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new haircut and an alya pep talk <3

The way the golden light captivated them from straight above and the music swirled like rising ocean tides around them made them feel as if they were the only dancers in the room. The rest of time and space fell away until it was only one, two, three, one, two, three.  (Curtain in 5, 4…. AO3)


So the gist of this contest is draw your oc of choice in school! Imagine how’d your oc would be like taking classes, chilling during recess, taking part in school activities or teaching! 

I’ll pick 10 winners at the end of the contest which will be included into part of Acorn’s school! Winners will be picked by creativity and idea of the piece and bonus points if they include interaction with any of the 4 kids


  1. Draw your oc as a student/staff of the school
  2. Species allowed includes: ponies, diamond dogs, dragons and whatever race Azalea is
  3. Bonus points for interaction with any of the 4 kids
  4. Female uniform is the one Acorn is wearing above and male uniform is just the shirt
  5. Anthro draws are allowed as long as you have a ref of the regular form ready
  6. No limit to the number of submissions

Duration of the contest lasts til the end of September ayyyy just when school happens too so look around school more and get some ideas too.

You can either submit the pieces directly here or tag me in your posts and feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions~
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CHAPTER 5 IS UP!!!!!!!

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HELLO THERE! Its that time again where I need money to pay for things like rent, schooling and food! Me and my roommates run into the problem of bugs and they have taken alot out of our wallets (those dirty thieves)! Trust me, it been a pain for the last month (not to point out all the other problems we got now).

So here I am asking for you help. I’ll be fine once osap ever kicks in but when that ever happens please think of commissioning me! Only 5 slots will be open. It will take me a week to finish your commission. Price are in CAD and Paypal only!

I will draw anything at this point but no porn or nsfw, please!

If your up for a commission, please email me at! We can work the details out from there. if you can’t commission me, please feel free to signal boost and reblog along if you want. Thanks! 

Sometimes I struggle so much with the fact this is actually me, I’m a living breathing human and this is what I look like. I’ll never be able to restart my life or change who I am / how I look. Maybe life would be easier if I was the girl that nearly every boy found attractive, but I’m not. I guess I just need to learn to accept that this is who I am, and find a purpose in my life. It’s so hard to get confidence and love yourself but I need to just accept that this is who I am.

Green and Gold

(Starter for @haldirmarchwarden )

If one were to describe what they believed a typical Greenwood Elf looked like, Boridhren was just that. He was tall with blue eyes, wearing his white-blond hair in a practical braid. His armor had ornate details. It was an ashen brown so as to help camouflage him into the surrounding forest. Indeed, the entirety of the four divisions of the Woodland Guard had seasonal armor.

Boridhren was the Captain of the Southern Woodland Guard. The sector was the most dangerous, for it was the only one to come into direct contact with the Necromancer and his vile creations.

“It should not be long now, Master Haldir.” Boridhren said, casting his gaze down the Elf path that led from the bridge to the ElvenKing’s palace. “The last few of you will be staying with the Elves out on the current patrol.”

Did a thing since Rodea releases today!