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My vision narrowed on him, on my High Lord, his wide eyes glistening as I stepped onto the soft grass, white rose petals scattered down it─

And red ones.

Like drops of blood amongst the white, red petals had been sprayed across the path ahead.

Amarantha, who proclaimed herself the High Queen of Prythian.


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Chemtrail Fallout
Particulates Falling Below Spray Paths, I have noticed a regular pattern that occurs with non-persistent chemtrails. After an hour or two of high-frequency spraying, milky-white particulate “White Flakes” will occur immediately below the heavily-sprayed area. This has been especially easy for us to see on a consistent basis because of the sheer quantity of jets that we see following the identical flight-path along Germany spewing non-persistent chemtrails.
These milky-white Flakes are very common in heavilyy-sprayed areas, but many people do not recognize them as being associated with chemtrail spraying.
This fallout always occurs below chemtrail spray paths, so it stands to reason that particulates are falling down from the non-persistent chemtrails into a warmer layer of air. This phenomenon provides a measure of anecdotal evidence that non-persistent chemtrails are releasing particulates that fall to the ground.
Done some reworke, because finally found a short report.

2am Loop #2 complete. 10/30 miles.
No matter how you slice it running at night is just plain harder. For some reason I kept thinking a skunk was going to run out in my path and spray me. Glad to report that didn’t happen.

Look up in the sky. It’s depressing not seeing big fluffy clouds isn’t it? It seems that the only clouds you see anymore are digital iCloud or Google Cloud. Coincidence?

What do you see more often or not? Flat, long streaks. Those are the chemtrails that now dominate the sky. There are some who say there’s nothing wrong with them. Well if that’s true then why are all diseases and conditions listed above skyrocketing?

Most of those things just don’t happen by themselves. Most diseases are man made. But why though? It’s simple: the powers that be, aka the US government, the NWO, and the globalists who own the planet want you to get sick. Why? So they can pump their “medicine” in you, eliminate anyone who does not conform to their bioengineered food, and whatever else they’re doing to control your mind. That’s the name of the game. Think of chemtrails as the NWO’s writing on the wall. To them they are artists of destruction. The sky is their canvas and chemtrails are their paint.

Take the following photo and realize just how chemtrails are effecting everything. From the water you drink to the food that animals eat. You’ll see that the lines in the sky are anything but helpful:

To understand the difference between a CHEMTRAIL and a CONTRAIL you first must understand the difference between them:

When you look up at the sky notice how high up contrails are? Notice the plane and how small it looks. Then look at chemtrails and how much closer to the ground the plane is. See the difference? Even the two comparison photos show the effect of the sky being destroyed.

For more proof that planes are in fact spraying chemicals look at this:

Anyone with half a brain can count and know jet planes have huge engines; usually 4 at most. That being said what does a plane need all those nozzles for if they’re not used for flight?

One question you have to ask is; are the ways the chemicals are being sprayed and the flight paths they take deliberate so as to possibly mix the chemicals better for a longer lasting effect?

Oh, if you want to see just how the internet, especially GOOGLE can’t get their story straight just do a search on chemtrails. This caught my attention:

Notice the word “chemtrails.” What is the answer they give?

Obviously GOOGLE has a problem reading or they suddenly became magicians. The question clearly states CHEMTRAILS not CONTRAILS.

If that’s the case then why is this question asked:

If “chemtrails” are only streaks of condensed water vapor then why is the word “chemicals” mentioned?

Request- Prison break Harley

colonial-luxe asked: Can you please write something in which the Joker realizes that he wants to get Harley pregnant once he rescues her from Belle Reve??

I had to bust Harley out of that damn asylum once again. She had gone bizerk at one of the clubs because someone had split wine on her golden dress. I begged her to let me bring them out back and give em’ the ol one two but before I could persuade her she had her pistol and was shooting the person. Once in the head then in the chest. Then she moved on from that person and began to spray anyone in her path with bullets. Batsy busted in from one of the windows and Frost pulled me out of the building before I was able to reach her. Which was good I needed a break from her constant blabbering. She was important to the operation and fulfilling my.. needs. It was very nice to have a quiet house… for awhile. The last couple of weeks though I felt a pull inside of my chest and she was the only thing that wandered in my thoughts. I didn’t want to do any business deals or go in the clubs. I thought of her blonde hair in pigtails as they would whip around when she turned to me. The way her eyes lit up when she was saying my name. I bopped myself in the head laying on the floor surrounded by knifes I had stabbed people with in order to bring back her memory. One personal item of each of the unfortunate souls I stabbed outside in a circle outside of the knives.

