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Beyond the Highland Mist by Starshaker

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Leopard Spots and Wolf Fur by NavajoLovesDestiel

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Captive of the Vikings by jhoom

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”All Press is Good Press!”…is a Trap by PaperAnn

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*Arrested by Love by deancebra

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What Happens in Hawaii by DeadlyKittenKay


On the Run with the Lawman by thepopeisdope

*On the Run with the Lawman by danielledastis

Undercover Boyfriend by CassondraWinchester

Unlikely Hero by Chancy_Lurking

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Cowboy Ever After by ginger_angel

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mbti as magical creatures from harry potter

quotes from fantastic beasts and where to find them (the book)

infj: augurey

the augurey has a distinctive low and throbbing cry, which was once believed to foretell death. wizards avoided augurey nests for fear of hearing that heart-rending sound, and more than one wizard is believed to have suffered a heart attack on passing a thicket and hearing an unseen augurey wail.

entj: basilisk

the basilisk is a brilliant green serpent that may reach up to fifty feet in length. the male has a scarlet plume upon its head. it has exceptionally venomous fangs but its most dangerous means of attack is the gaze of its large yellow eyes. anyone looking directly into these will suffer instant death.

intj: centaur

the ways of the centaur are shrouded in mystery. they are generally speaking as mistrustful of wizards as they are of muggles and indeed seem to make little differentiation between us. they five in herds ranging in size from ten to fifty members. they are reputed to be well-versed in magical healing, divination, archery, and astronomy.

enfp: crup

the crup originated in the southeast of england. it closely resembles a jack russell terrier, except for the forked tail. the crup is almost certainly a wizard-created dog, as it is intensely loyal to wizards and ferocious towards muggles. it is a great scavenger

estj: erkling

the erkling is an elfish creature which originated in the black forest in germany. it is larger than a gnome (three feet high on average), with a pointed face and a high-pitched cackle that is particularly entrancing to children, whom it will attempt to lure away from their guardians and eat.

infp: erumpent

the erumpent will not attack unless sorely provoked, but should it charge, the results are usually catastrophic. the erumpent’s horn can pierce everything from skin to metal, and contains a deadly fluid which will cause whatever is injected with it to explode.

istp: griffin

like sphinxes, griffins are often employed by wizards to guard treasure. though griffins are fierce, a handful of skilled wizards have been known to befriend one.

esfp: fwooper

the fwooper has long been a provider of fancy quills and also lays brilliantly patterned eggs. though at first enjoyable, fwooper song will eventually drive the listener to insanity

entp: imp

it does, however, have a similar slapstick sense of humour. its preferred terrain is damp and marshy, and it is often found near river banks, where it will amuse itself by pushing and tripping the unwary.

estp: jarvy

it resembles an overgrown ferret in most respects, except for the fact that it can talk. true conversation, however, is beyond the wit of the jarvey, which tends to confine itself to short (and often rude) phrases in an almost constant stream.

isfj: kneazle

a small catlike creature with flecked, speckled, or spotted fur, outsize ears, and a tail like a lion’s, the kneazle is intelligent, independent, and occasionally aggressive, though if it takes a liking to a witch or wizard, it makes an excellent pet. the kneazle has an uncanny ability to detect unsavoury or suspicious characters and can be relied upon to guide its owner safely home if they are lost.

istj: knarl

the knarl is usually mistaken for a hedgehog by muggles. the two species are indeed indistinguishable except for one important behavioural difference: if food is left out in the garden for a hedgehog, it will accept and enjoy the gift; if food is offered to a knarl, on the other hand, it will assume that the householder is attempting to lure it into a trap and will savage that householder’s garden plants or garden ornaments.

isfp: niffler

fluffy, black, and long-snouted, this burrowing creature has a predilection for anything glittery. though the niffler is gentle and even affectionate, it can be destructive to belongings and should never be kept in a house.

enfj: merpeople

those wizards who have mastered the language of mermish speak of highly organised communities varying in size according to habitat, and some have elaborately constructed dwellings.

intp: runespoor

each of the runespoor’s heads serves a different purpose. the left head (as seen by the wizard facing the runespoor) is the planner. it decides where the runespoor is to go and what it is to do next. the middle head is the dreamer (runespoors may remain stationary for days at a time, lost in glorious visions and imaginings). the right head is the critic and will evaluate the efforts of the left and middle heads with a continual irritable hissing. the right head’s fangs are extremely venomous. the runespoor rarely reaches a great age, as the heads tend to attack each other. it is common to see a runespoor with the right head missing, the other two heads having banded together to bite it off.

esfj: jobberknoll

it makes no sound until the moment of its death, at which point it lets out a long scream made up of every sound it has ever heard, regurgitated backwards.


