spotted winged fruit bat

Spotted-winged Fruit Bat (Balionycteris maculata)

the sole member of the monotypic genus Balionycteris, the spotted-winged fruit bat is a very small species of “megabat” which is known to occur across Malaysia, Brunei, and in the northern and western parts of Borneo and Occasionally in Thailand and Sumatra. Spotted-winged fruit bats are known to inhabit primary rain forest and coastal mangrove forests, they are typically seen in the understory where they feed on a range of fruits and occasionally insects and spiders. Spotted-winged fruit bats are unique among bats in that they partially excavate their root sites .


Animalia-Chordata-Mammalia-Chiroptera-Pteropodidae-Balionycteris-B. maculata

Image: Tabdulla