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After a quick breakfast, during which Voohon tasted nothing, Voohon and Vladimir sat outside a bit before embarking on their trip to Candyfornia.

Voohon told Vladimir about the “Wandering Ghost Festival” taking place now, of all times, at their destination.

Vladmidir was uneasy. What exactly happened at a festival like this? Why was it being held in Candyfornai?  Just how many wandering ghosts WERE there in that world? Why would Voohon have been so stupid as to suggest a place that had ghost related festivals as a good place for superstitious Tzedon to have a vacation home in?

Vladimir asked the last question as tactfully as he could manage, but the implied criticism, padded though it was, still irritated Voohon.

“Our boss loves fishing! Of course, since I’m his right hand man, I know these things. Someone like you..not so important..wouldn’t. Candyfornia has outstanding fishing spots. Many rare species to be caught there! Plus, clean air..not polluted. This is the first annual Wandering Ghost Festival, according to what I read. How was i supposed to know some new ghost-themed holiday would be created just as we are trying to break ground on Tzedon’s new house site! ”

( Not polluted. How NICE that Tzedon gets to vacation in places not spoiled by his own mining operations, Vladimir thought, but, wisely, did not say out loud.) 

“Well, no need to worry about ghosts…thats why YOU are here right?” Voohon said, with a nasty tinge to his voice. He had picked up on Vladmir’s unease about the situation and thought that was a bit strange for someone supposedly so talented at dealing with the supernatural. He’d have thought a guy like Vladimir would be EXCITED about this challenge.  “Lets go..time for you to earn your keep.”

tips for completing the pokedex form someone who has all 300 registered
  • there is only one (1) sun stone, moon stone, dusk stone, ice stone, and kings rock in each game. two different pokemon in the pokedex evolve from these items (lilligant/whimsicott, clefable/wigglytuff, honchcrow/mismagius, vulpix/sandshrew, slowking/politoed). planning ahead with a friend who has the other copy of the game is advised, as well as pokemon pelago
  • my persona favorite level up spots were all close to the battle tree and poni meadow
  • if you dont have the lucky egg, get it (talk to kukui after 50)
  • in certain spots, fishing spots begin to ripple. if you fish in these spots, rarer pokemon are more likely to appear. these spots fade after your encounter something with the rod, or you run too fast into them. they respawn if you leave the area and re-enter (this is for chinchou, corsola/mareanie, shellder, febbas, alomomola, relicanth, dhelmise, dratini, and sharpedo)
  • zygarde and oricorio’s different forms dont count as different pokemon
  • there are a lot of dratini fishing spots, but the best dratini fishing spot is in the poni meadow’s entrance
  • a number of pokemon can only be found in sos chain battles. these include kangaskhan (cubone), sableye (carbink), and mareanie (corsola)
  • in addition, certain pokemon can only be summoned in sos battles under certain weather conditions (gabite in the desert and sandstorm, vanillite in the ice mountain’s hail, goomy in route 17′s rain, and castform which can appear from any of these) politoed can also be found using this method, if your kings rock is used up.
  • if you dont feel like evolving certain pokemon with friendship, this method can be used to find the evolved forms of pokemon like clefairy, jigglypuff, and golbat
  • get the free munchlax while you can, it is only found inn sos battles in the wild
  • get the rare happiny in a trade for pancham with a girl in malie city’s sushi roller. the oval stone item needed to evolve it is hidden directly near the southeast of the breeding ranch.
  • the most effective happiness evolution strategy (for me) was to get the EV berries on the route west of malie city, grow them in pelago, and feed them to my friendship pokemon. a harvest of the berries produces around 9 berries a batch. the berries are the hondew, tamato, kelpsy, grepa, pomeg, and qualot berries.
  • use! luxury balls!
  • the tm trick doesn’t work (or didnt for me)
  • if you dont want to trade with a friend for specific evolutions and arent really attached to the pokemon, offer it up on gts and ask for the exact pokemon you are offering (kadabra for kadabra). this works for the entries of gengar, machamp, alakazam, golem, and trevenant 
  • breeding in this game is exeedingly fast. the following pokemon can only be found through breeding: carvanha, shellos, snubbull, gible, and vanillite
  • you can get the oval charm by fighting game freak morimoto in heahea city. it causes eggs to be produced faster, and unlike in the other games, seeing every pokemon in the dex is unneeded. as a bonus, this fight is daily and is an excellent exp suppilant
  • also, breeding extra copies of your game’s fossils is recommended to pass to your friends, and breeding extra eevees, due to the low encounter rate of them in the wild
  • scizor’s metal coat can only be found on magnemites. evolve a butterfree with thief and steel one from the magnemites in an sos chain battle
  • weaville’s razor claw is worse, arguably making weaville one of the hardest pokemon to catch in the game. it is only found on wild jangmo-o family pokemon, who have a 5% encounter rate and whose level is exceedingly high. for this battle, i recommend leading with tapu koko, teaching it false swipe and thief, and chain battling through it, since jangmo-o’s moves don’t affect it. for better results, switch to butterfree when there is only one jangmo-o and switch back out after another hakamo-o is summoned, in order to activate butterfree’s compundeyes

if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me. happy pokemon hunting!

