A Purely Human Emotion

Pairing: SpockxUhura

A/N: While watching a behind the scenes thing for Star Trek TOS, I heard Nichelle Nichols say that Uhura has someone back home. And I was intrigued by this. What if that is what kept her from really falling for Spock? So I decided to write a fic about after their five year mission and how they are back on Earth. I completely suck at writing romantic scenes and I feel all floopy about sharing this.. but I hope you’ll like it anyway. My older sis assured me it was good (but she is biased). This is written in the TOS universe. I hope I stayed true to their characters. Forgive me if there are any errors.  P.S. Experimenting with Spock’s emotions is HARD!


Five years, had it really been that long? Uhura breathed the air. It wasn’t alien; it was earth, her home. She smiled brightly; it was almost too good to be true. But it was also sad. Five years of services with Captain James T. Kirk, and having made countless friend aboard the Enterprise, it was hard to leave it behind. She wouldn’t ever be back on that ship.

                “Miss Uhura,” the calm emotionless voice said from behind her.  She smiled and turned to face the familiar look of Mr. Spock.

                “What will you do now that you’re free?” He asked, coming to stand beside her.

                “Well, I have to meet an old friend,” she replied, “besides that, nothing.”            

                Mr. Spock nodded, “I hope you find all well with your friend.”

                Uhura nodded. 

                McCoy spotted them and came over, “hey, don’t forget we are meeting at that bar to celebrate our return home,” he said merrily.

                “Of course, Dr. McCoy, I wouldn’t miss it,” Uhura said.

                “You’re invited too, you pointed eared hobgoblin,” The doctor gave Mr. Spock an expression Uhura knew well.

                “I’m so pleased to receive your invitation,” Spock replied.  Uhura hid her smile. She always recognized emotion from Spock when she saw it. McCoy harrumphed, “don’t bring your grumpiness.”

                “Doctor, five years in space has taught you nothing about me. I do not have this human emotion know as ‘grumpiness'”


                “Okay you two. I don’t have time to watch you argue, as amusing as it may be,” Uhura laughed, brushing a stray hair from her face, “I’ll see you later.” With a wave she left them alone.  McCoy looked at Spock, whose eyes watched her until she vanished in the crowd.


                The streets were the same, yet they felt new to her.  She made her way down the sidewalk, her boots clicking softly. Somehow, this felt more alien than the many planets she had visited on her journeys. Her eagerness outweighed her nervousness though and she continued ahead. 

                Finally she arrived at the building she knew so well. He was still here.  At least that’s what she had heard.  She smiled; this place brought back many memories of her days in the academy. The days before she was assigned on the Enterprise.  They seemed a life-time ago now.  As she stood there staring up at the large building, an uneasy feeling settled in her gut.  She shook her head, pushing the feeling down and entered the building.  Choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator to the fifth floor.  Her legs carried her swiftly down the hall until she stopped outside the correct apartment. Her heart pounded as she touched the handle. She swallowed and pushed the door opened.

                “John-” The name died in her throat as she saw another woman in the man’s lap, their lips were locked.  They broke apart in shock when she entered.  The man stared at her.

                “Uhura, you’re back,” he said, “is that today?” The other woman stood, looking embarrassed.

                Uhura didn’t speak, she was unable to.

                “Uh, I can explain.”

                “Please do,” she managed.

                Jonathon pulled her into the kitchen, “that’s Violet. She… she and I have been seeing each other for three years now.” He watched her face, waiting for a reaction.


                “I know I should have told you,” he continued, “but I didn’t want to do it over the communicator. I wanted to tell you in person. I’m sorry.”

                Uhura shook her head, “I understand.  I was gone a long time, you must have been lonely,” her heart flinched when she looked at him.

                “I love her,” he confessed.

                The words stung, but strangely not as badly as she would have believed. 

                “Do you… Are you okay?” Jonathon asked.

