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Happy Hour

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Yesterday was very productive. So, I present drunken handsy Leonard, I hope I did it justice.

3,950 word(s) of drunk handsy Leonard, and it ends with smut.

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You were running late. You were the last to finish your shift that day. Jim and Leonard had suggested a final night out before heading out on another long space mission. You had tried to turn them down, several times. You weren’t that big of a drinker, and honestly, you just wanted to sleep. You finally had to relent; it was the only way to get any relief from their constant begging for you to join them.

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Alternative Lifestyle

Request: ok but I really love the YouTuber!AU where Reader is also a YouTuber could you maybe do a fic where Dan is highkey a huge fan of reader’s channel and maybe when they meet he’s super hype?

A/N: Behold, the request that started it all. Enjoy! (Word count: 2k)

“Hey guys! So in today’s video I’m going to talk about how I singlehandedly ruined another dinner with friends.” 

Dan sat back in his bed, wearing nothing but his PJ bottoms and catching up on the youtubers in his subscription feed. These were the moments where he forgot he was a celebrity, forgot that he was also a youtuber, and just felt like that same fanboy from all those years ago. His current favorite was your account. You didn’t upload much, but when you did, it was usually some story about how your awkwardness or lack of social skills messed things up so bad you had to apologize and leave the venue. You also vlogged when you travelled, which was quite often. He loved knowing all the places you’d been to, and felt a twinge in his chest when you mentioned being in a country or city that he himself had been to. You also did some sketches here and there, but saved those for when you were feeling truly creative. If Dan was being honest, he wasn’t so much a fan of those, he liked seeing you when you were authentic, talking about your real life. Not to mention you were attractive. Dan had subscribed as a thirst follow in the beginning, but once he started watching your videos he realized your personality was just as magnetic as your looks. Wary of the Phans, he never reached out to you on social media platforms, and since you lived in America, he didn’t really have a chance at meeting you, which made him upset. He’d totally date you, if he had the chance, though he thought you were probably too cool to date someone like him, and you were also probably scared of the Phans’ reaction to him dating anyone other than Phil. Still, the man could dream, right?


The plane touched down in Orlando, and Dan jolted out of sleep. He looked out the window and saw nothing but rain hitting the window and the blurry image of palm trees blowing in the wind. Over to his right he lowered the divider and saw that Phil was still passed out, unaffected by the landing. He shook his friend awake, and the two of them off-boarded the train and muddled through customs. The uber ride was smooth, and they only encountered fans when they finally reached the hotel. While Dan smiled and took a few pictures, he couldn’t help but wonder how people still managed to find out where he and Phil would be, especially since they hadn’t told anyone. He still loved all the love he received, and his smiles were genuine in those pictures.

That night the two of them decided not to go out and eat for fear of finding more Phans to entertain when they could barely keep their eyes open. Instead they retired to their own rooms early and ordered room service. Knowing if he went to sleep now he’d just wake up in the middle of the night, Dan opened up his computer and started going through some of his subscriptions, always coming back to one of your videos. The sound of your voice echoed throughout the suite while he went about getting ready for bed. The time was 11 PM, and he needed to actually wake up at a reasonable time tomorrow so he could head out to Playlist in the morning.

“Well, I guess that’s it for today’s adventure in Tokyo! I’ll see you guys tomorrow for the grueling flight to Osaka as our Japan trip continues! Bye guys!”

Dan fell asleep with your videos on autoplay, it almost felt like you were actually in the room with him. The next morning his computer was dead and his alarm was blasting. He plugged his laptop in, sent Phil a wake up text, quickly showered, and wondered which all-black attire he would be wearing today. He decided on something simple, he’d probably try to look a bit nicer for the meet and greet tomorrow. Today he was just panelling. Dan couldn’t help but wonder if you’d be there, if he’d get some time away to at least look for you. Chances are he wouldn’t, but it still gave him a spark of hope. It was like that feeling fans got when they tweeted at celebrities, a part of them knew it wouldn’t be seen, but there was always a chance they would. No matter, everything he did today would be monitored by his fans, and he didn’t need to stir up drama in his own community.

The panel went smoothly, lots of questions answered and fun banter with his best friend. He was currently in the VIP section, where many youtubers he recognized (and some he’d never seen before) were mingling. None of them were closer than acquaintances, so he stuck by Phil for most of the day, which sucked because Phil was social in crowds and Dan was a nightmare. In a moment where no one was bothering him and he wasn’t being noticed, he thought he heard someone mention your name and curiosity got the best of him. He slipped away but before he could start searching a couple fans came up to him asking for pictures and bustling with excitement. Luckily they were down to earth, but it still reminded him why he hated being at these kinds of events. He knew the attention would be drawn to him the longer he stood in the open, so he made it back to where Phil was and the two of them decided to head home for the night.

