Teddy: *lies awake in bed, unable to sleep*

Teddy: *sighs, glancing around the faintly lit room* *slips out of bed*

Teddy: *makes his way outside, the full moon looming overhead*

Teddy: *glances over at the forbidden forest* *breath catches*

Teddy: Don’t even think about it… You definitely shouldn’t do it. *takes a deep, calming breath* …. Fuck it. 

*As the boy moves through the trees, he suddenly stumbles on something*

Teddy: *cringes and looks down* *spots an odd looking stone on the ground* 

Teddy: *holds up the stone, examining it* 

Voice: …… Yeah……

Tonks: *stares, trying to take in the sight of him* *shrugs weakly* 

Tonks: *glances slowly past Teddy and smiles* 

Voice: *sighs* Not… that… old…

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I Still Exist

Requests: Omg your stories are awesome! I was wondering if I could suggest a newt x reader with the song “Where Do We Go” or “Shatter Me” by Lindsey Stirling? Where the reader feels kinda neglected and depressed for quite some time and newt fails to notice because he is in a lot harsher mood and snaps a lot as a result of working on his book? And one day she goes “missing” and worries newt? Lots of angst pls!(Idk it sounded a lot better in my head)You can come up with the rest. Thanks!       AND      hi !! i really love your stories, and i was wondering if i could request an v angsty one where newt is under a lot of stress and snaps at reader? ❤️❤️

Word Count: 2,701

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to one in

The workshop smells about how you’d expected when you crawl into the case. A burning mixture evaporates somewhere nearby, partly covering up the odors of the various feed bags for the creatures and the plate of raw meat rotting on the table. You shake your head, disgusted, and slip past the shed. Scanning the field, hand over your eyes to block out the blinding sun, you spot Newt next to a murtlap. He’s on his knees saying something to the snarling creature. You swallow down the heart breaking in your chest. He’s exchanging more words with that beast than he has with you in the past month.

“Newt. Newt!” You shout, crossing through tall grasses and kicking stones out of your way. For God’s sake, “Newt!”

He twists enough to ensure it’s you before turning his back on you. “One minute, love.”

Hands on your hips, you wait as he chatters with the beast. It’s not that you’re against his research, it’s that he’s trying to cram chapters worth of new material into the book. You’d supported his idea when he first told you a month and a half ago. Now, though, you’re not sure you would’ve been so encouraging had you known he would spend every waking minute in the case without you.

“I don’t have all day, Newt. I have to get to the bakery with Queenie before it closes.”

He shakes his head, facing you. “I’m busy, love. Can’t it wait?”

You can feel the tension in his voice, strengthened, no doubt, by the bags under his eyes. “I just need to know if you’d prefer apple or peach pie for dessert.”

He mumbles something that sounds like ‘that’s it?’ but when you question him, he simply says, “I said it’s your choice. I’m sure you’ll make the right one.”

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Typically found in environments in which fruits and vegetables are plentiful, usually forests, or fields, this eevee has adapted by shortening its tail, and getting much quicker on its feet.


Evolves from a Cottontailed Eevee when exposed to a Fire Stone. Cottontailed flareons are known for their kindness, like many of the cottontailed breed of eeveelutions. Cottontailed flareon will often save smaller, or weaker pokemon from forest fires, should one ever occur.


Evolves from a Cottontailed Eevee when exposed to a Thunder Stone. Usually spotted during lightning storms, acting as a lightning rod to charge itself while also protecting the forest by absorbing the strikes that would otherwise strike trees or other pokemon.


Evolves from a Cottontailed Eevee when exposed to a Water Stone. Can be found near rapids or waterfalls, either swimming merrily in the treacherous waters or saving other pokemon from them


Evolves from a Cottontailed Eevee with maximum friendship, during the night. Can be found guiding lost pokemon through forests at night, or basking in the moonlight in forest clearings during a full moon.


