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BEING THIS, BEING ME…IT’S HARDER. BUT BETTER. I LIKE ME.        and i like all of you too!! i only made this blog in like january of this year and there’s already 300+ of you???? i just wanna gush about how grateful i am that you’ve stuck around even tho my activity has been shit spotty. you like me, you really like me!  i’m just a soft gay kid who loves all of u so much! below the cut i’ve put an alphabetized list of mutual who i cherish and love!! i know i’ve said ‘love’ a lot but like!!!! it’s tru!!!!! thank you all so much!! 😙😙😙 

edit: tumblr doesn’t wanna make all the names link?? but pls follow these people, u wont regret it

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new haircut and an alya pep talk <3

The way the golden light captivated them from straight above and the music swirled like rising ocean tides around them made them feel as if they were the only dancers in the room. The rest of time and space fell away until it was only one, two, three, one, two, three.  (Curtain in 5, 4…. AO3)

drunk history :: spies [ sentence meme ]

“You fucks have never seen no shit like this before.”
“Why would you wait till I’m at my drunkest to do this?”
“I killed somebody about a week ago.”
“Oh, now, that’s where I draw the line.”
“Wait a minute. I can do way more.”
“I could totally be a spy for you. I have connects, and, like, when I dress up and shit, those people have no idea who I am.”
“Excuse me. I got, like, a good 15 minutes left in me before the liquor takes over, and God only knows what I’ll say. That’s great.”
“You down there, do what the fuck you do.”
“Let’s work together and find out where this shit is.”
“Well, fuck it. Like, I don’t have dick to lose. Like, let’s work together and burn that shit down.”
“You’re too late. Like, me and my people are already here.”
“Ooh, this woman could be of use to us.”
“Would you like to be a spy for us?”
“Excuse me, I don’t even limp.”
“Hello, I’m a very good spy.”
“She is wreaking havoc.”
“No. It’s making me… it’s freaking me out.”
“Okay, you know what? My mind’s a little spotty. Let me just write down some notes for you.”
“This… this is great. This is amazing.”
“You got to tickle it.”
“He got so much information through his dick.”
“Oh, Jesus. Is this your death scene? If you die, we’re fucked.”
“He was a fucking spy! Literally, a /fucking/ spy.”
“Because of his dick, the world was a better place.”
“I enjoy day-drinking.”


HELLO THERE! Its that time again where I need money to pay for things like rent, schooling and food! Me and my roommates run into the problem of bugs and they have taken alot out of our wallets (those dirty thieves)! Trust me, it been a pain for the last month (not to point out all the other problems we got now).

So here I am asking for you help. I’ll be fine once osap ever kicks in but when that ever happens please think of commissioning me! Only 5 slots will be open. It will take me a week to finish your commission. Price are in CAD and Paypal only!

I will draw anything at this point but no porn or nsfw, please!

If your up for a commission, please email me at! We can work the details out from there. if you can’t commission me, please feel free to signal boost and reblog along if you want. Thanks! 

Sometimes I struggle so much with the fact this is actually me, I’m a living breathing human and this is what I look like. I’ll never be able to restart my life or change who I am / how I look. Maybe life would be easier if I was the girl that nearly every boy found attractive, but I’m not. I guess I just need to learn to accept that this is who I am, and find a purpose in my life. It’s so hard to get confidence and love yourself but I need to just accept that this is who I am.

MINI VACATION HIATUS !! ok so my big sister’s birthday is on saturday and our mom and i are throwing her a surprise party ! meaning, i won’t have access to a computer from May 18 - May 21. we fly out early tomorrow morning, but i have to finish packing and running last minute errands so i probably won’t be online much today either. i might pop in on mobile over the trip, and i’ll definitely be on s.kype or d.iscord, so y’all can definitely find me on there ! anyway, just wanted to give a heads up, but i love you guys and i’ll see y’all when i get back !!

You should’ve picked mercy…

Redraw from the song No Mercy. I love this song go listen to it pls

sits down,,,,,, folds hands together,,,,,,,, folks,,,,,,,,,, i have So many plans for when i get internet on my computer,,,,,, so many muses to add to my multi muse,,,,,, so many Things,,,,,,,, good golly gosh, i am Excite

Did a thing since Rodea releases today!