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Christian Louboutin Masterpost

“People say I am the king of painful shoes. I don’t want to create painful shoes, but it is not my job to create something comfortable. I try to make high heels as comfortable as they can be, but my priority is design, beauty and sexiness. I’m not against them, but comfort is not my focus.”

The only man who has every really been honest about the extent of his downfall. This post is an update of an old post. Now, for some reason I picture Louboutins being every SB’s first go to pair of designer shoes. Why? Because they are sexy, gorgeous and the bottoms make any man want to bow down. That being said, they are the MOST painful pair of heels I have ever owned. So every little step to stretch/protect them has been worth it. 

How to Make Heels More Comfortable
As he said, louboutin’s will never be comfortable heels - they are not supposed to be. But, here are some tips and tricks you can use to make them a little less uncomfortable. Before we start, I have the So Kate that I wear to functions/dinners/events aka events where I can sit for long periods of time without looking out of place.

1. If your pair has a narrow front, you will need to stretch the leather. If you want to be a badass, then you can stuff your feet in and walk around for hours and eventually make them form - you will hate yourself. OR, you can use the extra help. Double up on some socks, stuff your feet in and shift all of your weight to the front of your feet. Using your blow dryer, apply high heat directly to the shoe. Make sure to relocate weight to the front of the shoe, the back will stretch as well! IF it stretches too much (that’s okay), then use fashion tape on the back to prevent sliding of your foot. I think it is better to stretch too much then not as all and with the tape, you’ll never notice the difference. 

2. Beauty is pain ladies and these epitomize both. Bandage your third and fourth toes with some medical tape, removes pressure from the nerves. You’ll hold out longer.

3. INSOLES for these brand of heels are a MUST. I didn’t realize how much of a difference they made until I did not wear them. HUGE HUGE HUGE difference.

4. When you are walking, be aware of your posture. If you’re an SB then your posture should always been good, in or out of heels. That being said, in these heels relocating your weight to your heel with an erect back makes it less painful. If you’re not used to this then this would feel awkward but you’ll get used to it - I promise. 

How to Protect Your Red Bottoms 

Yes, I like saving money. However, I chose not to go to the cobbler because they wanted to charge me 70 for the base. And, they would not have been able to protect my babies in time. You can do this for under $12, without any damage to the red after. 

Buy the ZAGG InvisibleShield Military Grade Screen Protector (I recommend this brand only because it’s the only one I know that will NOT damage the red.)  

You will want to buy the OG iPad case just in case you mess up, you can do it more than once. OK, so what you will do is clean the bottom of your shoes with a damp cloth and then outline them on the non-sticky part of the protector. DO NOT ACCIDENTALLY BUY THE GLASS PROTECTOR. Now, it is arts and craft time and you will cut out the base the outline of your shoes. Peel the plastic away, spray spray spray your shoes with the provided solution and slowly apply the sticky face, while being aware of air bubbles. You will want to use your windshield wiper thing to remove as many of the air bubbles as possible.

These are my protected So Kate that I have worn so many times and they still look perfect. It may have costed me more time but saved me a little bit of cash money. DISCLAIMER: If you are walking on floors in a kitchen/restaurant that could be greasy then you will want to be EXTRA careful. When you scruff the bottom, you get the real grip of these shoes. But when the bottom has the protector on then there is a little less traction. 

What to do when shit Feels Bad

  • Remember to rule out all mundane causes for this feeling. This includes mental illness, physical sickness, etc.
  • Clean the room that feels Bad (when you’ve got the time/spoons)
  • Sprinkle salt (Or spray salt water) around the room
  • Do a banishing ritual (with bells/harsh sounds, candles, and salt) essentially telling all bad things that they need to Go
  • Declutter, sometimes bad vibes get trapped
  • Take a cleansing + warding shower. Sometimes the bad vibes are on you
  • Wash your blankets, bedsheets, and pillowcases. Sometimes the bad vibes collect where you sleep
  • Throw away/delete things with bad memories attached
  • If you’re a green witch like me, prune your plants and water them if they need it
  • Draw a warding/banishing sigil in the room/place that feels Bad. It’ll work if you put it on your skin, too (just be careful!)
  • Spray your shoes with salt water and clean them, make sure to get all the salt off afterwards though
  • (Yeah I know a lot of these involve cleaning)
  • Play shows/music that you feel have Good Vibes
  • Enchant your lights to drive away bad vibes and all that wishes you ill
  • Get a little plushie, or statuette, or really anything solid you can keep in that room and enchant it to protect that room. It’s that room’s protector now (This includes plants!)
  • Perform a banishing ritual
  • Ward that room

This isn’t a comprehensive list and you’re more than welcome to add more!

Chris Colfer: The First Time I Braved New York (and a Taxi!)
The “Glee” actor and best-selling author, whose latest young adult novel is “Stranger Than Fanfiction,” talks about a rite of passage.
By Chris Colfer

Imagine, if you will, the Pillsbury Doughboy with Peter Brady’s haircut and Truman Capote’s voice. Add a sprinkling of the fear of being touched and the social anxiety of a shy Chihuahua. That was me at 18, and in December 2008, that guy decided it was a good idea to take a trip to New York City all by himself.