どうもありがとうございます - @wintermanworld

Today I received a beautiful gift from Winterman World.

My heart melted when I saw our 6 cats on the drawing. I didn’t expect it, a beautiful surprise. All of them from the left: Dino, Dusty, Ginger with Mina on top, lol, Cleo and Nikita.

I had to drink coffee :-) thinking about Dino, he had a brown spot under his chin, the first time we took him, I looked under his chin, because I thought it’s dirty, but no it was just a small spot of brown fur, so we called it: coffee stain, lol.

nothing-stays-the-same  asked:

Hey!! I was wondering if you or your followers have any knowledge on the fur genetics of dalmatians? I have a curiosity™ and I can't find it anywhere. Basically I saw a picture of a dog someone claims to be the mixture of a labrador and a dalmatian, and said dog has black spots but brownish fur (instead of white). People are saying it's fake, and I wanna know if that's even possible genetically? Thanks!

Ooooh, who all would know about this? I’m sure there are multiple people around that I could tag… Was it impish-iggies who did genetics (and if so, what’s their new blog name, guys?)? Umm.

@streetdogmillionaires, @quichehound, @herebelife, @why-animals-do-the-thing - who knows stuff?

Shattered Heart

Prompt: 36 “Why did you choose her?”

Author Note: Alright so I based Theseus Scamander’s looks on the actor who is said to play him so I tried to get him to look right! Anyways here you all are If you guys like it and ask I may make the 2nd part.

Part 2: Causing Heart Ache

         The smell of cinnamon drifted through the air stirring you from your sleep. You squinted your eyes as the sunlight from your window stretched across the room. The sound of humming reached your ears and you smiled recognizing the voice as Queenie Goldstein. You nestled into the blanket comforted by the sound of Queenie’s voice. This was how you’ve been woken every day since you and Newt stopped by. The quiet and calm a blessing after all the trouble you and Newt always find yourself in.

           Heat spread across your cheeks at the thought of the magizoologist. The curly haired Hufflepuff and stolen into your affections but you don’t quite remember when it occurred. It’s as if he had always been the one you adored, though you knew that it was not the case.You nestled into the comforter sighing in contentment as butterflies flew about your stomach. To you, he was absolutely perfect. He was the only one for you the moment you met him it seemed.

            Suddenly an empty feeling gripped you as you thought of the times at Hogwarts. An aching feeling gripped your chest at the thought of what you lost for Newt. Something that you had treasured for a long time… Your memories slowly blanketed your mind taking you back to those years.

            It was your first year at Hogwarts. You shifted nervously in your seat as the train rattled on. Esmerelda, a young gray Kneazle with white spots across her fur, was curled up on your lap. Her ears twitching every now and then as she dreamt. You stroke behind her ears letting out a small sigh. “I guess It’s just us Esmerelda,” You mumbled watching the scenery outside your window blur past.

             “You wouldn’t happen to want someone else in here… Would you?” You tensed slightly at the new voice and glanced up to meet chilling blue eyes. A slightly older boy stood in the doorway. His curly brown hair neatly combed to a side. He was holding a slightly worn suitcase and an air of confidence seemed to surround him.

                You looked down shyly and continued to pet Esmeralda. “I suppose… I wouldn’t mind the company,” You mumbled. Your ears turning pink from embarrassment. You heard him let out a chuckle before sitting across from him. You glanced up again and began to study him again. A Gryffindor colored tie was tucked neatly underneath a nice jacket. “You’re a second year?”