Evolves from a Cottontailed Eevee with maximum friendship, during the day. Can be found basking in the sunlight on summer days, or, looking for pokemon to assist.


Evolves from a Cottontailed Eevee when exposed to an Ice Rock. Usually found on mountaintops, acting as sherpas for less experienced pokemon. Diet consists of icicles and not documented as anything more.


Evolves from a Cottontailed Eevee when exposed to a Moss Rock. Usually found in forests, helping pokemon find their way out, or helping them forage. Diet consists of berries and not documents as anything more.


Evolves from a Cottontailed Eevee at Maximum Affection, knowing at least 1 Fairy-Type move. Usually found roaming around, in many different environments, making flower crowns with its feelers or playing with pokemon to liven up their day. The friendliest Cottontailed Eeveelution.

It’s Okay to Cry

Jack was the closest thing most of his newsies had to a father. He was the one who wiped the little one’s noses when they ran, who gave up his food when they were going hungry, who read the bedtime stories out loud when they couldn’t sleep. Jack was the one who held them close, who walked with them to help clear their heads, who kissed their foreheads and pulled a blanket tight around them every night, who made sure they drank water in the summer and wrapped the holes in their shoes tight in the winter.

Jack was also the one who listened when they came to him in the middle of the night, trying their hardest to hold back their tears.

“It’s okay to cry.” He would whisper, wrapping them in with him in his own blanket.

“It’s okay to cry.” To Romeo, scared to death after seeing his father for the first time in years.

“It’s okay to cry.” To Crutchie, waking up after a nightmare with terror in his eyes, choked up and trying his hardest to be strong.

“It’s okay to cry.” To Finch, coming up wondering if him “pretending” to be a boy was wrong, even though Jack and everyone who knew him knew he was more of a man than anyone else they knew.

“It’s okay to cry.” To Specs, scared as his hearing got worse and worse, as he relied more and more on Romeo and hand signs to get by.

“It’s okay to cry.” To himself, a reminder when he caught himself holding back after waking up from memories that hurt.

Somehow, though, he never expected to be saying it to a boy he’d never expected to see in that alley, fourteen years old and stronger than anyone else he knew.

“It’s okay to cry.” He said quietly to Spot Conlon, the boy everyone was so scared of, as he tried to hold himself together in an alley in Manhattan, scared and alone. “It’s okay to cry.” He repeated as Spot finally gave in, slowly relaxing into Jack’s arms until Jack was hugging him close and he was sobbing. “It’s okay to cry.” Jack whispered one last time as Spot somehow pulled himself together and stood up, slipping back into what Jack could see now was a mask of toughness and stone. 

And Spot Conlon nodded and offered Jack a spit-in hand, which Jack accepted as he pulled the small boy to his feet.

Because it was. It was okay to cry.

anonymous asked:

A scenarios where sidon and s/o spending time together ?

The air was humid causing your clothes to cling to your skin. Your face scrunched in displeasure as you peeled the collar of your shirt away from your chest and fell back against the grass. The ends of your feet resided in the slow moving river, the only thing providing relief on this miserable day. You hadn’t been out here for long, possibly ten minutes max, when you decided to chill on the bank. Looking for Sidon could wait, you guessed, and let the sound of nature lull you into a light sleep.

 You had woken feeling a tug on your toes, but figured that it was just fishes nibbling and wiggled your toes to get them to scamper. It stopped for a moment and you sighed feeling yourself relax again. That is…until you were dragged in the water. You scrabbled around, definitely awake now, and stood up from the shallow end. You looked over your soaking wet form before looking around for the culprit. From a deep end you spot a red fin peeking from the surface and you smirked.

 You looked around you, finally spotting a perfect skipping stone and aimed the best you could towards the fin. It skimmed the water perfectly and was about to hit it when a hand snatched it out of the air. You snapped your fingers, feeling bummed it didn’t hit your target and from below Sidon’s head came into view.  You could only make out his eyes before he swam over and stood up revealing a cheeky grin.