To reiterate why this cultural experiment was destined for failure, I should mention I was born and raised in Clovis, Calif., a small town in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley — you know, where they end up in “The Grapes of Wrath.” Clovis is a place of spacious farmland, quiet suburbs, ample street parking and trucks with testicle ornaments. It couldn’t be more different from the Big Apple, which is probably why I spent much of my adolescence wishing Kristin Chenoweth would show up in Glinda the Good Witch’s bubble and take me there.

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The Devil Wears Laces

“Please tell me you didn’t do it,” Nikandros said as soon as Damen picked up the phone. Instinctively, Damen looked around, as though he were going to find Nikandros staring at him in disapproval from across the street. Or behind him. Or perching from one of the buildings like a gargoyle.

“I only did it because of you, you know,” Damen told him.

“You did this because of me,” Nikandros repeated. “I was the one who told you this was going to happen. Kastor has been jealous of you for years. It was only a matter of time before he made a grab for your position. That’s why he-”

“Why he told our father that I was burnt out and needed vacation time? Why he’s helpfully filling in for me during my forced sabbatical?”

“Yes.” It was exactly what Nikandros had said, though not with those specific details. Nikandros, who knew everything, had told Damen that his brother would jump at the opportunity to show their father he was capable of being CEO. Damen just hadn’t listened. But now Kastor was sitting at the Editor-In-Chief’s desk - his desk - and he’d decided to start paying attention.

“Which is why I’m not going to sit down and be useless while the company prepares for its biggest deal in years.”

“So, you’ve applied at Vere?”

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connect [rich g. x fem!reader x jake d.]

( Can you do a Poly Rich x Fem Reader x Jake fic? Preferably where the reader is a big geek and likes to cosplay. (Probably met when reader was doing the costumes for the play)  )

ok but i love this

ok this also went from ‘big geek who likes to cosplay’ to ‘geek, likes to cosplay, does costumes for drama dept. and knows shit about theatre’ because i couldnt resist tbh

this is 10,000 words. brb gonna go die

pls dont expect this from me since this was just something that i got rly rly into writing and got rly carried away

warnings: uhhh none that i can think of other than general language but let me know if im forgetting stuff

        Alright. You could do this. All you had to do was come up with costumes, take measurements, make everything by yourself, and have everything ready in time for dress rehearsal to begin - along with keeping up with schoolwork, going to Hobby Lobby (which, thank fuck you were getting a huge discount for, because otherwise you’d basically be destroying your own shit in order to make anything) to get everything you needed,  and basically do everything your average person needs to survive. So basically, you were ready to die a bit more inside and start multitasking - and lose sleep, but that was normal. What wasn’t normal was the show you were doing costumes for. When Mr.Reyes mentioned doing Midsummer, you imagined you’d be spending your nights sewing costumes for fairies - not… zombies. But you forced a grin and told him you’d do your best, and clutched your sketchbook to your chest, the paper with the cast list and roles jammed in, and the script for the play sandwiched between binders in your bag.

        This was fine. You’d go and watch one of their rehearsals to get an idea of how long everyone would have between costume changes, and Mr.Reyes would be speaking his vision to you as you would hastily scribble notes down, basically becoming a bobble-head as you tried to take into account everything. You’d start doing homework during classes, read online for whatever book and bullshit your way through any quizzes. Maybe you could copy some (or almost all) answers off of Christine if she’d let you. Then eventually you’d start spending your last class taking a nap with Christine in the drama room while the rest of the class did whatever - or working on whatever schoolwork you could if you weren’t tired.

        The things you did for costume design.

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Hey guys I’m still looking for voice actors for midnight pm! Here’s who we have left:

Fish bag

Has the voice of a 15 year old boy going through puberty, a little bit masculine voice, has a little bit of a whiny/nervous voice, has a deep masculine scream

Voice reference shit:



Uumm… hello?

aren’t you a little cutie. Ima name ya ummmmmm….. daisy! Yup sweet little daisy!


Cork board 

They’re voice is neural, kinda deep and sleepy

Fucking voice reference bitch:




I hope you don’t end up like me. So I best give the best life while I’m still here…..


Beer bottle 

Femme voice, a little bit deep and the tiniest bit southern accent 

Voice reference thang:



what do you want bitch?

*crying* I’m going to be the best mother I can to you before you fly away….*sniffles*


this is nice


ow, why did ya do that you jack ass?

I’m fine but ow could you please help me up?

Team flag

Neutral but slightly masculine but femme, cheerful and excited sounding 

Voice reference:



whisper screaming* oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I’m already proud of you

Spray bottle 

Femme voice, slightly high pitched, sweet, soft and has a thick southern accent 

Voice reference for this bitch:



hi darlings!

your a cute little nugget! Aren’t ya darling?

well that’s interesting……


Femme voice, sounds a bit muscline, has an Australian accent and talks a bit slow

Voice reference mother fucker:



good day mates!

o ooooo mate do we get to choose our teams!? Cause I want mood on mine!

awww man

you’re a cutie, aren’t ya mate?

this is bullshit! How the fuck they expect me to get trough this is when I have only one leg?!

