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BTS when they slap you: Kim Taehyung version

Sorry this took a while. I was going to put this up yesterday but shit happened and i couldn’t. hope yall don’t mind. Check out my masterlist for the rest of the members.


Kim Taehyung was angry. So very angry. He couldn’t choose why, though. He had so many reasons. 

Was it because of the hot weather?Was it because of the pressure of the new album? Was it because of the stress that came with his fame? Was it because of the nagging of his parents? Was it because of his fight with Jungkook? or Jimin or Yoongi? Was it because Bang-pd never seemed to pay him as much attention? Was it because of his girlfriend? because she was too nonchalant? because she wasn’t doting on him all the time like other girls did to their boyfriends? did she even like him? or was she together with him just for the fame? would she break up with him if he ever hit a financial low? 

He did not know. 

What he did subconsciously know was who he could take that anger out on without too much collateral damage. Not his parents, not his fans, not his band-mates, not his CEO…but you. You would understand, surely? He needed to vent and you were his girlfriend, right? His other half, his lover, his significant other. You loved him, right? You could take his anger for him. You would stroke his head and tell him that he could scream as much as he wanted, as long as he wanted, if it meant dissipating his frustration. The frustration that was eating him up inside. It was like at that moment, his sanity was secured inside an overinflated balloon which could burst anytime and yet, someone or the other would keep blowing air into the balloon. What could he do? He wanted so desperately for this phase to end. Nothing else covered his mind except letting his frustration out so when you entered the bighit headquarters with his take-out, he took it as the perfect opportunity. 

You loved your boyfriend. 

Granted, you were not as expressive in terms of physical affection in front of people, but that did not mean you didn’t love him. You did. You knew it, he knew it and to you, that is all that mattered. The commentary of the people surrounding the relationship was insignificant for you. You would show him love when you felt it most(which was all the time, really) but you did not deem it necessary to show it in front of people, especially keeping in mind the nature of his job. But you had noticed the shift in his behaviour in the past one month. Closed off, paranoid, stressed and angry were the words you would use to describe his behaviour now instead of adorable, alien-like, jovial, cheerful and happy. He snapped more often than not. He fought with his brother like friends. With you. There was something clearly bothering him and he either did not know how to express it or didn’t want to worry you. So you stepped out of your comfort zone and resorted to showing him how loved he was. You would steal kisses, give him back hugs, encourage him to make love (this always seemed to work the best albeit the effect did not last long) and surprise him with take outs from his favourite restaurant. That is exactly what you were doing today.  You had hurried to his workplace, the bighit headquarters, as soon as your lunch break had started in the office, knowing that he would be practicing with the boys. You had his take out in one hand and your overcoat hung around the elbow of your other arm. If the boy felt less loved, god knows that you would do anything to make him feel all the love in the world. He deserved it. 

You took large steps despite your outfit- a beige pencil skirt paired with tight maroon quarter sleeves and maroon matte pumps. The nature of your job required you to dress fashionably but formally during work hours. Being a lawyer was as much a job of appearances as it was was of immense hard work, both physical and psychological. After all, appearances have a great psychological impact, do they not? 

The corners of your mouth lifted into a light smile as you opened the doors of the practice room to find three men sprawled out on the floor out of pure exhaustion and one sitting on the corner chair; his face blank, his eyes glazed. 

Your smile changed into a worried frown as soon as you saw him. He was clearly more disturbed than usual. Had something happened? Nontheless, you forced a smile on your face as you shut the door behind you and moved towards him. He didn’t need more negativity around him. 

“Hi noona! Is that food?” Jungkook said as soon as he spotted the carry-bag in your hand. Jimin and Hoseok soon followed suit as the they got up from their positions and sat down on the floor, still lacking the energy to stand. Jungkook was young, though. He got up and in a flash he was in front of you, blocking your way and rummaging through the food- until you slapped his hands away, that is. 

“Ow! That hurt!” He pouted. 

You ruffled his hair, gave him a playful glare and said as you turned around him to go towards Taehyung, “Go fetch your own, kid.” 

“Tch, you guys are gross.” Jungkook called after you as he went back to lie down with his hyungs. 

You rolled your eyes but continued walking towards your boyfriend. 

Hope he likes what I got him. 

He knew it. He knew it for sure now. Why hadn’t he noticed it before? You had always been too friendly with the maknae, ruffling his hair and pinching his cheeks as he turned bright red. He had just not thought much of it because you were both family and you wouldn’t do that to him, right? Only now he realised how wrong he was. You were cheating on him with his brother! He grit his teeth at the thought. 

How dare you?

He looked up to take in your appearance as you stood in front of him, your coat in one arm and food in the other. He looked you up and down, the tight maroon quarter sleeves covered your torso just right, exposing the right amount of cleavage. Your pencil skirt hugged your small waist perfectly and moved down till your knees, revealing your beautiful legs. He moved his eyes back towards your face as he took in your hair and how it was open, flowing beautifully down your back in long waves. 

God, you were breathtakingly beautiful. 

He felt his anger dissipate a little as he took in your appearance, feeling himself calm down at your presence only for it to increase a hundred-fold as the image of Jungkook gripping your hair tight while he fucked you senseless made a very vivid appearance in his mind. His mind went blank and red covered his eyes as he completely tuned out your words as you set up his lunch. He pulled you up by your elbow harshly, hardly registering the shocked expression on your face, and whacked you right across your face with strength he did not know he possessed. 

You should have noticed it the moment you entered the practice room, the feral look in his eyes. Maybe you even did. But you were too blinded with hope and confidence. You thought that maybe, if you show him how much you care for him, he would slowly open up and share his problems with you. 

But you knew now, as you stood gripping the arm of the chair with one hand and your cheek with the other, with Hoseok standing in front of you, shielding you from…your boyfriend and Jimin consoling you by circling his hand on your back and whispering words in your ears that you did not hear at all, that it was a futile attempt. 

You let out shaky breaths and grit your teeth as you closed your eyes tightly to avoid thinking about anything at all. 

“___, shh, don’t cry. I’m so sorry, it’ll be okay.” Jimin repeatedly said in your ears in an effort to console you.

You eyes flew open. You were crying? You removed your hands from your cheek and the chair simultaneously as you stood up straight. Ignoring the blood on your hand, which was surely from your aching lip, you brought it just below your eyes as you felt the wetness. 

You were crying. 

It was as if the ballon had burst and in turn, flipped a switch within him. His anger had all but disappeared when he hit you. In it’s place now, was confusion. He was pushed back into the wall, away from you by Jungkook as Jimin hurried to you to see the extent of the damage. Hoseok stood in front of you facing Taehyung, acting as a shield between you and him. But why would he do that? Why would he act as a shield between you and him? He was your boyfriend, he loved you and he had hit-

Taehyung’s heart dropped as he realised why Hoseok stood between you and him. 

He had hit you.