 “Your throw is getting better each time, my love!” He flicked the stone in the air before snatching it and wiggling it against the tip of your nose. “If I may give a minor critique, upon your release you did not snap your wrist.” He turned around and flicked the stone, it skidded a perfect twenty times before the water enveloped it. He turned around beaming and stuck out his chest, “In doing so, you can guarantee a perfect throw each time!”

 You rolled your eyes, unable to suppress your smile. You flicked water on his chest seeing his massive height made it too inconvenient to aim at his face. He smirked and picked you up under your armpits and swung you around before releasing you into the river. A scream of shock and delight escaped your throat before you plunged into the water. When you had resurfaced Sidon was nowhere to be seen.  You smacked the surface, feigning frustration and turned around in a circle for the telltale sign of Sidon.

 You were pulled underneath again and saw Sidon looking feral, if not devious. He swam to you capturing your lips with his and effectively keeping you still. You hands pounded playfully on his chest, your knuckles rapping against his chest plate before he grabbed them and deepen the kiss. Water filled your mouth, but he sucked it out effortlessly, filtering it out through his gills. When he figured he kept you under the water long enough, he brought you to the surface all the while never breaking the kiss.

 You gasped for air and looked at Sidon in a haze. Your cheeks were flushed and he looked absolutely smug. “W-well, at least I am not hot anymore…”

 His eyelids lowered, “Mmm, I would not claim that yet, my droplet.” He leaned back in the water bringing you with him to lay on his stomach. His words rumbled his torso, “I have not had my fill of you quite yet.”

 Oh boy.

(You had me at floating on his stomach~ I absolutely love that idea and it makes me happy to think about since I myself can’t actually swim and it would be sweet for him to offer to carry me but I digress. Enjoy!~)

Swimming Dates:

Warnings: Fluff, water and swimming (if you’re hydrophobic)

  • Zora Tradition

- In a kingdom completely surrounded by water that the citizens of said kingdom require to live, swimming and being in the water in general would be a big part of their lives

- Going swimming with ones significant other would probably be a sort of tradition amongst the Zoras as a bonding activity that connects the two people so it would already be ingrained in Zora society that a couple should go out and swim together

- Meaning that Sidon would already want to do it because it is such an important part of a Zora’s relationship but he would never do it because it is “expected” of him

- Sidon just thoroughly enjoys swimming and he wants to be able to share this important thing that he loves doing with the person that is most important to him

- He wants to spend his time with you doing things that both of you are interested in and if it so happens that you can’t swim then he will gladly teach you if you want to be taught of course

- Even if you don’t want to get in the water he will still encourage you to come with him and most every time you say yes because he always gives you the most pleading puppy-dog eyes you have ever seen

- You can settle yourself down on the sandy beach where you watch him swim laps in the water while you also soak in the sun or sit on the river bank dipping your toes into the water

  • Preparations

- Whenever the two of you plan to go swimming together Sidon makes sure that it is on his free days where there will be no distractions from his duties as the heir and you can enjoy your time together and not worry about anything else

- You almost always prepare a picnic to take with you since these dates usually last many hours meaning that you are likely to get hungry especially after swimming for so long

- So rather than going all the way back to the Kingdom you can just eat together on the beach; preparing a platter of raw fish for Sidon and a simple cooked meal for you

- Plus what’s better than a lovely picnic on the beach after working up an appetite by swimming together with your loved one?