Day 30: Magnus + Max

Magnus had almost missed seeing him. He’d been so focused on finding Alexander when he’d portalled into the Institute, that he’d passed the room, his mind working the different places Alec could be that it took a couple of seconds before he realized when he’d just seen.

He backtracked and sure enough, standing on several stacks of boxes, a little boy was trying to slide a fishing rod through the tiny space left by the slightly open window, leading into the next room.

The boy was so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn’t even notice Magnus walking up to him, and leaning against the wall adjacent to the boy’s impromptu fishing spot . Magnus studied the tiny rugrat for several seconds, the focus of those eyes—brown he thought they were—the way the boy didn’t let the blond hair that fell over his eyes distract him from achieving his goals.

He had to admire the tenacity, especially because it reminded him in no small part of Alexander.

But tenacity, no matter how much a person had it in spades could not retrieve whatever it was that the boy wanted to get from the next room, and some seconds later, he released a deep sigh, a sigh that had Magnus’s mouth twitching at how tortured and long-suffering it sounded, and turned around.

The boy didn’t jump or act startled. In fact, he looked more curious than surprised.

And yeah, his eyes were brown.

“You’re looking for Alec.” It was a statement, not a question.

Magnus nodded.

“I’m Max,” the rugrat said as he extended his hand.

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Orange is the new black! Our youngest giant sea bass just tipped its scales from black to gold. A little squirt with quite the growth spurt, this tiny titan has more than quadrupled in length since November 2015—but it’s still just a fraction of the 500 pound, 7.5 foot leviathan these fish can grow into!

Spot the fish! Aquarium researchers are trying to find out if the spot pattern of these fish changes over time. If the spots turn out to be distinctive markings, researchers will be able to use these fishy fingerprints to identify individual giant sea bass in the wild and track them over time. This knowledge may provide an invaluable tool for management of this endangered species. For more about the Aquarium’s research on the giant sea bass, take a look at this video with staffer Kevin Lewand! 

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Any rainy day kiss headcanons or scenarios for our chocobros and their s/o's? :) thanks!

Yay, first request! I’m gonna do them as scenarios if that’s okay!


One thing you came to know about the prince–he loved to fish. At any time, in any weather. So when he decided to bring you to his favourite fishing spot one day, you were not surprised when it started to rain and he didn’t exactly rush to stop.

“Noctis!” you whined, unprepared for the rainy weather. “I’m getting soaked! Please hurry!”

Noctis was hastily packing up his fishing gear, as he was already soaked to the bone. Once he had everything, he grabbed your hand. 

“Quick, we can wait in here until the rain passes,” he said, bringing you into the abandoned cabin that had once been a small fishing store. Once you were inside, you had a full-body shiver. Noctis came closer. “Cold?”

You shivered again, your arms hugging yourself. “Yeah, a little.”

Noctis wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed a kiss to your lips, his tongue dipping into your mouth. You let out a bit of a squeak as the kiss deepened, and you looped your arms around his neck.

After a while, he pulled away. “How about now?


Prompto had taken you to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. The day started off great–the sun was shining, the sky seemed clear. He laced his fingers with your and excitedly brought you from one attraction to another. Around mid-afternoon, though, the sky started to get dark. You looked up and frowned at the heavy storm clouds that loomed overhead.

As soon as the first droplet hit Prompto’s nose, he immediately yelped. “My hair! We’ve gotta take cover!” He dramatically pulled on your arm and started running towards the closest cover, but the rain had already come down in droves, as if someone had dumped an entire bucket of water over the carnival. 

By the time you reached a covered bridge, Prompto’s hair was limp and he sported a disappointed pout. 

You giggled, stepping closer to him. “You still look cute, if that’s any consolation,” you grinned, giving him a peck on the cheek. He still pouted, so you showered his face with kisses until he became a giggling mess. 

He pulled you close and just as you were about to kiss him again, he shook his hair out like a wet dog, earning a scream from you. He laughed when you smacked his arm lightly, but then he kissed you again and you instantly forgot why you were mad in the first place.


You hadn’t expected so much rain on your weekend camping trip with Gladio, but there you were, trapped in the tent with your boyfriend, the zipper flap opened ever so slightly so you could see the droplets falling onto the stone landing outside.

It had rained for two days straight, and it was the evening of your last day at camp. You wished it had been more eventful, with more hikes and maybe even a hunt or two, but the rain had kept you at bay for most of the trip.

“Hey,” Gladio snapped you out of your thoughts. He was sitting back, one of the books he brought in hand. “C’mere.” 

He motioned for you to come sit in his lap, and you complied. You sat between his legs, your back pressed against his chest. He wrapped an arm around your middle and held his book in the other, and began to read aloud.

The baritone of his voice rumbled against your spine, causing heat to shoot up into the pit of your belly. You turned your head to look up at him. He stopped reading his passage and leaned down to kiss you. It was meant to be a chaste kiss, but once you tangled your hands in his hair, his book was abandoned and…well, let’s say the camping trip wasn’t a total loss after all.


