spotted piglet

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so I know Hunk from the voltron family has his teddy bear from keith but do lance or pidge have any extra special toys that they're attached to?

This is the perfect prompt to show how Keith got the idea that Pidge and Lance just hated him, but adored Shiro instead! 8D Take note, they don’t call them “Daddy” here yet. They basically did not address them at all.

[The Voltron Family] Mr. Cuddles was a big brown teddy bear Keith had for lil Hunk on his very first day. It was Hunk who decided the name for obvious reasons—the bear was his cuddle buddy when Daddy Keith wasn’t sleeping beside him. It was actually only Keith who had surprises for the kids. 

Lance = Stuffed Bunny
Pidge = Stuffed Piglet

See, Hunk adored Mr. Cuddles. He carried it EVERYWHERE. To the point it seemed like it was his best friend. It made Keith smile, seeing how attached to the bear his new son was. He was happy to see how a gift from him is being appreciated and loved. 

Pidge and Lance were a different story. The kids were downstairs with their Daddy Shiro trying to bake cookies, so he decided to start on the house chores. When he went to Lance’s room, he saw the stuffed bunny under the bed, neglected and dirty. He frowned as he took it out, tapping to get rid of the dust. Perhaps, Lance just misplaced it and has forgotten about it. He proceeded to Pidge’s room and looked for the piglet only to see it on the floor near Pidge’s headboard. Perhaps Pidge elbowed the piglet causing it to fall. Keith picked it up and decided he’d wash them so they would be fresh and clean.

After having the stuff toys washed and dried, he placed them on their beds so Lance and Pidge would see them immediately, sitting there waiting for them. Keith smiled at the thought.

The following morning, he came to wake up the kids. He was done preparing breakfast, while Shiro was making the kids their mugs of morning milk.

Keith: Pidge, sweetheart. Wake up. Time for a spot of breakfast. *caresses her cheeks* *smiles at his new daughter*
Pidge: *turns around* *opens eyes* Hmmm?
Keith: Good morning. *smiles and gives her a morning kiss* *picks her up and carries her* Let’s go get your brothers, yeah?
Pidge: *nods and goes back to sleeping on Keith’s shoulders*
Keith: *spots the stuffed piglet on the floor again and frowns* Do you want to hold your piggy?
Pidge: *shakes her head* *sleepy* No. I don’t want it.
Keith: Oh… I… I see. *frowns in sadness*

Next was Lance.

Keith: Buddy, time for bre—
Lance: *jumps out of the bed* *stuffed bunny gets kicked and stepped over when Lance runs out* Yay! Foood!
Keith: *sighs* *picks up the stuff toy and places it back on the bed*

Last was Hunk, and Keith’s heart melted at the sight of his eldest son hugging his teddy bear so tightly while sleeping peacefully. 

Keith: Hey, baby. *brushes Hunk’s hair* Wake up. Time to feed your tummy. 
Hunk: *opens his eyes* *sees Keith* *smiles* G'morning. *nuzzles Keith’s hand*
Keith: Morning. Now, cmon. Get up. There are bacons and eggs.
Hunk: *gets up and gives Keith a morning kiss* I love bacons and eggs!
Keith: I am aware. *chuckles* 

So the three of them went down stairs, Keith carried a sleepy Pidge using his right arm, while the other held Hunk–who was carrying Mr. Cuddles with him. Lance was already down there, sitting in the breakfast table chatting happily with Shiro. Keith could see how much the boy admired his husband. When Shiro spotted them, he took Pidge from Keith’s arms. The lil girl woke up and was suddenly energetic upon seeing her new Dad. Lance and Pidge were both trying to get Shiro’s attention and Shiro gladly gave them what they wanted. Lance even hugged Shiro so tight and gave him a morning kiss, to which Shiro chuckled. Pidge nagged Lance because he was supposed to share Shiro with her. Keith couldn’t help but feel a little left out. 

Hunk: *squeezes Keith’s hand* Can I have milk?
Keith: *looks down and sees Hunk* *smiles sadly* Of course you can, Hunk.

Little did Keith know that during that moment, little Hunk made it his duty to make sure his Daddy Keith wouldn’t feel left out. He was going to make sure that he was well-loved like how Shiro was loved by Lance and Pidge. It didn’t matter if it was only him, because he knew he didn’t like seeing Keith sad.

So this was basically the start right after they got adopted here. How Keith’s insecurities with the kids started. (x, the page where the prompts started ) Oh damn it was supposed to be a happy prompt but this was just perfect for it! I’m sorry for turning it this way TAT

I’m pretty excited for Piglet’s daycare tbh. They sleep in Pack N Plays and his sitter has successfully gotten the other two to sleep regularly so that gives me hope. She said the boy J did the same catnap thing that Piglet does now but by 5 months he was into two solid naps. Apparently J also had a terrible flat spot at Piglets age and it’s completely gone! It’s giving me all kinds of hope honestly lol.

