better be good,”

Someone’s sitting at a desk with a group of people standing. Jesse stands beside B/N.

They lay out three wide briefcases, unlocking them revealing stacks of money. He puts his hand up, stopping Jesse from placing his products on the desk as well.

B/N is not impressed, “The agreement was five suitcases. Not three briefcases. Is that why you called me a day early? You could’ve used that time to actually get my money,” 

None of them speak so B/N decides he’s ready to leave, “Deliver my exact amount by tomorrow night, as agreed,” he turns around, Jesse following him. What a waste of showing his suit. He even left Nomi for no reason.

“Hold up,” one of the men say standing up. B/N stops walking, “Why should we pay so much for products we haven’t seen or tried?” 

B/N turns around slowly, “Why should you?” 

Jesse sighs.

B/N walks towards the men, “You guys look like you’re new to the business. So I’ll excuse your lack of knowledge in how this works. You don’t get a say in how much you want to pay. You called me,” 

B/N is standing in front of what he suspects is their leader, “Walk away if you don’t want it. Simple as that,” B/N knows they won’t call his bluff but he knows that this could go bad real fast. 

The leader releases a laugh before pulling out a gun, holding it between B/N’s eyes.

“You know what i think?” he says, “You guys don’t have anything,”

“Shit…” Jesse whispers. 

“You see, my men and I have been thinking. No one’s tried your products. No one’s even heard of you,” 

“Well, that’s simple. They don’t remember me,” 

He flicks his safety off, gun still between B/N’s eyes. He knows these guys aren’t bluffing. His hand isn’t even shaking. 

Nope. Not going as planned.

B/N sighs, looking him in the eyes, “I don’t like guns. So kindly get that out of my face,” Immediately, his hand falls to his side.

The other men are confused but think nothing of it. There’s five men in total, all seemingly younger than him. B/N’s maximum amount of people he can manipulate at the same time was three.

“Forget about this deal,” he tells three of them. Their faces are dull, their minds no longer theirs, “Forget that you’ve ever met me,” He says his commands in a discrete way, so that no one suspects him of meddling with their heads.

One of the boys are about to hit him but Jesse blocks him, so that B/N’s concentration isn’t broken. 

The other boy manages to punch him in the face while the other swings with a knife. Jesse kicks one in the chest. B/N feels his patience waning, but he knows staying level headed will make this work faster and effectively. 

He holds one of the boys by the throat with two hands, keeping him eye level, “Stop.” He instantly stops moving and B/N shoves him back as if he took the life out of him. One swings their knife, B/N dodging and punching him once in the stomach, “I also really don’t like knives,” The boy falls to his knees, receiving the same order and also ceases to move. 

B/N thinks for a moment now that the men sit on the ground, their minds mush.

“You,” B/N points to the one that held the gun, “punch him,” the one that held the knife, “in the face,” The boy does what he says. B/N taps his finger on his sore lip. 

“What do you think?” he asks Jesse.

“Hm, have him shoot the other,” 

B/N rolls his eyes, “A little bit of discretion, please?” He opts for letting them both punch each other in the eye. Now they both have black eyes. 

He could’ve really used his power in a better way. Like have one shoot one and stab the other. But he sometimes wondered if that would be good on his conscience. Not that he thought he had one. 

“You were never here. You do not know me,” he repeats those words for each of them for good measure. He tells them they all got in a drunk fight with another group to make it more believable before ordering them to leave.

The boys stagger to the exit of warehouse, their money still on the table. And it’s then that B/N sees the shadow of someone running away, knowing exactly who it was by her hair. 

B/N walks outside once they’ve gone, deciding it’s time for him to leave also. Too much focus happened in a short amount of time and he feels weaker by the second. His mind feels like an over worked muscle that quivers when lifting weights. He leans against the wall, Y/N standing outside of her car, panting. 

“I won’t say anything I swear,” she has her hands up, eyes wide. She’s scared of him. 