“You bastard, how dare you hit a woman?” Hoseok growled under his breath. 

Taehyung tried to back away but Jungkook held him in place staring at him with a scandalized expression on his face. “Hyung..w-why?” 

Taehyung looked down at his hands with widened eyes as he tried to remember what had gotten him so angry in the first place. Was it something about you and Jungkook or you and Jimin? He couldn’t remember. It was absurd no matter how many times he thought about it. You could never cheat on him. You loved him, he knew it. He closed his eyes as the tears made their way down his face. Suddenly, he felt drained of all energy. It was as if he had been feeling too much lately and he was tired of all the emotions. His back touched the wall and he slid down until he was sitting on the floor, not caring about the tears staining his practice clothes. 

“It’s okay Jimin, I’m fine. I’m leaving.” 

Taehyung’s energy made a shocking appearance as his eyes flew open at your broken announcement and with the speed of a bullet train, he rushed forward and grabbed your hand. 

“___, wh-where are you going? Co-come with me, okay? I’m really sor-” 

He was interrupted when you put your right hand up, silencing him. 

“Kim Taehyung.” Your eyes were red as you looked right at him. holding yourself together somehow. “We are done. I’ll have moved out by the time you reach home.” And you yanked your hands out of his grip and left the room in the big, long strides you had come in. 

Taehyung just stood there in shock. It was as if a thousand bricks had been cemented around his legs and the power of moving his hands and legs had all but abandoned him. He watched you, as you left the building, got in your car and drove away, leaving him for good. 

Only then, did he find the strength to turn around in desperation, to his hyung. He stumbled towards Hoseok, eyes flooding with tears as he held on to his hyung’s t-shirt and sobbed in his chest. 

“Hy-hyung..what do I do? I-I can’t live without her. P-Please hyung, do something! PLEASE!” 

Hoseok removed Taehyung’s grip from his t-shirt as he said the words Taehyung feared the most. 

“There’s nothing to be done, Taehyung-ah. You hit your own girl. She’s not coming back and dare I say…you deserve it.” 

so that’s it. I’ve left an open ending for reasons I do not know, it just felt right. hope everyone enjoys reading this. Hoseok version will come up next- when, I do not know. I will repeat this again, it is never ever okay to hit someone. For anyone who is in an abusive relationship, I am so sorry. I hope you can come out of it and I hope you get all the happiness in the world because you deserve it.  


much love, 


Not all jobs are fun… some take a long time…. … not Dakens style of work…

bones | 05 ✓

• pairing: jung hoseok x reader // min yoongi x reader, college! hoseok, college! yoongi
• genre/warnings: angst, fluff
• words: 9,245
→ summary: you were broken from a past relationship, and Hoseok wanted to fix you, but what price was he willing to pay? Would he end up worse off, or would you realise in time, that your best friend was the one…?
• note. inspired by this song here.

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a/n: it’s finally the end, sobsss.  

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot: Jimin decides to take your relationship to the next level on your anniversary.

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Babqftim shorts

A few shorts for @thebbros and @thebbros-studios-on-and-off-set. I might make more next time, for now, I’m rushing. *Listens to “The Devil’s Swing”*

Cuphead: *Picks up Bendy*

Bendy: Uh heh B-


Bendy: What the-wait, what are you doing-

Cuphead: *Throws Bendy*


Cup: *Catches Bendy*


Director Rouge: CUT!


(Not sure whether Bendy needs an inhaler.)


(Apparently, Bendy is mad at someone.)

Cup: *Sits down next to Bendy’s bag* *Spots Bendy’s inhaler* What’s this?


Bendy: *Opens bag* Where did my inhaler go?

Cup: I think it’s used for breathing.

Bunny kids: Woah… *Plays with inhaler*

Bendy: Hey!…return…it…*Starts hyperventilating* 

Mug: I think you should give that to Bendy before he dies.

Cup: Bendy! 

(Boris is somewhere over the rainbow…hiding from Bendy.)



Take 92

Cup: Yeah, whatever, no time for this sh*t though. Your bro needs rest.

Director Rouge: CUT! Finally, now WHERE’S MY DAMN COFFEE?! 

Cup: *Proceeds to hide* (God bless you.)


Friend: I went to the @thebbros-studios-on-and-off-set place.

Me: …yeah?

Friend: I really love everything but.. *Pulls dart from hair* Ow!

Me: Get used to it.

(Is now sitting in a corner and regretting life choices) 

The Secret (10)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen;

You tried not to be hurt by Baekhyun’s rejection, to carry on as normal and focus your attention on Zoe, but when you were alone with nothing to distract you, your mind seemed to drift back to the moment he walked out of your apartment. That night, you cried for what felt like hours until you were empty, reflecting on the mess you’d made of your life. And then in the morning, you woke up to Zoe singing in her bedroom and pushed your feelings to the side.

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  • Viktor: *plays Eros theme* this one is about SEXUAL love
  • Yurio *: I want to skate to that one!
  • Me: Yuri Plisetsky you are 15 years old you have yet to finish going through puberty you're 5'4" and 90 pounds of teen angst you have a leopard-spotted wheelie bag and you think you can channel sexual love and desire better than a 23-year-old Japanese hottie who strips when he gets drunk and starts pole dancing STFU and calm the FUCK down young man here's some money go see a Star War

Part two of this prompt fill for @wayward-authors-kitsune

college!au, angst with a happy ending

Avoiding Cas is surprisingly easy.

All Dean has to do is block him on all social media sites, park his car down the street at a friend’s house so Cas never knows when he’s home, rely more on public transportation to get to campus, and finally just never leave his apartment except for class.

Easy peasy.

That is, until Dean needs to go to the grocery store. He’s been living off Ramen noodles and mac and cheese for weeks now, too afraid to stop anywhere near campus in case Cas is nearby. 

But now he’s officially all out of beer and Captain Morgan and he figures he could probably use some non-microwaveable groceries while he’s out. 

He goes to the little market about four blocks away. He hits up the essentials first: booze, some hamburger, hot dogs, bread, eggs. He considers produce but immediately shakes that thought loose and decides that he’s entitled to some ice cream instead.


Dean freezes,  carton half way to his basket. It takes everything in him to turn around and the moment he connects with blue eyes he really wishes he hadn’t.

Cas looks sick staring back at him, eyes glasses over with a sort of disbelief, like he thinks he’s seeing a ghost. 

He says Dean’s name again but Dean doesn’t respond. They’re both tense, like they’re about to draw on each other in an old western movie instead of standing in a damn milk aisle. 

As awkward as the moment it, Dean almost wishes they could stay like this. Because it’s good to see Cas, the flesh and blood Cas. He’s missed him like you miss air when you’re holding your breath. But he also knows that if Cas talks, if he tries to come at him, Dean will run. He can feel his knees bracing for a take-off and he’s not ready to look away.