On your first date with Ignis, he’d taken you to a quaint little cafe down the street from your apartment. It was one that you’d heard of, but never actually visited before. It served fancy coffees, fruit pastries and macarons. The two of you had been so deeply engaged in conversation that you barely noticed the rain coming down hard against the cafe’s window.

You looked outside and frowned, realizing that neither of you had brought an umbrella. “Not to worry,” he said, removing his suit jacket. “I’ll cover you.”

You protested, but he merely shook his head with a smile. Once you’d finally decided to brave going outside, he held his suit jacket over both of your heads (but mostly yours), and the two of you made a mad dash back to your apartment.

You hadn’t remembered the last time you’d laughed so hard from just running in the rain, but being with Ignis made your heart flutter. At your front step, he shook some of the rain water from his jacket and turned to you.

“I had a lovely time,” he said, taking one of your hands in his. “I’d like to see you again, sometime. Perhaps on not such a rainy occasion.”

You blushed. “I’d like that.” Ignis turned to leave, using his jacket to once again shield him from the rain. He’d made it down the first few steps when you called out his name to wait. He turned, and you stepped out of the cover of your front porch and kissed him, your hand coming up to stroke his jawline.

Once you finally pulled away, you saw how red his cheeks were. “You’re all wet,” he said finally.

You bit your lip. “Wanna come upstairs and dry off?”

Plesiosaur Spotted at Florida Beach

While out fishing with his cousin, Steven Smith caught a glimpse of a thought to be extinct creature. At a fishing spot at New Smyrna Beach he and his cousin saw what “looked like the Loch Ness Monster.” They said the animal was surfacing but dove back down as soon as it noticed their presence. They described “Nessie” as being 3-4 feet tall, jet black with round bloodshot eyes and an S-shaped neck. The flippers and tail were also noticeable as the creature dove back under the surface. The whole encounter lasted about 3 seconds.

A quick encounter but no less baffling. Plesiosaurs have long been thought to still be swimming in our Oceans and Lakes around the world, but this sighting only helps solidify those claims. What do you think about these claims? Is it misidentification? A hoax? Or was there truly a plesiosaur swimming in the ocean that day? The answer lies in the depths, waiting to be found.

Stay Curious!

[context: our party has just escaped a town invasion by jumping through a teleporter, but is quite bedraggled and low on health from fighting the invading army’s soldiers between us and the exit. We have emerged on the other side of the portal in a seaside cave in an unknown location, and our DM informs us that we are hungry as well as tired.]

DM: Okay, so what does everyone do? Sleep? Hunt for food?

Spiritualist Elf and the party Rogue (me): We try and fish I guess. 

DM: Okay, roll knowledge: nature to pick a fishing spot. [fishing ensues. I do moderately well and catch a river bass in the estuary leading out to the ocean, and our elf rolls a nat 20 and manages to perfectly shoot a small sand shark out in the water.]  Wow, okay! What does the rest of the party do while these two are out fishing? Does anyone else wanna try and hunt?

Half-Orc Bloodrager: Sure, I’ll hunt. Are there any animals or something nearby?

DM: Roll knowledge: nature? [rolls alright] Okay, leaving the cave you see some trees at the edge of the beach that gradually turn into a forest. You assume there may be some animals there. 

Half-Orc Bloodrager: Okay, I go look for them

DM: Roll perception. [rolls poorly] You don’t really see anything. You keep walking deeper into the forest, and after several minutes pass you can try again. [Half-Orc rolls again, does very slightly better] …Okay, you see a small skink. Maybe a half-foot long or so. 

Half-Orc Bloodrager: I attack it!

DM: Roll to hit. You catch it flat-footed, since it was just sunning itself on a rock.

Half-Orc Bloodrager: [rolls a 2] Oh goddamnit

DM: Ooh, okay, wow. Well, uh, you miss, and I guess it tries to- uh, what attack does it- it tries to bite you, I guess. [rolls for the skink] Wow, it gets a 15 to hit, what’s your AC?

Half-Orc Bloodrager: 16.

DM: Well, it also misses. [Half-Orc attacks again, manages to hit and kill it this time] Cool. You’re done, you pick it up and head back to camp, I assume?

Half-Orc Bloodrager: Yeah, I head back to camp with it. Man… it’s a good thing it didn’t roll any higher, I only have 1 HP left!

[table-wide stunned silence]

DM: Wait

Rogue: You went off hunting alone, without telling anyone, with 1 HP

Spiritualist Elf: Wh-

DM: [erupts in laughter] If literally anything had hit you, you would’ve bled to death in the woods because no one would’ve looked for you in time

Rogue: Dude, no one even knew where you were!

Spiritualist Elf: Why didn’t you just wait back at the camp until we could sleep and heal?!

DM: You just very nearly had to roll a new character because you got killed by a 6-inch lizard.

Half-Orc Bloodrager: I WAS HUNGRY 

*cares about my Betta fish’s well being more than my own*