Checking your twitter, Dan didn’t see anything indicating that you were going to be there. Disappointing. He really wished he could’ve met you, but maybe it was for the best. He probably would’ve embarrassed himself in front of you anyway. Checking his subscriptions, he saw you had uploaded today. A simple QnA. Your cheerful intro perked his mood back up. Whether he met you or not, he would always love seeing your face. He knew that it would be another early day, and the jet lag paired with the panel had him beat. He only had enough energy to watch your most recent video, he was practically nodding off already.

“SnakePop says: ‘I love your videos, would you ever date a fan?’ Aww thanks! If I met a fan that was around my age and wasn’t totally obsessed with me and I thought they were cute, then yeah of course I’d date them!”

Dan perked up. His heart twisted at your words. Now he really wished he could have met you. You were willing to date a fan and he would gladly be the one you dated. He barely paid attention to the rest of the questions, just watching the way you spoke until he fell asleep thinking about the two of you together.

The following day Dan got himself dressed up nice, and so did Phil. The two of them were doing the meet and greet today, which meant hours of standing and tears and hugging and cheek-aching smiles. Dan grinned at his reflection while brushing his teeth, it was going to be great. He was buzzing with excitement, even though the day was dreary and drizzling. For the time being, thoughts of you had left his mind.  He couldn’t wait to see his wonderful and supportive fans.


The meet and greet was as tiring as it was rewarding for the both of them. Once it was over Dan and Phil retired to their rooms and took very long naps. Hours later, Dan was getting a message from Phil. He wanted to know if they were going to hit up any youtuber parties. Dan wanted to say no. Most of these parties were going to be full of smaller scale youtubers trying to get promos, and none of their actual friends were there regardless. Dan replied, seeing if he wanted to just catch dinner instead. Now that all their events had passed, many of the Phans were out of the city and they felt more comfortable about not being spotted while out.

The sushi place wasn’t as good as something they could find in Tokyo, or even in London, but it certainly hit the spot. The two men enjoyed their quiet evening, and luckily no one recognized them while they sat and ate dinner. Their flight back to London was early tomorrow so they opted not to have a couple drinks. They paid the check, sat around and talked for a little, decided to stay late anyway and ordered mochi, paid for that, then decided it was time to call it a night. They had a flight to catch tomorrow.

As they were getting their coats on, Dan heard it. A sizeable group had been sitting in the far corner of the restaurant. They were getting up to leave and Dan swore he caught it, your voice. He froze in place, confusing Phil and a few patrons. “You alright?” Phil asked. Dan didn’t respond, he was too busy searching the dimly lit place for your face. Finally he saw it. You were even more beautiful in real life. He wanted to punch himself in the face for sounding so cheesy. You wore simple clothes, but to Dan you could’ve been a model walking the runway in front of him. Whatever joke your friend made had you full on laughing with your head thrown back. Dan wanted to make you laugh like that. Did he want to talk to you? Badly. Was he going to? Probably not, he didn’t even know what to say. Phil put a hand on his shoulder, and Dan shrugged it off. Before he could talk himself out of it he was walking, coming toward you. He could see you holding a camera in your right hand. So you were vlogging this trip. Dan looked forward to watching the video later, remembering that he had actually been this close to you.

Christ, he felt like a fanboy.

After a few exhausting hours of Playlist Live, you wanted to do nothing but sleep until you caught the flight back home tomorrow, but your friends had insisted you come out with them. After a couple drinks you were glad they’d convinced you to come out. The food had been nice, and for once you’d just put the camera down and enjoyed your time. As you all got your things together, everyone in your group fell silent suddenly, looking toward the exit. You turned your head, wondering what they were all staring at.

It was Dan Howell, and he was coming right toward you.

Well, probably not actually coming toward you, but it at least seemed that way. You waited for him to turn left or right and head in another direction, but he was coming straight for you. He was in a sharp outfit, something clearly high fashion and probably worth more than the apartment you lived in. You were too shocked to be starstruck. Your friends all moved away as he stopped about a foot in front of you. “Uh, hello. Sorry to walk up to you like this but…you’re from youtube right?” You blinked. He was asking about you? His voice was small and shy, he could barely meet your eyes. He was just as adorable as he was online, you thought.

Fuck, he’d asked you a question, right?