Detergent pod 

Sounds a bit like season 2 lightbulb and princess bubblegum, neutral sounding voice and sounds calm/chill

Reference voice:




isn’t that kinda dangerous?

oh ok that makes me feel better…. sorta

I’m going to protect you with my life.


Masculine voice but slightly femme, southern accent and bit excited sounding 

Ecnerefer eciov:



what’s up y'all?

hey look at this little fella! They’re a little nugget!

are you ok, pal?


Masculine voice, soothing, calm and peaceful 

Vxnvivuei vxrme:



I hope you’re all having a good day

they’re beautiful

Glow stick 

Some what femme voice, sounds like they’re about to cry, is very quiet, they kinda sound like miku and squeaky 

Vc rfrc:



uuuuhhhhhh…hhh…iii.. hhiii


they’re cute……I iiii guess


Sounds like a young male adult, sounds like an anime protagonist and a bit height pitched

Oie eeee:



welll thennn….


pawn! What’s wrong!? Wait are you thinking…. of…. of-

Tiny tree 

Femme voice, sounds old/sleepy, has a soothing and calming voice 

Radical voice reference my dude:



mood please calm down

such a beautiful little bird

Mood light please don’t to that again. Also come on! We have to go!

Mood light

the hyper child, sounds in between masculine and femme, swears way too much
Canon voice song reference thing (sorry about the song):


What’s good fuckers?!
Yo bitches! Look at this little cute fucker!

That’s all of them! ALL voice demos are due June 30. Please send me a message if you want to voice anyone! Peace nerds

if love be rough (ch 3)

It’s Valentine’s Day in Verona…<3

“Well, if it isn’t Rosaline Capulet.” Beneath the upbeat music and crashing pins, something about the voice tickled familiarity. “I didn’t know you worked here.”

“As often as they’ll let me,” she quipped in her politest ‘we met in class, what makes you think we’re friends?’ voice. Stowing the shoe spray under the counter, she turned to find a girl in a wrinkled bartender’s uniform, blonde curls piled atop her head. The girl cocked her head wryly, clearly well-versed in the complex language of customer service.

“Oh,” Rosaline said, recognizing her from the night of the apartment-crashers. “It’s Stella, right?”

Stella nodded. “And you’re the girl Ben won’t stop complaining about.”

Rosaline’s face pinched, and the other girl laughed faintly through her nose. “Don’t worry, he’s not here.”

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"You didn't tell me you were twins." (Grayson)

Requested by @lovebugband: “Your dating Gray & you accidentally think Ethan is him and he gets really upset and insecure?”


You and Grayson had been together for a while, and everything about your relationship was everything that you wanted and more. You were so excited because you both finally had a weekend off and you could spend time together. You had both been so busy, Ethan and him with meetings, and you with your work in general. You were glad that you finally had a night off to hang with each other. You were at home getting ready for the night when you heard your phone buzz on your night stand. You checked it to see that you had a text from Grayson.

“Hey baby. You still coming over?” The text read.

“Yes. Im just finishing up getting ready, so I’ll be there soon.” You replied.

“Okay. See you when you get here. :)” He replied. You slipped on your shoes, sprayed on some perfume, and made your way over to Grayson’s apartment.

When you finally got to there, you rang the doorbell and were immediately welcomed in.

“Hey baby, I missed you.” You said to Grayson. You pushed him over to the sofa and climbed into his lap.

“Um, (Y/N)?” He said awkwardly.

“Shh, your brother’s not here yet.” You said.

“(Y/N), I’m…” He said, trying to push you off. Just then, you were interrupted by another voice, who you assumed to be Grayson’s brother

“(Y/N)?” He asked.

“Awe, Grayson. You didn’t tell me you and your brother were twins.” You said, getting up from the sofa to say hi to him.

“Uh, I am Grayson.” He said.

Oh. Shit.

“Wait, so that makes you Ethan.” You said. You looked over to Ethan on the sofa, nodding his head. “Ooh, and you tried to stop me too.” You said. You turned back to Grayson, just to see him as he disappeared into his room. You took off after him.

“Grayson, baby, are you okay?” You asked as you sat next to him on the bed, rubbing his back.

“How could he do that to me?” He asked.

“What are you talking about?” You asked.

“He knew you that you were my girlfriend.” He said.

“Grayson, don’t blame this on Ethan. This was all my fault. It was an honest mistake. You never told me that you and your brother were twins. He tried to stop me, he really did. I was just caught up in the moment. I was excited to finally seeing you. I genuinely thought he was you, and I couldn’t control myself. I’m so, so sorry, Grayson. I really am.” You explained. Gray looked up at you, a smile tugging on his lips. He let out a loud sigh.

“It’s just, Ethan has always been better than me at getting girls, and I was scared that you were gonna meet him and want to be with him, instead of me.” Grayson confessed.

