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Yosh! It’s already been 1 year since I first joined Tumblr~

yes that’s little me riding a turtle in the middle-pic

I’ve been wanting to do a follow forever for a long time, but I had no idea what they were. But now I now! (*^▽^*)


Yo~~ I haven’t been to school for 1 week!! I hope you didn’t miss me too much hehe >u<


Hello my beloved chingu~!! I haven’t been to school for 1 week right and I hope that you didn’t miss me too much either! I’m sorry that I haven’t answered your snapchat’s either TuT


Hello unnie~! I’m sorry that I haven’t been talking to you for a long time T-T I promised you that I would share the moments I had in Thailand with you but I’ve totally forgotten!! >n< I love you~~!!


Yoyo~~!! I’ve promised you that you would be one of the first to know when I send in my audition~ >u< I still haven’t sent it, but when I do~ You will know!! ^-^ 


Waahh~ Senpai!! >u< We haven’t been talking to each other for a while, how are you?? TuT I’m really bad at keeping contacts with friends OTL But know that I still love you~!!


Unnie! We haven’t known each other for long but I really really like you~~!! ^-^ Let’s fangirl over Bangtan more together in the future!! ^u^

Honestly I want to send a personal message to all of you but I’m afraid that it would take too much space and time ╥﹏╥

But I still love all of you!!

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Honestly I think I messed this up T-T 

I hope I haven’t missed anyone!!


ladyineia  asked:

Headcanon that Shion gets a bunch of interns who can't do anything as a member of the Reconstruction Committee BUT when there's a bee or wasp in the office they become this elite SWAT team and can get rid of any and all insects with speed and precision, so Shion doesn't fire them.

Okay so I know the cover of BoO has been out for a while now, but the fact that Jason was wearing a CHB shirt just pissed me off entirely. I’m not saying that his whole character arc of becoming his own person is bad but still. He lived in CJ during his entire childhood!!! And then suddenly eight months at this new camp turns him into a Greek? I can’t understand the fact that he wants to abandon everything that he grew up with, all his old friends, his old HOME, for something that lasted for such a little while. I dunno, I guess to me, the real Jason is always going to be Roman. Just like how Percy is always going to be Greek.