But Cas does it. He takes a step forward and Dean immediately takes one back. Cas’s eyes travel down to Dean’s feet and he looks hurt.

“Dean, please, let me-” He takes two quick steps and Dean is speeding past the checkout lines, dropping the basket somewhere alone the way.

He doesn’t breathe again until he’s back in his apartment. He falls on the couch and draws he knees up, settling his head between his legs as he sucks in breaths and lets his head clear.

He’s so fucked. So impossibly fucked. 

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Request: Charlie flirts with the sister reader and the boys get overprotective of the reader?

Pairing: Charlie x sister!reader

Word Count: 1,000ish

Warnings: language

A/N: So much big brother Winchesters going on…

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Happy Mother's Day

“Dean, hurry up! We’re gonna be late!”

You loved that man but you didn’t understand why it took him 45 minutes to do his hair. It was literally 2 inches long.

As you looked around the living room making sure you had everything you needed to spend the day over at Mary and John’s you spotted the gift bag that had ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ written on it. Knowing Dean would probably walk right out the front door and forget it you sat it beside your bag.

“Don’t get your panties in a twist. I’m ready.” Dean said as he was walking down the stairs rolling up the sleeves on his red flannel.

“Finally. I put your mothers gift by my bag so we wouldn’t forget to grab it. I think we have everything else we need already in the car.”

“Alrighty then. Let’s get this show on road!”

Rolling your eyes at him you grabbed your bag and Mary’s present as you walked out the door.
Thirty minutes later you were pulling up to their house. As you were walking up the sidewalk you seen Sam and Jess’s car parked in the driveway.

“I’m glad someone was here on time.” You say hoping that Dean was close enough to hear you.

“Maybe Sam wasn’t as lucky as I was last night.” Winking at you as he walked past you to open the door.

“This is true” you say matter-of-factly.

“We’re here” Dean announced just as Mary came around the corner.

“Happy Mother’s Day mom” Dean told his mother as he gave her a hug and quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you sweetie.” She said as she moved from Dean to you. “Hi Y/N, How are you sweetheart?”
“I’m fine Mrs. Winchester-”

“How many times have I got to tell you it’s Mary. Come on in.”

Following Mary through the house she leads you to the dining room where you see Sam and John sitting down at the table.

“Hey Dad. Hey Sam.” Dean said walking past them and to the fridge to grab a beer.

“Hey guys!” You say as Sam pulls you into a hug.

“Hey Y/N, Did you guys get lost?” Sam says jokingly.

“Ha, Why don’t you ask Dean why we were late?”
Just as you had hoped everyone looked right over at Dean.

“Sam wants to know why were late. Do you want to tell 'em or should I?”

“There’s nothing to tell.” He says nonchalantly before taking a long drink of his beer.

“Oh so you spending 45 minutes on your hair is just normal?”

“Wait so that’s why you were late?!” Sam said shock and laughter lacing his words.

“Now thay my work here is done I’m going to go see if your mom needs help in the kitchen.”

“Hey Mary I was wondering if you needed any help getting lunch ready?”

“Oh well John’s going to start the burgers soon and I think everything else has already been fixed and put in the fridge until it’s time to eat. So I think it’s all been taken care of.”

“Well in that case I have something I want to give to you. It’s a little mothers day present from me.”
Reaching down in your purse you pulled out a small box with ribbon around it.

“Honey you didn’t have to get me anything.” She says while she took the ribbon off and opened the box.

“Oh my god!” She said once she seen what was inside. “Are you pregnant?!”

“Yes! But Dean doesn’t know yet. I thought you’d like to be the one who tells him.”

“I’d love to tell him, but are you sure uou don’t want to?”

“I just want to there when you tell him.”
Just then Jess came into th kitchen.

“What is going on in here? I heard Mary holler and ”

“Y/N’s pregnant! But no one else knows so we gotts keep it hush hush for a little bit.”

“Oh my gosh Y/N congratulations!” Jess says while hugging you.

“Thanks. I’m so excited for Mary to tell Dean. He’s going to be so happy.”
A few minutes later you, Jess and Mary joined the guys outside.

“Ah there they are.” John chuckled from behind the grill.

“You just missed an awesome story.” John chuckled from behind the grill.

“I don’t think I wanna know.” Mary said while walking over to check her husbands cooking.

“That’s probably for the best.” Dean said as you sat down beside him at the picnic table.

“Everything is ready except fir the burgers. So when those get done we can eat.” Mary mentioned as she sat down across from you.

Looking uo you seen Mary mouth the words “I’m going to do it soon” and you instantly gor nervous. You knew Dean wanted to be a dad even if he hadn’t said so. You seen the way he would look at little kids when you would pass by them in the supermarket or when you would see them playing with their food at a restaurant. The thought of that being one of your and Dean’s kids brought a smile to your face.

“So mom what’s it like having an entire day dedicated to you?” Sam asked

“Well it’s not just dedicated to me, but to every mother. Whether she is expecting, already has children, or has passed on.”

She answered Sam, looking casually at you when she said 'expecting’. You hoped no one else noticed and if they did you hoped that they wouldn’t think anything of it.

“Which reminds me, someone here has a very important announcement to make. But being the amazing daughter-in-law she is, decided to let me do the honours as a wonderful mother’s day present to me.”

She paused long enough to look around at everyone and then finally said, “John, were gonna be grandparents. Dean and Y/N are having a baby!” She practically jumped off the bench with excitement.

Dean looked over at you with a shocked expression on his face.“ You’re pregnant?!”

You were a little taken aback by his reaction. You thought he would be happy about this.“Y-yeah, I found out about two weeks ago and thought that it would make a nice mothers day present for your mom.”

While you were talking you noticed the expression on Dean’s face never changed. Soon he began running his fingers through his hair and you knew exactly what he was thinking.

“Hey do you wanna go talk inside?”

Without even taking a second thought he said yes and was halfway to the house before you had even gotten up.

“Dean you know you’re going to be an amazing dad, right?”

“How can you be so sure? You say all the time how I’m a silly man child.”

“Yes you can be a silly man child, but when you aren’t being adorably goofy you are the sweetest, most caring, selfless person I know and I’m so glad you are the father of my child.”

“I am pretty adorable.” He says with a cute smirk on his face. “I can’t believe I’m gonna be a dad.”

“How do you think I felt when I found out? I took maybe four at home pregnancy tests and went to two different doctors. I still had a hard time believeing it!”

“You know as soon as we walk out there we are going be attacked with hugs right?” Dean said tilting his chin towards the backyard.

“Yeah, but were having a baby.” Wrapping your arms around his neck and pulled your self close to him.

“We sure are.” He replied before wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing you.

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High Tensions - Eight

Spencer Reid x Reader

Glancing around Spencer made sure the office door was locked and the blinds drawn before walking over to where Y/N was bent over the desk, her skirt rucked up around her waist and her black lace panties pulled down. 