“And throw away what we have? I would never. Especially not with your brother. That’s not me. I love our relationship, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.” You said. Grayson smiled at you and hugged you tight.

“I love you, (Y/N), you know that?” He said kissing you on the forehead.

“Yeah, but its nice to be reminded.” You said with a smile.

After all your talks and apologies with Grayson, and Ethan, you got comfy on the sofa and watched movies and ate pizza all night, and you enjoyed every moment of it.

anonymous asked:

What do you think iwachan's like when he's had too much to drink?

Iwaizumi is a total nightmare. Nothing good happens comes about when he drinks. EVER. (; ಠ_ಠ)

The following stages of Drunken Iwa (ft. Seijou third years) come as follow:

Calm before the Storm
It always starts off with a few harmless drinks, nothing too bad. It’s easy for the third year group to tell how many Iwaizumi has had based on his mood. He becomes more talkative, affectionate and likes to joke around alot. When he starts laughing (like, genuinely laughing) at Makki and Mattsun’s lame puns, it’s usually the telltale sign that they should cut him from the drinks. But it’s so cute to see him so giddy and smiling from ear to ear so they let him be.

It’s a subtle change, but sure enough Iwaizumi’s voice gets increasingly louder and he begins to lose his mouth filter. He’ll start throwing whatever comment crosses his mind and they’re always absolutely hilarious. Makki, Mattsun and Oikawa keep egging him on and soon they’re all yelling and laughing loudly, much so that the nearby tables complain.

King of Dance and Song
They’re all having a great time when the bar plays that song. Iwaizumi knows this song. He loves this song. He jumps up on his chair and starts singing (or at least attempting to) the lyrics, taking another sip whenever he forgets the words. Everyone is trying to control him but he retorts with “shut up, let me sing. I can sing. I’m a great singer. I can also dance too, here watch this,” which then proceeds to him staggering around while spilling drinks on everyone within arm’s reach.

Beer Goggles
Under normal circumstances, Iwaizumi is a rather shy kind of guy. But under drunk circumstances, he’s the most charismatic person in the room. 
And which better victim than his charming, talented, athletic, freakin’ gorgeous best friend, Oikawa Tooru. (“holy shit, Oikawa you’re beautiful. Have I ever told you that? Jesus, look at those eyes. Huh? No, that wasn’t meant to be a pick up line. But if it’s working then, hell. Your eyes are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”)

Were you Just Checking out my Best Friend’s Ass?
It all turns upside down when Iwaizumi spots someone sneaking a glance at HIS best friend. Suddenly, Iwaizumi goes from love-sick sap to full-blown fighting machine because “back the hell up, did you just do what I think you just did? That’s it, Mattsun, hold my beer.” He has no fear, going up and confronting the huge burly guy three times his size and it results in a crazy brawl with half the bar trying to pry the two off each other and Oikawa screaming somewhere in the background (Mattsun and Makki are too busy filming this from a safe distance to intervene)

It’s no surprise the seijou gang are kicked out the bar
The four are left staggering around in the streets; Mattsun and Makki in absolute hysterics because this is literally the sixth time this has happened holy shit, and Oikawa screeching at them for not helping out earlier as he struggles to drag a stumbling Iwa-chan with him. Iwaizumi then proceeds to chug his guts up all over the pavement, some of which spraying on Oikawa’s shoes
(the M-duo are already filming the disastrous situation).

Aftermath: The next morning
Iwaizumi looks and feels terrible. He’s got huge bags under his eyes, a sickly complexion and he’s permanently hunched over, nursing his churning stomach. The look on his face is priceless when Makki and Mattsun show him all of the footage they captured from last night.

Iwaizumi swears never to drink again and the group agree it’s for the best

… But that doesn’t stop them from doing it again the next week

Sign Language

Yoongi x Reader / Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Warning: inappropriate language

Promo: Min Yoongi didn’t know whether it was the sympathy for her and guilt of what he did, or the fear in her eyes that he wanted to take away, but he made her stay. He had a new housekeeper.

Note: This is the mute girl x Yoongi series I asked about a bit earlier, I tried to make the beginning not so cliché but~ idk how i did on that>< Idk if i want to continue this or fix it up a little yet its to be determined lolz please do tell me if its a interesting idea >A< 

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) TBC

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The sound of footsteps pausing at the front door made her freeze almost immediately. Her outstretched hand which was reading for the sticky note and pen on the table recoiled back to her side as she listened for any further noise. And, to her horror, the noise did continue. The small twinkling of keys being pulled and the sound of the lock turning. 

