spoty 2012

anonymous asked:

" a thong and pasties" you made me laugh so hard. I agree, I think the dress was fine. It's 2012, there is nothing wrong with showing a little leg in this day & age. When she 80, then she can dress like the Queen.

Glad I could bring a smile to your face! :) 

Listen - if we start complaining when women go showing a little leg, or a bit of cleavage while wearing an otherwise completely acceptable dress then before you know it we’ll be covered head to toe and the progress we’ve made as women will be reversed. Our role will be to only be in the home, seen but not heard, and just to pop out babies all the time.

She looked absolutely fine. Beautiful even. She showed the tiiiiniest sliver of skin. At a SPORTS AWARDS SHOW. She wasn’t at church. She wasn’t at an orphanage. She wasn’t in a hospital. She was at a damn awards show.