spray squad

blue-fluffy-bi  asked:

So imagine them trying to think of super hero names! So they would all be in Michael's basement and he would say "I have ice powers... And I like slushies, and they've got ice in them... So slushyman!" And everyone just stares at him. (Btw I'm basement anon!)

Chloe: I swear to god, Mell, I will make you wear a life size slushie cup costume as your outfit if you go with that name.

Michael: Slushyman it is then!

Everybody else: Michael nO.

Then Jeremy brings out a spray bottle and he just sprays Michael and he hisses

I’ve made some icons for the sprays that are in the size of all the other items in Kirby’s bag.

All original sprays that came from Amazing Mirror and Squeak Squad will be in silver spray paint cans. All custom sprays are in gold ones.

The sprays must be used outside of battle. 

I hope you’ll collect them all!