Ideas raced through her head, but there was no conclusion. No one was supposed to be home until 9PM and it was only 5PM.
She hesitated, and reached into her small purse, pulling out a small spray bottle. Holding it ever so tightly in one hand, and her phone in the other, she shuffled silently out of the bedroom and into the open living room area. She was terrified, heart pounding in her chest, palms slowly turning sweaty and fingers slightly shaky. However, she managed to maintain a calm expression, and watched from the bedroom door, the front door opening.
A dark figure appeared in the doorway. Jeans, oversized black hoodie, even a black ball cap underneath the pulled up black hoodie.
Her breath turned quick and shallow from fear, and the figure didn’t seem to notice her at all- at least not until he turned around and literally faced her direction. 
She could swear her heart skipped a beat, almost jumping out of her skin when her gaze met his. She couldn’t see anything on his face except for his eyes, his mouth and nose was covered with a mask, the cap was pressed down covering his forehand. His blonde hair peeking out from the cap blocking his eyes slightly.
He seemed equally surprised, but it was gone in a split second. What remained was an icy cold gaze suppressing the anger that was threatening to surface. 
“Who the are you?” His voice was emotionless and it made her shivered upon hearing him. 
She couldn’t answer. 
He walked up swiftly, and in response, she started backing up. Soon she found herself again the wall, his cold gaze trapping her in her spot, unable to move, unable to look away.
“Answer my question.”
He demanded coldly, his hands remained in his pockets, but that didn’t make the situation less intimidating. “Can’t you fucking talk?”
His harsh voice seemed to knock sense into her, at this point, it didn’t matter who he was. All she could think of was running. So thats exactly what she did. Giving him the strongest push she could manage, she dashed for the door. Not bothering to turn around to see him fall back onto the floor, she dashed out the door with half worn sneakers. Running down the staircase from the 3rd floor, she ran to the main road and got on the first bus that came. Only then, did she pause to catch her breath. Her heart pounding from both the horror and the adrenaline, she pressed her hand to her chest, and she realized how startled she looked and dressed. On a cold Feburary day, all she wore only her large cardigan. Her phone in hand and pepper spray in the other, her shoes weren’t even put on properly, and her hair was a mess from the previous run. The driver looked at her once and took off, not bothering to ask her for a ticket. A embarrassed flush of color began to rise to her cheeks. Sitting down, she tied her shoes, fixed her hair, an put the pepper spray into her jean pocket. Pulling out her phone, she phoned the only person she could. 
Park Jimin.
The kpop star Park Jimin.

Also the person she liked for three years.

The funny thing was, she wasn’t working as a housekeeper. Her actual job was an accountant for Park Jimin’s company. The only reason she was able to get in was because Jimin called in a favour. So in return, the moment Jimin asked for a favour from her, she agreed without question. They practically grew up together, so he knew she used to work as a housekeeper as a part time job, which is why he asked her to help clean a place three times a week. The place she just ran from.
She’s never seen or even heard of who lives in that huge apartment, neither was she supposed to. Jimin had said the hours she goes the owner will definitely not be home. 
So who was that just now?
Jimin didn’t pick up. Instead, he hung up. A text came in very quickly.
‘Y/N? What’s wrong? Did something happen?’
Tears prickled at your eyes seeing the instant reply. You didn’t bother trying to tell him the situation over text, instead, you asked if he could pick you up, knowing he was on break. And he did.
“Y/N-ah, what happened?” Jimin’s eyes widened in horror when he finally saw her on the roadside, hugging herself in the cold winter wind to keep warm. Turning the heater onto full blast immediately, he took off his own jacket and covered her with it the moment she got into the passenger seat. “What are you even doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be-”
She forced a smile onto her lips, shaking her head slightly.
“Where’s your notebook? And stuff?” Jimin asked, as his hands fumbled through the passenger side in awe. “What on earth?”
With numb hands, she pulled the cell phone from her back pocket to type something out, but before she could do that, Jimin had her hand in his and pressed it to the outlet of the heater. “No, warm up first.” His warm and soft hold was something that she constantly pulled away from, as she did this time. Shaking her head with a reassuring smile, she began typing.
‘Someone went into the apartment before and I ran out.’
Jimin’s eyes widened in horror, “Oh shit-” he fumbled out his phone quickly, pulling the missed call that he had ignored from earlier to find her, he groaned and fell back into his seat.
“I’m so dead.” Then he suddenly remembered something, snapping back up from his seat. Jimin turned around once again, scaring the girl in the passenger seat. “Did he scare you? Oh my god- I messed up oh my god- He didn’t do anything did he?”
Thinking back to what had happened with an unclouded view this time, she shook her head.
After all, if that was the owner, she was the one that intruded, and the one who didn’t answer his question. Even if he was overly intimidating… At least there was some reason behind it. How would anyone react if there was a random person in their house?
‘Who was that?’ 
Jimin looked at the text and back to the person holding the phone up, her slightly blue lips from the cold and unusually flushed cheeks. Guilt settled in to the pit of stomach.
“Min Yoongi. Or Min Suga, my sunbae.”