That ass, fuuuck. He just wanted to slam himself against it, it looked so pert and firm. 

She wriggled slightly, turning her head to look at him, cocking her eyebrow at him. “Hurry the fuck up Spencer please. I’m desperate here.”

Standing behind her and parting her legs, he could feel that she was. Warm silky fluid coated his fingers as he felt between her legs, making sure she was ready for him. 

“Say it Y/N, say it first,” he fumbled with the buckle on his trousers, pushing them down and taking his dick into his hand, stroking it; just waiting for her to say the words he’d been dying to hear from her for weeks now. 

She wriggled again, pushing her butt back towards him and looking back at him. “Spencer Reid, You win. I want you in me, now. Fuck me, and do it hard and do it fast. ”

He grinned and slowly started to push himself inside her slick entrance, knowing he wouldn’t last long this time but that he’d make up for it later. He began to thrust, her sweet gasps filling his ears as she clenched around him. He gripped her hips, using them as leverage as he drove himself in and out of her, feeling ready to explode almost instantly. 

“Y/N, I’m gonna come,” he groaned, knowing he’d barely lasted two minutes inside her warm center. His orgasm racked through his body, spilling free inside her. 


Spencer shot up in bed, reaching for his alarm clock and hitting the off button. 


He could already feel the warm sticky fluid inside his boxers. 

That didn’t count right? He couldn’t control his dreams right? 

He rummaged in his bedside drawer for some baby wipes. He didn’t want to get out of bed just yet, so he’d make do until he showered. 

Lying there his mind drifted back to last night. He had genuinely been so close to giving in, he wanted her so badly. That kiss with Emily had completely shredded any coherent thoughts and he’d had to dash outside to avoid grabbing Y/N and fucking her right then and there on the table whilst the whole bar watched. 

She knew what she was doing, but whereas most girls would play the lesbian kiss card as a joke, Spencer could tell that she’d very much enjoyed it herself.

Y/N had made comments in the past about finding girls attractive and having had girlfriends but it wasn’t until she’d openly said that she liked both that Spencer had realised that she was actually serious. And the blonde girl she’d been talking to was beautiful, so knowing that their bodies had been naked together, sharing intimacy had completely redirected the flow of Spencer’s blood. 

And then when she’d alluded to the offer of a threesome, with either her friend or Prentiss…..Spencer had literally been gobsmacked. Every bone in his body had been saying yes and even Derek was telling him to give in. He’d let down his fellow man by managing to turn them down, although he was wondering if that offer would still stand once he had actually managed to take Y/N to bed. 

Which he’d been intending to do last night. When she’d asked if he wanted to go back to hers and he’d found himself nodding, he’d just about accepted that he’d lost. It wasn’t until he’d been standing in front of her apartment door watching her search for her keys that he remembered that he hadn’t actually said the magic words. So he still technically had an out. And then he’d had a flash back to the elevator and how turned on she’d left him, talking about her lips wrapped around his dick. So he decided to have his own fun. 

The little moans and whimpers Y/N had been making would be a constant fixture in his mind now until he heard them again, and he knew this. But the look on her face when he’d walked away had been worth it. And her strangled shout after him had made him literally feel like he could walk into any bar, point at any girl and have her there and then. Not that he wanted to. Y/N was consuming all of his thoughts currently and he hoped she would be for a very long time. 

His phone buzzed, a text from Derek. 


He text back a simple, “Nope.”

“Seriously man! I can’t believe you turned that shit down.”

“Believe it Morgan. The bet is still on.”

Pulling himself out of bed, he made his way to his shower. Time to get on with his day. 

You’d spent the last four hours in the gym working out some accumulated frustrations on the exercise equipment, earphones in and your eyes averted from any attractive bodies that passed by you. 

Your credit card had also taken hit this morning, you needing some retail therapy to help get you through this. 

You hated Spencer right now, yet still completely wanted to bang him seven ways from Sunday. You’d been so sure, and so turned on, firstly by the kiss with Prentiss and then by Spencer’s mouth on your skin. 

Ugh. Stop thinking Y/N. 

You exited the gym, the image of him still filling your mind and you could swear you could actually see him two yards ahead of you, seated on a bench, his head immersed in a book. Was it really that bad that you were hallucinating about him now? 

Walking to your car you realised it was actually him, the bench was in front of a bookstore he visited regularly and you spotted a carrier bag on the seat next to him. 

Creeping up behind him you lowered your lips to his ear. 


He jumped, a girlish squeal leaving his mouth and causing you to giggle at him. He turned to glare at you and you dropped into the seat next to him. 

“Fancy seeing you here. Come here often?” The oldest line in the book, but you couldn’t cope with being witty today. 

He looked at you confused, “You know I do Y/N. That place is my favourite bookstore. So really I should be asking you what you’re doing here. So…… do you come here often?“ 

“Not overly…. But the gym was calling me this morning. I seemed to have built up a lot of tension some how that needed to punched out. So I punched it out. Quite literally.” You made a little boxing motion making little “Pow, Pow” noises as you undercut the air in front of you and mimed a duck. 

Reid laughed at you, “That’s so cute.”

You punched him lightly in the arm, “Cute! I’m not cute, I’m deadly.”

You joked with him for a few more minutes, just falling into casual conversation and then sitting with him, watching the cars pass you by on the road before you. 

“Spence, I’ve missed this.”

“Missed what?”

“Just hanging out with you. Without constantly trying to think of ways to get you fired up.”

He closed his book and placed it back into his bag, “You know what, I do too. What are your plans for the rest of the day?“ 

“Erm, I was gonna head home, have a hot bath and then veg in front of the TV for pretty much the whole evening. My live is so glamorous and all.”

“Okay, so go home and have your bath but then meet me at the cinema on Main Street at 6pm. They’re showing all three Jurassic Park films back to back in preparation for the release of the new one.”

You considered his offer. “One condition?" 

He nodded. 

"This little game thingy, is suspended. We go back to being normal Spencer and Y/N for the night. Because I genuinely can’t deal with another night of being turned on and then abruptly turned off again. And I don’t really fancy having to bring plastic sheeting with me to sit on.”

The chuckle that left his chest then and the grin on his face was so deliciously catching that you couldn’t help but join in. 

“It’s a deal Y/N. We’ll just hang out as a normal friends. No trying to convince you to sit on my face. ”

You burst out laughing before clarifying timings and headed home to get bathed and ready, actually looking forward to your evening now.  

Your evening was spent relaxing with best friend Spencer rather than fuck me now Spencer and you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. 

It was nice, just spending time with him and you’d forgotten how much you enjoyed just sitting with him, listening to him talk.  

He’d insisted on buying your ticket and popcorn for the movies and you’d accepted, telling him it was the least he could do after last night. 