 I picked up a black marker and walked to the crackled mirror looking at my face. It was pale and tattooed as usual but run down with the weight of her being gone. “You never smile anymore doll” I spoke to myself watching my lips move into the mirror. “This otta cheer you up, like the old saying.. fake a smile until it becomes a real one.” I drew on a smile around my frowning lips thinking to myself. What if she dies in there? During the last of my… visits. The new quack Doctor was locking visitors in the basement and prodding them and poking them with needles and electric stabs. “Frost” I yelled expecting him to come in the room any minute. Right on que I heard the door open. “Yes boss?” I stayed laying down longing for her presence. “When can we move Frosty?” I asked I couldn’t lose her again. “Whenever you’re ready” I sat up staring at him “Get them ready” He nodded walking out of the room again. I wouldn’t lose her again when we broke her out I would take her into the bedroom and…. well you get the picture. We would make another version of her and I would keep that little girl safe in case Harley was ever to… depart. 

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When I started hating Ianthe...

ACOMAF page #17

When I didn’t respond to her gentle reprimand, she (Ianthe) said, “Have you given any thought to what color roses? White? Pink? Yellow? Red—”

“Not red.”

I hated that color. More than anything. Amarantha’s hair, all that blood, the welts on Clare Beddor’s broken body, spiked to the walls of Under the Mountain—

Page #40

My vision narrowed on him, on my High Lord, his wide eyes glistening as I stepped onto the soft grass, white rose petals scattered down it—

And red ones.

Like drops if blood amongst the white, red petals had been sprayed across the path ahead.

When I read that I knew, just knew, Ianthe was not a friend but someone with her own agenda.

Racists vastly outnumbered by anti-racists in Melbourne

A planned show of strength by racists and neo-Nazis in Melbourne backfired when once again far-right protesters were outnumbered 20 to one on July 18.

Far-right racist group United Patriot Front has been bragging on Facebook for a couple of months about how it was going to take on the left in Melbourne. United Patriots Front (UPF) and the other racist group that it split from earlier this year, Reclaim Australia, had high hopes for a big turnout at their rally in Melbourne

Their rally ended up being a flop with only around 50 Reclaim Australia protesters and 60 UPF protesters showing up.

The Reclaim Australia/UPF rally was explicitly anti-Muslim, peddling many myths about Islam.

Mike Holt from the racist Restore Australia, an organisation which has campaigned against mosques being constructed, was quoted by the July 18 Age as saying he was “disappointed by the turn out”.

Meanwhile, about 2000 anti-racists counter-mobilised to demonstrate that the majority of people in Melbourne stand in solidarity against the racist, Islamophobic ideas of Reclaim Australia/UPF.

The hundreds of police mobilised seem to favour the neo-Nazis. Late-arriving UPF members were able to reach the steps of Parliament House after police used pepper spray to cut a path through the anti-racist protesters.

The anti-racist rally could have been bigger if it wasn’t for the public threats of violence by the UPF. The UPF had said on social media that they would be bringing weapons such as guns and knives to the rally. Some anti-racism activists were scared off by that.

The police also put intense pressure on the Muslim organisations to withdraw support from the rally.

The racist rally was protected by around 500 police.

Despite the pressure of the police and the threats of violence, Melbourne people showed that the racists are the minority opinion.

The anti-racist counter rally was organised by two groups – No Room for Racism and Coalition against Racism and Fascism.

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Reawakened: A Once Upon a Time Tale       

“She went back for Regina then, and she swore, before picking her up into her arms, that Regina seemed surprised that she’d returned. What does she think, I would leave her?  Emma wondered, hoisting her rival into her arms. She carried her carefully through the burning lobby, sticking close to the path she’d sprayed.”