Pero siempre estás prsente,
anque no pueda verte!
—  “But you’re always present,
Even if i can’t see you.

لكنكِ دوماً حاضرَةٌ، 
حتّى و إن لم أستطع أن أراك

How sweet they are… 😢 #banghim #bangchan ©U Spq

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I’ve been thinking, instead of making SPQ on rpg maker 2003, why not just use VX Ace? It’ll be more helpful for what I’m trying to do and it gives me more to mess around with mechanics and all that.
Since my personal computer is still wonky, I won’t be able to actually make any progress on the game so that’s a bummer, but it’s given me time to work on plot and characters which is always fun.