For the first forty minutes or so of the film, you’d been on edge, thinking that he was going to use being in a darkly lit theatre to his advantage. Eventually you relaxed though, seeing how engrossed he was in the film, even though you knew he’d reel off the inaccuracies on the way home. 

Around the midpoint of the second film, he shifted in his seat; throwing his arm over the back of your seat.

Hmmm. Maybe he was just stretching. He left his arm there and you relaxed again until you felt an arm nudging you. 

Balls, you’d fallen asleep. The lights were slowly coming on and the credits rolling. 

“Come on sleepy head I’ll walk you home.”

Both of you lived pretty close to the cinema so you’d walked, meeting up outside the entrance. 

As predicted, Spencer gave you a list of the scientific inaccuracies as you strolled through the darkened streets together. You let him talk, enjoying the sound of his voice. He always sounded so sweet when he rambled, especially when he was talking about something he was passionate about. 

You stopped outside of your apartment building. 

“Thanks Spence. I had a good time tonight. Sorry for falling asleep, I just feel exhausted for some reason.”

“That’s okay Y/N. Three films is a lot to sit through, especially if you’ve spent four hours already at the gym. Maybe we can do this again sometime? Like actually hang out again?”

You nodded at him, “Yeah I’d like that. It almost felt like we were on a date though with you insisting on paying for everything.” You were teasing him but his eyes flickered slightly. 

You reached up to give him a quick hug good bye, and he surprised you by giving you a kiss on your cheek.

You lingered in the hug longer than necessary, your cheek burning from where his lips had been. 

Spencer pulled away first, “Well I’ll see you then. I guess we’re business as usual from tomorrow again?" 

You nodded and he smirked.

As he turned to walk away a thought a occurred to you. 

"Spencer,” you called. He stopped in his tracks. 

“Was this a date?" 

He shrugged, "I don’t know, was it?" 

"Did you want it to be?”

“Again Y/N…..I don’t know. I don’t really know what to call what we do when we spend time with each other anymore….And I don’t wanna mess anything up by calling this a date.”

Neither did you, but…. 

“Well we’re two friends who share a mutual attraction for each other and have spent the last few weeks actively trying to get the other to admit to wanting to bang the other.”

“So it was a date then?” Spencer asked, a smile playing on his lips. 

“I guess it was.”

Tinder Match - Auston Matthews Imagine


Thanks @ the marlies in the gc for making me want to write this. Not really requested unless you count me suggesting writing this and a few agreeing a request???

Well guys…. I’m back ??? With smut ??? I’m a new woman what can I say. Anyway, hope you like it, more requests will be posted this week and I may be able to open requests sometime this week/a week from now. Love you guys and, enjoy (you sickos) -Accius

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the sequel to this ficlet i posted yesterday literally none one asked for. (I blame @sapphicsugden for mentioning wanting to see robert react to the voicemail. oops.)

home is wherever i’m with you 

robert gets a voicemail from aaron that has him running to leeds train station to reassure his husband of his love. 

1,669 words.

Robert got out of the shower, towelling his hair dry as he turned to look at himself in the mirror, sighing at dark circles that had found a permanent home there. If he’d ever assumed marriage would make his life, their lives easier, he’d been entirely wrong - even after therapy, even after marriage counselling, regardless of how hard they’d worked on their relationship, they could seem to shake the petty arguments and sniping that always seemed to put a strain on their relationship.

He couldn’t even remember what they’d been fighting about, really, but Aaron had left for meetings in London two days previously, and they hadn’t even been on speaking terms.

Robert had only heard about Aaron’s trip from Liv, the blonde as perspective as ever and knowing Robert would only worry if he didn’t hear from Aaron, but was too stubborn to call (and vice versa, he could only assume, or hope, either or either.)

Going through his usual post shower routine, Robert fished about their messy ensuite for his moisturiser. He’d gone for a shower in the middle of the afternoon in the hopes of relaxing the stiff, sore muscles of his body, easing the tension he’d been carrying for days.

It hadn’t worked, really, but at least he looked less terrible than he had done a half an hour previously as he padded into their bedroom, rooting for some fresh clothes to wear. He really needed to put on a load of washing, the hamper in their room overflowing.

Robert dressed quickly, in a neat blue shirt and navy trousers, pausing to sit on Aaron’s side of the bed as he laced up his shoes. He might as well be productive while he waited for Aaron to come home that evening, he supposed, stuffing his damp towel into the hamper before he headed downstairs, navigating the spiral staircase.

Robert couldn’t help but laugh as he noticed Liv’s overflowing washing basket plonked down by the washing machine. At least it was a step up from leaving her clothes all over her bedroom floor, he supposed.

Separating the colours was a blissfully monotonous task as Robert set about making piles of darks, whites, and colours, Aaron’s clothes overwhelmingly in the darks pile.

Some things would never change.

Washing on, Robert headed for the kitchen, flicking the kettle on before he picked up his mobile, surprised to see a new voicemail from Aaron. Holding it to his ear, Robert leaned against the kitchen counter as he listened.

“I know the last few weeks have been hard, but I want you to know that I love you, and no one makes me happy the way you do. I’m sitting on the train home, and I just… All I want is to be with you, right now, and for the rest of my life. Yeah? So whatever else is going on, we’ll sort it, because I love you, Robert.”

Robert’s heart was racing as he listened to the voicemail, the emotion clear in Aaron’s voice as he spoke. Sometimes, even now, three years on from their wedding day, Robert had moments where he wondered if Aaron would stay, if Aaron would always think that he was worth the hassle, worth the stress.

Robert didn’t always think he was worth the hassle, but here his husband was, telling him that he loved him, that all he wanted was to be with him, that he loved him, and Robert’s heart could have burst out of his chest.

“I’ll be home, soon. Pick me up in Leeds, yeah? We can go for dinner or something, I want to spend some time with ya.”

Robert pressed the palm of his hand into his eye, taking a few seconds to breathe deeply before he did anything else.

Aaron always did floor him.

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Barnes’ Books - chapter 10

I’m sorry. That’s all I’m going to say…

Barnes’ Books masterlist

I wasn’t well, that was true, and so that day I wasn’t up to thinking about Bucky or wondering why he’d come. After he left, I fell asleep again, a much healthier sleep. I’d eaten, drunk, washed, changed. I’d been cared for. It had been a long time since that happened.

I woke up the next morning to a soft warm body curled against mine. It had been a long time since that had happened too. I moved slightly, and the body moved with me. Then it climbed out from under the duvet and stalked off, tail in the air. Can’t have everything. I got out of bed gingerly, expecting to feel terrible, but I didn’t. Not great, but OK. Hungry, a little headachy, but human.  

I followed Steve into the kitchen, to find everything clean, laundered bedding folded on the side, dishes put away. Tidier than I’d left it for a long time. I felt a hot flush of shame at the thought that Bucky had seen how I’d been living. The depression I’d sunk into would leave me staring at dirty crockery, empty wine bottles, unwashed clothes, then just turning away, unable to even begin to deal with anything. While I’d been sleeping, Bucky had obviously been in and taken over. Even as I felt embarrassed, I felt a weight lift from me, that I could start afresh.

