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Sleeping by Cloudtail the Snow Leopard
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18.5.17// working at my essay on Bakhtin's Epos and Novel, outside the student cafeteria at FU, in Dahlem. Although it´s quite far from the city center,
I love being at FU College Campus. Dahlem is green and beautiful, and it´s also the place of a huge botanic garden. I´m going to visit it someday.
I finished my essay and I´m getting sick of reading it. Tomorrow I´m going to correct the last things, prepare a brief presentation in case I´m asked something and I´ll send everything to my prof.   


28.4.17// studying at the HU library. The reading rooms are very quiet and full of good vibes. I finished the second and the third book of Berlin Alexanderplatz and I´m reading the fourth, right now. 4 out of 9, it´s still something.
 I also read some extracts from the poem “Neu Jerusalem” by Ulf Stolterfoth and formulated some questions for the interview we are having in a week. 


24.5.17// new study spot, at the Technische Universität (TU).
Reading on the history of the feminist literary critic, before meeting with my new tandem group. I´m very excited about this Kulturtandem, we are planning lots of funny things together like picnic, cooking, visiting the city ecc. 
And it feels so good, to work again on my paper on Elena Ferrante.
In the meantime, I also have to prep a presentation on Euripides` The Bacchae.
I love that drama, I translated it from Greek for my school exam and played the part of the dressed-up-like-a-woman-Pentheus for my drama class.     


The combination of show-car styling (by Marcello Gandini of Bertone for the „World Expo” 1967 in Montreal, but despite its badging never officially sold in the USA or even Canada) and Italian 2593cc DOHC V8 power is pretty potente: Alfa Romeo Montreal. Just 3.917 of them were produced from 1970 until 1977.

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Hi! Could you tell me some cool interesting places/spots to visit in Berlin?

i guess i could! 
for fashion i would visit either humana(giant cheap €2 chain thrift shop), voo store, super chill vibe and sort of expensive. there’s also a little coffee shop inside the store so u can enjoy cup of coffee outside. very close to voo store there’s a really big store filled with art and architecture supplies, it’s like 3,000 m², called modulor. im not an architect nor an artist but it’s super fun to walk around and explore all the weird stuff they have. they also have a furniture department and you can buy a personalized t-shirt/tote/whatever there as well. at görlitzer park(also a place to hang, some people will probably try to sell you weed/drugs but still chill) there’s a really cool israeli café called mugrabi that i’d recommend as well. for pizza i like pizza pasta bar - friends, definitely a bit on the luxurious side but not crazy expensive but buy one and go down to the canal and eat it there! :) it’s next to another café called kaffeebar(veeeryyyy healthy/hipster and delicious + expensive). For art i’d recommend KW(the museum that had that giant weird rihanna cardboard figure) and it’s super close to a comme des garcons shop which i’d visit just to sniff their fragances. 
if the weather is nice i’d recommend visiting thaiwiese in preußenpark which is a very diy thai food market created by thai families. there’s also a giant asian market called dong xuan center with lots of weird things and fake flowers. another place for asian food is a vietnamese place called qua phe but in general berlin has tons of döner kebabs, super cheap and and soooo delicious. there’s also a second hand store called colors, a bit more expensive and more sorted and it’s close to a really cool record shop called space hall. you could also rent a bike and visit tempelhofer feld which is a giant empty airport.

if you’re into clubbing, i’d skip trying to get into berghain/panorama bar/säule but instead go for about blank or tresor (u could just check resident advisor tbh)

i think that’s it?… hmm… followers can write suggestions in the notes :) 

*there’s also an abandoned amusement park called spreepark(although it’s set to reopen again in 2018) 

and there’s also the zoo if you’re into that and of course i’d recommend getting a boat tour, my absolute fave thing to do when visiting cities with canals and rivers. 
and if you’re into gaming there’s a computer game museum(computerspielemuseum) where you can try new gaming technology and VR!

for drinking/pre-gaming i’d recommend buying club mate and tiny vodkas to mix or beers at the kiosks and just drink them outside(they usually have tables and chairs for people)


[0104] Running by zoofanatic
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Tierpark Berlin / Spotted hyenas

Conrad Schumann defects to West Berlin

On 15 August 1961, the 19-year-old Schumann was sent to the corner of Ruppiner Strasse and Bernauer Strasse to guard the Berlin Wall on its third day of construction. At that time, the wall was only a low barbed wire fence. At the same spot, on the West Berlin, was standing the 19 year old photographer Peter Leibing. For more than an hour, Leibing stood watching the nervous young non-commissioned officer as he paced back and forth, his PPSh-41 slung over his shoulder, smoking one cigarette after another. 

“Come on over, come on over!” (Komm’ rüber!) the West Berlin crowd on Bernauer Strasse chanted. “He’s going to jump!” one passerby remarked. And at four p.m. on August 15, 1961, Leibing got lucky. Schumann tossed aside his cigarette, then turned and ran for the coil of barbed wire that marked the boundary between East and West. He jumped, flinging away his gun as he flew, and Leibing clicked the shutter. A nearby newsreel cameraman captured the same scene on film.

Immediately Schumann was driven away from the scene by the West Berlin police. Then he was brought to a local police station, where he requested a liverwurst sandwich and yet another cigarette. After a thorough interrogation, Schumann was handed a plane ticket for Bavaria – a place as far away from the GDR as he could get. 


1978 Volkswagen Typ 181.

Close encounters of the THING kind: We spotted this Kübelwagen first in Berlin-Mitte morning traffic, a very young lady driving it. It was a strange scene in itself. Last month, we where even more surprised as we spotted the very same vehicle – note plate & sticker – in a tiny Harz forrest village in the middle of absolute nowhere, more than 300 km away from Berlin (first images).