spray wax


We are allowed to be fluid
We are fluid creatures after all
Constituents of ocean surround the landscapes of our inner framework
Somatic waves pulled, stretched and shifted by the moon
Why are we conditioned and tamed to be one, easily contained identity
And met with judgement when we are more than many women in one given day
I embrace the shape shifters
The ones who can’t be named and labeled and understood through the filters of socially acceptable finishing spray
I embrace the waxing and waning tides within myself
And allow myself to be wild gentle sad hopeful shy timid confident reserved erotic scared and bold all within the same day
We are one consisting of many
And many consisting of One ……
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John knew The Hair demanded offerings of expensive sprays and gels and waxes in various proportions depending on the weather and what kind of effect Sherlock was after. John wouldn’t have been surprised if Sherlock occasionally made a small blood sacrifice as well; that amount of glamour probably involved at least a little black magic.
—  Safe Distance by merripestin

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I've seen you mention Bath & Body Works on here a few times, what are your favorite scents/products?

oh man

beautiful day, bali blue surf, warm vanilla sugar, winter candy apple, cucumber melon, juniper breeze, country apple, coconut lime breeze, limoncello, velvet sugar, cool citrus basil… 

most of my favorite scents are retired tbh. 

i am mostly a fan of their room sprays, candles, wax melts, wallflowers, body wash, hand sanitizer, foaming hand soap, body mists, body lotion, and body scrubs.

A Day to Relax | Tendou Satori

With the stress of exams finally over, you were more than happy to agree to your boyfriend’s ideas of relaxing at home. You were exhausted, mentally and physically, and wanted nothing more than to just curl up in bed, watch some movies, and dote on your cat boyfriend.

And here you are being a lap pillow while lounging on the sofa as you thread your fingers through Tendou’s hair. The slightly damp, but silky locks of red hair were soft, much softer than you’d ever have expected. It helped that this was one of the few times where the loud and eccentric red head’s hair was not like an explosion of chemicals, spray, and wax. You giggled as he made yet another content noise. Almost like a cat.

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Candle Wax | Closed RP


continued from here [x].

A small whine of complaint at the show of affection escaped Tenzin a moment before he sullenly returned to picking the already dried or drying candle wax from the front of his saffron tunic. The pieces of semi-translucent white bunched under his nails, irritating him all the more. 

“The da – darn things,” he swallowed the swear before it could parse his lips, “sprayed wax at me when I went to blow them out after finishing meditation.” Tenzin slapped his hand hard against his tunic as he pulled it away from his body with the other, loose pieces of wax cascading off of it in a shower to the floor below. 

“Not to mention the one that set my robes on fire last week.” That had been Suyin’s doing, but Tenzin wasn’t about to out her on it. She was in trouble enough as it was already. 

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how do you get your hair cut?

short back and sides and long on top. usually in the summer i go for a gradient cut on the back and sides, starting from 1 at the bottom and going up to 2 toward the top. and the top of my hair as well as my fringe is just how my hair grows, but every now and again i’ll use some salt spray or some styling wax to give is a bit of pzazzzz.

How to remove hair spray and wax from your wigs.

Normally, anyone would just wash their wigs with shampoo and cold/lukewarm water. However, that only works on wigs with no products in them and this is what will happen if the wigs has hairspray in it:

However, using just one special ingredient, you can get rid of all the white residue to get a nice clean wig!

This is the wig I’ll be using.

I forgot to take an after photo though but the purple wig above should the before an after already.

Just toss in some bicarbonate soda (aka baking soda/sodium bicarbonate/bicarbonate of soda etc. you get my point) in to a bucket filled with just enough water to cover the wig.

Add in some shampoo too and give it a stir to dissolve everything. Toss in your wig and fully submerge it before leaving it to soak for an hour or two. When you come back, the bucket will probably smell like bleach or some other chemical. Just take it out and rinse it. Your wig is now clean! You can either let it dry or give it a fabric softner treatment to remove shine(psst, check out my previous tutorial on it!) Thank for reading this tutorial and drop me an ask if you have any questions.

Barn Hacks: 10 Tips that will save you money and keep your horse happy!

This isn’t my first time at the rodeo. I’ve been riding horses for about 16 years now, majority of my life. And I have picked up a couple of tricks of the trade along the way.
We all know how expensive this sport is, and any money I can save on simple things is money that I can use to provide the best care for my horse in another way (or maybe use to pay my rent).
So here are some of my top Barn Hacks. 

(DISCLAIMER: I am not a vet, nor do I claim to be. Consult your vet when appropriate. These are tricks that I have used or have seen used at the barns I ride at. Every horse is different and can react differently to the following products.)

1) Home Depot 

The worst place to buy barn tools is feed or tack stores. Wheelbarrows sell for at least half of the price at Home Depot compared to a tack store. And while you are there be sure to pick up your sponges, brooms, rakes, spray bottles, buckets, and more. 
Other stores that are perfect for this include Target and Big Lots.  And my personal favorite, Costco. Select Costco locations carry shavings, Senior grain, Alfalfa pellets, and even salt blocks! 

2) The Dollar Store

Okay so this is kind of like number 1, but I’m serious. Baby oil, hair bands, hair brushes, SHAMPOO (yes, you can use human dollar store shampoo to bathe your horse), Conditioner, buckets. 
Put on a hat and sunglasses so no one will recognize you, and brave the world of overly discounted and discontinued items. Just think, you can put the money you save towards some new Tailored Sportsman breeches.