He tries to say something but his legs give out as he slides down the wall, his world spinning. 

List of betas and britpicks

Sometimes it’s hard to find a beta for your fic and it’s even harder to find someone who can be your britpicker. That’s why I decided to make here a list of people who are willing to help with Larry fics.

Now you only have to contact a person that seems the most suitable. Remeber to be nice to them, even when they won’t agree to help you with your fic for some resone.

If you want to be added to the list check out this post

List updated: 06.06.2017

Check the list below!

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Fool Me Once (Bucky x Steve x Reader)

Originally posted by wanximoff



A/N: 1940S!BUCKY ANGST, I HEAR YOU CRY! Your wish is my command. I warn you now, this will do things to your feelings and I’m not even sorry. Thank you to the two the anon and @minervaem who requested this one!

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Saturday Morning [Part 4] (Grayson)

Written by: @keepcalmandlovepotter

Summary: Alyssa is new to L.A. and has a few secrets she’s rather keep to herself. When a famous YouTube star meets her, it changes the course of her life forever.

A/N: This was a submission and this is NOT MY STORY

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3

My alarm went off at 4 PM and I sat up straight from the couch. I almost knew, even in my state of unconscious, that I had somewhere to be - something to do.

I got up and immediately got in the shower, putting on loud dance music and remixes I had made in the past. It was my “time to look fierce” playlist.

I took my time, using my very best smelling shampoo and body wash. I blow dried my hair and straightened, curling the ends gently with the wide paddle, creating a great bounce. I walked to my room and opened my closet doors, musing over what to wear. 

He hadn’t called it a date, that was true, but he did ask to “take me out” to dinner. I rolled my eyes as I continued to over-think the situation, thumbing through my best outfits. Were jeans too casual? I wasn’t even sure where we were going. I ran my hand through my hair and played with a curl at the end before I remembered a navy blue floral skater dress I had bought a few days earlier. I hadn’t worn it yet and it would be perfect for a date or just a casual dinner with a friend. 

I pulled the dress and hung it on the door before pulling out my makeup bag and sitting on my bed. I had a desk that also had a vanity mirror but the lighting from my bed was just better and allowed me to blend everything better. By now it was already 6:25. Grayson would be here to pick me up soon. 

As soon as I finished putting on my makeup, I put on my dress and sprayed on some perfume. I grabbed a pair of wedges from the corner of my closet that I almost never wear (because I’m clumsy and putting me in heels is a generally bad idea) but I decided tonight was special enough for them. I meant to grab a sweater, but in the confusion and rush to be ready on time, I forgot. I took a deep breath and looked at myself in the mirror. I blinked at my reflection, staring myself up and down. 

Not bad. 

I pulled a pair of stud earrings that looked like roses and put them on, and paired it with a very dainty gold necklace. I didn’t have time to look at myself again before my doorbell rang. I looked into my reflection and held my breath, my eyes wide. I ran to my room to grab my small matching cross body bag and ran to the door. I opened it to see Grayson, looking down at me with a bright smile, holding a single white long-stemmed rose. 

“Hey,” he said, his face flushing a little. He was wearing a mint green button up and dark jeans. I felt my heart stop again as he smiled at me.

“Hi,” I replied, sounding a little breathless. I tucked a long strand of hair behind my ear. We were both nervous, it was very clear. Maybe it was a date…

“You look beautiful,” he said, handing me the rose. “I got this for you.” 

Definitely a date.

I could’ve thrown up then and there, but wouldn’t have been very attractive, now would it? So I took a deep breath and smelled the beautiful, spotless flower that mirrored the boy standing before me. 

“Thank you so much. It’s beautiful.” I said, looking from the rose up to the person who’d given it to me. He beamed, seemingly glad he’d done something right.

“You ready?” He offered me his arm. I held up a finger, ran back inside to grab my keys, and ran back to the door, taking his arm with the same smile.


He took me outside and opened the door to his Ford Bronco for me and held out a hand for me to step up so I wouldn’t trip in my wedges. 