                Uhura forced a smile, “Of course.  I’ve just got… I have to meet friends. I’ll see you later.” She quickly made for the door, leaving the couple behind.  She didn’t run or cry as she walked down the hall, which only seconds ago, had seemed so warm and familiar.  She waited for the elevator, and once the doors closed, she allowed herself to cry softly.  When they opened again, she stiffened her emotions and strode out, marching meaningfully toward the bar where the others would be. Uhura saw nothing, heard nothing as she walked. The sounds of the city were nothing more than a buzzing in her ears.

                She wasn’t sure how she ended up there, but she stood outside the bar with bright blinking lights.  She went in. Standing near the entrance, she spotted the Captain, the Doctor, Chekov, Sulu and Spock gathered at a table.  She smiled, however the memories of what had taken place made her sick. She heart lurched as tears threatened her eyes again. She was turning away to leave when a voice said, “Is anything wrong, Miss Uhura?”

                She froze, tears slipping down her dark cheeks, “no,” she tried to sound cheerful, but her voice cracked and shook, “I’m just not in the party mood. Please give the others my apology.” She left quickly, unwilling to be seen crying.

                The streets were colder now; she tugged her coat closer as dark settled on the city.  A shiver ran down her spine as she wiped the tears away.  Suddenly someone in the crowd shoved her and she stumbled against a wall.  She pushed her sleeve to her eyes, leaning against the wall for support. It was better than attempting to find her way through the crowd blindly.

                Something warm enveloped her shoulders and Uhura started, turning to face whoever it might be.

                “Mr. Spock,” she whispered astonished, “you followed me?”

                “You seemed quite upset. I did not think it wise to leave you alone in such a reckless human state.”

                She snorted, “You always have had a way with the ladies.”

                Spock blinked, not understanding her joke, “I do not-”

                “Never mind,” she waved her hand, gripping the Vulcan’s soft jacket around her. “Thank you, Mr. Spock. But I really want to be alone.”

                “Perhaps I should walk you home at least,” He offered.

                Uhura studied his emotionless face, “alright. I see you won’t be happy until you do.”

                Spock nodded and together they walked down the busy streets. Neither spoke as the wind whistled past them. Uhura glanced at Spock, “I suppose you aren’t going to ask me what happened?” She ventured.

                “I will not pry into your personal matter. I thought if you wished to talk of it, you would.” He looked at her, his eyes sparked with a small emotion that Uhura tried to read before it vanished.

                She sighed, “of course you would think that. You’re a Vulcan,” she shook her head, “have you ever thought you knew someone, but then discovered you didn’t know them at all?” She asked.

                Spock said nothing for a moment before he replied, “yes.”

                “It’s a hard reality, isn’t it?”

                He hesitated, “yes.”

                Uhura looked up at him, “doesn’t it hurt?”

                Spock didn’t reply as they walked.  Uhura smiled bitterly, “well, someone I … loved, decided he didn’t love me – Three years ago, apparently. I just found out today.”

                Spock was silent as she spoke, “I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner,” she laughed without amusement, brushing her bangs away, “I really am an idiot that I believed he could…” She trailed off as her throat constricted. They were now entering her apartment building, “I’m sorry,” She whispered. “You don’t want to hear this. This is me,” she gestured to the elevator doors, “you don’t need to come any further.” Uhura pushed the button and waited.

                “I wish to walk you to your door, if you don’t mind,” Spock said.

                Uhura was startled; she hadn’t expected him to offer that, “I won’t say no.”

                Together they rode the elevator in silence up to her floor and walked to her apartment door, “thank you again, Mr. Spock.” Tears touched her eyes, “I know how you feel around emotions, so I’ll go inside before you have to deal with it.” She was putting the key in the lock when he stopped her. His hand sat softly on hers and a shock rippled through her heart.

                “Miss Uhura,” he started, “you are right in assuming or knowing, perhaps, I am uncomfortable around strong emotions. However, I cannot leave you like this,” Spock looked her in the eye. “Of all the people on the Enterprise, I have never seen you cry. You have always conducted yourself with a fair amount of control. I can respect that…I do respect that.” His voice lowered as he spoke, “Uhura, the man who hurt you is a fool. You deserve better. Someone who will appreciate you for your mind and beauty; someone you can relate to.”

                Uhura’s eyes widened, “Spock… I don’t understand.” She whispered, “What are you saying?”

