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HG prompt- Neal shares his fear of loosing his dad (bonus points if Neal and Rumple share heart felt "love yous")

The House Guest Chapter 71Read it on A03

Sunday December 18th, 2016

Lacey had kicked him out of the apartment.

“I did not kick you out,” she said beside him as she shoved her bare hands into her coat pockets. “It’s too nice outside to sit inside all day.”

It was not nice outside. It was above freezing, that did not make it nice.

“We’re going to Tahiti as soon as this nonsense is over,” he grumbled as they trudged past Sprat’s.

Lacey snorted. “The cold doesn’t even bother you,” she reminded him. Her own warming spell had flushed her cheeks but Jack Frost still nipped at her extremities. He tried to get a better look down her pea coat but she was walking too fast for him to get a decent peek. “I want to go to Scotland first,” she said abruptly.


She nodded. “To tell Mal all about how we decimated Bozo and to see where you lived once upon a time.”

It was his turn to snort. “Last time I stopped by, that old village was some heinous tourist trap,” he told her. “Besides, in Tahiti, you could wear those little skirts you’re so fond of…maybe go on a hike in the jungle…explore old ruins…’

Lacey’s pleased smile was well worth all his time perusing those old travel books she had shoved under the bed. She nodded and made a small humming noise that he took for agreement as they started down the street toward Granny’s. He frowned. They had eaten before they had left the apartment and there was nothing interesting down this way except-


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i used to go to this lil armenian market near where i lived in fr*sno and i’d always pick up raspberry leaf tea, some kvass, some misc sweets, sprats, and sometimes some caviar. the lady there thought i was born russian and i’d always talk

i could be a different person there i think that’s why i always found myself going back there


I went with the baking option.

Preparing these little sprats was a little tedious. First I gave them all a quick rinse. Then chopped their heads off and squeezed their guts out. Once that’s all done I gave them a wash down again in cold water.

I place aluminum foil on a pan and covered it with coarse sea salt. I rubbed the sprats with olive oil then organised them in the foiled pan. I threw in another layer of coarse sea salt and squirted some vinegar and squeezed some fresh lemon. Now it’s sitting in the oven to bake till its sizzling.

I’m going to mash some avocados and a little capsicum together to have with it.

Scrape off the salt from the sprats before serving.

Enjoy … (I mean, I will)

So this week’s Bento Challenge was, ugh, Paleo.

Perhaps this statement will be my blog’s ultimate undoing, but I have to say it: I have very little patience with Paleo. I mean, sure, limiting sugars is sensible. Eating more vegetables than any other food group is sensible. Making sure to eat enough fat for satiety is sensible. But that’s pretty much where my tolerance stops.

No beans?! No bread?! No pasta?! No rice?! NO CHEESE?!

I’m sorry. I will not live that way. I’m lucky enough to have the rare but delightful mutation that allows me to digest as much lactose as I can get down my gullet without any ill effects whatsoever. You think I’m not gonna take advantage of that? Beans and lentils are delicious. Grain products are the freakin’ staff of life. Some Paleo people even say you shouldn’t have nightshades because they’re pro-inflammatory.

You will pry my tomato sandwiches and ratatouille and babaganoush from my cold, dead hands.

So yeah, I found this one a bit of a challenge. I couldn’t put in any of the lovely ginger-scallion sauce I made last night, because it’s made with peanut oil, and peanuts are anathema. I couldn’t put in the lovely multicolored sweet crunchy bell peppers I bought last night. I couldn’t even put in any seaweed, because the kind I’ve got in my cupboard is flavored with soybean derivatives. Uggghhhhhh.

But my wife gave me a can of sprats for Christmas this year, primarily because it’s fun to say “sprats” (but also because I like them), so in it goes. Maybe I’ll wrap them in the dino kale and have the saddest fish taco ever.