“Park Jimin what were you thinking?”
Jimin flinched at the harsh voice and sunk deeper into his own jacket.
“Talk.” Yoongi’s cold voice sent a shiver down Jimin’s spine and Jimin swore he saw his life pass before his eyes. A long and unproductive day at work had already gotten him frustrated enough, the last thing he needed was to go home and find a random girl standing near his bedroom door. The only two conclusions that Yoongi had was, she was a either psycho fan of his, or a thief. But neither would explain why she didn’t answer his question, nor the pepper spray in her hand as if he was the intruder and not her.
“The ajumma who used to work here had quit to live with her son and take-care of her grandchildren. Hyung was so busy the past month we didn’t want to bother you about it, and we couldn’t find a suitable person so I ask a friend for help…” Jimin’s voice became lower and softer by the end of the sentence, glancing up at Yoongi only to immediately look back down at the floor. Yoongi was a soft hearted person, Jimin knew that, and so the only thing that could get him out alive was…

“Hyung you scared her…”
“I scared her? I scared her??? I’m the one that should be scared!” Yoongi was pissed off. He hated strangers touching his stuff, and being in his space.
“Hyung…” Jimin’s voice had a nasal tone to it that begged for forgiveness. “She won’t cause any trouble, and she won’t say anything to anyone I swear!”
Yoongi raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms over his chest. “And how would you know?”
“I’ve known her since I was little! She’s a very calm and considerate person, she never causes trouble to anyone!”
Yoongi frowned slightly hearing Jimin’s exclaim, his arms loosening up and dropping back to his sides.
“She won’t tell anyone either, Hyung she’s very trustworthy!” Jimin said, finally being able to met Yoongi’s eyes.
“I’m not convinced.” Yoongi said coolly, turning around to walk to the kitchen for a nice warm cup of tea.
“She’s - she’s mute!”
Yoongi stopped dead in his tracks. 
“She- She can’t talk.” Jimin looked down at his toes once more, sorrow flashed through his features. “She was born mute, she’s the same one that I begged Hyung to let into the financial department. Look, Hyung, I just wanted to make thing easier for you and not cause any trouble, but if you-”
“Where is she?” Yoongi half groaned, rubbing his eyes.


“Where is she right now? All her stuff is here.” Yoongi sighed. 

The fear a helplessness in that girl’s eyes that had bothered him since she ran away had only deepened with Jimin’s words. Sure he wasn’t the nicest person on the planet, but that didn’t mean he was heartless. 

Yoongi turned on his heels to walk to the living room table where a medium sized notebook, a small purse, and a black winter jacket sat. His long skinny fingers lingered on the notebook. He had opened earlier trying to figure out who the girl was, it only consisted of a bunch of scribbled sentences that didn’t connect whatsoever. Now it made sense, that was her way of communicating. 
“No, it’s okay- she’s downstairs in my car I can give it to her-”
Yoongi grabbed the stuff from the table before Jimin could even move a step. Pointing a threatening finger at him, “You stay here, I’ll go down.”

She had long stopped paying attention to the entrance of the apartment, she already knew it was going to be a while. The air conditioning noise and the rain that had just started had distracted her from being hypersensitive to the sounds of the outside world so she sat there playing on her phone, enjoying the calming sound of rain drops coming down.
Until a tap on the window made her jump. She sat up immediately looking outside bewildered. The doors unlocked and a person came into the driver’s seat. It wasn’t Jimin. 
She shrunk into the corner, watching with fearful eyes as the person takes off his hood, and she noticed he had all her stuff. And she recognized him immediately. 

Min Yoongi.
He turned around and met her gaze. The same expression from before, terrified and desperate. He didn’t like it. Not one bit.
“Your things.” Yoongi suppressed the frown from his face and offered her all her stuff. He noticed how she was wearing Jimin’s jacket.
She nodded in response, carefully taking the stuff from his hands as if he was going to eat her alive any second.
“I’m sorry about before.” 
The fearful expression finally disappears and a one of shock replaced it. Yoongi let out a breath of relief, even this expression was better than the one before.
She quickly took out her pen from the notebook and scribbled something down.
‘No, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you would come back today.’
Yoongi frowned slightly, and began to explain the situation even though she never asked. It just seemed necessary to him, to resolve the misunderstanding, and to take the fear away from her eyes.
She nodded along to everything he said. For once, Yoongi was the one babbling on. And for once, he didn’t mind talking so much.

Yoongi looked around awkwardly, he was done with the explanation but it didn’t occur to him that he should just leave. So he blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “What time do you usually come here?”

‘Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 4-6PM.’

“Ah, that kid really planned out the timing.” Yoongi almost laughed. She tilted her head slightly, not understanding, but didn’t ask. Noticing how she simply smiled at him without questioning his words, a small smile appeared on Yoongi’s lips.

“You can keep coming at the same time, or whatever time is good for you. I’m usually at the company all day anyway. Oh, and here.” Yoongi gestured for her notebook, flipping to a new page, he scribbled down his number. “If something happens just c- text me. I’ll tell HR to send you the pay checks for last month right away.”

She shook her head almost immediately, reaching for the notebook and pen quickly, wanting to say something.

‘No, I owe a favor to Jimin, I don’t need to be paid for this.’

Yoongi’s gaze shifted slightly, observing the small details of her face as he stated: “I’m the one hiring you now. Your favor to Jimin has already been done. Starting now, I’m your employer for this job.”

Don’t Tell Nobody ((Scott)) 2

Part 1 // Part 2 // 

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The sun peaked in through the window, illuminating the cream colored bedroom.  

