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Hey everyone! The first chapter finally posted today. Just a little heads up, this series will be posted every Friday. The reason why I didn’t post this yesterday was because I was busy with work lol. Anyways, enjoy! - Admin Rose

The roar of the crowd was loud with fists in the air and eyes flung wide. The air was full of energy with the spirit of the game as our team scored a touchdown. It is said that our team was born to win, born to succeed every game they tackle. And you were there for every moment of the game. You’ve been to high school football games and saw the roaring energy, however, university was on a different level. So many people with so much passion for this sport and all of them created a party on the stands. You, on the other hand, sat with the players near the sidelines with a medical kit in hand.

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It was my first year marching, and our halftime show was a homage to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, so of course we played Time Warp and had a dance break in the middle to do the dance. Our director told us that he would give a reward to the section who danced the best, so I was trying my hardest to make it perfect. At the part in the dance when the song says to “pull your knees in tight,” I did just that, although a little too tight. I forced my knees together with all my might to make it look snappy. I felt an enormous *snap* in my leg, and immediately fell down and couldn’t get back up. I couldn’t hold any weight on my right leg, and it was instensely painful. My section leader was right beside me in the block, and when she saw me struggling to stand up, she ran over and pretty much had to carry me over to the sidelines. For some reason, I decided to stay at practice (we had like two more hours to go) and it was the worst thing I could’ve done. I couldn’t walk anywhere without having to lean on someone’s shoulder. After practice, my mom took me to an orthopedic doctor and I learned that I had sprained my MCL. I had to miss three days of (extremely crucial) drill practice and couldn’t run for two weeks. From the Time Warp dance. Needless to say, I think my section won the dance-off.
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ransom/holster and dealing with a permanent injury

disclaimer: ok so i got through this and then realized that i wrote an injury that def isn’t permanent but then i thought about giving one of my children a permanent injury and i physically could not so sorry it’s not exactly the right prompt but it’s still fairly angsty i think (as angsty as i can write lol)

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While I don’t post my daily workouts anymore (and I haven’t in a while), they still happen. Usually. I just think workout posts are boring for everyone – me as the author of this blog, and you as the reader of it. I have a written daily log (with no gaps!) going back to October, which is when I decided to spend $2 and buy myself a pretty purple notebook. I like it very much! ANYWAY.

Generally speaking, since I quit CrossFit this past winter, I have still been pretty active – lots of gym-ing, hiking, running, canyoneering, skiing, etc – but I haven’t been lifting with as much consistency as I was when I was hitting 2-3 WODs a week. I didn’t notice a large change in body composition, but I probably was losing some strength, especially considering I took a bunch of time off from everything when I sprained both of my MCLs.

More recently, though, I haven’t been doing much of anything. Until today, I hadn’t lifted in about a month and a half. To be honest, I was more worried about things like being able to crawl out of bed and get myself to work. Showering. Eating food. Not being a vapid humanoid. I did my best to be conscious of my activity, but I didn’t stress about it. I slept so poorly for most of May that by the time my work day ended, I would need to nap once I got home. It was so gross. I hate that. May fucking sucked.

And you know, I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. I was prioritizing my mental and physical health in the best way that I could, and I think I did a pretty darn good job of it. All things considered, between the first Friday in May and now, I climbed three mountains, went on five other hikes (two of which were failed summit attempts), six walks, five runs, biked once, rowed once, gave blood once, took five days to let inflammation in my back calm down, and otherwise “rested” 16 days. While my muscles may not have needed those rest days, I certainly did mentally. You have to consider the whole human.

While I don’t begrudge myself for refocusing my priorities, my everything is squishy now. Like literally. My clothes still fit, but they’re a little tighter than they were a month or two ago. I don’t normally weigh myself, and I did a couple of days ago: solid 187, which is actually what I weighed back in February/March. The difference being that my body composition has changed, and my 187 pounds now take up more space than they used to. This is why we give zero fucks about the scale, and why we just pay attention to how we feel.

Anyway, I’m sleeping better now, I’m mentally in a better place, and [barring occasional stabbing feelings in my sacrum*] I’m ready to get back at it and have some muscle back under my skin instead of these sad marshmallows I’ve been carrying around.


  • 1.0 mile, 11:56. (Niiiice and easy. Running fast hurt you, let’s not cause a flare up.)

Hang Power Cleans

  • 1x10 @ 45#
  • 1x7 @ 55#
  • 5x5 @ 65# (It’s okay that when you did these 90 days ago you were at 85#. It’s okay. It’s fine. Shhh. Patience.)


  • 20x bodyweight squats
  • hip openers

Stronglifts: Back Squat

  • 1x10 @ 45#
  • 5x5 @ 45# (easy peasy, lemon squeazy) 

Stronglifts: Push Press

  • 5x5 @ 45# (lolol yeah, not doing strict presses)

Stronglifts: Deadlift

  • 1x5 @ 95# (Easy, but: ABOOORRRRRT. Your back does not like this. Tastes like regret. Do not repeat.)

I’m being dramatic, obviously, but after today’s sad, reintroductory workout, it is evident how much strength I have lost. My legs are JELL-O. Cue the tiny violins.

I decided to do Stronglifts, because it starts out with super light weight, and adds very gradually with each workout. Seeing as though I am out of the habit, this seems the smartest route.

And I did the cleans just because I love them.

*I have determined that my pinched nerve was caused by speed work. I felt a twisty/stabbing feeling at the end of my intervals two Mondays ago, and the same thing happened during some speedwork in early March… ugh. So no more of that.