The Mysterious Rediscovery of Ocean Jasper

Ocean jasper is such a unique stone, its found in only one place in the world – a small site along the northwest coast of the island of Madagascar. Ocean jasper is a variety of orbicular jasper, a type of jasper named for the spherical shapes that pattern the stone. The term jasper comes from the Greek word, iaspis, meaning “spotted stone.” Various forms of this jasper can be found in many areas around the world, however the ocean jasper of Madagascar is unique due its beautiful colors and markings.

Another aspect that lends mystery to the stone is the story of how it was found, or actually “found again”. Ocean Jasper was first written about in 1922, but the location was lost for the next 75 years. All that was known was that it came from somewhere in Madagascar, and that the location of the quarry had been lost. In the 1950s, a sample specimen was brought to the Museum of Sciences in Paris, France. But with the sample came a mystery – no one knew where the source was located and Madagascar is a very large island (approximately 1,000 km long and 300 km wide).

The stone made its reappearance to the world at the 2000 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, and the story behind its rediscovery was the talk of the crowd. After 45 days of tirelessly searching along the Madagascar coast, an exploration group from the mining company, Madagascar Minerals, located the ocean jasper deposit. The reason the site was lost for so long is that it is only visible at low tide.

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An 11pm analysis of the first chapter of Onision’s ‘Stones to Abbigale’. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything out or have made a mistake.

(Forgot to mention on the thing that paragraphs do not need to start with both a new line and an indentation. Also, apologies for my crap handwriting.)

(UPDATE: a friend has asked me to do a full video analysis of this chapter with a heavy focus on grammar and plot lines. It will come with a more thorough, colour-coded analysis in a similar style to this.)

“Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone spotted holding hands and might be back together.”




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Between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone spotted together (probably back together tbh) and Jamie freaking Campbell Bower and Lily Collins back together (as a couple or not, I don’t know. Maybe just friends but who cares?).
This is a beautiful couple of days! I’m so happy for them. I’m not usually the kind of person who is emotionally involved in other’s people relationship but… They were my two favorite couples for one simple reason : They both screamed love. They gave me a little more faith in love. 

I’m beyond happy. Especially for Jamily since I had suspicions that Andrew and Emma were gonna be back together. And Jamie was soooo happy when they were together (and so sad when they broke up).

fanfic: sisters

Steven Universe fanfiction, take two! Headcanons ahoy in regards to how timing works, as well as tiny/newly formed Amethyst. Tried to make it obvious that Pearl’s feelings for Rose are a little more than just friendship or devotion, as well as allusions to Rose possibly having been a mother figure for Amethyst following being found. Given that Amethyst wasn’t at the final battle and lived on her own for awhile following being ‘born’…hey man, I tried. :3

Not a one-shot. I don’t generally ask this, but mind a bit of feedback on this one? Character voice and all that. : )

Amethyst was a surprise, in more ways than one. 

Her arrival came on a spring afternoon when the sky shed tears as it had for days, leaving small pools outside the sanctuary in the spots where the stone had worn down over the years. The flowers that grew within the cracks stretched their necks out to partake, and the vines that twisted along the arms of the figurehead flourished. Pearl liked this kind of weather; she sat beneath a stone outcropping, clutching her spear attentively while listening to the soothing shuu of the rain. It did little to soften her nerves, coiled tightly to the point of bursting. It was, after all, the first time she’d been allowed to stay behind to guard the sanctuary all by herself, and while her heart fluttered at the responsibility granted to her by Rose Quartz the very possibility of something going wrong was enough to keep her from relaxing in the slightest. 

Not that there was much to worry about, these days. Perhaps the sky was weeping for the gems that littered the battlefield, shattered beyond repair; the remaining homeworld forces had gone, leaving the three of them (Rose Quartz, Garnet, and herself) to pick up the pieces of a world reeling from war. The humans that knew of their presence revered them as deities, keeping their distance out of fear, and while Rose was fascinated by them Pearl preferred it that way. She had Rose, and Garnet had herself, as the Crystal Gems, guardians of an underdeveloped world whose inhabitants were barely more advanced than the creatures they hunted, for the most part. 

She wasn’t expecting Rose Quartz and Garnet to return from a survey of the one of the now deactivated Kindergarten sites with a bundle of lavender hair with a purple gem set between her tiny collarbones, clinging to Rose’s shoulders in a way that briefly made Pearl twitch with envy. 

Pearl blinked. And then she gripped her spear even more tightly, rising to her feet. “Lady Rose Quartz!”

Rose sighed, plucking the bundle of lavender fluff from her shoulders. “Pearl.”

“Sorry…Rose.” Pearl flushed, still embarrassed by the informality; as usual Rose smiled in her unwavering gentle manner. 

“I appreciate the diligence, Pearl,” she admonished, “But as of now we are equals." 

The very concept of being on the same level as someone she lo…admired so much was unfathomable to Pearl, but if it made Rose happy she was certainly willing to give what she viewed as impropriety a shot. "Yes, La…I mean Rose.”

The tiny figure in Rose’s arms flailed. “Mama Rose! Can I go down?" 

The taller Gem placed her on the ground, where she immediately fell over with a soft oof before pulling herself up by clinging to Rose’s dress and toddling a few feet away to splash in a puddle while laughing gleefully.

Pearl took a few steps backwards, looking up at Rose Quartz and Garnet questioningly. "Is she a gem?” She asked, careful to keep her voice down. 