- You pack the picnic basket but Sidon loves to lend you a hand in making it whenever he can he also loves surprising you

- Some days when he gets unexpected time away from work he likes to surprise you by setting up the entire date and preparing a lunch in the basket though he has to go to the Royal Kitchen for assistance in making your meal because he is not good at cooking foods aside from meat (seafood especially, of course)

- The chefs think that it is sweet that he would go through the effort for you and they love their Prince so they never have a problem helping him out

- You are pleasantly surprised when he does come to your saying that you should get ready with the freshly made basket in hand

  • Special Gift

- As another special surprise once you have gone a few dates Sidon will notice how you have some trouble keeping up with him, which should be expected considering how his body is built to move at stunning speeds in the water and yours isn’t

- In order to give you some help he will have a special wet suit crafted from a special material that will enable you to swim faster and smoother through the rushing waters

- This way you won’t have to struggle in order to keep up with him so he doesn’t end up leaving you behind whenever you go out

- He would probably have more than one suit made in different colors and styles so that you can have several options (he’d be more partial to the red one, it may or may not be the same shade as his scales)

- Sidon would adore watching you try all of them on and model them for him so he can see how they fit on you

- (p.s. they all look great on you and Sidon can’t decide which one he likes the most because they all suit you so well and they are rather… tight)

- (10/10 from Sidon)

  • Treasure Hunt

- A fun game that you two like to play while out on your dates is to hunt the blue waters or sandy beaches for neat little trinkets left behind by other visitors or just hiding waiting to be found

- You explore all of Sidon’s favorite spots turning over stones and sifting through sand competing to see who can find the prettiest or coolest thing

- Items like intricately patterned seashells that sparkle in your hand and feel pleasantly smooth to the touch

- Shiny and colorful rocks or even gemstones that catch your eye because they glimmer like little gemstones in the water

- And sometimes wooden chests lurking deep at the bottom of lakes containing gold or other treasures (Sidon has to get those since he has the muscle to bring them to the surface)

- You like to bring back the most interesting things you find as mementos keeping them in the bedroom perched high up on the shelves so you can look at them and be reminded of how and where you found it

- Sidon likes to keep his favorite one that you found, a sleek pink tinted conch shell that you had dug up on the beach and presented to him so proudly, on the desk in his office

- Looking at it fills I’m with happy memories and helps him to get through the day

  • Breaks

- While Sidon can help you to move faster in the water he can’t change the fact that your smaller body still gets tired much quicker than his does so you two often take breaks throughout the day so that your body can relax for a little while 

- Whenever you start getting tired, Sidon tries to give you the easiest and quickest way to stop and just take a few moments to relax (it also happens to be his favorite)

- He’ll roll over onto his back and carefully pull you up to lay across his chest resting an arm against the small of your back as he continues to float in the water

- You get a nice resting place and he gets to hold you close to him all without leaving the comfort of the cool water, it’s a win-win scenario all around 

- You like to listen to his heart beat and trace shapes into the smoother scales that make up the Zora wide chest while he plays with your hair probably talking about what fun thing the two of you can do next or how much fun he is having being with you

- But if you don’t want to stay in the water he’ll help you back to the river bank/ beach so that you can take your breather on land doing something else relaxing to pass the time

- You lay down on your picnic blanket chilling under the sun probably using this as a convenient time for a lunch break

- Or if you’re at the beach you like to play in the sand and Sidon is happy to join in, digging moats and playing with the hermit crabs that scampered about on the grains

- Once you made a sand castle together for two of your hermit crab friends, it wasn’t the prettiest castle around but your hermit friends seemed to like it so Sidon happily dubbed it Hermit Palace (not very creative but it got a laugh out of you so he didn’t mind)

- He never makes you feel guilty for needing to rest; he knows you’re having just as much fun as him, you just need to take a break every once in while and you appreciate it

- Once you’re well-rested you are eager to get back to your day of fun and Sidon is always right behind you

anonymous asked:

I LOVE your batdictionary series on AOOO. I has promt for you! I would like to see Damian cuddle Jason! They have an odd understanding but I want to see Jason be the only one that can hold Damian after a fight with Dick.

Thank you! ♥ And you hit me in my weak spot, honestly. Especially because I think after Dick, Jason makes the most interesting sibling relationship with Damian. Anyway, here we go, I hope it was what you were looking for!