                “I am saying if you need to release your emotions, you may do so in front of me. I will not run.”

                Uhura gaped at the Vulcan who looked back at her, his expression soft as he watched her with a sincerity she wasn’t used to. Her sadness could no longer be contained, especially now that her emotionless former First Officer was offering her something completely human. Tears dripped down her cheeks; she stepped closer and wrapped her arms around his stiff torso until her face was pressed to his chest.

                His arms hovered at his sides, but slowly he relaxed, and his breathing normalized. However, she heard it hitch again when a soft sob escaped her. Slowly, uncertainly, his strong arms wrapped around her holding her in a gentle embrace as his head came to rest on hers.

                Uhura’s sobs slowed, and the rapid beating of Spock’s heart soothed her. Mere minutes ago she had felt totally alone in her world, now she felt that nothing else mattered. Perhaps it had always been this way. Maybe she had always loved him.

                'I love him,’ the thought struck her; 'I’m in love with Mr. Spock.’ She opened her eyes, feeling the heat that radiated from his body, the strong muscles holding her protectively. Was it possible he loved her too? He was committing a purely human gesture. He was even humming softly against her hair. She pulled back a little, just enough to gaze up at him.

                “What’s that tune?” she asked.

                “It is an ancient lullaby my mother used to sing to me,” he replied.

                Uhura blinked back a fresh batch of tears, “why Mr. Spock, you are sharing that with me? I am honored.”

                “Well, it’s only-”

                She stood on her tiptoes and silenced him with a kiss. She remained there for a few seconds before lowering back onto her heels, and smiling, “thank you.”

                Spock looked thrown, his eyes were wide and if possible, his pulse was racing even faster.

                “I…” He croaked.

                Uhura giggled lightly, “Did I surprise you?”

                “…Yes, you did.”

                “I apologize. I was… taken by emotion.”

                He didn’t say anything.

                “I’ll leave you be,” she opened her door, preparing to enter when his voice stopped her, “wait.”

                Uhura turned.

                “May I?” his hand hovered inches from her face, she thought he wanted to come in, “of course,” she said.

                What he did though was not at all what she expected.  His fingers tilted her chin up and he leaned in, kissing her softly on the lips. Uhura’s eyes widened.  He pulled back, looking at the floor, “I’m sorry. I do not know-”

                Uhura wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed their lips together again. This time he leaned into it.  They stayed like that for a while, until Spock pulled back.

                “I must go. I promised to meet the Captain.”

                Uhura nodded, biting her lip, “will I see you again?” she asked. Spock sensed the underlying question and smiled.

                “Most assuredly,” he stroked her cheek, “perhaps tomorrow?”

                “Yes. The corner cafe,” Uhura smiled.

                “I will see you then,” he squeezed her hand and walked back down the hallway.

                She stood in her doorway and watched him go.  He lifted his hand in farewell and she blew him a kiss before the elevator doors closed.

                Tomorrow was a new day, and she had a date with a Vulcan. She smiled, feeling giddy as she stepped into her apartment and closed the door behind her.

Appearance of Favoritism

He is nervous to turn down her application.

“Cadet Hohstadt is more qualified and is the logical choice for the posting.”

“Right. I’ll find a different research position.”

She rises, steps out of his office.

That night, she wraps her arms around his waist, pushes her face into his chest. 


“You are not upset.”

“You never make me wonder.”  She leans up, kisses him, pulls him close. “This could be so complicated, between us.  It’s not.  Thank you.”

“You are not mad.”  He seeks clarification, assurance.

“I’ll work harder.”

“You,” he says, cannot find more words.

“Yes,” she agrees.  “You.”

A Lesson in the Vulcan Lyre

Uhura’s First Lesson.

Pairing: Spuhura (SpockxUhura)

A/N: Just an idea I had today. What might her first lesson have been like? After all, Uhura is the only person who was able to learn the Vulcan lyre. <3 Also, I was thinking if TOS when writing this. Plus my first time writing Spock! I always try to hear the characters speaking when I write, I hope I did it right.. D:

It was a quiet day on the Starship Enterprise.  The metal doors opened with a soft whirr and Uhura walked into the break room, it - like many other rooms- was quiet.  There were only two people there. One was a cadet, sitting in the farthest corner of the room away from the other man - Mr. Spock.  Uhura smiled, they had not been in space long, perhaps a couple of weeks.  However it was still most amusing to tease the First Officer.  He was not one to show emotion, and teasing him made her more than a little delighted.

