cuddle? - a fluffy george harrison one-shot

a/n: heyy loves this is for my friend @ringo-im-sixteen-deactivated201 but she deactivated :(( or something, but here is the imagine she was really craving (and made me crave it too) yaaah enjoy!!

based on: Okay… so like i was just craving cuddling w george / YES OKAY i mean nothing too specific but just like in a ton of blankets and pillows and like in a cocoon and with your head on his chest and he is just like stroking your hair and talking and maybe there is a thunderstorm or something maybe or youre just eating and watching movies in bed in the dark and ugh all toasty and SPPOONING JIAIDEBF / This makes me so happy thinking about this / I guess like late 60s early 70s george at friar park

warnings: cuteness

“george love?” y/n called out after hearing the entrance door close with a bang. the girl had to make sure it was george who had walked in the house, although maybe it was just an automatical thing. she heard a ‘yeah?’ from the stairs and footsteps coming towards the room she was in. soon she saw her favourite person in the whole world stepping through the door of their shared bedroom. the top half of his quite long hair was put up in a messy knot - by himself - and he wore a slightly dirty and worn out white button up shirt.

he stopped once he saw his girl. she was laying in bed, her legs tied together and exposed to the warm temperature of an early summer that reached the indoors. her back was resting on the bed’s matress between white sheets and her head was lying in the pillows, her hair sprawled out around her head.

y/n smiled lazily at george and somehow felt naked because of george having his eyes focused on her body. “hi.” she said. george hung his head back and smiled widely at her, his movements slow.

“‘ello, love.” he replied.

“tired much?” y/n raised an eyebrow while speaking. george slowly nodded. y/n shifted onto her side and stretched her arms out to george, motioning with her hands for him to come and join her. george immediately detatched himself from the wall he was leaning on and took a few steps to the bed and fell down next to y/n. moments later, he shrugged off his trousers and was only left in his shirt and boxers, just like y/n.

george’s tired eyes watched y/n’s orbs for a few moments and then he kissed the top of her head and turned her body around by holding her waist. he then pulled her slightly on top of him and they both looked out of the window in the wall before them. there were clouds in the sky and the sun was nearing the end of setting, as much as y/n and george could see.

“have they called yet? about reichen?” george spoke, disrupting the comfortable silence that had set in the whole house. y/n shook her head slightly.

“not yet.” she replied. george moved his fingers into y/n’s hair and softly carressed her roots, which made y/n sigh softly in happiness. “i hope she’s okay.” y/n spoke.

“she will. i know she likes you more than me,” george stated, “and don’t worry, she’ll be okay.”

“it seems funny to me how much a cat can mean to a person.” y/n admitted. “but i can’t imagine the past few years without her.”

george was silent, his fingers getting carried away in y/n’s soft hair. suddenly, there was a sound of a guitar playing through a record player. both y/n and george jumped at the sudden playing of the record player. george almost fell out of bed. both of their heads turned to the direction of the player and, sure enough, it was on and playing a tune. y/n furrowed her eyebrows, as did george, just not as intense.

“why is it playing?” he asked slowly and quietly.

“i don’t know…” y/n trailed off and sat up in the bed and then got on her feet on the carpeted floor of the bedroom. george almost whined at the loss of contact, he felt so peaceful and heavenly just seconds before.

he watched as y/n walked up to the record player and watched it. “ah!” she exclaimed a few seconds after. then came a fit of giggles from her. george smield to himself. “the vinyl was stuck for a while and now it started playing again.” y/n said and laughed again. she turned back around to lie in the bed cuddled up to george again as the smooth and deep voice of elvis sung through the room. it felt for george as if he was a magnet that y/n - a small piece of metal - was slowly reconnecting to again while she made her way back to him on the bed.

y/n was again close to george, her back against the matress, george laying on his side and watching her face and eyes change emotion while she played with one of their kittens, that had found them in their bedroom, in her hands. y/n starting humming along ‘love me tender’ that was playing in the background and george sighed out.

“you know,” he started to say, “i think it’s funny how anything or anyone can mean very much to a person, really.” george paused, looking out the window. y/n turned her head to him, watching his eyes get lost in his thoughts. it was very much visible physically. “and how little time it takes. it can be just seconds, minutes or hours.” he said and looked down at y/n and the kitten again. “then again, that’s how much time it takes to completely lose care or interest for anything.” george admitted. “time’s such an interesting thing, although, i think, very misleading.” george paused again to yawn. “you know, for some people, it’s money or cars or houses they care about. that seems silly to me.” he admitted. “but to me, it’s people. or you, if we are presise.”

y/n felt her cheeks blush a deep shade of red. she still got blushes from beautiful things george said to her. “oh, george,” she said, “your words are making me blush.” she let the kitten rest on her chest as she hid her rosy cheeks from george. he smiled as wide as ever, all his teeth and fangs showing.

“aren’t you glad it’s me?” he teased.

“what kind of question is that?” y/n managed to say between her laughs. george just shrugged and pulled her body closer to his again, her back against his chest. “ah, you always like to be the big spoon, don’t you?” y/n spoke as she pet the small kitten that had fallen on the matress due to george’s movements.

“well, i do need to show the manly side of me somehow.” george said. y/n laughed again, her body slightly shaking against george’s while doing so.

“i think you’ve showed it, haven’t you?” she asked. “you let me be the big spooner only when you’re feeling down.” y/n whined. “but that’s alright. i have to show my strong side, too.” george chuckled. “anyways, did you do much in the garden?”

“it’s eden.” george corrected.

“oh, right, sorry.” y/n said and chuckled. she lately forgot how george had preferred their enormous garden to be called ‘eden’. “but did you?”

“yeah, there were some parasite greens growing next to the roses you planted, so… i got those out.” george said. “and i just watered some of the others.”

“you dug all parasites out?” y/n asked with raised eyebrows.


“so that’s why your shirt is looking nasty?” y/n chuckled. george smiled.

“probably. and my face, too.” he admitted.

“well, you could do a shower maybe.”

“mm, yeah.” george said. “and i’m probably real sweaty. and my hair is dirty, too.” he added, trying to get to his point. “and my back probably needs some washing, right where i can’t reach it.”

“oh.” y/n acted innocent, but she knew what george was getting at. “then we could both use a shower, huh?”

george congratulated himself inwardly. “yes, yes of course.” he said, clearing his throat.

“let’s just cuddle a little more, and then shower.” y/n said with a wide smile threatening to stretch across her face. such a nice day.