spotted puppy

anonymous asked:

Fushimi does something adorable in public that everyone just crowds around him to try and get a hold of him. I dunno, I like the image of that and Fushimi's just standing there, not knowing what to do.

This should happen to Fushimi on a regular basis XD I’m just imagining him ending up in the center of like one of those cute videos that goes viral, like maybe the cutest fluffiest puppy spots Fushimi while on patrol and comes trotting up to him. Fushimi’s like ew an animal but Doumyouji’s all cool a dog let’s pet it. Of course the dog only wants love from Fushimi, pawing at his boots and bouncing in circles around his legs. Fushimi’s about ready to kick the thing and Hidaka nervously suggests that why doesn’t Fushimi just pick it up and pet it a little and then maybe it will leave. Fushimi sighs and picks the dog up, just holding it up and staring flatly at it and then the dog leans forward and licks the tip of Fushimi’s nose. The alphabet squad is all like aw, it likes you and somehow Fushimi finds his face flushing a little as the dog wags its tail and stares at him with adoring eyes.

That’s when someone else comes up holding their phone like that was so cute do it again so I can film it. Fushimi immediately gets annoyed like wait what the hell but he’s still holding the dog and it starts wiggling in his arms and licking his nose again. Fushimi is getting more and more red-faced as he tries to tell the dog to stop loving him and the alphabet squad to stop just standing there staring at him and now there’s suddenly like a small crowd all cooing over Fushimi and the dog, The dog is totally loving all the attention and keeps waving one paw at Fushimi and every time Fushimi looks at it he gets this look of total adoration back and Fushimi’s brain cannot process such a thing. Meanwhile all these people are cooing over them both now, like isn’t he a sweet young man and look at how cute he looks holding the dog. The alphabet boys are oddly proud of their superior, like they knew Fushimi-san had a secret cute side (Fushimi’s all no I don’t and as soon as I put this mutt down I’m going to stab all you idiots for not helping me). Eventually the crowd disperses but the video of that cute officer and his adorable dog goes viral and Fushimi is recognized in the streets and cooed over for weeks afterward. Munakata even finds out and makes the cutest screenshot from the video into a custom puzzle, Fushimi has to be held back from setting it on fire.