3) Coconut Oil

Put the Show Sheen down. Coconut oil is going to make your horse’s tail look so much better. Get a big tub of it at Costco or Sam’s Club. It helps hair grow fast and can be used to help hair grow back in spots that it has been rubbed out or scrapped off. 
I’ve used it to help grow my gelding’s forelock back after it was ripped out by a mare. He has bad taste in women, what can I say.

4) Skin So Soft 

Avon’s Skin So Soft is known for it’s ability to keep the flies away. Avon often has this item on sale, buy one get one free, etc. I pay around $9 for a large bottle. I was suspicious at first, but after seeing it work miracles for my mother’s horse, I am a believer.
My mom uses the following mixture: 1 part flyspray, 1 part Skin So Soft, and 1 Part Apple Cider Vinegar.
I use half flyspray, half Skin So Soft. 

5) Bleach 

There are different views on this- but I know more people for it than against it, and when used properly it does the trick. Dilute: 1 part bleach, 2 parts water.
Use on hooves to get rid of or prevent thrush. The bleach will dry up the hooves, and should not be used when there is not a moisture problem as it can cause hooves to become brittle, crack and chip.

6) Socks for Bed Sores

Cut old socks so that you can use them to protect your horse from bed and hock sores. Cut the toe out so that they form a tube, pull them on above the horse’s hoof and so that it covers his pastern bone. You can do the same thing on the hind legs, and pull the socks up high enough to cover their hocks.
My horse is nicknamed “The Hurricane” because he destroys everything. So I am much happier letting him tear apart old socks than $30 boots.
You can also use old socks to wrap your irons so they don’t damage your saddle!

7) Wrap hooves with diapers

I’ve never seen an abscess I couldn’t treat. And so much of that goes to my vet’s recommendation of this simple trick: instead of using cotton when wrapping a hoof, use a diaper. When you get a hang of it, they can fit the hoof perfectly and you can use the velcro on the sides to secure it. Put some duct tape around that bad boy and it’s not going anywhere.

8) Flavored Psyllium

Now I can’t tell you if there is really a price difference on this (I do suggest buying the large 2 pack at Costco), but this one is for those horses who won’t take regular psyllium. The breed barn I ride at uses this for their horses because the horses are much more willing to eat it with the flavor. 
Also- Psyllium pellets are a no go. Always use a powder. It cleans out the system 1000 times better.

9) Make your own Quick Braid

Don’t pay for overpriced QuickBraid. You can make your own with a mixture of hairspray, hair wax spray, and other hair products. This also allows you to get the consistency and texture of your preference.
Not that any of us would be caught braiding our own horse… But hey, I’ve been know to braid at shows. Its money in the jeans. And there is no way faster to a new trainers good side than a perfect hunter braid.

10) TJ Maxx

Not sure if it is just the location by me, but this place is filled with Ralph Lauren everything. And only paying $20 for a RL Polo makes me feel a lot less guilty about it when I trash it at the barn. 
Also, get a cute Michael Kors belt to add some bling to your riding outfit.  Don’t feel like the only place to buy riding clothes is at your local tack store. Let’s face it, everyone wants to be like us; so sometimes you can find great riding clothes at “normal people” stores. But keep it classy and keep it collared. 

So good luck! Hope this can help you girls save a dollar or two. Maybe with that money you can go get a manicure? Hahah…. Who am I kidding?



Dreaming Radio
  • Tablo: Today, did you style your hair with wax or spray?
  • Gray: It's foam and spray together. Collaboration~!
  • Tablo: That collab's turning out real nice.
  • Gray: (proudly) I went to a saloon just for this radio show.
  • Tablo: For a "RADIO" broadcast?
  • Gray: ...still...we'll take pictures here, right?!
if you missed the RT Extra Life livestream 2014, heres what went down...

levar burton and his daughter mica stopped by and they played some games and levar read his book

mica shot caleb with a harpoon

Barbara revealed her beautifully carved pumpkin (look how proud she is)

burnie and joe the cat stopped by

Barbara made some bad life choices and stuck her hand in a tub of cheese

arryn put makeup on adam and he was a very beautiful princess

the mold of gavins head made an appearance

and ray humped it

blaine got his chest waxed

barbara spray painted her hair purple for the kids

alan ritchson stopped by and did push ups with caleb on him

he also sung a duet with jon

the lads played twister

they showed their butts alot

very homosexual things went on (like always)

and also the stream raised over 400k to charity!

Cheater fudge

My grandma always makes this, and unless you are a fudge connoisseur, it is an excellent and very easy alternative to real fudge. The recipe here is for chocolate fudge, but the kind of chips used can be substituted for any kind of chip, resulting in different fudge flavors- for example, you could use all white chocolate chips, or make two half-batches of different chip flavors and swirl them together in the cooling pan for a fudge with more than one flavor, such as chocolate-caramel. My grandma always adds walnuts, but I am not sure what amount she uses, but anything one likes in fudge can be added to this as well. This can be made in a microwave or done on stove top, both work just as well.

2 cups semisweet chocolate chips 
1 cup milk chocolate chips 
1 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
dash salt 
8 x 8 pan, sprayed with cooking spray or lined with wax paper (anything to make it non-stick)

Melt all chips together with whole can of sweetened condensed milk. Add salt and vanilla and mix well. If adding nuts or anything extra, add them now and mix them in. Pour into the 8x8 container and allow to cool until solid.