spratley islands

The Great Wall
128cm x 97cm

Philippine Art Awards 2016 Shortlisted
2016 Kurt Rojas

Artist Statement:
The disputed Islands have become an alarming issue to the Filipinos for the past years. It is where fishermen find fortune to provide for their families amidst the country’s extreme economic crisis. It is a group of islands home for the wonderful marine species and natural resources that could save a sinking country of which the heart for nationalism was abandoned after being sodomized by a multiple number of powerful foreign countries. No wonder why another powerful country did not hesitate to do everything they can to obtain an absolute ownership of these islands even if it is against the international law.
This commentary image aims to bring Filipinos another realization about our position when powerful countries diverged, leaving uncertainties to the future of our children. The need of supreme power have awaken the sleeping giant that by history known for being the creator of a great wall that ensured their own interests. The great wall for this period of time will sail across their nine dash line claim as sign of oppression that will result to the fall of a nation once named Pearl of the Orient Seas.