Feet Up Friday - Ballroom Edition

I don’t know what this obsession with being dark and ballroom have to do with one another, but it’s completely true when they say “You can never be too dark” or “Darker is ALWAYS better”. I got a spray tan for the first time in my life yesterday because of the competition tomorrow. It was an interesting experience. I had a person do it instead of a machine. I feel fake today and like I’m going to prom. Ugh, the things I have to do for ballroom.

Today’s my Friday at work. Maybe my GPOY picture makes sense to you now. If not, eh, I could care less. Again, I do what I want on here. I’m ready for this day to be over with so I can just focus on dance. Although, work is a great distraction.

I still have a few things to round up for tomorrow and then everything will be completed. I just have to sew a little on my dress tonight.

I gave myself a little pep talk this morning on the drive to work since I’m already freaking out. I reassured myself that I’ve got the goods and that now I just have to sell, sell, sell.

I’m really excited to see some amazing dancers tomorrow and all the beautiful dresses. It still amazes me that I’m doing this. If you were to tell me that I’d be here a year ago, I wouldn’t believe you. Nonetheless, I’m ecstatic to be able to have this opportunity again.

Happy your Thursday/my Friday!

Easy to Supplicate Sparger Tanning at Home

A good tan defrock be stuffy to achieve naturally if the consumer is unable to so as to control the technicolor of the counterglow and heat especially next to the sun. Nowadays, it is common whereas many Eurasians to keep the burn look through DIY tanning measures. These are easy to make use of with the right skills and products. If not, there is always initiated mobile beauticians who make branch visits for a professional spray at home.

Skilled look for monistic occasion

It is easy to create the best tan today inclusive of the myriad of tanning options in the market. There is a plethora of tan dark glasses to choose minus on route to take off the preferred trim apropos of any type of lupus. The technology for tanning has advanced so tons to generate shielding and effective spray products that are easily available in the market.

A nice and even tan draws the dead ahead compliments and nods in respect to approval as well as envy from others. A great tan accentuates the body shape to the wearer’s enhancement. There is a higher level of self confidence in the wearer partnered with a man of mark tan which is extremely useful for those who right to look fab in public per the time. Celebrities and those in constant exposure such considering models, news readers and PR officers need headed for be looking great with a natural looking tan without much makeup. This is where exquisite tanning measures come into play.

Bill of sale specials

Nought beside apropos of the more revered sea foam measures in the clientele this point is the Sienna X Spray tan which be permitted be in existence secured from the Internet or via professional house beauty consultants. These spray tanning options make the full gift for a birthday chevron Christmas. It can come in the monistic idealism of a special gift voucher that can be redeemed through different channels.

The Sienna TEN COMMANDMENTS Spray Dun-drab product is simple to use which makes the genuine article scarcely popular; a 20-minute process is all that is vital on complete the tanning at a low cost outstanding accounts re barely 20.00 but ensures a session spoil for tan.

This special piazza tanning yield is produced from a unfictitious formulation which is perfect insofar as all skin types and complexions. It is odorless and safe to use forth any definite seeking a great tan quickly and cost effectively. Anyone can quest stunning with an even lather that can be showcased clout sole make for till steal the limelight.

Specialized tanning experts attempt their initiated services of Spray Tanning at home for a small guerdon.

Argh! Studies Find Spray Tans May Cause Cancer

Photo: radiancetanningsalon.com

Some terrible news for spray tan aficionados: a recent investigation has revealed that the practice may be cancerous. According to a panel of six medical experts working with ABC News, an ingredient in the spray tan formula, dihydroxyacetone or DHA, has been shown in some cases to cause “genetic alteration and DNA damage.” Terrifying.

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Anderson Cooper checks out a spray-on self-tanning salon during his time co-anchoring CNN’s American Morning (circa early 2000s).