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Go Bag

You and Reid had been keeping your relationship secret from the team for about eight months now. You didn’t care who knew, but Spencer had this irrational fear that the minute he involved you with his job, something terrible would happen. You understood why it had to be this way, but that didn’t stop you from wishing it wasn’t.

While your boyfriend was an FBI agent, your career couldn’t be any more different. You danced for the Washington Ballet Company, and that kept you about as busy as Spencer’s job did. You spent your days performing and rehearsing, dancing long hours and coming home to Reid. Every day you’d come home and if he wasn’t on a case, he’d help you wrap up your calloused and sometimes bloody feet, and you’d help him relax after the mental stress his job caused.

One morning, Spencer got called in to a case in Los Angeles. You’d both woken up late, and while you still had some time before morning rehearsal, Spencer barely had time to put his shoes on.

He stopped briefly before running out the door. “(Y/N)!” He called, one leg already across the threshold. You rushed over, expecting an emergency. Spencer held out his arms, motioning for you to come closer.

He pulled you in, kissing you briefly but passionately. You moved your hand towards his shoulder, but as soon as the kiss started, it stopped.

“I’ll call you tonight.” He reassured you, hand running down your arm.

“Ok. Be safe, I love you.” You bit your lip. Watching him leave knowing what could happen was never easy. He smiled at you, and rushed out the door.

“I love you too!” He shouted down the hallway. You sighed and closed the door. You ambled into the bathroom and turned the shower on.

Fifteen minutes later, you walked out of your room in your warmup clothes, which consisted of a black, long sleeved leotard, flesh colored tights, and a short flowing skirt. You slipped your boots on and went to grab your gear bag. You gasped when you spotted Spencer’s go bag next to yours.


You grabbed both of your bags and your keys and sprinted out the door. You practically flew down the stairs to the garage, and threw your bags in the back seat. Ten minutes later you arrived at Quantico, hoping you weren’t too late.

You flashed your visitor ID badge at the door, rushed through security and flew up the stairs. With your dancer’s legs, you were much faster than any elevator. It was a good warmup for practice anyways.

You burst through the doors into the bullpen, almost running into a tall, muscular man you recognized as Derek Morgan.

“Woah, woah, woah little lady. Slow down. What are you doing up here?” He rested a hand on your shoulder, and you noticed how fast they were rising and falling with your breath.

“Spencer forgot his go bag.” You managed to breathe out as your boyfriend came into view. He twitched his nose nervously. The rest of the team stood there silently, making the connection as you walked over and handed it to him. You felt the eyes of the entire BAU on you, and your face turned red.

You turned to leave when a dark haired woman you assumed was Emily Prentiss spoke up.

“Well come on Reid, aren’t you gonna kiss your girlfriend goodbye?”

dine and dash (stefan salvatore au ft klaus mikaelson)

Plot: You and Stefan dated for a while in high school, but like most high school relationships, college got in the way. You wanted to move away and Stefan couldn’t find the strength to let go of his life and home in Mystic Falls. So you two decided to break up. You loved Stefan and he loved you, but neither of you could force the other to throw away their life. So you left to college in Boston and Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls. Now, almost six years later, you’re both invited to Bonnie and Kol’s wedding. It’s the first time you two are seeing each other since the break up.

Originally posted by yesjustanotherbloggeruniverse

Pairing: Stefan Salvatore x Reader, Klaus Mikaelson x Reader, Stefan Salvatore x Mystery Female

Warnings: mentions of sexual acts, cursing probably

A/N: I have a few smutty Stefan and Klaus requests and I thought that I would roll a few ideas together to make a mini series. I will have individual smuts out as well for these two gorgeous losers, but have this as well, please! (there will be smut in other parts) (no gifs are mine)

“Ah! Y/N! I’m so glad you’re here!” Elena squeals and runs over to you as soon as she spots you outside of the terminal. She gets ahold of you and practically squeezes you to death, stopping only after you groan. “Oh, sorry. I’ve just missed you!”

“I’ve missed you, Lena, but I won’t kill you because of it,” you chuckle and head over to baggage claim. “How is everyone?”

“Everyone is excited, nervous, scared, crazy organized. Caroline is right outside. She wouldn’t stop yelling at Damon, so Bonnie had to put her on airport duty,” Elena smiles warmly at you as you chuckle.

“What’s that look, Lena?” You raise a brow at her, smirking as she looks away, shaking her head.

“We’ve all really missed you,” she places her head on your shoulder and you kiss her forehead.

“I’ve missed you all, too. Glad to be back home,” you spot your bags and gently nudge Elena’s head. She lifts it and you quickly grab your bags, turning back to face her. “Let’s go see Care.”

So you two walked out of the airport, arm in arm and reminiscing over old times. Caroline runs over to you as soon as she spots you, putting you in yet another death hug.

“Oh, I’ve missed you so much!!” She groans and pulls away, grabbing your bags and tossing them in the trunk. “I’m a little relieved now that you’re here to be honest.”

“Really? And why’s that?” You all get in the car and Caroline starts explaining.

“I know that you’re just as neurotic as I am sometimes and that means that we can share the clipboard,” she smiles briefly before honking at the car in front of you guys. “EITHER LEARN TO DRIVE OR GET OFF THE DAMN ROAD!”

“Thank you? I think?” You laugh as Elena shrugs. “And what clipboard?”

“She made a list of all things that need to be done before the wedding and divided the list amongst everyone in the wedding,” Elena turns herself so she can look at you as Caroline tries to get you guys out of the parking lot. “She doesn’t go anywhere without that clipboard. It’s got the pre-wedding list, the wedding list, the post-wedding list. It’s got the seating arrangements, the caterers and florists and hotel band info, the dresses and suits. It’s got everyone’s phone numbers and home addresses. It’s got every little detail to a T.”

“Oh, Care, tell me you didn’t–” You begin, groaning and Caroline cackles.

“She didn’t what? You did what? What’s going on?” Elena looks between the two of you, confused.

“She’s gonna sit me at a table with all the eligible bachelors and I don’t wanna sit there!” You groan and Caroline shakes her head, smiling.

“Come on, you need to get back in the dating world, Y/N! While you’ve been gone, our boys have grown!” Caroline sings and Elena laughs at you two. Caroline was a hopeless romantic and you were just hopeless.

“What if I already have someone back home?” You raise your brows at the girls who, in return, roll their eyes at you.

“Sweetheart, you are the QUEEN of dine and dash,” Caroline smirks at you through the rearview mirror and you gag in response.

“Oh please! You told me about that time where you let a guy lick ice cream off of your nipples!” Elena chimes in and you bury your head in your hands.