Read on AO3 if you prefer

Jason likes to think he moved on, that he’s, if not a better person, at least a different one. Less angry, less crazy, more in control of his emotions. It takes nights like this one to truly realize that he actually is better, because it’s on nights like this one that he remembers how it used to feel like. The fire in the stomach and the taste of blood on the lips, trembling hands and gritted teeth, every muscle of his body tensed in anger and itching for a violent release, the need to hurt surpassed only by the need of being hurt.

He hates it.

He hates that one fight with Bruce can still reduce him like this, break him and cut him as if he were still a child caught doing something wrong while knowing that it could cost him everything.

“But the little I have now he couldn’t take it away even if he wanted”, he says to the gargoyle next to him. “So joke’s on him, you know?”

If the gargoyle knows, he doesn’t tell, not to him and not to anyone else. Secrets between friends are important to him, Jason’s learned. It’s one of the reasons he likes this place so much. There are years worth of whispered secrets impressed into the ancient stones, scorch marks of old cigarettes and deep scratches from a lot of different knives, dark shadows that were once either bloodstains or spilled coke. And everything is covered in pigeon shit. It’s sad and hilarious at the same time.

He leans back against the statue, hands crossed behind his head, feet resting against the railing, comfortable enough to close his eyes, uncomfortable enough to not fall asleep and towards a very ridiculous death.

And Gotham’s nights are never silent, or even quiet, but the noise of the streets it’s familiar, if not even welcomed to his ears, like a childhood lullaby. It happens every time he comes back, yet he’s still surprised at how it feels weird to call this city his home and at how it’s even weirder not to call it so. It’s one of those things he’ll probably never understand.

Like he doesn’t understand what tips him off a hour or so later, when he opens his eyes to find himself almost face to face with his littlest brother dangling upside down from one of the gargoyle’s horns, cape fluttering around his head in the night’s breeze and a little smirk on his face.

Jason blinks one, two, three times, and a few heartbeats go by before he reacts.

“You know you’re not a real bat, right? Despite the fact you do look like one”, he says, because if he starts yelling at him then Damian will know that he actually succeeded in startling him, and Jason’s not going to give him that satisfaction on his life.

Beside, he’s kinda impressed by how the kid managed to sneak on him like that.

Damian tries to look down on him but being on the wrong side of the up and down thing, he only manage to glower at him, and it’s not even as threatening as it usually is.

“Father is angry with you”, the kid says, still scowling.

“Get down from there”, Jason retorts. “And tell me what else is new under the sun.”

“It’s night”, Damian points out, because he likes to be irritating like that. “And because of you he’s now crossed with me too.”

“Well, shit”, Jason answers. “Now get down from there.”

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one of the space cats has kittens, yondu just sighs looking at this group of murderers and thieves cooing over little bundles of fur. (kraglin definitely has 3 kittens in his lap and is happily booping them on the nose)

OH MY GOSH I would absolutely draw this if I could draw well enough. Yes, absolutely, thank you, anon! =D

Peter had sworn up and down and left and right that those three pets were male cats, and despite paying the vet, Yondu never bothered to find out if that’s true or not. He kind of regrets that when the one cat he had always thought fat turns out to be not as male as Peter had believed, and there are suddenly six baby space-cats stumbling around, making weak, tiny noises and falling over their own paws.

Peter’s cry of surprise and awe is what had made Yondu come running (even if he would deny to his dying breath that it was because of worry, psssh) and he finds the Terran sitting on the ground, cheering over the exhausted feline and two kittens he has picked up with one hand each, carefully pressing them to his cheeks.

And if that’s not bad enough - in Yondu’s eyes - a few of the mighty, murderous, heartless Ravagers are sitting right next to the boy, cooing over the babies much like the child does. Tullk has one lifted up into his large hand, carefully petting it between it’s tiny ears with just one forefinger, smile soft and warm. Oblo is laughing at Kraglin, who has the other three in his lap, taking turns of petting each of them with a gleeful expression not unlike a certain lil’ Terran.