“Yeah, I am.” Like a dork you lifted your camera and waved it a little. “You’re Danisnotonfire right?” His face lit up and he smiled. “Yeah I am. You know me?” You playfully rolled your eyes. “Well, it’d be weird if I didn’t. You’re kind of a celebrity in the community,” you said. Dan gave an awkward laugh and his face burned. He fought the urge to look down at his feet. “Sorry, I don’t like to assume. Not everyone knows me, ya know? Anyway, sorry to bother you I just…well I watch your videos and I’m a pretty big fan. I love your travel vlogs like especially when you go to places I’ve been before and-” He was rambling. He knew he was rambling yet he just kept going. When he was out of breath, he could see that you were giggling at him softly. Now his face was definitely red, he was embarrassing himself in front of his favorite youtuber. “Sorry Dan,” you covered your mouth and tried to hide your smile, “I’m not laughing at you I just-I find it so sweet that you’re a fan of me when I was practically in love with you when I was younger. It’s kinda surreal.” Great, he was coming off like a crazy fan and you were probably afraid of him now.

Looking around, you noticed your friends had mysteriously disappeared. Now that he was in front of you, you really remembered how handsome he was. He seemed to be embracing the curls and you liked it very much. “I’m sorry. I hope I haven’t ruined your night by acting all twitchy and odd.” Great. It was on to the self-deprecating jokes now. “No you could never. I had, like the biggest crush on you when I was younger. I never thought I’d meet you. And if I did, then I’d probably be so much worse.” Dan heard your words, but his mind was stuck on ‘crush’. Your friends were now giving you slightly impatient looks from the front door. “Well Dan,” you smiled big at him, “it was so awesome meeting you, but I think my friends are two minutes away from making me walk back to the hotel so…I guess I’ll be seeing you online?” Dan was stuck in place, watching you smile and feeling you brush past him to leave the restaurant.


You stopped and turned back around. “Do you think that…that maybe you’d want to do something sometime? Or like would you-” Dan took a deep breath. “Could I have your number? Or email, or whatever you use to keep in touch.” Your heart melted. He was stumbling over his words. The Dan Howell, famous youtuber extraordinaire, was actually nervous in front of you and asking for your number. “Sure, lemme see your phone.” You quickly put your information in, even snapped a selfie for the contact photo. Your hands brushed as you gave his phone back, and Dan swallowed. Maybe it was the couple of drinks or the fact that this was a once in a lifetime moment, but you stood on your tiptoes and kissed his cheek. He was still frozen when you and your friends left the restaurant.

Phil brought an arm around his friend’s shoulders, pulling him outside and calling a car to take them back. “And just who was that?” Dan ignored him, though. He kept looking at your number, reading the digits back. He couldn’t believe it, he had met you, his favorite youtuber, his online crush. And the best part was: You liked him too.


This is the big pink hospital on the hill, behind which my dad’s family lived when he was little and his dad worked there

Cuss and rush me, I'll go slow-mo.

I drove into town (25 miles) on a grocery run and considering 100 degree heat, was fortunate to find a parking space somewhat close to the entry.

After doing my shopping I push the cart to my truck and start loading the frozen items into a cooler so they can survive the trip home. While loading out, a lady sees the spot I’m about to vacate and waits. After I have everything loaded, I start pushing the cart to the corral and she screams out, “do you think you can be any f*cking slower a**hole?” Well, I think in fact I can. I slowly pushed my empty cart right past the corral and all the way to the front entry of the store. I looked over and she was still sitting there so I went to the soda machine, fumbled around for change before buying a drink, started towards the truck, then returned to the soda machine…. That’s when she pulled on down the aisle and rounded the corner.

As I got to my truck, another car pulled up to wait and I promptly left.

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We have been asked by the SHPS ( Scottish Haggis Protection Society) to warn people about the dangers of Haggis Laying Season.
The months of July and August are when Haggi are particularly dangerous, while protecting their newly hatched Hagglets.

If you spot a brood while you are out and about exploring , please do KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE!
Coastal Haggi can be particularly vicious and give you a Nasty peck, they are very fast swimmers.

But the worst ones are the rarely seen Lesser Spotted Fubar Haggi , they live in the hills and can run particularly quickly for the species.

Also watch out now for Urban Haggi that due to changes in modern agricultural practice , come into the town’s and villages to look for turnips, (their favourite food).

There are many rumours that Avon skin so soft is a good Haggi Repellent - THIS IS NOT TRUE , Every one locally knows the only thing that keeps them way is if you suck plenty of Moffat Toffee or play loud Bagpipe music!

OlicitySpotting: Wet ‘N’ Wild

(The water park) Minds out of the gutter people, they’re in public. ;)

I loved outoftheclosetshipper‘s idea for people spotting our duo out and about while they’re on their road trip. Since we’re waterpark people here in Arizona, this is my contribution. :)

Also on ao3

The girls are going around the lazy river for the third time, this time laying on their stomachs to get an even tan, when she sees the couple a little ways ahead of her. They’re on a single tube, the woman draped across the man’s lap, with her feet and the fingers of one hand dragging through the water.