Scott shuffled in bed wrapping himself around you, only you weren’t bed.  
His eyes fluttered open as he felt the cold spot.  
He used his keen ears to listen to his surroundings.  
A hiss sound of the shower being turned off, the crumpling sound of the shower curtain opening, wet feet planted onto the ground, and the sweet tone of your voice as you sung softly.  

Scott put his hands on the back of his neck and sighed.  
Last night was truly amazing.  
He got the girl that he wanted for so long.  
Although, under unorthodox circumstances, he was happy.  
The mere thought of your smile makes him smile even wider.  
But when he remembers your naked body, his breath hitches and he’s a little boy again.  
“Am I interrupting your thoughts?”
Scott looked up to see you leaning against the doorway in boy shorts and an oversized shirt.  
He plastered an innocent smile on his face even when he thought about all the dirty things he could do to you.  
You giggled as you ran toward the bed and tackled Scott.  
“I’m not going to school today”
Scott lifted her chin so he could meet her eyes.  
“So what do you want to do then? ”
She shrugged her shoulders.  
“Bake goods? I haven’t made anything in a long time”
Scott thought about for a minute and realized the only thing they have in the house is pasta, leftover pizza, and hot pockets.  
“We don’t have anything to make goods with”
“So we’ll go to my place, problem solved”
You guys grabbed your things and headed straight to your house

Scott’s pov  

“Three teaspoons of sugar”
We decided to go with cookies and cupcakes.  
Mixed together because why not?  
“Now stir it”
While I stirred I couldn’t help but notice her staring at me.  
I looked at her and smiled.  
I couldn’t read her chemo signals because her emotions were so jumbled.  
“You’re not thinking of him, are you? ”
She tucked her hair behind her ear and looked down at the floor.  
After a while she looked back up to me.
“Yeah, but not in the way you think. I’m thinking, why didn’t I do this earlier? Why didn’t I choose you?”
The statement made me smile with glee.  
I pecked her on the lips and give her an Eskimo kiss.  
“Well you chose me now, so no need to think about it anymore”
“I know”

The cupcakes came out good.  
I grabbed the icing from a cabinet and we started decorating.  
She put whip cream on hers and I put buttermilk icing on mine.  
I fed her one and watched the crumbles fall onto her clothes.  
Why was this girl so gorgeous?  
The pieces of Oreo on her lips looked tempting.
It was scattered but pronounced every dip and curve.  
“I dare you to lick icing off your finger”
“You’re not very good at dares”
I picked up the icing and dug my hand in it.
I preceded to lick off all the icing on my hand except the pointer finger.  
Y/N stopped me and brought her lips closer to my finger.  
She slowly slid the whole finger in her mouth all while making eye contact with me.  
She looked down when she started to Bob her head up and down.  
The strange behavior revved me up.  
It brought chills all the way down to my spine.  
I could just feel all the blood being drained from my brain.  
She stopped and smiled at me.  
The next thing I know, flour enters my mouth and the evidence of it being thrown was on her hands.  
Oh it was war.  
I picked up a bowl of flour and tossed it on her.  
Y/N cheated by squirting icing all over me.  
I couldn’t think of what to do next, so I put a handful of whip cream on my hands and slapped her face, gently, with it.  
We laughed for a while at how ridiculous we looked.
Don’t know why, but seeing her all dirty, turned me on.  
I kissed her the same way I kissed her last night.
With desire and a hint of sexual lust.
Y/N wrapped her arms around my neck and jumped up so she could wrap her legs around my waist.
“Fuck me in the shower, Scott”
I gulped and dove for the stairs.
Derek was right, the bite is a gift.
Had I still have my asthma, there would be no way I could carry us both to her bathroom.

Liam’s POV

The steam in the locker room encaptured a large variety of scents.
Stinky socks, gilette shaving cream, axe body spray, worn shoes, and guys.
I stood in front of my locker and checked my phone again.
Y/N hasn’t texted me since last night.
She always sends me a morning text if I don’t send her one.
What’s worse is that she wasn’t at our spot waiting for me like she usually does.
Was I worried? Just a little bit.
I know that if anything bad happened to her, I would be the first she’d call.
She probably just slept in.
A ding went off and I looked at my phone.

Hayden: Last night was great, we should do it again
Liam: Yeah, but we should lay low, Y/N’s been on my back lately
Hayden: I thought you said you were going to break up with her  
Liam: I told you, I’m not going to do that
Hayden: You need to choose Liam, me or that bitch

I couldn’t even text back.
I clutched the phone and in my anger, my eyes began to glow.
Hayden had no right to call her that.
Y/N is my first love, why would I leave her for Hayden?
Sure the sex was great, but that was it.
I love her.
I don’t think I would be able to even function without Y/N.
The bell interrupted my thoughts, pulling me back to the present.
I shoved on a pullover jacket and slung my backpack over my shoulder.

At lunch I sat with the regular crew.
They talked about the deadpool and other suspects.
I pulled out my phone and started texting her.