“Yondu, look!” Peter’s eyes are sparkling when he spots the stone-faced Captain, no care in the world, no thought given that Yondu could not approve. On the other hand, the Ravagers look up sharply, delighted smiles turning into a mixture of embarrassment and worry at the sight of their Captain.

“Quill,” Yondu starts, not sure if he wants to yell or laugh or just flat out whistle his arrow over, “What by the actual fucking stars…?!”

He doesn’t know where he wants to go with his sentence, or what order he should give the boy. Get rid of the fur-balls? To put them down at least and get back to being a thieving Ravager?

Peter doesn’t even give him the chance to think it through, instead jumps to his feet and darts over, pressing one of the kittens he was holding into Yondu’s hand, curling limb blue fingers around it. “This one’s yours! You can name it whatever you want!”

And then he’s gone again, darting over to Kraglin and Oblo to ask them if they had already come up with names for their kittens.

Yondu stays stockstill, glancing down at the living, breathing, tiny being Peter had just pushed onto him. It’s fur is sprinkled with glittering star-like spots like all the space-cats have, fur short, no more than fuzz really, and a dark-blue base color mixed with lighter blue spots that remind of the mist clouding over certain planets. The kitten breaths calmly and deeply, snuggling into Yondu’s warm palm, yawning as it goes.

And instead of yelling or getting rid of it immediately, Yondu catches himself actually wondering what he should call the little ball of fluff.

(It’s still all Peter’s fault, of course.)

What went down in Guitar Villain
  • Jagged Stone: *plays a hauntingly relaxing bass line*
  • Bob: that wasn't haunting, relaxing, or a bass line
  • Jagged Stone: who the f**k asked you
  • Bob: you did
  • Jagged Stone: remind me who you are
  • Penny: he's your producer, remember?
  • Jagged Stone: what about you?
  • Penny: I'm your assistant
  • Jagged Stone: why am I hanging out with minor characters
  • Bob: because your career is dependent on us
  • Jagged Stone: oh yeah you're right
  • Bob: and your career also depends on you changing your style
  • Jagged Stone: yeah f**k that
  • Penny: remember, you can't say f**k on a kids' show
  • Jagged Stone: why would kids be watching right now
  • Jagged Stone: kids watch this show for the superheroes, not the business meetings
  • Jagged Stone: and none of the characters they care about are even on screen
  • Bob: but if you'd just listen to me, I have a killer plan to make them care about you
  • Jagged Stone: really? because I'm not seeing how I could be any more cool than this
  • Bob: ok, so here's my plan
  • Bob: you watch the interview with XY, he insults you, you get mad, you get akumatized, BAM, people care about you
  • Jagged Stone: I'm not sure about that
  • Jagged Stone: here's an idea
  • Jagged Stone: I get a middle schooler to design new album artwork for me
  • Bob: okay, and...
  • Jagged Stone: that's it
  • Jagged Stone: pretty good plan, huh?
  • Bob: not much of a plan
  • Penny: that's just why it might work!
  • Bob: no, that's the opposite of how plans work
  • Penny: oh
  • Jagged Stone: hey Marinette, come design my album artwork in one day for free
  • Marinette: ok so imma photoshop your face onto the Mona Lisa
  • Jagged Stone: I was hoping for something a bit cooler
  • Marinette: then pay me and give me two weeks
  • Jagged Stone: ok screw this, let's go with Bob's plan
  • Jagged Stone: Hawkmoth, spots on!
  • Hawkmoth: that's not the command
  • Jagged Stone: Hawkmoth, claws out?
  • Hawkmoth: no it's "dark wings, rise"
  • Jagged Stone: that's stupid
  • Hawkmoth: I know, I tried to get Nooroo to change it but he wouldn't
  • Jagged Stone: just give me my superpowers already
  • Hawkmoth: ok here you go
  • Guitar Villain: aww I wanted to be that cool fire guitar guy from Mad Max
  • Hawkmoth: ok can do
  • Hawkmoth: pay me and give me two weeks
  • Guitar Villain: ...fine, this transformation is satisfactory
  • Hawkmoth: oh and you've got a dragon
  • Guitar Villain: F**K YES
  • Penny: pls don't say f**k
  • Guitar Villain: oops sorry
  • Ladybug: ok Chat Noir let's fight the dragon
  • Chat Noir: OMG IT'S SO FLUFFY
  • Ladybug: it is decidedly not fluffy
  • Chat Noir: I WANNA PET IT
  • Ladybug: but it's trying to kill you!
  • Chat Noir: I DON'T CARE
  • Fang: *wrecks him into a traffic light*
  • Chat Noir: ...ok now I care
  • Ladybug: let's go protect XY
  • XY: see the thing about music is that it's just a tool to get people to fall in love with you
  • XY: I don't care about music, I just like knowing that there are legions of teenagers dedicating their lives to following me without even the satisfaction of my acknowledgement of their existence
  • Ladybug: *picks up XY and holds him in the air*
  • Chat Noir: I thought we were supposed to be protecting him
  • Ladybug: and now we're protecting the rest of the world from him
  • Guitar Villain: thanks Ladybug!
  • Ladybug: no problem!
  • Guitar Villain: wanna help me throw this guy off the Eiffel Tower
  • Ladybug: let's not get ahead of ourselves
  • Ladybug: let's just take over his concert and show his fans some actual music
  • Guitar Villain: sounds like a plan
  • Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Guitar Villain: *rock out until the credits roll*
When You Wish Upon A Star (Drake x MC)