                  He grinned slightly and leaned back against the seat putting his hands behind his head. “Yeah trust me you’ll enjoy Hogwarts.” He studied you slightly before sitting up again and holding out his hand. “I’m Theseus Scamander.” You nervously studied his hand and once again glanced at his face. You hesitantly shook his hand giving a small smile in return.

                  “Hi, Theseus I’m (Y/n) (L/n).”

                   After that, well you and Theseus were inseparable. He may have been a year older, but you two were the best of friends. Of course, it was your 4th year when you met Theseus’s little brother. Newt Scamander had just appeared in your life one day. It was in the days of September that changed everything. 

                    “(Y/n) how’s transfiguration? Do you need help with anything?” You chuckled at Theseus’s concern flashing him a smile before grabbing a book from the library shelf. “Theseus relax! I know I struggled last year, but I’m getting the hang of it,” You stated while checking to make sure you grabbed the right book. 

                     Theseus leaned against the bookshelf scanning your face for any sign of a lie. His eyes softened and he smiled sweetly at you. “Sorry (Y/n)… I’ll stop worrying so much,” He stated. You looked up and noticed that his gaze was suddenly on something else. You followed his gaze and frowned seeming confused.

                       A boy, about a year younger than you, stood in the doorway. A mop of curly ginger hair laid on his head. He was wearing Hufflepuff colors and was fairly tall. You tilted your head slightly noticing that the boy kinda looked like Theseus. The boy made his way to a table and pulled out a book that looked like it was about magical creatures. 

                        Curiosity got the better of you as you started towards the boy. Theseus grabbed your arm narrowing his eyes slightly. “(Y/n) what are you doing?” He asked glancing at the boy once again. You frowned and pulled your arm away wincing at how tight he had been holding it. “I’m curious about that book he’s reading…. Is there a problem?” You crossed your arms defensively daring Theseus to test you.

                           Theseus glanced at the boy before looking back at you. His shoulders slumped slightly as he smiled apologetically. “No, I suppose not. Sorry (Y/n),” He replied. His voice suddenly quiet and meek. He ruffled your hair and turned away. “I better go I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

                            Your stomach churned uneasily as you watched Theseus walk out of the library. You didn’t understand why he suddenly had to go and some voice inside told you to go after him. Yet, you brushed the voice aside and walked over to the boy. You hesitantly sat down across from him and said very quietly, “Um excuse me.” The boy looked up and tensed slightly as if any moment you were going to turn into some monster.

                               “What book are you reading?” You asked tilting your head as you studied it. A strange beast was on the cover. It looked like a snake, but there were wings spread across the cover that seemed to be part of it. The boy looked down before glancing up at you. “You’re really interested in this?” He questioned. You smiled slightly and nodded. “Yeah, I’m really curious.” 

                              The boy replied nervously, “Well It’s about magical creatures.” You shifted slightly in your seat trying to ignore the odd feeling in your stomach. “Well, I’d love to hear about it. I’m (Y/n) (L/n) by the way.” The boy smiled and for a moment it reminded you of Theseus. “Hi (Y/n), I’m Newt Scamander.”

                           You sighed and nestled deeper into the blankets thinking about Theseus. The two of you haven’t spoken ever since that year. It was like the moment you spoke with Newt. He didn’t want you anymore. 

                           You shook your head pushing those thoughts aside. You smiled slightly remembering Newt promised to show you around New York today. You got out of bed shivering as the cold air reached you. You made your way into the kitchen a small smile growing on your face. Queenie was waving her wand setting things up for breakfast. The smell of Cinnamon was stronger in this room and a song hummed through the room. Her eyes met yours and a small smile grew on her face.

                           “Oh good morning sweetie! Did you sleep well?” You gave a nervous smile still warming up Queenie. “Yes, Queenie. Hey, do you know if Newt’s up?” You leaned against the doorway smiling slightly at the thought of where he’d take you today. A look of worry seemed to cross Queenie’s face but it was gone before you could be sure. 