Natalie is going on about some boy in her new math class, but Hannah can’t look away from the couple, specifically the blissful smile on the woman’s face. She doesn’t think she’s ever seen someone look quite that happy. They’re far enough away from the couple that when the man speaks she doesn’t hear his words, just a low pitched murmur. Then the woman is smacking him on the chest, her head tipping back, and she’s laughing so loud that Hannah can hear the melodic sound over all the other voices and water splashing around her.

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Saying nice things hit Emily in her sweetest, squishiest, most vulnerable spot. And while teasing out vulnerability was usually Ali’s specialty, something about this made her feel especially guilty. Perhaps it was because Emily was her best friend. Or perhaps it was because, deep down, the things Emily said back sometimes made Ali feel squishy and vulnerable, too.
—  Sara Shepard, Ali’s pretty little lies
Saying nice things hit Emily in her sweetest, squishiest, most vulnerable spot. And while teasing out vulnerability was usually Ali’s specialty, something about this made her feel especially guilty.
Perhaps it was because Emily was her best friend. Or perhaps it was because, deep down, the things Emily said back sometimes made Ali feel squishy and vulnerable, too.
—  Sara Shepard’s, Ali’s Pretty Little Lies

So, yesterday I was reading fanfiction, and the writer mentioned how Emily has power over Alison - more power than she knows.

And that got me thinking, because I’m pretty sure I heard something like that before… 

This little rant includes things from the show and the books (because we’ve all noticed the little parallels, especially when it comes to Emison - or Emily/Courtney on the books).

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Scared to Death

Second fic ever! The most recent episode I watched was season 4 ep 6 “Yellow Fever” (when Dean is infected by the spirit that can literally scare you to death.) I thought it made for such a great episode that it inspired this fic! I left out the part about being infected based on being a dick because I couldn’t find a way to work it in once I started writing. Like last time feel free to like/reblog/send me some anon love for it, because it’d be extremely appreciated! Enough with my rambling, on with the story:

Word Count: 3,000ish (worth it I promise?)

(Gif below not mine! Anyone else lol the first time they saw this?)

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“I love it when we play Mr. and Mrs. FBI,” Dean said as he squeezed your ass with one hand while walking up the sidewalk next to you. You aimed a fake bitch face at him and swatted his hand away. You could practically feel him smirking next to you, which only caused a grin to spread across your own face. The two of you were visiting a coroner’s office to ask to see the body of a woman who had reportedly died of a heart attack. You had doubted this was your kind of case, but Sam insisted based on the fact that this was the fourth death of a soccer mom in three weeks due to a heart attack. Trusting Sam’s judgment despite your own feelings, you and Dean put on your “FBI agent” outfits and headed into town. Dean had a feeling he knew what Sam might be suspecting, but he didn’t want to mention it to you just yet. He hoped it wasn’t what he thought.

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“Spots on,” “Claws out,” and...

So I had messaged Hawkdaddy a while ago about a question that was eating at me, albeit a small one, and not only was I surprised to get an answer, but the answer was super exciting and is driving me nuts:

Does this mean we will see Hawkmoth’s transformation at some point? And now I wonder what Volpina’s will be.

anonymous asked:

how did u do the car??

I used these poses by Flower Chamber. These poses work with this car but in my game it’s winter and you can’t be having the drop top down in winter?! So I converted car #1 by using this tutorial to remove the footprint and used that instead.  You must do this or when you put the car over your sims they will reset. 

The poses work relatively well with any low seat car. Your sims may clip through the steering wheel if you use a different car but you can angle your picture to make sure it isn’t seen. I tried this with a SUV and a jeep and the sims sit too low so stick regular low seated cars. Don’t forget to remove the footprint.

Put down some chairs. I always use these ottomans. Make sure that are facing the way you want your sim to sit and have your sims sit.

Now that the sims are seated delete the ottomans in the order I have shown. You do it this way because when you remove the seats the sims will reset and jump to the left. But if I had deleted the sim in seat 2 first she would reset to another spot because sim 1 is in her way.

Now your sims are standing in optimal spots. While cruising my TL yesterday I found out about a transporting sim mod that would make this process faster but I haven’t tried it yet so I’ll just leave it here for you to research. For now this is how I do it.

Pick your poses.

Then move your modified car over them. Adjust the car until the sims are situated how you like.

And you are done!

I hope I have helped. Let me know if you have anymore questions.


While out and about yesterday, I spotted this mass planting of paddle plant (Kalanchoe luciae) in a strip mall. They’re quite striking like this. I think some other, smaller succulents on the borders might look neater, but I like it.

My Sedum nussbaumeranium is all budded up! I’ve had it for several years, but I can’t recall it blooming before.

One more orchid. It’s a sickness. I like how the blotches have faint boundaries against each other, almost like honeycomb in places. A second existing phal of mine is confirmed in spike, so we have even more to look forward to in the next month or two.