Garnet answered the question, folding her arms over her broad chest. “She is. We discovered her at the defunct manufacturing site. We’re calling her Amethyst.”

“She’s so…small.” Pearl wasn’t too well-versed in how manufactured gems were created, having only faced them in combat. She knew about Kindergarten, and had seen it once or twice since its inception and being rendered defunct, but that was the extent of her experience with the gems that were less than natural, bred as homeworld forces and little else. 

“As far as we know she’s the only one of her kind that managed to survive the deactivation of Kindergarten.” Garnet leaned down to ruffle the tiny gem’s hair with an uncharacteristic fondness. “As it is we think she’s underdeveloped. I suspect the site was deactivated before she could undergo whatever indoctrination the other manufactured gems were subject to.”

Pearl took another step back, eyes trained on Amethyst; she’d tired of the puddle, inspecting a vine heavy with deep pink flowers curiously, as if she’d never seen such a thing before. Perhaps she hadn’t. “Is it safe to keep her around? Won’t she be like one of them, when she’s older?”

“No gem is born bad,” Rose said, firmly. “Manufactured or not.”

The three of them turned to watch Amethyst. The rain had slowed to a light drizzle shortly before Rose and Garnet’s return, and the sun was beginning to peek out from behind the thick blanket of clouds. Amethyst stared up at the clearing sky in a state of wonder. 

“She’s never seen the sun before, not like this,” Rose murmured. “This is her first time seeing the world beyond that canyon.”

“Oh.” Pearl fell silent, overwhelmed by a sudden rush of pity. She couldn’t imagine only knowing darkness, never feeling the vegetation beneath one’s palms, the light chill of spring rain, or the warmth of the sun. After a moment she spoke up once more. “Is she staying with us?”

“Of course!” Rose walked over to where Amethyst stood transfixed, sweeping the small gem up in her arms once more and carrying her back to where Garnet and Pearl stood at the entrance to their sanctuary. “We couldn’t leave her there alone. She’s one of us, now. Just think of her as a younger sister.”

“But La..Rose, that term suggests a biological connection that’s simply not possible for either of us.” Pearl stated, matter of factly. 

Rose scoffed at the idea, holding Amethyst close much like a child of her own. “Pearl, you of all people should know that sharing a ‘biological connection’ isn’t a requirement for family. We’re family, aren’t we?”

Pearl was now skilled enough to keep her face from falling as it had before, feigning a smile as if she were perfectly satisfied with that designation. She had to be. “Yes.”

“You’re not related,” Rose continued, cuddling the smaller gem before placing her on the ground once more. “But Amethyst needs someone to look up to, a role model she can learn from. And if anyone’s up to that task it’s you.”

The vote of confidence in her abilities was a sufficient balm for Rose’s unintended slight, and Pearl nodded once more in affirmation. “I’ll do my best.”

Amethyst sneezed into her hands, then wiped them on her dress. Garnet glanced down at her, then back up at Pearl. “Yeah, I’m going to let you handle this one.”

As if noticing the unfamiliar gem for the first time, Amethyst made her way over to Pearl, who forced herself not to back away. “You’re tall.”

“That’s…that’s true?” Pearl fumbled for a proper response. She wasn’t used to speaking with children, if that’s what Amethyst even counted as. “Relatively speaking. Reconfiguring height is simply a matter of…” She trailed off with a heavy sigh. “You didn’t understand any of that, did you?”

“No!” Amethyst chirped. She took a step forward, reaching out to Pearl with her chubby arms. “Can I come up?”

“Up?” Pearl met Rose’s gaze, nervous. “Oh…you want me to pick you up?”

“Mama Rose does!” Amethyst stared up at her with a brilliant smile that rivaled the sun. Her soft lavender hair was damp from the drizzle, and her eyes shone with a level of trust that caused something in Pearl’s chest to twist. It wasn’t the ache that she felt when she looked at Rose, nor the sense of camaraderie she felt for Garnet. This…this was different. 

“Okay. Just for a moment, though.” She lifted the tiny gem in a light embrace; Amethyst was warm, and she fit into her arms neatly as if she already belonged there. 

“Mama Rose said you’re my sister,” Amethyst said, nuzzling against Pearl’s chest happily. “What’s a sister?”

“Um…well…” Pearl paused, searching for the words once more. She had a feeling she would be doing so a lot more often, now. “A sister is someone that takes care of you and teaches you all you need to know about the world.”

“Oh. Are you my sister?”

Pearl held her close, smiling into the soft hair brushing against her chin. “Yes.”

Panda Bear – “Crosswords”

Buried beneath the psychedelic swirls and deep beats, sugary melodies shine throughout Mr. Lennox’s latest solo album, Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper. “Crosswords” has a relaxed dance rhythm and Julian Casablancas-style falsetto ooh ooh oohs

On the psychedelic aesthetic of his music, Mr Noah said the following in Rolling Stone:

I’m not a psychedelic warrior by any means, but that’s an element of music that I find to be very psychedelic: when everything mixes in weird ways and you can’t tell what’s what. That’s when quasi-magical stuff starts to happen, when things start tricking my ear and my brain. One of my favorite questions is asking people how they define psychedelic music. For me, it has something to do with things tricking your ear, when things are more than the sum of their parts. I feel like that’s the target always with my music, the psychedelic sweet spot.

Read the full interview here:

If you dig the style, Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper is a pretty killer album.