                         She turned away continuing with her work. “Sorry Sweetie I think he’s still sleeping,” She said sweetly. With a wave of her wand, she set a few pieces of bread on a plate. “How about you eat? You must be hungry.” You frowned slightly and reluctantly sat down. “I guess I can eat,” You mumbled quietly. You tried to ignore the anxious pit growing in your stomach as you ate. Newt was usually up by now…

                           You quickly finished the breakfast glancing at the clock and frowning slightly. You stood up and stretched and gave Queenie a small smile. “Thanks for the meal Queenie… I’m gonna go check on Newt real quick.” You made your way down the hall not hearing Queenie’s protests. You slowly pushed the door to his room open. Your heart fell at the sight in front of you.

                            Newt and Tina were slow dancing a familiar tune drifting through the room. Newt’s face was red as he kept his hands on her waist. Tears gathered in your eyes, yet you couldn’t make yourself move. Tina smiled and had her arms around his neck. “Your getting pretty good Scamander,” She teased grinning up at him. Your heart was beating fast now. It felt like adrenaline but this kind burned and caused your throat to feel closed off. 

                               Newt gave a nervous chuckle before replying, “Well it’s thanks to you.” She smiled slightly studying Newt’s face. You watched as She kissed Newt… The one person you’ve ever liked. Tears were streaming down your face as you closed the door quietly trying to quiet your thoughts. But they kept swirling around shouting and mocking you. You let out a quiet sob and you quickly made your way to your room.

                                Why her? Out of everyone why her? You stuffed clothes into a bag the room becoming a blurr. You know why! She’s beautiful! Your just a friend. He doesn’t like you. You let out more sobs as your thoughts tore at your heart. Your chest suddenly feeling tight as if a boulder was crushing you. You grabbed your wand not even thinking straight. 

                                 Not caring about the consequences, You apparated all the way to a certain place in England.

                                  You cried out in pain as you landed. Pain shot through your leg sending another wave of tears dripping down your cheeks. You were sprawled out on a carpeted floor. You closed your eyes letting out another sob as your leg throbbed. Footsteps came from the staircase to the right of the room. You opened your eyes trying to take in the blurry surroundings.

                                   “(Y/n)!? Merlin’s Beard! What’s happened!” You whimpered at the voice as they came over. They knelt down gently taking you in their arms. You looked up and were met with concerned icy blue eyes. “That leg doesn’t look good (Y/n)” He scolded.

                                     Tears dropped onto his shirt as You clung onto him. “It hurts Theseus…” You whimpered. “I know I’ll fix it (Y/n)” Theseus said holding you closer.

                                      You were pretty sure that he didn’t know… And you were pretty sure that he couldn’t fix it… 

anonymous asked:

I know that this is 100% a cat trait but like when cats do the fluffed up sideways crab walk and they're all arched and it's so funny to watch well that but for some reason when derek gets startled in his wolf form he does the thing and stiles falls over laughing because wtf even is that derek omfg

this is way too cute and made my day ahhh imagine the amount of floof with a wolf

Originally posted by rileyraiyne

((i can’t write but here have this? this got way out of hand, idek))

Okay but I love this so much because we have that grumpy cat picture with Ty and because I do see Derek as more of a cat person and I don’t even remember why right now (I know I had a proper explanation for this) but I see it. I see Derek being the special wolf who is liked by cats while they hate everyone else and Derek is PROUD of this, he is, and he will flaunt the cats and use them as his guardians because they will immediately hiss at any other kind of were around. Not to mention that if we go with kid!Sterek AU and Derek sneaking stray cats into his room as his loyal companions, they will keep his family out of his room but they won’t mind Stiles coming in and hanging out with him - and my mind is totally leading to a cat lady Derek Hale thing right now, Derek taking in strays all over, sick kitties that he nurses back to health and then finds good homes for, even convincing the sheriff to take an older cat home who then becomes John best buddy when he sits in front of the tv in the evenings drinking his non-alcoholic beer

Aaaanyway, Derek definitely picks up on the cat mannerisms and it actually helps him finally beat Laura in play fights for once, at first simply out of surprise, then because it makes him quick on his toes and agile. He gets teased a bit of course because “YOU’RE A WOLF DEREK ACT LIKE ONE” but he doesn’t care, he’ll take anything he can get because Laura has a few years on him and an automatic advantage, plus his cats are AWESOME okay and he loves them and everything they do is awesome