“M’lady,” he said in a put-on British accent. I feigned surprise and teased him.

“Why thank you, sir,” I said in a fake southern drawl. He laughed out loud, a cackle almost like mine, before clapping his hand over his mouth. He stared at me, my hand in  his, halfway into the truck. There was a moment of silence before I decided to let out my own cackle in response. He looked even more surprised before the two of us burst into laughter together. 

“Oh my gosh! I thought nobody laughed like me!” He said as I sat down. I nodded through my own laughter.

“ME NEITHER! My whole family makes fun of me for it!” I said, trying to catch my breath. He gave me the brightest smile I’d ever seen on him.

“I love your laugh,” he said, his tone very sweet as I sat down, looking down at him. I put the rose across my lap and blushed. 

“Yours might be even worse than mine,” I said, a little astonished. The two of us cackled at each other for another good few minutes. After we’d both calmed down a bit, he ran around to the drivers’ side and hopped in.

“So you never told me where we were going,” I pointed out, and he looked back at me with a grin and cocked an eyebrow like he did when we first met. 

“You’re right, I didn’t,” he replied mischievously, giving me a wink before starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot.  


“I’m serious! I was younger so I had to do all the boring jobs, like letting Ethan stand on my head while he climbed up onto the counter!” The two of us had to contain ourselves, as the secret was out that we both laughed pretty loudly. 

Grayson had taken me to a beautiful restaurant downtown where tons of celebrities go regularly that was based around a candy theme. We’d gotten a round booth at the back of the restaurant and sat next to each other as we ate and talked, which made me extremely nervous at first. This was definitely a date, there was no denying it now, and I hadn’t been on a date since - 

I hadn’t been on a date in a really long time. Grayson tried to convince me to get a dessert with him, but being a type 1 diabetic, I couldn’t afford the extra sugar, so I just had a bite of his sundae and called it even. We’d finished long ago and were just talking and laughing now, sharing funny childhood stories. 

“Yeah, I was always the football for my brothers. They used to throw me around like it was nothing because I was always the smallest. Not that we didn’t have actual footballs lying around, they just thought it was more fun because I was constantly screaming.” The two of us had each other cracking up, talking about our siblings and how we all used to torture each other growing up on the East Coast. 

“It’s so different here. They don’t even have winter!” I said, resting my chin in my hand and my elbow on the table. It wasn’t particularly lady-like but nobody ever accused me of being a lady.

“I KNOW! I’ve met people from out here who’ve never seen snow! Can you imagine?!” I thought it over for a second.

“I’m sure there were some snow storms I got stuck in where I wished I had never seen snow…” I mused and the two of us giggled about it. 

Grayson made me feel at ease. I could easily talk to him about my life and not feel completely uncomfortable. Throughout dinner, he had edged closer to me and I to him, until now our knees touched under the table. When I had first felt his leg make contact with mine, I jumped a little, not expecting it. But when he made a second attempt to move closer, I didn’t shy away. 

He made me laugh, genuinely and completely, and he seemed to really enjoy doing it. Every time he smiled at me, I felt my heart race and my stomach fill with butterflies. I couldn’t recall anybody making me feel this way - so accepted and liked, as if he just enjoyed my company and wasn’t expecting anything of me. It was a relief, but it made my heart beat faster every time I looked at him. 

He let out a sigh after a long bout of laughter and looked at me before cocking his head toward the exit. 

“Come on, let’s get out of here. I have something else planned.” I raised an eyebrow.

“Shouldn’t we pay?” He blushed and rubbed the back of his neck with his palm.

“I took care of that before I even picked you up. Don’t worry about it.” I frowned as we got up and walked toward the exit, closer together than when we had walked in.

“Dude, you’ve gotta stop doing that,” I said, folding my arms over my chest after I put my small bag over my shoulder. He shrugged and put an arm around my shoulders.