“Babe, where are you? I miss you here at school”
“Is my little cupcake ((I couldn’t resist)) upset with me? I’m sorry for not calling you back”
“Baabbee, don’t ignore me”

“I wonder where Y/N got that top”.
My head snapped up from my phone, finally listening to the conversation.

Liam: What top?
Lydia: The one she was wearing last night
Liam: Last night? Y/N was at the party?
Stiles: Yeah, didn’t you see her?
Liam: No I thought she stayed home
Lydia: No, I picked her up and we got the house ready for the party
Mason: What’s going on between you two?
Liam: What do you mean?
Stiles: Well let’s see, yesterday she was so distant that she didn’t even eat lunch, she barely paid attention in class, and Lydia had to talk her out of her gloomy trance
Liam: I don’t know, we didn’t get into a fight
Lydia: Well you did something
Liam: Who’d she leave with?
Mason: Scott
Liam: And where is Scott?
Stiles: Home, he said he didn’t feel too good
Liam: Oh, I’ll see you guys later, I have to go see if Y/N’s alright

Before going over to Y/N’s house, I went to Scott’s place.
Melissa opened the door and gretted him with a smile.

Melissa: Liam, what are you doing here?
Liam: I just wanted to talk to Scott
Melissa: Uh, Scott’s not here
Liam: Are you sure? Stiles told me he was
Melissa: Maybe he was just playing a joke on you, I haven’t seen him since yesterday, is everything okay?
Liam: Yeah, maybe you’re right. I think Stiles is just playing around
Melissa: Okay, bye Liam
Liam: Bye Mrs. McCall

He wasn’t home?
That’s weird.
Why would Stiles lie to me?
Whatever, I’ll deal with him later, I have to go talk to Y/N.
I saw Scott’s motorcycle parked in her driveway.
Scott’s here?  
But why would he come over to see Y/N?
I used the second key that was hidden in the fake rock near the plants to get inside the house.
A strong aroma of freshly baked cupcakes permeated the household.
I walked into the kitchen to find it a complete mess.
Flour, whip cream, and frosting was on the floor and on the counter.
It was faint but as I walked near the stairs I could smell Scott and Y/N.
Using my acute hearing, I listened for any sounds.
I could hear the water in the shower running, squeaky tiles, and I swear I heard a moan.
My heart began to race as I continued up the stairs.
I could clearly hear the sound of slapping skin, her silky moans, and a guy’s strained moan.
My body froze as well as my heart.
Scott’s motorcycle is in the driveway, I can smell him, and there’s a man in the shower with her.
The shower turned off and I could hear the glass door open.

~Third Person View~

Y/N stepped out of the bathroom with Scott and giggled.
“Give me back my towel”
“Why? I’ve already seen you naked”

Liam bursts into the room with teary eyes.
It’s true, she slept with Scott.
“How could, how could you?!”
Scott gave Y/N back her towel and allowed her to wrap herself up.
Liam grabbed his chest as his breathing became erratic.
The love of his life was just caught having sex with his Alpha.
The same Alpha who told him to find an anchor; his purpose of living.
The wolf inside him was furious.
His fingernails extended into claws, his facial hair popped out sporadically, his eyes shone brighter than it ever did, and the adrenaline coursing through his veins made him angrier.
He wanted to kill him.
Scott told you to get out because he didn’t want you to see him wolf out.
You closed the door behind you and waited in the hallway. 

“Liam, calm down”
“Calm down?! You just fucked the love of my life!”
Liam threw a desk chair at him then lunged for Scott.
Scott dodged both the chair and Liam and went to a corner in the room.
“She found out about Hayden. She saw you guys having sex”
Liam let out a loud growl and pushed Scott up against the wall.
Scott’s eyes turned red as he kicked him back.
“Don’t make me hurt you Liam!”
“You already did!”
Liam deeply scratched Scott’s face making Scott throw him against the door.
The door broke upon impact, sending Liam to hit the wall in the hallway.
Scott picked him up by the shirt to punch him in face only to have Liam retaliate.
The two fought for a while, destroying vases, picture frames, doors, walls, and the floor.
Y/N tried to break up the fight.
She took a step towards them but a hand covered her mouth and she was dragged into a room.
Luckily she was able to scream before being knocked unconsciuos.
Liam and Scott both halted immeadiately.
Liam widedned his eyes and called for Y/N.
When he heard no anser he looked back at Scott.
The two ran into her mom’s room and saw that the window was opened and a piece of paper was left on the floor.
Scott looked around the room while Liam read the note.
“She’s not here”
Scott looked at a crying Liam.
“What, what did it say?”
Liam handed Scott the note.
He braced himself for what he was about to read. 

Y/N Y/L/N  

Scott: I don’t get it
Liam: What don’t you get?! It’s the deadpool Scott!
Scott: But she’s not –
Mrs. Y/M/N: Yes she is   [Your Mom’s Name]
Liam: Mrs. Y/M/N, I –
Mrs. Y/M/N: Not now Liam. Those bastards have my daughter and we need to get her back before they kill her
Scott: I still don’t understand, why would the deadpool want Y/N?
Mrs. Y/M/N: *sighs*Because, she’s a werewolf 

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