Also, picture Derek always with a cat on his shoulder – at all times, he lets them climb up his clothes, resulting in lots of holes in jeans and shirts which Talia is NOT happy about

Sticking to that growing up together au idea (because I love them as best friends so much), imagine Stiles does not know about the Hale secret, but of course he suspects, and he comes up with the wildest theories, including a werewolf theory because he has heard them mentioning the full moon, and where is that dog that they seem to have but also not have??? Derek’s not allowed to tell but he jokes about it and Stiles kinda believes it, because it all fits, Derek is really sensitive to scents and always makes that scrunchy face when he smells something Stiles can’t, and the collective hearing in the whole house is so good Stiles has learned not to ramble when he’s there, and Derek actually kinda growls when he’s angry and he totally has puppy dog eyes, but as Stiles grows he doesn’t believe in magic anymore and he gets more and more into the idea that humans invented all mythology unprompted, wanting to blame evil creatures for all the terrible things mankind does. Derek is nothing like the werewolves in the movies and in his online roleplaying game after all. He might be super strong sometimes and very playful and wild at certain times but he’s cute and has a dimpley smile rather than a toothy leer and he’s the first one to jump up and tend to any cuts or scratches Stiles has rather than trying to tear off his head in crazy blood thirst

Eventually at some point later in their teens, when there have been multiple close calls of Derek almost wolfing out in front of Stiles because puberty is messing with his abilities and control, and because he’s learning the full shift – there’s probably one VERY close call where Derek is shaking and panting and Talia and Peter have to swoop in and escort him away, leaving Laura to tend to an insanely worried, teary-eyed and panicking Stiles – that they decide to tell him. It’s all very nonchalant. Stiles is very clingy and careful with Derek and doesn’t leave him alone, and goddammnit he wants to know what’s happening, Laura promised he would get to know, so Derek has him over to the Hale house after school the next day and leads him to the kitchen where Derek makes them sandwiches while Stiles catches up with Talia. They sit down to eat and right before Derek takes his first bite he goes “By the way, you were right, we are werewolves” and then he just munches on his sandwich as if they were talking about the weather, and for a moment Stiles has flashbacks to his mom((idk why I keep going for alive Hale AUs but stick to Claudia’s illness, I really don’t know)) and he thinks oh god, Derek is starting to lose grasp of reality and will get sick just like his mom. A look at Talia immediately calms his nerves though because she’s still smiling, as calm and bright as usual.

“Um, what?” Stiles asks, dropping his sandwich to stare between them. Derek should’ve known not to bring this up before the food because there’s no way Stiles can think of his appetite when there’s something like this at hand. Talia just gestures to Derek to let him tell the story, but she stays for support. Not that either of them really need it because Stiles is absolutely thrilled and actually jumps off his chair in excitement when Derek flashes golden eyes at him. He proceeds to poke at Derek’s cheek when he refuses to chow him his fangs at first. Derek’s a little shy about it because he’s so used to keeping it within the family but the more questions Stiles asks and the more he raves about it, the prouder and more cocky Derek gets about it

Obviously from then on Derek has no qualms flashing his teeth when he playfully growls at Stiles and he’ll use his claws as can openers just to show off. Laura rolls her eyes at them, and blames Stiles for flattering Derek too much and letting him get a big head about it, while Peter keeps trying to intimidate Stiles and tell him not-so-fun stories about being a werewolf, and Cora just tells Stiles that if he thinks Derek is so cool he should just marry him, Derek cares for Stiles like a mate anyway

Needless to say they’re only just growing into their feelings and both decide to pine obliviously for a while

There’s one thing Derek doesn’t do because he claims he’s not that good at it though, and that’s show Stiles his full shift. Stiles has seen just about everyone’s full shift, Peter is always eager to show off his but Derek refuses is and Stiles is honestly kind of hurt because by all other means he’s basically part of the pack now, like Derek’s two year younger human brother and Laura’s twin. He knows everything he can get out of them all about the supernatural world, and Peter’s partner, who is some kind of druid, is also happy to share information about the more magical side of the world, along with the special currents running through Beacon Hills and the history to it. So yeah, he’s included in everything but Derek’s full shift and Stiles just doesn’t understand why