“Like I said yesterday, you can buy next time.” He winked and I melted against him. He pulled me into him. I could feel my face get hot and I could barely contain the smile I wore. He opened my door and I gazed at my rose as he got in and we took off.

We drove from the crowded boulevard to more secluded streets to finally dirt roads. I looked around and noticed that there were no other cars around and started to get a little nervous. I fidgeted in my seat, my fingers tangling together. Grayson seemed to notice and he looked over at me briefly.

“You alright?” He asked, his voice low with concern. It woke me up from my thoughts.

“Huh? Oh. Yeah, I’m fine.” It was a lie. He probably knew it too.

“We don’t have to do what I have planned, you know. I mean…it’s not like it’s anything crazy but if it makes you uncomfortable to be out here alone with me, I can take you home…” he sounded a little disappointed, but he was trying to hide it as well. It broke my heart. Enough to change my mind.

“No, I was just wondering where we were going, that’s all,” I said with a smile as I looked back at him. A slow smile crept across his face in response and he nodded. 

“Well, I don’t think it has a name, but we’re just about there so my advice is to be patient,” he said with a wink. I almost let out another girlish giggle. I had to learn to contain myself around him, especially if this was going to happen again.

It probably won’t, but you keep dreaming.

The thought broke me from my teenage glee and my smile ran away from my face. I looked down at my hands, now still in my lap. I didn’t want Grayson to see me look so sullen and ask me what was wrong, so I turned and looked out the window. 

“Hey, are you sure you’re okay? You’re shivering.” I looked back at him and it wasn’t until he had said something that I realized how cold I was. 

“Oh. I guess I’m kinda cold. I was gonna bring a sweater but I forgot.” I shrugged and shuddered in my seat. He kept his eyes on the dirt path, but reached into the back seat and pulled his leather jacket to the front. He stopped the truck and put it around my shoulders, making sure I was comfortable. I looked back at him and I felt him actually take my breath away when he spoke.

“Better?” I couldn’t find words, so I just nodded my response and he smiled. He pulled my hair out of the jacket and ran his fingers through the ends easily and I was thankful I had brushed it so much before he picked me up. He pulled back onto the path and continued on his way to our mystery destination.

A minute or two later, the truck stopped and he looked over at me. He only gave me an excited glance before hopping out and opening my door for me yet again. I stepped out and my feet almost immediately gave way to the sand underneath me. I almost tripped and fell but he caught me. 

Our eyes locked for a moment and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted another person like I did right then. I would’ve leaned in to kiss him had he not broken the silence. 

“You might wanna leave your shoes behind. It’s pretty much sand from here on out.” 

I nodded and left my wedges in the truck, making me substantially shorter than him again. I put my arms through the sleeves of the jacket to keep it on me though it was much too big for me. 

I closed the door and turned back to him, surprised to see him holding out his hand. I took it cautiously, expecting there to be rough terrain or to be told to watch my step, but he laced his fingers with mine and just held my hand calmly. The very simple action meant more to me than it could’ve to him. I thought my heart had stopped in its cage as we walked. I could barely even blink my eyes without feeling my pulse rattle.

We walked over a small hill to see a blanket under a tree by the water’s edge. Surrounding the blanket were tea lights and candles, all protected by glass cups. There was a string of lights hung in the tree to illuminate the blanket as well. I gasped and covered my mouth with my free hand. It looked like something out of a dream. It honestly looked like a place someone might get engaged at.

Oh don’t be fucking stupid.

I growled lowly at myself and shook the thought away. It had no right being somewhere so beautiful, so I shut it out and focused on Grayson. He beamed at me, though nervously and bit his lip.

“What do you think? You said you love the beach at night, so I thought this might be a nice place to talk and get to know each other.” I could see a faint blush creep across his face from under his collar and I’m sure I had one to match. I let out a breathless laugh and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. 

“Honestly, Grayson, it’s so beautiful. This is the most thoughtful thing anybody’s ever done for me. Thank you.” I almost felt like crying. He pulled me into him and wrapped his arms around me like he did when he hugged me the day before. He rested his chin on top of my head and I could hear his smile through his words. 

