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I’ve started to see this a lot more often lately on my dashboard and it’s gotten to the point where I’ve no choice but to speak up about this problem. I and many of my friends have only been threatened in the past, but recently I’ve heard cases where people will actually follow through with their words which is really scary. I know some people can afford not to worry about this danger, but for people like me, who have no training in self-defense or a weak constitution, this is a very serious issue.

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Near The Sea 🌊🐚🐬

For water witches who long to be home. Can be used by anyone to bring calmness and relaxation.

🐚 Big sea shell

🐚 Sea salt

🐚 Blue or ocean scented candle (can be sea spray, drift wood, etc.)

🐚 Small sea shell

🐚 Beach sand (optional)

🐚 Ocean jasper

🐚 Pearl

🐚 Sea water (optional)

In the large sea shell, combine the above mentioned ingredients and focus your intent into it. If you are using sea water, rub your candle with a drop or two as well. Visualize the waves crashing, hear the roar of the tide, smell the salt in the air. Charge your candle the same way. Light your candle and place both candle and spell shell next to your tub. Run a bath and add some sea salt. Take your bath and meditate on the ambience of the ocean. I personally play nature sounds of waves crashing, maybe a thunderstorm as well. Do this whenever you need to unwind and recharge. Let the ‘ocean’ take you away from reality for a while.

* I’m weird, but I like to visualize becoming a siren and swimming around in the deep with all of the marine life. It gives it an extra boost, for me anyways.

Enjoy! 🌊🐋🐙

Anakin Skywalker Build Post #2!

Got both fabrics dyed (trying to decide if they need to go darker. Outer tunic pictured here). Also realized I bought WAY too much. If anyone else wants to do Anakin, let me know. There’s enough for at least one more whole build!

Finished the outer tunic right after this test fitting. We tailored the left sleeve to sort of “bell bottom” out instead of just being baggy throughout so that it could look more fitted when the glove is on to get that Clone Wars look.

Also darkened the pleather belt using some spray can wood stain of all things!

3 days to get things done! Costume credit goes to SMP Designs!

Into The Woods With Marco “Wild Man” Diaz

A/N: For june-beans.

Picnics, Marco could deal with. There was a guarantee you were going to go home within the day, and had a nice, safe car or nearby building to run to in case of trouble.

Camping, however, Marco hated with a passion.

There was, first and foremost, the lack of modern amenities like clean, running water, soap, and indoor plumbing.

After that, the various germs, bacteria, fungi, and parasites that thrived in the “Great” Outdoors, and being deprived of above mentioned amenities to keep them at bay.

And finally, it was just plain dangerous.

“Bears live in the woods here! And snakes! And poisonous insects! Not to mention poisonous plants! And for all we know, we could be the victims of a serial killer hiding out in the woods!”

“Pfft, you worry too much, Marco!” Star waved him off. “I mean, what are the odds of us getting hurt out there?”

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BRBAWEEK DAY 3 • CHARACTERS • HANK SCHRADER • Back in college, I’d spend my days marking trees in the woods with those orange spray cans. Yeah, crews would come in later and find the trees I tagged and cut ‘em down. First you go in and you mark locations for your skid trails and landings. Then you choose specific trees all within a selected grid. Every day, I’d go back — hiking — pick up where I’d left off. Eh, it wasn’t so great. I’d get sunburned, there were mosquitoes. Just wanted to make a few bucks. Buy beer. I’ve been thinking about that job more and more lately. Maybe I should’ve enjoyed it more. Tagging trees is a lot better than chasing monsters.

American Beauty pt. 3 (Michael)

Requested: Yup!

a/n: Thank you guys for loving this fic as much as i do! sorry i didn’t post it yesterday. I had to finish some school stuff that i conveniently forgot about. -Gabby

Masterlist - Part 1 - Part 2 // Part 4 - Part 5

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Here’s a less shitty picture of how this painting ended up looking like… We can’t capture it with the camera, but I actually sprinkled green and blue glitter all over the clouds and geometrical patterns hallucinated by the cat…
36 X 36 on wood panel with acrylics, spray cans, color pencils.

Expectations part 3

A/N; Sorry for the long wait on this one! As per usual my requests are open so ask away! I will do personal imagines as well as non 5sos related writing. I hope you enjoy this one! Part 4 wil be up sometimes next week. 


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