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Is natural hair really being accepted?

I  stan for the natural hair movement so MUCH! A lot of people believe that the black natural hair movement isn’t that big of a deal because it’s just HAIR. At the end of the day It may just be HAIR, but when a large volume of people believe their own hair is low grade, unattractive, and or bad, it becomes more than just hair. The reason I ask the question “Is natural hair really being excepted” is because I notice that many people believe that natural hair only looks good if it’s stretched, diffused, or  altered by a braid out or a twist out. some naturalistas even believe this. I even believed this. Although it does look good that way, I wonder how people would like my hair if It was truly in it’s natural state. Ya know, shrunken and spongey? It’s so much easier to maintain this way too. When I wear a twist out or my hair stretched in any kind of way I have to worry about the humidity in the  air shrinking my hair and how many hours it will take for my hair to be dry fully. If I’m tired I have no choice BUT to do my hair because if I don’t, I will reap the consequences in the morning. Anyway, I REALLY wanna wear my hair shrunken. I put hair conditioner, olive oil and water in a spray bottle and sprayed the recipe all over my dry hair. Once my hair was shrunken, I though it looked really cute. It looked like a mini afro and i loved the texture of my shrunken hair.The problem? I’m scared to wear my hair likes this. I love it, but what if no one else does? I BADLY want people to see my natural hair in It’s natural form so I’m gonna take the risk and wear it, and rock it. Does anyone wear their hair shrunken? What is your opinion on shrunken natural hair?