So one day he’s dealing with a particularly skittish and troubled kitty and he shifts to try and make her more comfortable that way and he’s fully focused on her. Stiles’ scent and heartbeat are so familiar that he isn’t consciously aware of them growing stronger, if anything it subconsciously calms him, lessening his worry about how much difficulty he’s having with little Cinnamon. He’s got this. He just has to-

“Oh my god, Der!” Stiles’ exclaims in excitement and Derek JUMPS. The abrupt movement startles Stiles in return for a split second but the wolf is staring at him wide-eyed, back arched into an impossible curve, his fur is puffed up all around him, especially around his neck, where he has the most fur, and he’s padding sideways with a sort of hop in his step. Stiles bursts out laughing, doubling over with the force of it, because he has never seen something as unexpected and cute as this.

“What are y- do wolves even do that?” Stiles chokes out between laughter and Derek stops moving as he realizes that there is no danger. But Stiles is basically falling into the floor laughing and Derek wishes he could hide. If he wouldn’t be completely nude after shifting back, he would’ve done so right away, but hell, that would make this so much more embarrassing for him so he pouts in his own wolfy way, pulling his ears back with a grumble. Stiles is trying to contain his laughter at this point, coming closer as he chuckles.

“Are you sure you’re not some kind of cat/wolf hybrid?” Stiles asks, plopping down right next to Derek, who steps back unsure. He’s not built as strong as Peter, doesn’t have sleek midnight black fur like Laura and doesn’t possess the natural grace his mother has. He doesn’t feel as much wolf as they are, which is only strengthened by the tie he has with the cats. He’s totally comfortable with his fangs and claws in his human form but sometimes he feels like he might not fit into the family as much as the other do.

But Stiles doesn’t hesitate to reach out and bury his fingers into his ash-colored black-ish grey spotted fur, running them up to his tucked ears.

“Oh my god, you’re so fluffy,” Stiles tells him. “I can’t believe I had to sneak up on you to get to see you like this. I mean, I wasn’t trying to sneak up, I thought that was impossible with you guys but hey maybe I do have some kind of spark… do you think I could also learn magic?” All the while Stiles is running his hands along Derek’s fur and he finds himself relaxing into it. By the time Stiles mentions how cool his fur color is Derek can’t remember what he was ever self-conscious about. He settles in for an hour of belly rubs and scratching under his chin and ears, eventually ignoring Stiles comparing his low satisfied rumble to a cat’s purring. Cinnamon the kitty even comes out when she sees that the two boys are calm and distracted.

Cinnamon of course ends up trusting Stiles first, and Derek is NOT jealous, he just likes nipping at Stiles’ ankles for fun – as well as revenge for the picture Stiles took of him in bed in his wolf form, a bunch of cats piled up all over him.

((Also this ask reminded me that so called werewolf cats are a thing soooo secretly Derek has a favorite breed, even if he always says breeds don’t matter since there are so many mixed strays, but he has a special fierce love for the werewolf cat even if he’s never met one because they are rare. He doesn’t let anyone call them ugly and will protect them to his last breath. One day in the future to celebrate 20 years of marriage or something, Stiles gets them a werewolf cat whom he dubs Lycaon just for the fun of it – Derek gives him an exasperated look, but his fondness shines through, and Derek forgets to hate the name within 5 seconds))

Old Souls (Sing)

I found a post that talk about the potential “friendship” between Ms Crawly and Mike, if I find the original post I’ll link to it, but here’s a lil thing I wrote! And this is my first time writing Ms Crawly so bare with me. 

Buster Moon walked through the New Moon Theater, nose buried in his clipboard. It was around lunchtime, and he was checking up on all his performers. His next show was going to be a hit; Music throughout the Decades was its title, and it would be a showcase of how music changed and evolved through the years. Yet, as he checked in on each of his actors, he realized he was missing his Fifties act, Mike, he was not in his studio, nor was he on stage.

“Ash? Have you seen Mike?” Buster asked the punk rocker, peeking his head into her rehearsal area. 