“Oh my god or that time Klaus visited you and–”

“WHAT? Klaus visited her??? When was this? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Oh my god, one time Klaus visited her and he–”

“NOW IS NOT THE TIME, LADIES!” You finally intervene only to be ignored by the two gossip girls.

“He tied a cherry stem with his tongue and then used it to play with her pu–” Caroline continues, as though you hadn’t just begged her to stop.

“AND WE ARE HERE!” You yell as Caroline parks, still filling Elena in. You run out of the car and into the Salvatore mansion. You immediately smell a hint of bourbon and know that Damon is around.

“Honey, I’m home!” You call out and here a bunch of yelling coming from down the hallway, none of it entirely coherent.

You walk into the living room and see Damon, Klaus, Enzo, Alaric, and Kai fighting over a roll of ribbon as Elijah and Stefan watch from the side. You roll your eyes and walk right over to the group of meddling children, swiping the ribbon right out of Klaus’s hands.

“Now, now children,” you smirk at all the guys that are now just laying on top of one another on the floor.

“Y/N!” They all exclaim and try to get off one another. It’s a mess, to be entirely honest.

“Y/N!” Elijah walks over to you and wraps his arms around you. “How have you been?’

“I’ve been great, Lijah,” you smile as he lets you go. “How have you been? How’s Cami? How’s Bekah? Hayley and Hope? And Marcel and Davina???? How’re–”

“Oh come on, love. You’re not going to ask about me?” Klaus presses his lips against your cheek and you chuckle.

“I know how you are, Klaus. You won’t stop texting me,” you turn around and wrap your arms around him, catching Stefan’s eye over his shoulder. You clear your throat and pull away from Klaus, giving him a light smile. “I’ll be back in just a second, guys.”

“Take your time, love,” Nik kisses your temple and you take a breath before heading over to Stefan.

He takes a sip of his drink as you stop next to him, overlooking the chaos: better known as the wedding party.

“I should’ve known the bourbon was yours,” you smile, speaking to Stefan as Kai and Damon fight over the helium tank.

“Damon’s being childish, can’t exactly give a child alcohol can we?” He turns to face you, a light smile on his face. “Hello to you, too.”

“Hey, Stefan,” you turn to face him, a smile on your face. “How have you–?”

“Stef, baby! Rebekah and Matt won’t help with these bags! Can you please come out?” A sweet voice calls out to Stefan and you nod, a smile on your face as you turn back to the guys on the floor of the living room.

“Sorry, I have to go. Be right back,” Stefan puts his drink down and runs outside like the loyal and helpful boyfriend he was. You hate him.

Son of Batman

Prompt: “Yell at me,scream at me, hit me for god’s sake but just do something.”

AN: I’m sorry in advance, and I have tissues if you need them.

Words: 2240

          “You slept with Talia?” You swallow the words, and they burn more than a shot of whiskey ever could.


          The answer is like a punch to the gut, and you do your best to not show the reaction. The tears are burning behind your eyes, and all you want to do is cry. Instead you force the tears back. You try to say something, but nothing comes out.

          Bruce’s fingers glide over your skin and you jerk away. You wrap your arms carefully around yourself. You’re careful to stay out of arm’s reach. “Y/N, please say something.” There’s several moments of silence before he says, “Yell at me, scream at me, hit me, for god’s sake just do something.”

          You look at him, and simply say, “I can’t be around you right now.”

          Then without another word you leave the room. You walk quickly past a sorrowful looking Alfred, and up the stairs to yours and Bruce’s room. You lock the door behind you, and you want to scream. You’re surrounded by mementos of a relationship that’s lasted since you were ten. A romantic relationship that’s lasted since you were fourteen. And looking at it hurts.

         You don’t think. You just act. You pull a suitcase out of the closet, and you pack. You throw clothes in haphazardly. And at some point Bruce starts banging on the door, begging you to let him in. You do, as you leave the room. You simply brush past a stunned Bruce, and down the stairs and to the old Jeep that’s sitting there.

          That Jeep had been your first car. You had bought it with your own money, and Bruce had kept it in excellent working condition all these years. Your first make out session together had been in this car. You push that memory aside as you throw your bag in, and then climb in yourself. You pull out of the garage as Bruce steps out the door, and despite your best efforts you look back.

          You don’t realize where you’re going until you’re there. By the time you pull up, you’re exhausted both mentally and physically. Your shoulders ache, and you briefly wonder if you’re doing the right thing by coming here. But you know Bruce wouldn’t try coming here, and right now you need that certainty.

          Dick answers the door dressed in sweatpants and nothing else. Your first thought is that his hair’s shaggy and it needs a cut. His eyes go wide at the sight of you, and you know why. You haven’t seen him in three years, since his last big fight with Bruce. “Mom?” His voice is shocked, and then he spots your bag, and probably the puffiness of your eyes, “What the hell did he do?” His voice goes hard, as he brings you inside.

          You feel silly, and a bit sick. You’re Dick’s mother, and he’s the one taking care of you. You pull out of his grip, and give him your best smile, “I’m sorry, baby bird. I shouldn’t have come here, I shouldn’t drag you into this.”

          You turn to leave, but his Dick’s voice stops you, “Mama. Don’t go.”

          You turn to face your oldest son again, and his arms wrap around you, and you finally let out the tears. Dick holds you while you cry, and all you can think about is how tall he’s grown.

          You don’t speak that night, you just lie on his couch and stare at the ceiling. You wake up as he comes out of his bedroom, still dressed in his pajamas. You give a small smile, “Don’t you have work?”

          He sits down next to you, “I called out. Figured you might need me.”

          You smile a true smile now, “My concerned baby bird, always so sweet. You shouldn’t have to take care of your mother.”

          He kisses your cheek, “Everyone needs taking care of sometimes, even moms.”

          You don’t say another word as he moves around the kitchen. You take a moment to look at his apartment. It’s big, and messy, and there are clothes everywhere. You walk into the kitchen as he pours you a cup of coffee. He sits down across from you and finally asks, “What did he do, Mom?”

          You take a deep breath, “He has a son.” The words taste like acid in your mouth.


          “A ten-year-old little boy. His name is Damian, his mother is Talia Al Ghul, and he’s the spitting image of your dad.”

          “Mom, the man has a lot of faults. He’s cold and distant. He has major control issues, and very rarely can let go of anything bad. But despite all of that he loves you. More than anything. I mean you’re the only one who he lets talk sense into him. Clark calls you when he goes off his rocker I mean … why?”

          You shrug, “I honestly don’t know Dick. To be honest I didn’t stick around to listen. I was just so hurt, and so …I honestly don’t know.”

          Dick nods, “Well you can stay here as long as you like. I know the place is a mess, but I’ll clean it today, and I promise I’ll put all my clothes in the hamper.” You just smile at him, but he sees how it doesn’t reach your eyes.