The girl E is super content and chubby and sits around watching J. She will not take her bottle before she’s really hungry, even going four hours once without eating! Sitter tried and she literally just won’t eat until she’s ready and then she gulps 7 oz at once. I said how Piglet is chubby and she’s like Oh you haven’t seen E!

I’m excited to meet them! His little daycare buds! By spring they’ll all be big enough to play outside.


Curious little spotted piglets from Wanda and Maggie’s litter.

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Headcanon: Swapfell

The fact that Raspberry would name his pet pig “Teacup” and not something like “Death Metal” or “Harbinger Of Chaos” is amazing… It had me thinking too.
And that thinking lead to this.

Raspberry had wanted a pet for a long time, but whenever he and Syrup would go into the shops, Syrup would nervously refuse to buy him an animal that he’d pick out. Raspberry would scoff at his reasoning. “You’d forget a-about it in a week and I’ll find it d-dead in my room.”
Raspberry had all but given up hope that he’d ever get a pet, and as he’d gotten older, this kind of became an accepted fact to him. “It’s alright,” he would tell himself, “I already have to take care of one dog.” He would shoot a glance at Papyrus, who was typically yawning during these occurrences. “Lazy mutt.”
One day, Sans was out running some errands. He had just walked past an alleyway when he heard a pained squeal.
Stopping and shifting his focus around the alley, in search of the noise, he spotted a tiny piglet, bruised and battered, and caught in a chain link fence in the center of the narrow passageway.
Sans doesn’t often show his compassionate side, but not even he can resist the heroic instincts that kick in when a piglet screams. So he rushed over to the pig, but flinched when it took one look at him and scream-squealed, then tried to run away, only cutting it’s legs on the chain links of the fence.
Raspberry stood in silence, before slowly placing his bag of groceries on the ground and cautiously making his way to the tiny animal.
It continued to squeal in sheer terror as he approached, and then chomped at his hands when they got close enough.
Rasp huffed at this, then lingered his hand just barely out of reach. The piglet shied away from the hand, as if afraid he was going to strike it. Raspberry couldn’t help but frown.
He inched his hand closer, very slowly. The pig didn’t chomp at it, but it did head butt it, trying to push it away. Rasp didn’t move.
After some time, Raspberry had gained just enough trust from the pig that he could very gently poke it’s cheek… Hours had gone by before he was able to free the pig.
Syrup had gotten worried at this point, and he went out searching for Sans. It was night time now.
When Syrup found Sans, Sans was holding a bloody, baby pig. He looked exhausted, and really concerned. “PAPYRUS. WE HAVE TO TAKE THIS PIG HOME AND WRAP IT’S WOUNDS! AND I WON’T LET YOU TELL ME NO!”
Once at home, Syrup watched Rasp carefully dress the wounds on the now sleeping piglet… It sat on the kitchen table.
Syrup sighed and went to make his brother some tea. Surely he had to be freezing, having sat out in the alleyway like that for hours.
Setting the tea down in front of Sans, Sans quietly told him that they were keeping the pig.
Syrup wanted to protest, but the look of genuine worry on his brother’s face told him that Rasp had built a connection to the animal… It would be cruel to say no… So he told Raspberry that if he asks around and makes sure the pig doesn’t belong to someone else, he can keep it. But he would have to take care of it everyday.
Rasp looked at Syrup sternly. “Since when do I not take care of my pets, mutt?!” Syrup blinked at the comment then raised his hands in surrender as he calmly left the room.
Rasp watched him leave, thinking he needed to give the pig a name.. What about Death Metal? Or Blood Child? Or what about Harbinger of Cha– he had turned back to face the pig… It looked so peaceful… Too peaceful for names like those.
Sans picked up his tea to take a sip and think on it… He wasn’t even sure he was going to be able to keep the pig. Why should he give it a name if it’s just going to get snatched away from him?
He set the tea down, and it dawned on him.
It fit perfectly.

A week went by of Raspberry asking around if anyone had lost their pet pig. No one claimed the piglet.
When Sans returned home that night, he was greeted by the sight of the slightly less bandaged up piglet limping towards him, squealing with excitement.
“HELLO, THERE!” He knelt down and scooped the piglet up, “I GUESS THIS IS A PERMANENT WELCOME TO MY HOME…” He whispered with a smile, “My little Teacup…”

Oh. My. God.

I have been killed by cute.  Okay….because everything reminds me of McKirk… My new head canon? Chris P. Bacon was Jim’s pet on the farm in Iowa–Jim’’s the one that created the wheelchair for him. When he goes to the Academy, Jim can’t leave Chris P. behind, so he smuggles him along and keeps him in his dorm room (save for late night excursions to the park). One day, Bones lets himself into Jim’s room, only to stop short when he spots a piglet with a wheelchair traipsing across the floor, while Jim lounges casually on the bed, like nothing about the situation is at all strange. “Only you, Jim. Only you.”