Quietly she approached him, not wanting to disturb him while he played on the rare Vulcan lyre.  She watched him from behind for a few minutes, taking in the sweet tune.  She sighed, catching his attention, “how Vulcan’s can play such lovely music and be so emotionless is beyond me.”

The half-Vulcan turned his chair so that he faced her, his eyes scrutinized her as his eyebrows drifted up, “you misunderstand us then.” He said calmly, “we may not enjoy things the way humans do.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them.”

“Isn’t joy an emotion?” Uhura countered.

Spock sat back, “A human one. Vulcan’s have a different way of enjoying the pleasure of music. It’s far too complicated for a human to understand.”

She knew he wasn’t insulting her it was just his way, that’s why she laughed. “Teach me,” she said coming closer.  The First Officer blinked, “Why?”

“Because I like it,” Her eyes twinkled as she advanced.

“It would be most illogical since no human has ever learned how to play our lyre, and I doubt you would be an exception.” He never faltered in his steady drone of emotionless words as she approached. She knelt next to his arm rest and smiled up at him.

“You never know, I could be.  After all, I’ve been told I’m a very talented young lady.”

Spock’s eyebrow shot up in his trademark look, one that always made Uhura believe he was curious or fascinated by the circumstances happening around him.  She didn’t know much about the Vulcan’s, but she did know that curiosity and fascination were emotions.  Unlike a lot of her crew-mates, she liked to believe Spock accidentally allowed some emotions to slip through from time-to-time.

“Then we will see just how talented you are, Miss Uhura.” He gestured to another chair, which she promptly sat in, scooting it closer to the Vulcan, until their knees nearly bumped.  “Take it in hand,” he held the Lyre out. It was a delicate instrument with fine strings running up and down the carved wood.  Uhura smiled, her fingers trembled as she took it. She was very aware of how important this moment was as she rested it against her shoulder, in the same fashion she’d seen him use it.

Spock looked almost approvingly at her, “now, place your fingers here and here.” He motioned to the areas on the lyre.  Uhura placed her thin fingers on the cords, in what she thought were the proper places.

“No,” Spock suddenly said, not harshly. He reached out, taking her fingers and adjusting them to the right places.  That action made Uhura’s heart sputter until he sat back from her.  “There.”

Uhura swallowed hard, “alright,” she strummed her fingers softly against the strings, “now, teach me a few notes.”

Spock nodded, “I was just pondering which ones would be easiest for you,” He replied.  “Ah, I know,” he proceeded to tell her the first note, which was a lot more difficult than Uhura thought.  But she struggled through until she managed to hit it right after the third try.  The lesson continued on like this for a good hour and by this time, the Cadet was watching them curiously. 

Uhura was playing the set of notes in what Spock described as “perfection,” until someone said; “Mr. Spock to the bridge.” Uhura’s fingers froze and she gazed at her teacher.

“Well done, Miss Uhura.  Better than I thought.”

“Perhaps I’m an exception then?” She asked, smiling.

Spock stood and looked down at her, “we will see,” She swore a smile twitched at his lips, but it was only for a second, and then he was gone heading for the bridge.  The lyre was still in her lap, and she studied it for a moment before she strummed the tune once more.  It was a hauntingly beautiful song.  She smiled not bothering to stop as she kept it up, after all, he hadn’t taken it or told her to put it away.

Uhura thought as she played, of all the rumors she had heard about Mr. Spock, and how she had never heard of him smiling before. She felt her cheeks blush, perhaps she was the first human besides his mother that he had ever smiled at. It was a curious thought, and on that lingered with her long after the day ended.

It's my birthday next week & all I want are Spock/Uhura UPDATES

Especially to whomever is writing the Pride and Logic story and the Higher Gravity fan fictions I would love you guys forever and day if there was an update coming sooner rather than later.