           It’ll be several nights later, as you’re cooking dinner that Dick slides in through the window. “You’re back early.”

          He grins at you, “I’m not alone either.” You turn a bit in surprise to see Tim and Jason slide in after Dick. You smile, and turn the pot down to simmer, and you hug your boys. It’s the first time you’ve seen either of them in about a year. They hug you, and you sit down to dinner together. They keep the conversation surprisingly light until Jason says, “We should probably tell you while we’re here.”

          You stop eating at that. “Dick didn’t call you?” You ask slowly.

          Tim puts down his fork, “Bruce sent us.”

          You take a deep breath as Jason continues, “Found his brat getting ready to kill a thug named Nobu. Tim stopped him, and called me in when he claimed to be Bruce’s son. We may not see each other often anymore, but you email and call about the important things. I figured you’d do the same if this was true.”

          “We called Bruce in, and he explained, how Damian is his biological son, but not yours.”

          You swallow thickly, “Did he say anything else?”

          Jason shakes his head, “Nope. And I can honestly say that neither of us were in a talking mood after that. We hightailed it over here, to see what Dick knew, and sure enough, he confirmed you were here.” There’s a moment of silence before Jason throws his napkin on the table, “I just don’t get it. Why go to her to have a baby? I mean if he wanted a kid that badly he could have used a surrogate, or something else, I just don’t get it.”

          “Explains a lot though,” Dick says, “Why we were never good enough. We weren’t his.”

          “No.” They all look at you, at the sound of the word. “Um, before any of you came along we tried for several years to have a baby. We both wanted it, you know. But I couldn’t hold a pregnancy. I had three different miscarriages, and it nearly killed me each time. Both literally and figuratively. After the third one I had an emergency hysterectomy. I was in bed for weeks with depression. Bruce never left my side. He told me how beautiful I was, and how strong I was, and that we would be okay, just the two of us. And the thing is, I know he meant it. I’ve always known when he’s lied to me, and when he’s telling the truth, and he was telling the truth.”

          You take a deep breath and look to Dick, “My first trip out after the procedure was to the circus. He wanted to take me somewhere fun, and we had gone years before, and just had a blast. So we went, and then your parents died, and I saw in you what I saw in Bruce all those years ago. A lost little boy who needed something. And Bruce, well he went straight to you, and I watched as he tried to shield you, and something in me clicked, you were meant to come home with us. You were one of the missing pieces.”

          The tears start falling after that. “I felt that click with each of you. And I thanked God for each of you. And Bruce, Bruce was ecstatic to have you boys around. I know he didn’t always show it but he was. He’d talk about you guys when we were alone, everything you had accomplished in school, and on patrols. He keeps these scrapbooks of all the stuff you boys do, both in your civilian lives, and after hours.”

          Tim’s voice is quiet, “You never told us that.”

          You smile, “Things turned out how they were supposed to with you guys. You’re our sons, and that will never change.”

          “Are other things going to change?” Jason asks.

          You swallow, “That’s going to depend on your father. I have some thinking to do. In the meantime, I want you three to go help him. Something is going on, and he very well might need your help.”

          They all nod and Tim just says, “We’ll head out first thing in the morning.”

          You wait for him in your bedroom. And he’s more than a little surprised to see you, but he doesn’t question it. He simply takes a seat on the bed next to you. You sit in silence for half an hour before you finally ask, “What really happened Bruce? And I mean the real version, not some self-sacrificing one.”  

          He doesn’t give a self-sacrificing one, he simply looks you in the eyes and says, “She drugged me. Slipped something in my drink when I was there for a mission eleven years ago. It made me do whatever she wanted.”

          You let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding, “A date rape drug.”

          “Essentially, yes.”

          You lick your lips, “I’m so freaking selfish. The fact that that makes me happy. I’m a horrible person.”

          Bruce takes your hand, “Why? Because you hear that it wasn’t by choice that I was unfaithful, that it wasn’t because I chose someone else? Personally, I’m relieved. Because I would never want to do anything to hurt you. Ever.

You take a deep breath, “I’ve signed us up for counseling, with Lee. Twice a week, possibly more if she thinks we need it. We have an issue here Bruce, and we need help.”

          He clutches your hand and simply says, “I’m there. Every single time. I will be there. I don’t want to lose you, Y/N. I love you, and I don’t know what I would do without you.”

          You lean forward and wrap your arms around him, and his own wrap around you. You sink into his embrace, and you allow yourself to cry. And when Bruce’s sobs echo your own, you can’t help but think it’ll all work out. Because he was telling the truth. He loves you. He wants you. And you know that he never meant to hurt you. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t hurt.

          You meet Damian for the first time that night; when you can’t sleep and you slip out of bed and down to the kitchen. You find him sitting at the island staring into the backyard. His head turns towards you the minute you step into the kitchen.

          “You must be Mrs. Wayne.”

          You nod, “You must be Damian.”

          He nods, and you take a seat across from him, “So, how much hell am I in for?”

          You raise an eyebrow in question, “Excuse me?”

          “My mother says that’s why I wasn’t allowed to see my father, because you would punish me for his unfaithfulness.”

          You laugh, “Your mother is a piece of work, kid. But none of this is your fault.”

          He leans forward, “So you don’t hate me to my very core?”

          You shake your head, “You, no. Your mother is a different story in this case.”

          “Well at least one of you doesn’t hate me.”

          You smile, “Your father doesn’t hate you, Damian. He’s never been able to hate his children. He’s never been especially good at expressing love for them either, but it’s there. And he wouldn’t have fought to keep you, if there wasn’t something there.”

          He raises an eyebrow in question, “So certain about that?”

          You nod, “So certain, that he gambled sixteen years of marriage, and three kids on it.”

          Damian sighs, “My father is an idiot.”

          You shrug, “He has his moments, but I love him.”

          He simply nods and slides from his stool, “Very well, Mrs. Wayne. I’ll see you in the morning.”

          You smirk, “Call me Y/N, I’m only Mrs. Wayne when you get in trouble at school.”

          Damian doesn’t say another word. When you slide back into bed, it’s to find Bruce awake. You just turn to him and say, “There was a click.”

          He strokes your cheek, “Always with the click.”

          You lean in and kiss him, “It tells me everything I need to know.”


Summary: Dan has way too many eggs beacuse he keeps borrowing them from his cute neighbour.
Phil is all out of eggs beacuse his cute neighbour keeps borrowing them.

Based of this prompt:
Person A:  Asks cute neighbour to borrow an egg literally 5 times a week as an excuse to talk.
Also Person A:  Can’t cook??
                          Has too many eggs,,

Genre: Humor, fluff 

Word count: 4015

A/N: I’ve written the first about a thousand words of this ages ago and stumbled across it again today, I’ve been working on it all day and I hope you’ll enjoy it! I personally find it very funny, Manon was just constantly cringing because of how awkward this is when I let her read it.

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