This is for @emplayschoices and @joyfulchoices who both requested the same pairing (Drake x MC) and prompt (let’s blow this joint!)


Originally posted by furawa-su

           He was not nearly drunk enough for this shit.

           Thinking hard about the flask in his jacket pocket, Drake leaned against a tall table and narrowed his eyes.  He felt ridiculous in this three-piece suit, but it was too late to change now.  He cursed himself for giving into Riley’s gentle needling, especially when he knew that she didn’t give a damn about what he wore.  Anyone could see that against all odds, she’d genuinely fallen in love with Liam.  He should have been thrilled that someone genuinely cared about his best friend as a man instead of as a crown, but all he felt was a total numbness that threatened to swallow him whole.

           As the crowd clapped and Liam stood in front of the podium, Drake balled his fist and forced himself to take a breath.  He hated to stand there and watch what was about to happen, but he knew that if he ran away like he wanted to, everyone would know.

           As Liam started to speak, Drake frowned.  He’d known Liam since he could remember, but he never remembered him looking quite so… well, off.  He wasn’t looking at the crowd and his knuckles were white from clutching the podium.  He looked more like death than a man who was about to spend the rest of his life with someone who he loved and who loved him in return.  

           Drake’s eyes widened as he realized what was about to happen.  He turned, scanning the ballroom for Riley.  He found her standing at a table with Hana, flanked by Bertrand and Maxwell. Without thinking twice, he rushed towards her, shoving past the nobles without an ounce of regret.

           He reached her just Liam looked up, his voice shaking slightly.  “So it’s with great pride that I announce that I have chosen Lady Madeline to be my wife.”

           Several people in the room gasped.  Riley’s lips parted in shock and her eyes fluttered dangerously, but she kept her hands on the table and her back straight.  For a few heartbeats, she seemed not to breathe at all, but then a moment later, she raised both of her hands and began to slowly, but steadily clap.

           As the sound of her claps rang out in the quiet ballroom, a few others joined in until the dreadful, shocked silence was filled with applause.  Only Maxwell and Bertrand stayed silent, Maxwell’s face a panicked pale and Bertrand’s a violent shade of rage red.

           As Madeline walked up on the dais and reached for Liam’s hands, Drake reached out and gently put a hand on Riley’s waist.  “Watson.”