Inspired by a FanFic I read…..she always loves him when he wears full uniform to an event where it isn’t really needed. She kissed him on the stairs outside the main function room….in the shadows…..where no-one would see them. He stood a step below her…..and he was utterly irresistible in the moonlit staircase.

(to make things clear….this is not a direct quote from a FanFic. I actually wrote this little ditty. Poorly I might add. This is the FanFIc here:T’du by valyria on fanfiction.net)


Video Title:

Solidarity Is For White Fangirls Only.

First of all, this post is not directed to the whole spirk fandom, some of you girls are respectful and nice. However to the many of you fangirls who constantly attack uhura/spock this post is for you ONLY.

Reasons why  I love this Video.

1. My fellow white brother who gets  it. He goes further to call out the Kirk and Spock fan girls on their BS when it comes to the S/U relationship and they say romance is for girls only (scarsm)…NOT

2. . Once again it proves that my opinion on how A lot of the spirk fandom is made up of girls and girls only is true. Even a male trek fan confirms it. 

3. A lot of you spirk fan girls need to stop the whole faux feminism nonsense about Uhura  since  KIRK ACTED WAY MORE UNPROFESSIONAL.

4. Did it ever occur to many of you K/S fan girls that Uhura got on the Enterprise because she had  the highest score in her class and Kirk got on the Enterprise because of Bones help.

If some  of you spirk fan girls were real trek fans then you must have read the extended universe novels like The Gemini Agent.  In this book, Spock was constantly impressed with Uhura’s intelligence , it had nothing to do with sex unlike Kirk who is constantly banging every pretty girl that smiles at him.

Additionally Spock in the Starfleet novels even dismissed the idea of Uhura’s physical appearance  been the sole reason on why  he was friends with her.  Spock also got some slack by other Star Fleet Academy teachers because he didn’t tell them of how pretty Uhura was .  In other words,  the S/U relationship is not shallow.

5. Did it ever occur to many of you spirk fan girls that Kirk was suspended from star fleet academy because of his unprofessional antics which includes having sex with Galia for the sole purpose of cheating and beating the Kobrashi Maru test or even worse, acting like a spoilt privileged brat and eating an apple while taking a test that was suppose to be about saving the lives of his crew.

6. I hardly see any of you spirk fan girls calling Kirk out on  how unprofessional he is all the time.

O  that’s  right. Kirk is the white hot guy so his behaviour  doesn’t mater but the WOC beautiful  woman shows a near breakdown of someone she loves who is putting his life at risk and she is called sexist and unprofessional by you spirk  fan girls.

7. I  may not be a black woman , however, I am very aware of the double standards and hate many slash K/S fangirls have just because Uhura  is loved and respected by a leading gentleman (gentlemen)  in a fandom who are usually white handsome men and my friend here Jamie Jeans,  who is a white man himself confirms this theory  I have known all along to be true.

8. Uhura did not destroy the trinity of Kirk, Spock and Bones. The writers of the films  where the ones that destroyed the trinity  because they were the ones that said  they wanted to tell  a Kirk and Spock story. Many of the Spirk/Mckirk/Spones  fans girls need to blame the writers for Bones absence in the films and not NYOTA UHURA.

So yeah..stop the Bullshit about  Uhura. I have no issues with you shipping  Spirk . However when it comes at the expense of you fangirls constantly  tearing down Uhura then I take issues with it.





Her voice was soft.

‘This-one… This-one can feel you.’ She still spoke in his native tongue.

'Yes.’ he confirmed needlessly, his fingers moving slowly and deliberately against hers.

He was uncertain how long they stood in the doorway touching in such a manner, but when she next spoke his face had lowered towards her, his forehead nearly touching her own.

'You want this-one?’ she inquired in a very quiet voice.

'Yes.’ he replied simply. He should not want her but he did.


T'du by Valyria

Well… couldn’t really find a pencil, so I used a good old No. 2, then realized the photocopier wasn’t working so I used my phone, and then I realized I never really finished their hands, and then I was like, I should wait and do this right, and then I thought ‘eh, whatever.’