“I’m glad you like it,” he said quietly, pulling me toward the blanket by one hand. 

We sat down together and watched the stars start to poke their way through the night sky. It was fairly dark for still being in L.A. and we had a fantastic view of some of them. After a while, we laid back to stargaze as we talked about our lives. Again, we were laughing like idiots for most of the time. Laid next to each other, but space between us, I could feel his hand brush against my own. I took a deep breath and reached for his, wondering how he’d react. 

He looked over at me and just smiled, again lacing our fingers together. 

We stayed there for a long time, probably longer than either of us meant to stay. We would’ve left earlier, but we genuinely enjoyed each others’ company. We never ran out of things to talk about and we never felt an awkward pause or silence. It was truly magical (as corny as that may sound). 

A shooting star streaked across the sky like a firework and it made both of us gasp. It was so clear and bright. Neither of us were expecting it. 

“Wow, Alyssa, did you see that?” He asked, astonished. I nodded and smiled.

“Yeah, I did. It was beautiful.”

“Just like you.” I rolled my eyes and nudged his shoulder with mine.

“Go on then, throw me another,” I said in a put-on British accent. He laughed but demanded that I accept my own beauty. It was a battle I lost, though I could hardly be sad about it.

After a couple of hours, we got up and made our way back to the truck. We held hands and walked slowly the whole time, trying to elongate our time together. On our way back to my apartment, I put my shoes back on. 

He helped me out of the truck and held my hand as we walked up the steps to my second-floor corner apartment, stopping at my door. I fiddled with my keys as we chatted a bit, and I could feel his heart racing with my own. 

You cannot kiss him on the first date. You can’t. You are not desperate. You will be strong and you will wait until…some other time.

I resolved much earlier not to kiss him at the end of this date, but I was having quite the time of it now. He was funny and sweet and intelligent. He was kind and gentle and compassionate. He cared about the right things and he cared about what mattered to me. He was such boyfriend material. 

Like YOU could get HIM to be YOUR boyfriend.

I almost shook my head in the middle of a conversation. No. Don’t listen to it. It’s coming from a bad place and it doesn’t mean anything. He wouldn’t have done all this for me if he wasn’t interested…right?

“I had a wonderful time…” I said finally, looking up to stare into those beautiful hazel eyes. He nodded and gazed back down at me, I could tell he was doing the same thing - taking in the color of my eyes. 

“Me too. I’d really like it if we could do this again,” he said, sounding a little nervous. I bit my lip and smiled.

“Only if I get to buy dinner next time,” I teased, and the two of us laughed.

“We’ll see,” he said. There was a short pause and he smiled at me. Just at me. Not at anything I said or did. Just at me standing before him. 

He pulled me into him once again, wrapping his arms around my waist. I let my own arms wrap around his neck, still holding the rose he gave me in one hand. I held my opposite elbow and he encircled me in a close embrace. I closed my eyes as he held me tight, hugging me. He put a hand on the side of my neck, his thumb resting at my jaw and held me there and placed a gentle, chaste kiss on my cheek. My heart pounded against my ribcage and I held my breath when his lips made contact with my skin. I was surrounded by the scent of him. It seemed to completely envelope me and hold me like he held me in that hug.

“Goodnight, Alyssa.” His voice was quiet and sweet. My heart fluttered in my chest.

“Goodnight, Grayson. Text me when you get home safe.” He nodded and waved goodbye, making his way back to his truck. It wasn’t until he was out of sight that I remembered I was still wearing his jacket. I ran to the edge of the balcony and shouted down to him.

“Gray! Your jacket!” He smiled and waved his hand, putting the other in his pocket.

“You keep it for now. I’ll get it from you on our next date.” 

I went inside, closed the door behind me, and leaned against it, sliding down it and sitting on a pile on the floor. I had to let my heart catch up. I looked at the rose in my hands and I knew I had to make a decision:

I had to decide if I could date Grayson or not.