           She turned looked at him, her eyes wide and panicked.  Her composure was cracking, and he knew it was only a moment before she was in tears.

           “Do you want to get out of here?” he asked her, careful to keep his voice low.

           She nodded jerkily, the tears beginning to form in her eyes.

           “Come on then,” he said softly, “let’s blow this joint.”

           Everyone was too busy focusing on Liam and Madeline to notice them slipping out of the ballroom through the side door.  He took her out into the gardens for fresh air, guiding her with a gentle hand on her waist until they reached a secluded spot with a stone bench.  

She collapsed onto it, her hand at her stomach as she clutched the fabric of her white and gold down.  “I can’t breathe,” she said, her voice panicked.  “I can’t breathe.”

“It’s okay,” he said, sitting next to her.  She fell into his arms instantly, sobbing as she gripped his grey vest and pressed her face into his white shirt.  “It’s okay, Watson.”          

           As she clutched at him and cried her broken-hearted tears, Drake looked up at the clear sky, closing his eyes in pain. Months ago, when he’d showed her the stars at the Nevrakis estate, he’d wished on all of them that one day, he’d be able to wrap his arms around her and care for her as he desperately wanted to.

           He’d just never imagined it quite like this.

TOS Fic: The Things We Don’t Say

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This is my contribution to @outside-the-government‘s Write Away the Winter Blues fic challenge. 

Prompt: “I cannot be held accountable for the things I said under the influence of those painkillers.” 

TOS ‘verse, Spock POV. Takes place sometime near the end of season two. Knowledge of 2.04 - Mirror, Mirror, and 2.18 - The Immunity Syndrome recommended but not required.

No real warnings - this is pretty mild, for me. Just some major science fudging.

Sometimes, you really surprise yourself. 

Notes at the bottom, as always. 

“This is all your fault,” Leonard hisses. He glares up at Spock from his spot on the stone floor. “If you hadn’t gone sneaking around the back –“

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Travel | Jake Peralta

Title: Travel
Author: Clara
Character: Jake Peralta
Warnings: none I don’t think
Prompts: @fanfreakandco​: “Can you do a Jake Peralta one where you’re Holts adopted daughter and you come in to see your dad after a year or two of traveling all around the US with your friends, Jake sees you and starts flirting and Holt is not happy. Love your writing!!!”
anon: “Could you write a Jake Peralta x reader (B99) in which the reader is Captain Holt’s adopted daughter? Please and thank you! Xoxo”
Note: This is so bad and A Mess™ I had not written in a while and it shows

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Céilí stood in the courtyard of the cathedral, rooted to the spot like the stones had grown up and over her shoes and trapped her in place. “Madam?” One of the doormen enquired, his gloved hand pausing on his side of the heavy doors. The two flower girls bounced about, being herded together by Petra and her gaggle of stewards. The Baron Stourton hovered solemnly beside them to escort her up the aisle.

“She just needs a minute, wait.” Lola turned round to her sister, ducking her head to look up into her eyes. “ Céilí, lovely. Talk to me? This is a bad time to be having second thoughts.”

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I’d like to share with you a little known rock - Gobbinsite.

I’m originally from Ireland and Gobbinsite is a rare zeolite mineral that occurs near my home town. Its only known occurrence is  my home town, and in Quebec, Canada. 

Gobbinsite was once basalt - basically molten lava solidified under intense heat and pressure. This is the dark core of the stone you can see above. But over hundreds and thousands of years this basalt has been exposed to the sea and in the holes and crevices minerals have solidified forming the varied, spotted stone you see now. Phillipsite is the interstitial stone. 

Due to its rarity the internet is not particularly helpful when it comes to its correspondences. If any one knows any more please comment!!
But from my work with it it corresponds with strength and flexibility.
Its great for grounding work and for encouraging understanding of nature

and for me personally - it connects me to my home