“Why would I wanna know where that jerk is?” Ash begrudgingly huffed, strumming out a small piece by Queen. 

Ash.” Buster sternly warned. He understood Mike wasn’t the easiest to be around, but he wanted all of his performers to get along. Or at least try to.

“Sorry.” Ash sighed. “I don’t know where he is, though." 

Buster tried Rosita and Gunter next, asking them the same question. Gunter had a similar reaction to the question as Ash did, but Rosita gently smacked his big belly. 

"I think I saw him going upstairs, he might be going to one of his little spots.” she said sweetly. 

Mike had a habit of finding areas of the theater to hide in whenever he didn’t want to be bothered, or whenever he had an episode. Under the floorboards, in the pocket of a costume coat, the air vent, even the top of the building were just some of his favorite spots. 

Moon thanked Rosita and hopped up the stairs that lead to the main offices. As he made his way towards the door, though, he heard Mike’s voice. 

“What was he like? What was he really like?” Mike asked, but not in his usual accusing voice. He sounded intrigued and excited about something. 

“Well,” answered a shaking old voice. Ms Crawly? “He was a true gentlemen, that wasn’t an act. He was kind, caring, he took time for each of his fans." 

"And what did he look like in real life?” Mike asked again as Buster pressed his ear to the door. “What did he act like?" 

"Well, he was a bit taller than you and he had black spots on his grey fur.” said the old lizard. “He used to add and delete words from his own songs, he added notes and sometimes his band couldn’t even keep up.” she said with a small laugh. 

“And did ya, did ya ever meet him?" 

“I met Frank when I was around twenty or so. I had gone to one of his shows in New York." 

Buster’s ears perked at this. They were talking about Sinatra. 

"Wow,” Mike let out a long breath. “I’ve seen videos and all, but wow." 

"The funny thing is, I don’t think he ever did a show where he wasn’t tipsy!” Ms Crawly giggled, causing Mike to laugh as well. It was a genuine laugh, not a mocking one, but light hearted. “Oh and he danced in the funniest ways." 

"I bet he did! Though, I don’t Buster would let me go on stage drunk." 

"He doesn’t have to know you are.” Ms Crawly said with a mischievous voice. Any other day Buster would’ve went in, scolding the old lizard, but he had never heard Mike get along with anyone this well and he was silent. 

“And do ya, do ya think I could be like him?” Mike asked quietly. 

“Well, I don’t think anyone could be exactly like Frankie, but I think he’s a good person to try and live up to.” she said sweetly. “Which means trying to get along with your coworkers." 

"Frank didn’t get along with Marlon Brando in Guys and Dolls.” You could practically hear Mike crossing his arms in a huff. “And why should I try to get along with ‘em? They’re all no good, sons of-” he caught himself. “I don’t want to get attached to 'em." 

"Well, you can still be nice to someone and not get attached to them, dear.” Ms Crawly sighed. “And I think it would be best to make some….friends." 

"Friends are for soft people, I ain’t soft.” Mike retorted. 

“Well, maybe you could try. For Frank. He would want you to get along with people. And for Nancy.” Buster waited as silence filled the room, he found himself holding his breath. A moment passed before Mike let out a sigh. 

Fine. For Nancy and Frank.” There was a pause before: “Thank you." 

"You’re very welcome, dear. You can always come to me whenever you want to know more." 

Buster thought now was a good time to enter; he gently knocked on the door with his knuckle and opened it. Mike was sitting with his back to the door and had spun around when Moon had entered. Mike quickly stood up, placing his hat, which he had taken off, on his head. 

"Uh, I, thank you, um, see ya Scaly!” The mouse jumped off the desk and tried to push past Moon. 

“Wait just a moment Mike.” Moon held out his paw. “I would like to invite you to lunch, the cast and I were going to go to the café down the street." 

“I, I don’t…” Mike stole a quick glance to Ms Crawly, who gently nodded. “S-sure. I don’t have anythin’ better to do.” he said with a casual shrug and went out the door. 

Ms Crawly and Moon were left alone, the old lizard laughed lightly. “You were listening outside, weren’t you, Mister Moon?” she asked. 

 "Oh yeah.“