Safe. (Calum Hood Series, AU) Part 6

Calum had a secret to keep, Y/N was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Warnings: Swearing?


There was no way that Y/N would ever admit it. She would not admit to herself that she missed home, her apartment, though her heart felt otherwise the more that time passed.
L.A. wasn’t much different than back home, she convinced herself. But there was a certain way that her apartment had felt, a certain way that it smelled even, that Y/N found herself missing.
There was also no way that Y/N could convince herself that there was something between her and Calum. But there was something that she couldn’t quite put her finger on, maybe it was the fact that she actually felt safe around him.
Here she was in this still unfamiliar city, all the way across the country, but she honestly felt safe.
That, and she of course felt closer to Calum than the other boys.
So, she never mentioned her homesickness. There was no point. It was only a few weeks into the summer after all, barely even the second week of June.
But, of course, she should have known that she wasn’t exactly being the most secretive about it either.
So when Calum knocked on the door to the guest room, which she still inhabited, she put on a smile and told him to come in. He took a few steps into the room, and Y/N glanced at him strangely.
“Is everything okay?” She nervously questioned, and he ran a hand through his hair.
“Well damnit, I came up here to ask you that.” Calum groaned, before coming to sit on the edge of the bed.
“I’m fine.”
“No you’re not. I see it in your face.”
“I’m telling you, I’m-”
“You’re homesick, right?” Calum asked, and Y/N’s expression shifted.
“Yeah.. how did you-” She sighed.
“It happens. Even I still get homesick.” He responded, glancing at her bag that sat in the same spot as the day that the two of them arrived.
“Um.. I was actually also coming up here to see if you wanted to go get dinner tonight?” Calum added, taking Y/N by surprise a bit.
“Just you and me?”
“Yeah.. Maybe it will get your mind off things? And you could see more of L.A.”
“That sounds great, actually. I need a shower and stuff, though, before we go.” Y/N answered, to which Calum nodded.
“Right, I’ll let you do that. Um.. I guess come downstairs at six or something? Or just when you get ready, I guess.” He began to ramble, getting up from the bed and walking back downstairs before he changed his mind.
He didn’t see the huge smile that crossed her face after he stepped out. But she didn’t see the look of relief, followed by a smile, that crossed his, either.

After showering, Y/N dug through her bag to find one of the nicer looking shirts she had brought with her, and a pair of denim shorts to wear. She got dressed, sprayed on some perfume, and scrunched the still-wet strands of her hair in her hands in hopes of making it wavy.
Y/N grabbed her purse and phone, taking one last look in the mirror before leaving the room. When she walked downstairs, she found Calum sitting in the living room, scrolling through his phone as the TV droned in the background. Luke sat on the opposite end of the couch, engrossed in the show that was playing.
She made a point to let her sandal smack against the floor, the sound causing Calum to look up from his phone. Luke glanced up for a moment before going back to watching TV.
Calum, on the other hand, stood up from the couch. He crossed the room to Y/N, mumbling a goodbye to Luke.
“You ready?” Calum asked Y/N, and she nodded. He grabbed a jacket off of the table in the living room before the two of them walked to the front door, walking out into the afternoon heat.
“How do you not burn up in those jeans?” Y/N sighed, glancing down at the black jeans Calum seemed to always wear.
“I’m used to wearing them. I don’t know. Where do you want to go, by the way?” He responded, to which Y/N gave him a glare.
“I know nothing about L.A. remember? But I mean, I’m fine with whatever. Burgers, maybe?” She shrugged.
“Fine with me.” He agreed walking to the end of the sidewalk and stopping.
“Wait, we aren’t walking again are we? If we are I need to go change shoes.” Y/N laughed, gesturing down to her feet.
“We’re not walking, Y/N.” He disclosed, gesturing to the car he stood by.
“Okay so you do drive. I had been trying to figure that out for a few weeks.” She smirked, just as he opened the passenger side door.
“You’re hilarious.”
After Calum got into the car, she turned to him.
“So where exactly are we going?”
“To get burgers, as you requested.” Came his sarcastic response. Y/N rolled her eyes before trying again.
“Okay smartass. What burger place are we going to?”
“You’ll see.” Calum assured her, and she sat back, glancing out the window. Calum clicked a song on his phone, reaching out to turn the volume up, Y/N not realizing what song was playing at first. Calum had started to hum along, his fingers moving on the steering wheel.
“Okay, how did I not realize this was an old Panic! At The Disco song?? I never hear this anymore.” Y/N questioned, glancing over just in time to see Calum smile.
“I don’t know, I’ve had it on my phone forever. Whatever you listen to, I probably have it on there.” He said, reaching down and handing his phone to Y/N.
“Um.. okay.” She mumbled, giving him a curious look.
“Not like I have anything to hide anymore. You basically know everything now.” Calum shrugged, so she scrolled through his music, picking one of her old favorites from his never-ending list.

Once they arrived, at a place that Y/N had never heard of, the two of them sat down at a table, their orders soon taken.
While they waited for their food, Calum told Y/N random stories about himself and the boys, making her laugh so hard that she almost cried.
“Wait, so you mean to tell me that you four just randomly took a plastic dog to get groomed?!?” She managed to say between laughs. Calum nodded, himself laughing at the memory of it.
“And we were also dressed as superheroes. So that makes it even more random.” He added, in an attempt to keep her laughing. Y/N would glance down at her lap when she laughed, and every time she did, Calum found himself looking across the table at her.
When their orders came, Y/N and Calum talked around bites of their food, still telling stories as they popped into their minds.
Once they finished eating, they made their way back to the car to head back to the house. Calum let Y/N pick the music again, and after she chose, she glanced out the window at the lights blurring by.
“So you never did tell me your sister’s name.” Y/N spoke, breaking the quiet that had settled in the car.
“Mali.. I thought I showed you that tattoo?” Calum frowned, causing Y/N to shake her head.
“You haven’t showed me any tattoos except for the ones on your hands?” She mused, but Calum was quiet.

Upon arriving back at the house, the two of them got out of the car, but didn’t go back inside right away. They stood leaning against the side of the vehicle, Y/N looking up at the sky to see if she could see any stars.
“Thanks for that, by the way.” She quietly stated, Calum looking over at her as she spoke.
“You’re welcome.” He answered, and Y/N wondered if it was just in her head that he had just slid a bit closer.
But then she slid closer. And suddenly she found that their faces were inches apart, the gap closing quickly as both of them closed their eyes.
And then a voice came from the front door of the house.
“Calum, mate, we uh-” Ashton’s voice called, and the two of them quickly moved apart.
“Oh.. um.” Ashton awkwardly muttered, Calum sighing.
“What is it, Ash?” He asked, giving Y/N a sympathetic smile. She smiled back before grabbing her purse off of the car, walking up the drive and into the house.
She silently cursed Ashton as she made her way upstairs, wishing that the previous moment would have played out.

*Author’s Note**

Part 6/?
Told you guys that it would pick up in this part 😏
Enjoy! And also, if you guys ever have any requests for imagines or blurbs or something, please feel free to send them in! I’m constantly bored 😂

Things I never thought I'd have to say before teaching preschool:

“No! Point it at the toilet! Point it at the toilet! Sigh…see? That’s why we point it at the toilet.”
“No, no, take your hand and point your penis in the toilet.”
“We don’t lick the playground balls.”
“No, we don’t bite our friends at school.”
“Please stop stepping on your friends.”
“No, you can’t have any more ranch dressing/ ketchup/ spray butter, you have nothing on your plate to eat it with.”
“See? It makes your friends sad when you bite them.”
“It’s ok if you want to touch yourself there, but we don’t do that in the classroom, please.”
“We keep our pants on at school.”